Don’t Forget About This Little Known Trick To Get Your Stimulus Check Approved

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Update: Numerous readers below report success by entering an AGI of 0 (along with either the correct refund amount or a 0 refund amount), using dashes in your social security number, and entering your address in all caps.

Share your tips in the comments!

Originally posted on 4/24:

A month ago I wrote about the stimulus package and how to calculate how much you would get.

The IRS has been sending our direct deposit payments to filers who have received refunds and had their direct deposit information on file, but as of today you can finally update your direct deposit information here by clicking on “Get My Payment” to get a Stimulus Payment!

Most people got an error message trying this until today, but many people are reporting that it’s now working!

Have you received your stimulus payment yet?

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no, I have not, however, one of my daughters has, as well as her unemployment. she was lucky that the gym she worked at closed early and she had no problem getting through the system to sign up. thank you for all of your helpful information.


If you tried using your husband’s social and got locked out you can still try with your social.
after trying every day for weeks i just got thru by entering 0for my AGI.
Thanks Dan


I haven’t received mine yet but finally today was able to access it without an error

Maxine. Brown

I am trying to fill out my banking information for my stimulus check I enter the AGI on my return for 2018 the amount I received the system says it’s not matching my information from Irs what else can I do

Sara Dyson

I am having the same experience. I even called the IRS to double check my AGI and tax owed. It all matches, but their system says it doesn’t. What do we do here?

Maria Ballard

Getting message info doesn’t match its records


If I don’t want to give me bank details they’ll mail me a check instead correct?


Where were you planning on cashing the check? They’ll know where you bank then, unless you go somewhere that charges a percentage in return for some degree of anonymity.

Many people have so little in savings that they don’t earn $10 interest. Others, however, have bank accounts that are reported to IRS annually.


What’s the big deal if they know where you bank?

Ruben Bermudez

Its call online mobile app u can deposit your check lmao…2020


The point is the IRS will have your information regardless. The paranoia is unfounded.


at the same place you cash your refund check.

Gadget Tech

I received the deposit for me and my wife yesterday but not for any of my 6 dependents and we are qualified. I am not sure what to do now. Has anyone else had this happen?

Same boat

Same, we got for 2 adults but not for our dependent.
I heard when we file for this year’s tax returns they will give whatever they owe.

Jack out of the Box

They use the information from your most recent tax return (2018 or 2019). Keep in mind that qualifying dependents are those who qualify for Child Tax Credit. Worst case you should get it when filing your 2020 tax return.


I did not get mine, but according to the link you previously provided (#thanksDan) I should get one…
Any idea how much longer it will take. Or if I did not get one yet, I should assume that, for what ever reason I will not receive one?

Closed account

Since the account on my ’18 return have since been closed. the bank returned the payment to the IRS. now when I click on that link it shows that they scheduled to mail a check on April 18. not sure why they didn’t allow me to update the direct deposit instead.

Jack out of the Box

Too late. Check mailed.


Have not received it. filed taxes in both 2018 and 2019 .
Tried get my payment and says status not available.
Any suggestions?


Make sure you add the dashes in your ssn. That’s what was keeping me from getting through.


no do not add dashes they want the 9 digit ssn the dashes make it 11


I was scrolling through my Twitter feed just now and someone said to enter your address in all caps, so like 123 MAIN ST. I got so excited to try it I clicked out of my feed by mistake so I don’t even know who to thank, but it worked! (Then I had another problem due to an IRS error with my AGI, but once I entered the (incorrect) number they have for my AGI, it all went through just fine.)


What do you mean entered the incorrect agi number? Im having the same issue


Zach, I’m having the same issue. Did you round the cents up to a whole dollar and then remove the double zeros from the end? I tried both leaving the AGI as is and removing the cents and rounding up and removing the cents but am still getting the same error message.

Bryan G

I had the same problem for days and i finally solved the problem by my own. I always typed my correct AGI and Refund and it ways said that the info didn’t match to theirs….. so i typed 0 for AGI and the correct refund for example…

AGI) 0
Refund or amount you owe) 979

Hope this helps! seems you have to type 0 for your AGI and your correct refund or amount you owe

Linda L

Thanks Bryan G! For days had issue with not being able to enter anything, then finally able to enter direct deposit information and I was having the same issue as you. I had my tax return in front of me and I inputted correct AGI and Refund/AmountOwed and kept getting incorrect information for myself and/or husband. I have not filed 2019 taxes just yet so only had 2018. Tried for days and locked out every 24 hours, but just tried your method entered AGI=0 Refund or Amount Owed=(my exact amount listed on tax return) entered my direct deposit information and it went through! Thanks will post when I actually get the stimulus payment. Thinking next week sometime.


Thank you so much I was having same issue and this worked!!


Finally able to input my direct deposit information after 3 attempts today.Had to input both AGI= 1234 and Amount Amount Owed= 456. pulled both infor directly from 2018 Tax transcripts from my IRS account from irs website. Errors was directly my fault, inputted wrong infor 3 previous attempt. thanks all for providing your own individual experiences. was locked out thrice, if you are locked out at 1:05pm est. IRS website would not allow you back in until next day at exactly 1:06pm est.


Did you include the cents when you entered your owe/refund amount? Thank you in advance!


mine was whole number without cent. AGI = 60000, Amount owed=1290

Netta W

OMG! after 2 weeks of frustration, I entered “0” and it processed! This is crazy! Crazy that we has tax payers had to seek assistance from the internet instead of the details being provided directly via the IRS page! Thank you for this information!

Susan Patterson

I tried for a week or so as well. When I entered a 0 as AGI and the proper amount paid in, it worked ! Thank goodness for the internet and Google to find help from others.


Thank you all for your help. I have been trying countless times and still no success. I entered 055672 for AGI for 55 thousand and still didn’t work

Amount owed I entered exactly what it says on tax return, Nothing still getting error message.

Any input is greatly appreciated


I was also entering all of the correct information each time I tried on about 10 different days & each time the same message: “info doesn’t match their records “. Had read here that several people had luck with entering “0” for AGI & correct refund. Decided to try it & it worked! Thank you to all the people who posted this & to Dansdeals for hosting this forum. Did not find this info anywhere else!

Edward Binder

I just tried entering “0” for the AGI and it worked. Thanks to all of you for the help!


I did it backwards. Entered AGI and 0 for refund/payment amount. Finally got through. Hope my payment comes soon!!

