After Over Half A Century, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Stores Will No Longer Be Under Kosher Certification

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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores in Los Angeles and beyond have been certified kosher for 57 years.

Unfortunately they will no longer be under kosher supervision as of 6/8/20.

“While our stores and bakery items will no longer be kosher certified, we will continue to offer a wide assortment of products made from kosher ingredients.  Our packaged coffees, teas and powders remain certified kosher through KSA and our behind-the-bar beverages will continue to be crafted using kosher ingredients.  We will also offer a variety of kosher certified Cold Case and Impulse options for our Guests.”

A couple of years ago their airport locations ended their kosher supervision. The company recently announced that Las Vegas stores would no longer be kosher, but they say that COVID-19 challenges have accelerated their decision to drop kosher supervision in all locations.

As I mentioned in this week’s COVID-19 roundup here, the OU is also saying to be sure to check all packaging for kosher symbols, as several companies are dropping kosher coverage due to COVID-19.

Will you miss having kosher certified Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations?

HT: Mordechai Stricks

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YES! Amazing that someone has already started a petition to prevent CBTL from dropping their Kosher certification! I signed!


I don’t think a petition will do much if the reason for dropping is financial. I’m sure it was a hard decision and they would keep it if they could afford it

Someone who will miss Coffee bean

I think you mean to say “Thank you coffee bean for 57 years of kosher” 😉


Ouch, this will hurt on my travels to Vegas and CA!

Lisa H Bogart

They stopped being kosher in Vegas after (during) Pesach.


Huge loss. Survived CES and other trade shows on that


Cuz people were using it for dates

Bob dole

Kosher mafia strikes again


so the drinks are also not going to be certified, ice blends etc


Looks like they will be ingredient kosher, but those who are machmir with kashrut will no longer purchase drinks if the store is no longer supervised

Lisa H Bogart

There never was supervision in each store. The items were made in a central location and delivered to the stores.


I respectfully take issue with your terminology, if you are using the word machmir then eating in a store with no hashgacha is not a chumrah! More precise would be for those who keep kosher. As a ‘non-jewish’ owned store (even when they claim all ingredients are kosher) selling prepared goods cannot be classified as kosher.
Please forgive if you meant just plain black coffee as there it could be classified as a just a chumrah.


Huge loss!
Living and traveling throughout Southern California, Coffee Bean offers Kosher lunches, sandwiches and pastries.
This is very tough when they were often the only Kosher foods in town. Will very much miss it.


I think cold grab and go sandwiches will still be available. Just not the baked goods behind the counter


if the kosher consumer’s policy is to only use them when they are the only game in town, it might not pay for them to have all kosher policy..If your policy is to eat there when you feel like it and enjoy it and not go there only when it’s your last option, they might feel that the kosher business is more desirable and lucrative.


Do you think this will only be temporary? You think that once the Coronavirus is over and life gets back to normal, Coffee Bean stores will get their kashrus certification back?


Drinks will still be KSA


So very sorry! It was great to go in and know that everything was kosher. I am very sad about this decision!


Come to Baltimore for your Malibu Dream!!!! Ours does not seem to be affected…..

On the way!

Eric from Dallas

Don’t start till I get there!


Oh wow


Eh it was overpriced and mediocre. I won’t miss it


Wow. So let me get this straight. Some of you will not buy their product anymore because of the lack of certification, even thought it is the exact same product?


Except its not the exact same product anymore… 🙁


How do you know it’s the “exact same product”? They change their products all the time. The difference now is that there will be nobody certifying that the products are still kosher.


Please amend this headline- Coffee Bean in Singapore remains kosher certified.


Can someone find out about the Baltimore location?


It will be missed in San Diego, Las Vegas and the small towns in CA which had no other kosher options. For example Oxnard, CA had a kosher location, that will be a giant loss for the kosher keeping locals as well as tourists. In the age of mobility the communities that don’t have a kosher option will struggle to retain and attract families looking for kosher amenities.

Adam Caplan

I had a feeling they would no longer remain kosher when Jollibee bought the company from the Sassoons last year.


Company was owned by a Jew and was sold.


Nooo way ,
there goes my vegas breakfast/lunch option
When flying in for a convention
No other decent place in town 🙁

CLE Rocks

Coffee Bean was fun, but I won’t miss paying $7 for a cup of crushed ice with syrup.

Elya Chaim

Dan, are the drinks still gonna be under KLA supervision?


Well the one on Jaffa St. will always be kosher. Just another reason why #it_is_Time_to_Come_Home 🙂


With a bare bottom basic hechsher. Not even mehadrin like they used to be.


Maybe for you. I would skip the lashon Hara and say that everyone should decide for himself what is a good hechsher for himself.


I yearn for the day that supposedly frum people will be as concerned about what comes out of their mouth as what goes into it.


Reminds me of Noah’s Bagels 🙁


That was brutal!! Noah’s was the the closest thing LA had to a good bagel. And there were so many locations. They down sized pretty quickly after going treif.


we enjoyed coffee at local cbtls and we will miss that; we have been missing it during the wuhan restrictions. but, though the fragrance was great, the taste of the coffee served in the stores left something to be desired. it tended to be bitter. still, we’ll miss cbtl.


this sucks,
i guess they will do whats good for their bottom line
it is relay the only kosher place for breakfast and lunch on the Vegas strip
any other options out their?


I noticed a drop in quality at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf a few years ago and stopped going. Plus, they got rid of my favorite drink (Mucho Mango) about 5 years ago and that was a bummer.


We order the hazelnut powder online and make our own ice blended at home. Tastes as great as in the store.