Canada Will Close Their Borders To Foreign Nationals, Except US Citizens

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Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau just announced that they will be closing their borders to non-Canadians, with the exception of air crew, immediate family of citizens, and US citizens.

Prime Minister Trudeau asked that all Canadians fly home immediately while flights are still operating and that they self-isolate for 14 days when they arrive home. If you recently arrived you are also asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

While US citizens are exempted for now, it’s possible that this may change in the near future.

The EU is also poised to announced border closures and the US is likely not far behind.

The window of opportunity to fly home is rapidly closing, so you’ll want to find flights home ASAP before international flights end.

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“While US citizens are exempted for now, it’s possible that this may change in the near future” Do you think they’ll close the border even for driving?


any word on green card holders? I’m considering going to my SIL for Pesach (my wife and kids are US citizens)


what citizen?


not us or canadian, but one that can enter canada visa free


Can’t say, but I assume a green card is the same as citizen (except voting…)


That may or may not be true. It’s true that the US treats its own citizens and green-card holders pretty much the same in these kinds of matters, but that doesn’t mean that other countries such as Canada will. The good news is that Canada has a special rule for US green-card holders with regards to regular travel- i.e., any green-card holder can enter Canada visa-free (even if citizens of their country of citizenship cannot). But, the words of this specific ban don’t mention green-card holders one way or the other, so at this point I’d say it’s not clear how this ban applies to U.S green-card holders. Hopefully it becomes clarified soon.
The bigger problem might be that by the time Pesach rolls around, it might change to include the ban for U.S. citizens. The 2 countries do have a special relationship though, so it might not. It’s just too soon to tell.

Dr. Todrus

Immediate family members of US citizens are exempt from the ban


The title is a bit confusing – I thought it was saying US Citizens are banned too


Does this mean 4 weeks of quarantine in total?


When arriving to Canada the self quarantine mandatory or recommended?

Canadian expat

Headline does not match the article….
Re: US citizens
But I guess bringing clicks is all that matters…


Porter Airlines – only offering travel credit to be used within 12 months if you cancel reservation. I just want my money.


green card holders ?


Can’t say, but I assume a green card is the same as citizen (except voting…)


i would disagree in regard to entering Canada.

Also Americans would need to provide details on where and how the isolation will happen, the CBSA might not like the isolation info provided by Americans, which might cause US citizens to be turned back.


They are turning away US Citizens if they believe they don’t have a valid reason for coming to Canada. It’s seems discretionary to the CBSA officer.


Geez. They always seemed so nice.


slash is confusing


So this doesn’t help getting a refund unless your specific flight is canceled?


How much notice do you think USA would give if they do close borders? Assume US citizens will be allowed, but would that announcement immediately suspend flights ? If flights are full coming from TLV would they cancel? (Supposed to fly iyh from tlv-ewr united Sunday- full flight) I know you don’t know these things for sure but based on your experience/knowledge. Any help appreciated thanks


With borders closing now in Russia as well, does that include short stopovers or just entry to the country?


Mexicans not welcome, despite NAFTA (or whatever Trump calls NAFTA2).