Suzanne Isbell

What sight are you using? I only get the as number, birthdate, address and zip code… and all ot tells me is the the information does not match anything on file.


I get the same message. What do you do?


Me too. Did you resolve it. I have been trying for 3 weeks.


OMG all the suggestions were not working but this!! THIS WORKED! Thank you!


Thanks for the info. Did exactly what you mentioned and it work.

AK Parks

Thank you sooooo much I’ve tried EVERYTHING (or so I thought) but putting in 0 for AGI got me through as well!


You saved my life! I have been trying all possible options for days and it was keep giving me the same error saying it didnt match. I entered 0 for my AGI and then the correct amount for my owe amount and it worked! Thanks thanks thanks!


Entering zero for AIG worked! Thank you!!


Thank you this help me as well


oh my gd you are a lifesaver!!!! i cudnt for the life of me figure out what i was doing wrong. i just tried again and put in 0 for AGI and it worked!!!! youre a genius!!!!!

Bryan G

Glad it helped!! I was so stressed when I couldn’t find any info on the internet and apparently you can’t call the IRS to get questions answered.. i knew there was more people out there with the same issue that’s why I decided to post the comment!!


U are the GREATEST..Saved me awhole lotta Stressin lol


This worked for me after almost a week of trying everything possible!!! Thank you.


Bryan!! You rock!! I’m so happy I kept trying to find an answer. My information was finally accepted and I was on my last attempt before the 24 hour lock out! You are awesome, thank you for putting this info on here. I’m now doing my part to spread the word about entering a 0 AGI!


Oh my goodness, thank you so much! This has been driving my husband and I crazy!! Just went through!!!

Dan S

Thanks Bryan G. Putting in 0 worked. Been trying for days!!


yes i can confirm this also worked for me after banging my head against wall for days- AIG=0 and owe/refund amount= whatever it is, thanks to whomever came up with this ‘hack’


Did you include the cents when you entered your owe/refund amount? Thank you in advance!

Connie k

Did you found off the dollar amount or include cents?

Carlos A

You are awesome !

Bud Weiser

after days of frustration with system saying I was entering wrong AGI data (I wasn’t) I tried it using zero, and it worked. Thanks to the the ones suggesting it


Have tried all actions past few days, correct AGI, 0 AGI, correct amount owed, 0 owed, continues to say records do not match !!! Any other tips ? Thanks


I have the same issue, irregardless of what I enter I get records do not match.

Patrick Baber

Spell out entire daddy (1233 highway 307 Newtown, AZ]

Lauren W

Yes, THANK YOU Bryan G.!! I too was inputting our tax info correctly but I tried your work around & success!! Thanks again!!


Thanks Brian!! After trying for weeks, your suggestion to enter 0 for the AGI worked! Finally, my bank information was accepted.


AGI) 0 worked!


Brilliant. Thank you so so much. I’ve looked everywhere and tried everything and nothing worked. First try with “0” and it worked!! Thank you again. Life saver.


You’re a lifesaver!….I had the same problem…I kept using my correct AGI from 2018 since I didn’t file for 2019 yet. Before giving up, I ended up here after “Googling” for some type of solution. Thanks to these posts, I just tried entering 0 instead and now my direct deposit is finally set up. Again, thank you and God bless!! 🙂


This WORKED for me! Also – enter your address in ALL CAPS, use ST. for Street, use the USPS zipcode!

Michelle M

@Bryan G- entering 0 for AGI totally worked for me, I was finally able to get my bank info accepted!


Wow. Thank you! This worked for me after trying for 2 weeks. The IRS gives no clue on how to resolve this issue of putting the correct AGI and refund amount and error coming back saying it is incorrect. So instead, you enter an incorrect amount of 0 for the AGI and it works. Just nuts!


OMG. I have tried everything, capitalizing and variations of address, dashes, no dashes on numbers, rounding up/down, anything for days. I read and reread the information on what was required and where it was found in your taxes. I looked at the info they had on file in their system vs my tax records. I’d run out of ideas. I saw your post and I tried this as a last resort not thinking it would work and, unbelievably, it worked. Thank you!


I have AGI on my return 0 and amount refunded 0 also and it keeps saying records don’t match. I went back and looked at the information entered on the non-filers page which was zero for both AGI and refund. Any thoughts??

Michelle S

FINALLY. So glad I kept checking the internet on this subject. AGI:0 Amount you owe or refund and like magic it works. The internet wins again.

Cynthia M

Thank you Bryan G! I did exactly what you said – I typed 0 for my AGI even though it was not zero and that worked!


Thanks this
I too entered 0


Zach, look for a link in this thread to get your past years’ tax information. I didn’t save it but there is a thing you can sign up for on the IRS website where you can see your past years’ tax transcripts. That’s how I found out they listed our standard deduction amount as our AGI.


what agi- it doesnt ask for it on get payment?


how did you figure out that the IRS had the wrong AGI?


Bob and Libby, There is a link in this thread to an IRS page where you can sign up to see your past years’ information. I followed that link and set up an account and now I can see and download my tax transcripts from past years.


I went to the website and pulled the 2018 summary and entered what they had on their records, still says does not match.

Deborah Jackson

I entred the AGI and amount owed that is on my transcript for 2018 and I still get a error message that the information doesnt match! Any suggestions?

Deborah Jackson

I tried the AGI at 0 tip and the correct amount owed and still get the same message that the information entered doesnt match! The kicker is they already have the correct Direct Deposit info on file. But when I try to check the status of my payment It says I need to enter the Direct Deposit info. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Like everyone of you guys I need the money to feed my family. I dont understand why this has to be so complicated!


i dont see any option to update my direct deposit only to check my status


Yes, I had the same problem, I received for myself and wife, but nothing for my dependents.


Dan, you posted that time the TurboTax website to sign up if taxes weren’t filed. I followed that website and instructions and got my DD on April 22.

Thank you


Doesn’t work for Israeli addresses

Jack out of the Box

Also not US addresses.


Got direct deposit on apr 15! We had a baby on Jan 1 a little past 12am so will wait for next year for that additional 500


You can still claim the kid on taxes if you had it before jan 15th if I remember fyi

Jack out of the Box

Babies born up until 11:59 pm on Dec 31, 2020 qualify.


I didn’t get yet.
I was trying to put in my bank info for the past week or more, and kept on getting a ‘status not available’ message I ended giving up, deciding to wait for the check in the mail.
When I saw this post I decided I’ll give it a try again and it went through b”h.
It’s annoying that you need your exact gross income and refund info, I had to log into the irs portal to find all that info but b”h got it all done. Now just sitting and waiting for the money.

BTW I know someone that actually already got his check in the mail, but you still never know how long it’ll take.


After all that, today I checked again and it says that a check is scheduled to be sent out tomorrow May 1st.

Jane Doe

Did you get your check?


Yes, I did.


Did you update your direct deposit information on get my payment and then it say they were scehduled to send a check to you? Did they actually send you a check that day or was it direct deposit? I’m having the same issue.


I updated my direct deposit information on ‘get my payment’ and a few days later when I tracked it again it said that they scheduled my check to be mailed on May 1st and I actually received a physical check in the mail on May 1st.


Up until today, it kept saying “payment status unavailable” for me. Today, it finally let me put my direct deposit details in. I file jointly with my wife, do you think I need to put her SSN and bank account info in as well an additional time or should I expect to get both of our stimulus deposits in my account?


If I never filed yet, and I’m filing now for 2019, can I still receive the stimulus payment direct deposit?

Another 2020 new father

I filed for the first time in 2019 And I got my stimulus check through direct deposit on April 16th. I guess I’ll get for my 2020 baby next year.


Yes, but only if your 2020 income (AGI) is under the income limits (75k single 150 married jointly).


They asked for info from my 2018 tax return (adjusted gross income, and amount/refund owed), along with the bank account info for direct deposit. When I submitted the info, it says that it does not match their records. I am copying off my 2018 tax returns (didn’t file yet 2019)
Anyone else having this issue?


I had my entire overpayment applied to my 2019 taxes. When I tried the overpayment amount, I got the same message as you. When I tried a refund of 0, I got “we are experiencing technical difficulties.”


I have the same issue


I got this message as well. Tried again and account seems locked for 24 hours. I guess worst case, we will get it mailed.


Seems that they lock you out for 24 hours after entering, 2 times, info that doesn’t match what they have on record. So, if you get that message that the info you provided does not match, you can log into the IRS website to see the info that they have on record for your return (
For some reason the number is a bit off from my actual filing. Will deal with that at a later date iy”H, but in the meantime, it’s good to know the info that they expect you to enter when you are trying to set up the direct deposit


Good catch. I logged in to my IRS account and found that the refund amount was greater than the amount of my overpayment. I then remembered that I received a check for a small amount from the IRS in July because their calculations were different from mine. When I add the amount of the check to the amount I overpaid, I get the amount that they list as my refund. So it seems that the number they’re looking for is the number before you ask them to apply it to your next year’s taxes. That makes sense because they give the line number for that amount.

(For the record, I meant to say my 2018 taxes above. They haven’t processed my 2019 return.)


I was wrong. I just tried it again with the amount of my overpayment including the amount that they added to it, and it didn’t work. Then I tried 0 and it worked. So it looks like the amount they want is the amount they actually sent you, not including any corrections that came later.

Be oh

Even if they lock you out for 24 hrs. If you field a joint tax with your spouse, you can go ahead and enter his/hers info and try again before 24 hrs!


I am having the same issue as you yy. It looks like they lock your account for 24 hours after too many attempts trying to enter the info. I’ll try again motzei shabbos, but this website is not making things easy…


I had this issue (overpayment in 2018 applied to 2019 taxes) and had also gotten an error before. But I think the IRS might have fixed the issue on their end. I entered “0” after ticking the “owed” box, and I got the “Bank Account Confirmation” screen today.


I had same scenario and same issue on Friday and got same error, just worked for me tonight when I input “0”


Enter owed “0” Worked for me!


Worked for me as well!
If you go to the FAQ, it does tell you to write the refund amount, but I have tried everyday for the past week and figured lets give “0” a shot.
It went through!


I’m having a very similar issue. Can anyone confirm what it means to enter in whole numbers only for your income? Say, line 7 on your 2018 tax return says 75123, do you enter that or round it to 75000?

Also, does anyone know if you received a refund, but the amount was adjusted, do you write how much the refund was on your return or on the adjusted amount?


Whole numbers usually means no pennies, not round down to the nearest thousand.

J. Rosenberg

Yup, excatly the same issue, and i got logged out,

DWanna Douglass

Same for me. I wondered if we were supposed to add the 2 zeros for the cents?

S brown

Yes I got the same message


I had this same issue, and OMG this is too insane to believe. So I followed the “view your tax account” link that is a little way down the replies to this post and signed up. When I got signed up I discovered that the IRS is showing our adjusted gross income as the amount of our standard deduction (married couple so $24,000), instead of our actual adjusted gross income number. WTF, IRS?????




Hi United. For your AGI put 0. If you owed or received taxes put that amount and it will work.


Any idea how long it’ll take to process the taxes that were e-filed? I sent mine in almost a month ago.


Thank you very much!
Very helpful information that i couldn’t find nowhere


any idea I mailed in my federal and NJ taxes beginning of March. Got refunded for NJ not for Federal. No one to reach . Any advice?


If you are getting a refund from NJ & Federal, you should adjust your exemptions. Don’t let the government hang on to your money.


Go to and click on check refund status


Any Idea what this means:

According to information that we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time.

David A Spear

It’s the boilerplate bs that they put up for everyone. Just be patient and file the damn thing every day. I’ve had the same problem until an hour ago when they asked me for my bank account info.
Direct deposit coming!!!!


Can someone please clearly tell me if I am eligible?

If making > 200k in 2018 (did not file 2019 yet) with spouse (who does not work) and X amount of kids, filing jointly. Do the kids still get $500 despite the income? Do I get anything?
Thank you


You will probably get it in 2021 when you file your 2020 whatever you werent eligible


I would not expect one if your Adjusted Gross Income was more than $198,000. And you would only only get for your dependent children if you qualify on your own.

On a side note, I know people (US citizens) that live in Israel & work in Israel for Israeli business, and yet got money from the US for this, because they are honest enough to file a tax return in the US on their Israeli income, so that’s nice!


I was finally able to enter my info today. Why- I don’t know… they had all my tax info, same address, same bank DD for 10 years


The exact details for how we will receive our stimulus payment has been impossible. I now believe this is how it works:
1. Filed taxes with bank information = Direct Deposit
2. Files Taxes without bank information = Mailed check
3. No taxes filed = Mailed Check

If anyone has something different please reply.


Update: Received a check in the mail today. I am in group 2 of the above mentioned.

Tamra Ackerman

Thank you so much! It worked! Best deal ever!

New tax filer

I filed taxes for the first time 2 month ago, and I mistakenly put for the bank routing number the wire number and not the number for direct deposits. Both my refund and check were sent to my bank, but it obviously didn’t go through because its the wrong routing number. Has anyone made the same mistake before, and what happens now?


I just got through the portal this morning and said my check would be deposited into my bank, But #s are not the same!
Now I don’t know if my check was deposited into someone else’s bank account! Wow!! Has this happened to anyone else and if so did you or not get your money?

aron green

i by mistake wrote on the non filers form that i can be claimed as a dependent is there a way to fix it or did i loose my 1200 dollars? thanz

Jack out of the Box

File a 2020 tax return with accurate information and get the money in a year.

Mark Twain

I’m no expert, but I think you can fix it. You will just have to wait months to get the $1200. To fix it you would file an AMENDED return for tax year 2019 (not 2020).
The non filers form is actually creating a tax year 2019 Form 1040 and filing that with the IRS for you. Since your (indirectly) entered incorrect info on that form, you would file another tax form for 2019 right away, an amended 2019 tax return to correct it. And eventually get the $1200.
Maybe you could call the IRS and confirm this. Good luck.

aron green

i by mistake wrote that i can be claimed as a dependent on the non filers form is there a way to fix it or i lost the 1200 bucks?


Got my direct deposit last week I didn’t file 2019 yet I guess they based it on 2018 info. If I had another baby since will I get the extra 500 on the next tax return?


I keep getting a message that says “Technical Difficulties” when I input my direct deposit information. Frustrating!


I kept trying and finally was able to input my info this morning.


How does the stimulus payment appear in Direct Deposit? Is it listed as “IRS Refund”? Could it be lumped together with a refund, or would it always be separate payments?


Can students get the stimulus payment if they are dependent?




i by mistake wrote that i can be claimed as a dependent on the non filers form is there a way to fix it or i lost the 1200 bucks?


Do joint filers have to enter their info (SSN) for both individuals? Or will entering info for both trigger payments for both?


One is fine


Thanks, Worked great.

Worried in Brooklyn

We r eligible
We put the info into the site it says they our info and will let us know when they will direct deposit
Does anyone know how long that takes
I put it in 10 days ago

KH Rivas

Thank you very much.

Kimberly Hughes

For the last 9 days it keeps telling me I’m eligible and confirmed my dd account but no payment date is available. What’s that supposed to mean? How long do I have to wait


Hi my husband and I file jointly and our adjusted gross income is 111,391. If I enter this amount into bank account number update and my husband enters the same amount will this add the two numbers together and will this cancel our entitlement.


The amount you enter is just to verify it’s you, so it shouldn’t affect your payment.


Actually, it seems that you only have to enter one. After I successfully entered my information, I went to enter my wife’s, and they already had it. That makes sense because if they had direct deposit information from your tax return, it would be the same for both.


anyone know what to do when payment/refund was 0?


Given my experience documented above, I think you should check the refund box and give an amount of 0.


did for both fields, said there was inaccurate info.


Did you check your IRS account to see what they think your AGI was?


I just did AGI of 0 and owed 0 and they updated my bank info. Strange but finally worked. I could not create an IRS account since they won’t send text messages to google voice numbers, and I don’t live in the states. Thanks for the tips here!


I didn’t file
2019 yet and in 2018 I earned a negative gross income.. but it doesn’t allow me to use a – symbol when inserting my gross income and when I put it as a plus or a 0
It tells
Me it doesn’t match.. what can I do?


I filed as non filers, being that I am a bochur and don’t make any money, and originally I was getting “payment status unavailable”. Now Thursday night it finally updated that I was eligible to receive the payment but needed additional info with gross income and if I received or owed money. I put in that I make 0 and owed/received 0 and its saying that the information is inaccurate. Anyone know what I should do?


Can anyone help me with this?


Did you find a solution to this problem as I’m having the same one


Did you find what to do??

Kusher Gelt

2 points
1) Dont let your browser prefill the information. I was getting the error message until I actually typed it in.
2) My bank information was automatically updated once I added it in for my wife.

Israel addresses don\'t work

My Israeli address doesn’t work. Did anyone in ISRAEL get their check yet in the mail??

Andrew L

I kept getting errors until I changed my address from St to Street. My dad kept getting errors till he changed from Dr to Drive. Hope this helps someone.


mine was Ave. (with the period) but that was how it was on my tax returns


I’m still getting the same error message??


I got an error that says that the info doesnt match their records so it didn’t work for me.


So what do you suggest to do to get in to add the bank information?


What if I don’t live in the US anymore? We moved to Israel. Am I still eligible? I do get my social security checks sent here


Just it did today, thank you b’ezrat HaShem it will work out


For my case, they let me enter my bank information but they say it not matching with the file.
I tried my husband and it said not available!! ( we married in the beginning of 2019 and filed married income tax jointly!!
I’m afraid that they are using my 2018 tax information!!
Anyone has the same issue?


Have they had time to process your 2019 tax return? If not, they’ll definitely use the 2018 information.


The IRS has my Direct D for years. I enter my AGI and Refund amount from 2018. I even went to IRS website and downloaded my transcripts. All the info is correct. The system Always comes back saying They don’t recognize my information.
Anyone else having these problems?


yes, when i first sign in it says they need bank info then i go in and fill in AGI and amount due, straight from my 2018 forms and says it doesn’t match. I also checked my form with irs online data and it matched. HELP


Put 0 for your AGI. Then enter what you owed of refund. No cents just the whole number


I finally got onto My Payment to set up direct deposit and now it says my info doesn’t match their records. I took the numbers directly off of my 2018 taxes and checked it many times over. has anyone else had that problem?


yep, that exact problem. Verified my info on IRS website so don’t have a clue what else to try


Any resolution to what number to enter for the AGI or if you owed taxes? Do we keep the cents on without the decimal or round? Example.. $577.09 What do I write that as? Also, what if there is a penalty on your return… do you put in the total amount owed plus penalties?


Follow this link:
Go through the steps to set up an account so you can view your prior years’ tax info.
For your AGI, use whatever number the site says is your AGI, even if it is wrong. In our case, it said our AGI was $24,000, which was actually our standard deduction, not our AGI. So on the stimulus payment “Get My Payment” website, I entered $24,000 as our AGI, and the amount we had to pay with our return (which IRS did have correct), and that all worked and I finally got our info entered in the system.


I tried this and I’m not even able to set up an account due to info not matching what they have on file. HELP!


Same here. Do we include penalty if we owed? If I enter what I filed it says it doesn’t match.


I had the same problem for days and i finally solved the problem by my own. I always typed my correct AGI and Refund and it ways said that the info didn’t match to theirs….. so i typed 0 for AGI and the correct refund for example…

AGI) 0
Refund or amount you owe) 979

Hope this helps! seems you have to type 0 for your AGI and your correct refund or amount you owe


I had the same issue with entering exactly what my 1040 said and it kept telling me it was wrong. So after seeing your post i tried 0 for AGI and what we owed from what our 1040 said and it went through finally after several days of frustration because my information was right. Also we have not filed 2019 yet so we were doing our 2018 numbers. So enter 0 for AGI if you are getting an error when you know the information is correct and it should work! Thanks Jorge for the information.

Melissa Duncan

Our refund indicates 0. That field isn’t accepting a 0. So frustrating!


That was excellent advice. Was having the same issue with entering correct AGI and amount owed, kept getting error message. Tried the method you suggested and if FINALLY worked. Thanks so much for that!!!!!


Will my payment be deposited on the exact date it said or will it possibly happen earlier?

Jamar Atkins

When I put my tax information in when sighing up for direct deposit they my tax information didn’t match there’s


I did the 0 AGI and what the corrected owed amount (without penalties) and it took it.


We can’t seem to get past the errors. We get locked out daily.

We are using numbers provided—yes set up online IRS acct to confirm numbers. We are thinking that since we applied refund money from ‘19 to this year the amount reflects 0. So the system isn’t accepting 0.

Can not find a single place to get assistance. Anyone have advice?


Still not working for me. Mine is still saying my information doesnt match their records even though I am entering it in exactly like on my tax return. I have contacted my tax office, and tried to contact the IRS with no luck and no one seems to be able to help me. I guess I will be that long income single mother that doesnt get one.

Lisa H

I am giving correct info, I mean come on, it’s only four questions. It continues to lock me out for 24 hours. It’s driving me crazy!


me too! same thing is happening


I keep getting a message that says the information I have entered does not match, when I try to access the “Get My Payment.” I can’t even get past that in order to input my direct deposit info. And, they should already have my direct deposit info because I was issued a refund in 2018 (the last time I filed, and yet, I haven’t received anything yet. Argh. Then, if I try to play with a dash between the ss#’s, or a period after APT, or add the extension to the zip code, it bounces me off after three tries and makes me wait another 24 hours. I am using the exact address format that is on my 2018 tax return. I am so frustrated that it is being super finicky about how I am entering my info when it is exactly the same as my tax return. URGHHHHHH Anyone else having this problem or figure out how to by pass this and enter checking account info for direct deposit, another way?

Lisa H

This is exactly what is happening with me!!! I get a bill from them every month so I tried putting address exactly as it appears on that, nothing works!!! Why won’t they answer these questions? Where can we go and report these issues to??? Anybody know, anybody???


I’ve been having the same problem! I’ve been trying for 2 weeks and I’m still being told I do does t match theirs. If anyone figures out a solution, please let me know!!!!!


Same here, were you able to access the website? I keep getting logged out! frustrating!


I have been trying for a week to get it to take my bank information. I was able to move past the address screen. I am thankful for this thread. It helped me figure it out. I have not filed 2019. I filed 2018 late. All the info I was inputting was straight off my tax transcript, so I know it was correct. If nothing is matching, enter 0 for your AGI and then the refund/owe amount exactly as it was on your tax return. (Even if it changed later. Mine went up and it was still what was on the return.) I did this tonight and it accepted my information!!


I have a question, when entering the amount owed, for example if the amount owed shown on the tax transcript says “$1483.26” , how is that supposed to be entered? I’ve tried entering it as 148326, 1483 and 1483.26, but nothing works. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Concerned about Covid Stimulus

I keep trying with no luck – keep getting an error “The information you have entered does not match our records”


I couldn’t get passed the first page for days. Finally figured it out: Create an IRS account, go to Get Your ax Record > Get Transcript Online > Account Transcript. Near the top of the page, under your names, will be the first few letters of the address they have on file (which in my case was an old address and NOT the one on my 2018 return). Further down, it shows your AGI and payment/refund amount.


I can’t even create an account cuz my info doesn’t match theirs

cristine monette

mine is saying it does not match their record. I enter all the info and still does not match. can i still get my check?


This is what I’m wondering.

Susan Patterson

Have tried for days to enter my bank info. continually get you records do not match out records. I am using the agi from 2018 return. In the mean time, my neighbor received a stimulus for her deceased husband and her deceased mother !! what the heck is up with this.


I had all kinds of trouble with AGI and amount owed. I even opened an account and got my returns from the IRS website. Still said “info doesn’t match our records”
So I was already locked out today but I tried under my wife’s SSN. I put 0 as AGI and my exact amount owed and then my bank info. It went through. So I’ll do mine tomorrow.


Did you include the cents when you entered your owe/refund amount? Thank you in advance!


You can’t put in cents. I found that once I put in my information, my wife’s was already there (we file jointly).


I finally got the prompt “You Can Now Enter Your Direct Deposit Information For A Stimulus Payment!, but then when I put my info it says that their records don’t match. How do I fix it?


i got a wire transfer today with payment for me and my wife (2400), but not for my 6 kids, iam a non filler and fully qualified, does anybody know why? how to check this out?

Lisa H

I was able to enter my parents banking info with my dad but can’t get in with my mother’s info. This shouldn’t make any difference since they filed together, should it?


I still cannot add my bank account info. I tried entering 0 for AGI and correct amount owed. Still giving me an error??? I entered with penalties and without ? Anyone else have this problem and have a solution???


I couldn’t put in my tax info nor my info it just skipped me to the part to the enter my ssn . So now when I try to check or go to the get my payment app it keep saying my ssn is wrong. How could I go in and check or redo my info


I successfully added my bank account information a few days ago without using all-caps for the address and without dashes in the SSN.
Regarding the AGI, I was only successful after I selected refund and 0. The reason for that is because I had my refund applied to my next year’s payment. That is probably the reason people are having that issue.




A follow up to the last comment:
My mistake, I did not mean an AGI of 0, rather I selected refund amount of 0. That was the way I was able to make it add the bank account successfully. I input the correct AGI amount.

Akiva Shalom Fordonski

I am still getting an error


Has anyone with an address in Israel been able to submit successfully to Get My Payment or get a tax transcript?


Tried doing it every few days and it didn’t work, did the address in caps and made the AIG 0 and it worked.
Thanks for the idea


Get my payment days my stimulus was going to be deposited on April 30 well it wasn’t and they have correct bank account


I’m trying and trying and last week it said ‘Payment Status Not Available’ and this week it’s saying ‘The information you have entered does not match our records. Please try again.’
Can anyone help me???
What does AIG mean? and where is this asked?


gross income


AIG should read AGI (adjusted gross income). If you click on the little question mark, it tells you what line of your tax return to get it from. There are many replies here on things to try to make the system happy. The problem is that it locks you out for 24 hours after a small number of failures, so it may take you a few days to hit the bullseye.


I did what you said. I put a 0 by AGI and it worked after weeks of it not working.
Thanks so much!!


We’ve been getting the message that we are eligible and that they will update us when a payment date is available – so we just sit tight?

Mark Davis

Yes, a date will show eventually. That means they have your bank account info. Just check back every few days and eventually a date will be there. Mine finally went to 4/30 and I got it on 4/30.


How long did it take to update your payment status after entering your direct deposit information?


Any Americans who live in Israel got it?


I e-filed and even got a federal refund direct deposited in February. I can’t even get past the home screen. I tried SSN with dashes, Capital letters, etc etc. Always lands with “Payment Status Not Available”. Anyone has a similar issue or got any other tips?

Mark Davis

Be aware that if your 2019 numbers don’t work, that they may not have that one in the system yet. You can use your 2018 numbers. If you filed an amended return, they want your original return numbers. I found that out last night with my mother in law who had filed her taxes late March, and in 2018 had an amended return. Her 2018 original numbers let us submit her bank account info.


Using “0” in the AGI worked for me!!!!


i got my direct deposit yesterday the 30th of April


will there be a second stimulus? Like do we get more money to spend on dansdeals stuff lol?


Wow, I’ve been trying for weeks and entering 0 for my AGI and wala! Finally!


i had a baby and didnt file yet with her how do i get that mony ?


Thanks Dan!!

Was trying for the past weeks to enter my bank info but with no success, entered my AGI 0 now and it worked. Thanks
How long should I wait for it to be deposited?




Thank you for the information after trying over and over by adding the dashes and typing in all capital letters and the zero and dollar amount WORKED!


Hi, my wife is on SSDI and we filed jointly in 2018 and 2019. She just received her SSDI (always by Direct Deposit on the 1st), but we haven’t received our stimulus money. Does anybody know what we should do? I can enter our Direct Deposit info on the Get My Money website from the IRS, but wouldn’t that be too late? Many thanks.


no i didnt recieve my payment not sure why


I entered my banking formation on Tuesday of this week. When can I expect my stimulus check direct deposit in my account?


Some have said that an AGI of 0 worked. I had to enter an AGI of 0 as well as a refund amount of 0 before mine went through…


I applied through Square and got my SBA approval this morning just a couple of days after I applied.


I used H&R Block for 2018 taxes. I’m entering my information in the IRS “Get My Payment” website EXACTLY as it is on my tax return, but it’s claiming my information does not match their records, then locks me out for 24 hours. The biggest problem is I just moved to a different state 1800 miles away and do not have access to the address they would send a paper check to. This is beyond frustrating because there is nobody to call and get answers from.


I had the error message and then last Monday it opened up and they already said it was scheduled for mailing on May 01 to my USA address. Now I am at Europe and took an apartment to stay in place, as I have no permanent home really any place for many years, but was living in hotels and subletting apartments. Now I can’t enter direct deposit or make changes. What to do as even if I get someone to pick up my check will they be able to deposit for me or will bank require their identification and it is really a mess that for so long I could not access the site to enter direct deposit and now I am abroad until 2020?

Cora Doram

No. my granddaughter has tried time and again to enter her adjusted gross income, her 2018 refund exactly as recorded on her 2018 tax return but when she hits the submit button, she gets an error message something about about records not showing. Totally exhausting system.

Cora Doram

I read below what some of your readers said what they did with the AGI. Ill have her try that and see if it works.But that’s crazy.


I have been having error problems with :
– Amount owed.
Can I put ”amount owed” with Penalties OR without Penalties ??.
Someone help pls

Tausha Carpenter

So I put in my direct deposit information 2 days after my bank rejected my payment due to it not being a joint account and both mine and my husbands name being on the check so on the 18th of April it let me add direct deposit to a different account our joint account and I’m still getting the same message and still nothing has been sent to our account it just keeps saying your eligible for this payment once we update your payment you’ll receive your payment date to be sent but this has not been 2 weeks ago so will I get a check in the mail or is it going to come to our bank????

Nat Zitomer

Maybe some or all of these things work if you’re a US resident. I’ve tried the all caps before and now–nada. I tried SSN with dashes now–also nada.

Leah Morgan

I was suppose to receive my stimulus on April 30 and because they made a typo on my account number by adding an extra number I did not receive it. I will be out on the street tomorrow because I can not pay my rent and I’m a paraplegic with other health issues and I have no support. I don’t know what to do.


How long after updating direct deposit info with get my payment did it take to actually get money deposited?


I enter my direct deposit information on the get my payment tool on April 16,2020. I have yet to get a date for direct deposit . It says I am eligible and a date will be given but I haven’t gotten a date. it’s been weeks. What is going on

Trina Wiggins

I’m having the same issue entered my info on 4/20/2020 4 days after you and still today 5/9/2020 no ddd and it just says you’re eligible for the payment date will be provided when it updates hell it done updated a million times I entered my Neice banking info 4/17/2020 she got her ddd on 4/24/2020 for the deposit to be sent on 4/29/2020 I’m like what’s going on here


I am a non filer (hence I used the “non filer tool”
I set up direct deposit and when I checked a couple of days ago the “get payment” tool and it read that the IRS has scheduled my payment to be deposited on April 30 but still money not in bank account (I have verified all info routing and bank #s and All is exact and correct.
Still as of moments ago same thing it’s says April 30.. but still not there. Can’t get in contact with IRS (virtually no one can except gov. news outlets etc) I use rapid pay card .called them they said they have no way to see pending deposits, so I tried to call metabank only to be continuously rerouted in a circle. So now I am stuck, with not being able to talk with IRS and or bank or card company..what is a person supposed to do?

Thank you and God Bless you


SUCCESS! I used 0 for AGI..

How messed up is it that a government agency disbursing billions of dollars to its citizens, one must input wrong information to achieve the desired result!??


Me again. So I received my DD this morning based on the above….
Thanks Dan for posting the AGI tip….
I thought only CPAs outsmart the IRS,
now I see , it’s even average folks like us:)


I can’t even get to the area to input AGI it gives me those error messages and I cannot get to first base with this. I input my birthday and SS info and all of that and after that the next page pretty much locks me out and says error or whatever that message is…

David Lemon

The irs website says that they scheduled a deposit into my account for April 30th. It was not deposited on that day. Still waiting…

Lisa H

Will my parents receive 1 check as they filed together? I was able to get through with my fathers info but say’s my mothers info is incorrect. Just curious as they are driving me up the wall wondering where theirs is…yes they qualify. I love them dearly but walking them through the internet process over the phone or facetime is hard! It does say his will be mailed on the 8th. Thank you

Mary gethard

entered 0 for AGI with correct refund and it finally accepted my banking information! yay! thank you!!!




If you do click on the “Enter bank Info” Link and decide not to enter the bank info will they still send me a check? On my taxes I filed married so there are 2 ssn numbers. They ask for AGI totals from tax return but the total amount for both of us goes over the qualification amount for 1 person. Will they know if I enter the AGI from tax return that it’s for Married filing jointly and not individual income? Thanks

Mary Ellen Flattes

Keep getting info doesn’t match our records. Put in AGI, taxes owed from 2018, social, address zip. Any suggestions? This has been going on for two weeks.


I have been trying for 2 weeks to enter my bank information for direct deposit only to be met with the dreaded “information does not match” error at the end. SUCCESS FINALLY BY ENTERING 0 FOR ADJ! Bizarre, but it worked!


has anyone done DD, and how long did it take you to get your deposit?

frank taylor

I have not gotten my check. I pay my est. taxes for this year and my 2019 income tax by direct payment from the bank. Is there anything else I should do?? I keep getting ” our records does not match the info you are giving us ” Any help will be great.


The tax return information you entered does not match our records. what should i do

Trina Wiggins

I’m still trying to get some info I filled 2018 and 2019 taxes first wave of stimulus nothing so I checked the tool and it said your eligible need your bank info first I could not enter info on get my payment tool starting 4/17/2020 finally it took the info 4/20/2020 here it is 5/9/2020 and I still have not even gotten a date for my stimulus they say enter it by Tuesday noon of given week you will have a date for dd the following week and if you didn’t meet that weekly deadline you well get your date the following week then the irs posted enter the info by Thursday and get your payment date by the next week I still have not got a payment date Any advise

Garret Adams

It keeps telling me errors on the portal but I got my letter


I’m on SSI and haven’t received my stimulous check yet, it says information doesn’t match up , I’ve been on SSI for some yrs, have never received a 1099 in all theses years, and it says if your on SSI and SS, SSDI, a veteran or railroad retiree not to use the non filer forms, bc I’ve read that we will automatically be deposited in my bank acct, that I’ve used since receiving SSI …help confused smh plz someone explain what to do


No I haven’t am still waiting and I started thinking what if my check was sent to old address and my mother got hold it and cash it she’s knows to do just that so what do I do and who do I get contract with. Another question. I remember that I filled out non-filer and didnt realized it wrong one and it was submitted back in 4/13/20 and I haven’t seen nothing so do I get refund of someone going to call me thanks


This worked! Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but thank you!

Angela Guerra

Wow, so glad I came upon this site, Thank you.. the 0 amount worked! Thank you , Thank you


anyone with a tip how to enter 84th st in IRS site. “84TH ST.” is not working?


USPS usually doesn’t use periods. So probably “84th St”


You need to enter your address as it appears on the Post Office’s records. To see how to enter your address, go to
Also, if you had an overpayment, but everything was applied to next year, then you should enter $0 by the refund box.

Doug Ward

I haven’t filed my 2019 taxes yet, but I filed my 2018 taxes through turbo tax. I owed money I didn’t get a refund.
When I enter my banking information I get a message that my information doesn’t match theirs what do I do?
You can’t call not sure about chat or email


I got $1k less than what I should have received. Is there a way to get hold of anyone or a link to report it ? Thanks


I cant even get to the part where I put in my AGI as I keep getting an error on the first page saying “The information you have entered does not match our records. Please try again.”
Tried with caps and dashes.


Where do you guys see an entry for AGI?
They ask for my SSN, birthday, street info and postal code. I tried with dashes and all caps, without dashes and all caps and still get nothing…
Anyone can help?


Received a paper check yesterday, was shipped Friday the 8th . Despite uploading my bank details.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

Huge help Dan
Thank you

First time I ever got a response


Access Denied
You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
Reference #18.5fd73017.1589387671.3fe7e3f9

This is what I get every time I try to access the IRS site for ‘wheres my check’

Yosef G

We live abroad and just recived the paper check yesterday!
Online i wasn’t able to get our info it always said address doesn’t match the SS#.


I sent back the application with my account number and didn’t hear from them for a week
Can I try to fill it out again?

Stephanie Woods

I had to type my address in all capitals, put my AGI as what was correct, and put my refund as zero, even though I got a refund but applied it to 2019 taxes. This took over a week of going in every day, and 4 hours of internet research.

Gregory Dunlap

I was able to finally enter my checking account information by using 0 as the AGI amount.


Payment status is still not available here, I tried with dashes in SSN, without them, with and without caps on the address.
Also, I can’t see any entry for IGA (on Get my Payment), I only get for SSN, birthday, address and ZIP code
Any advice?


Once you get thru that page you get to verify your AGI


Access Denied
You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
Reference #18.5fd73017.1589387671.3fe7e3f9

This is what I get every time I try to enter information in the ‘where is my check’ page.


I was constantly getting an error message that my information did not match and have been looking online for tips. This one FINALLY worked. Thank you!


Does anyone have experience with not being eligible with 2018 filing, but eligible for 2019 filing? To complicate matters, she filed by mail for 2019. Will they send the check as soon as the 2019 is accepted by the IRS?


Thank you for all the tips but I still can’t access it

Nate the Great

I just submitted a minute ago. No problem at all. Just added my 2018 AGI as a whole number and the owed/return as a full number. No problem. it just went through.

John Kitchens

I receive SSI and am an army vet.. I am eligible for my economic stimulus payment, but have had and still have no tax information to enter, AND was told I didn’t have to use any non-filers tool.. didn’t get any money and was told it WOULD BE HERE on the 13th (today). Have a direct Express card and STILL have no pending deposit information (12-24 hour notice) as of three PM TODAY.. we need that PROMISED money to survive yet all we’ve been TOLD is a plethora of @/(#@* lies! GETTING TIRED OF THE BS! PLEASE HELP! (thank you)


If your adjusted gross income is not 0, why would you enter 0.


Because it worked!
The other “REGULAR” way was not working so Dan posted this quirk which was corroborated by the L.A.Times, by the way, and it worked for thousands of people!


did anyone with a spouse with itin # (not a ssn but similar for non us citizens) who filed jointly receive a stimulus payment?

s b

i by mistake wrote that i can be claimed as a dependent on the non filers form is there a way to fix that or i lost my money? thanx


I get SSI and didn’t get mind


Have not received our check and constantly receive message information does not match their records. My husband is a social security recipient, so they already have our direct deposit info. I tried these tips but you only really get 2 chances to get it right. Locked out for yet another 24 hours. Very frustrating.

Kristine Wienken

Does he receive SSI & the Get my payment app say it was to be deposited on May 13th, 2020 & then provided the last four digits to his account number he receives his monthly benefit in? A friend hasn’t received his nor does he have a pending deposit. His was scheduled for the 13th.


does anyone know if the stimulus payment is delaying the regular tax refund? i efiled my tax return 2 months ago & it is still processing, (wherever i look it says e filed returns should still take the usual 21 days)

Kristine Wienken

Get my payment said Stimulus check would be deposited on May 13th, 2020 & I confirmed it will be going into the correct aççount. It never got deposited and their are no outstanding peñding deposits. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.

Keith D Spatz SR

No and now the site is looping back to the start after info is put in.


No. Since April 15, I have consistently got the message “The tax return information you entered does not match our records.” The information I have provided exactly matches that on my 2019 1040, which I filed on March 30 (though I have now tried entering all that information in pretty much every format possible — SS# with and without dashes, street address in caps, abbreviations and spelled out versions of “West” and “Avenue” in the address, etc., etc., etc.). Tried using address from 2018 1040 but no luck there either. At this point I am resigned to waiting until there are human beings back at the IRS taking phone calls so that I can get this straightened out.


didnt work… It keeps stating that the IRS cannot match my records.
I’ve been paying taxes and its a little weird how im not in their system.
Am I missing something?


I am having the same problem with the system giving me “the information does not match our records.” I’ve been trying for several weeks to enter all the different combinations of suggestions and nothing has worked. I can’t even make an account to check on my file because it is saying that the information does not match our records too. I lived abroad last year but still filed a tax return (using my foreign address). I am now back in the States, and I filed my 2019 tax return at the end of February but had to mail them in. I used my US permeant address for 2019 so it shouldn’t be an issue… I feel like I don’t exist.

I’m assuming filing in February gave them enough time to process my paperwork. I also had to mail in my taxes for student loan repayment plan and they received it and processed it within a few weeks. I haven’t received a tax return in years since I lived abroad so I do not have a current bank account on file with them. I am hoping I just need to sit tight, and that they haven’t sent my check to my old New Zealand address! It makes me feel a bit better knowing people are in the same boat but at the same time it shouldn’t be this hard to check on your own information status. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Tammi Foster

The get my payment tool is allowing me to re enter bank info,FAQ instructs non filers to enter O if you have not filed an income tax return in the last 2 years.But when I try to enter the information it keeps kicking me out saying,that the income doesn’t match. What do I do!!!


Did you figure out how to get it to go through. Plz help


Has anyone figured out why the irs tool says information not matching I’ve tried everything and it always says same error message they have sent me letters to my address so not sure why my information would. It match.

Joi romero

I filed taxes for 2019 and never got a stimulus check when I check online it says my info doesn’t match their records I do not have a bank account


I get the “information doesn’t match” screen and I put “0” but it still doesn’t work? I didn’t file taxes for 2018 and 2019. WhTs going on?


I’ve tryed every way putting dash in ss# fixing address with capital letters still nothing any more tricks I can try I really need my stimulus payment


I don’t file a tax return, I used the non-filers portal, I did not enter direct deposit info. When I use the get my payment portal it says ” information does not match what we have on file” what does this mean and what do I need to do?


What if I didn’t file in 2018 or 2019? All I want to do is put my bank info but it requires additional verification of AIG and I put 0 for both and it doesn’t match theirs. They mailed my check July 6th but I never got it but now I’m given the option to enter bank info in get my payment status and Im Stuck on this. Please help.


Why did I only get 1.38 cent relief check


Can someone help me. I’ve still not received my stimulus check. And everytime I enter my AIG as 0 it says information does not match our records. And the get my payment on irs it says statis not available. I’ve tried calling the irs and they will not tell me anything other then keep waiting. I’m so frustrated with this site..

Hj Han

No, the get my payment says that my information does not match. So I cannot get in. So frustrating.


I still cant update deposit information becausei asks for the agi and refund. Well its 0. THERE IS NO OTHER AMT. I am not the only one having this issue. Today is the last day idk what to do

Gina Line

it worked for me after being locked out on two different days. i put 0 for my AGI and my correct refund amount. thanks to everyone who suggested this

Jeremy roberts

Just wanted to say thank you to whoever figured out to put 0 as your agi and the correct number you owe or return amount it worked for me thank you very much

William Sachs

When I filed my taxes I put my debit card number where my acount number was supposed to go. Today get my payment let me enter my correct bank info. Its been 15 days since i first filed. Well when i put my info in and hit the submit button, it went to the top of the page,so I guess i changed my account info. Anyways check the get my payment tool if you put in the wrong bank account info. Today may be the day you can finally change yours too. William S.

Justin Barlow

So they issued me a check bug sent it back now it gives me an option to enter bank info but I haven’t filed since 2017 and when I enter the info it says does not match our records what do I do please help me

Justin Barlow

Its says enter AGI but I enter zero botu ik ng changes need help