The House And Senate Have Passed The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill; Here Is How To Find Out How Much Your Check Will Be For

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Update: This has now been signed into law!

The House of Representatives has just passed the $2 trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill. It passed the senate on Wednesday and will now go in front of President Trump for his signature.

Single filers making less than $75,000 will get $1,200 plus $500 for each dependent child under 17. Married filers making less than $150,000 will get $2,400 plus $500 for each dependent child under 17. That amount is phased out at a rate of $5 per $100 of income until a single filer makes $99,000 or a married couple without children makes $198,000. The phaseout with children will be $10,000 higher per child, so a couple with 2 kids will phaseout completely at $218,000 and with 4 kids at $238,000.

The Washington Post has a stimulus check calculator here.

Some 83% of Americans will qualify for a stimulus check.

Once you reach 17 you can get your own $1,200 check if you file your own tax return and aren’t claimed as a dependent on someone else’s return.

The stimulus payment is not taxable.

The IRS will not require enrollment and will automatically send out checks or direct deposits based on your 2019 tax return income, or your 2018 tax return if you have not yet filed for 2019 return.

It’s worth noting that the income test is actually based on the 2020 tax year, but the Wall Street Journal reports that you won’t need to pay back money if you make too much in 2020.

On the flip side, if you have more dependent children in 2020 than you did on your 2018 or 2019 return, you can still get the stimulus credit for them when you file your 2020 return. Plus if your 2020 income drops from 2019, you can get an additional credit based on your lower income when you file your 2020 return in 2021.

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Can you post something about how small businesses can get help from the bill? Appreciate you.


Best to ask your accountant or lawyer which benefits package to take advantage of.


Dan, can you answer a question? If 2018 I made under the $150k married, have not filed my taxes in 2019 yet, but will be over that in 2019, will I have to pay some of it back? Also, if spouse is legal resident, but not US citizen, and is listed on 2018 tax return, will she also be eligible?


No and yes


No. It’s really based off what you make this year, however no one knows what the exact amount would be. So They look at 2019 and if you didn’t file 2019 they will look at 2018 as an estimate. . If In the end of 2020 you make more you will get a tax bill in the end of the year…..


You wont get a bill


When do I have to file 2019’s return by to qualify based on this 2019 instead of 2018?


I have the same question


I think on or before April 6th.


Based off what? Was that date mentioned somewhere?


I’m a single father of 2 children. My wife passed away in 2014 from Lupus.We live off her SS benefits and spousal support. O only get $26,000 a year. Will we get a check. Please someone answer me.




If I claim my 18 year old son on my tax return, he and I will not get anything ?


Curious to know this too


+1 for this question.


Can your 18 year old son file his own tax return to claim this money?

Nathan Birnbaum

Will US citizens that live abroad that file income taxes be eligible? (as they are for the child tax credits)


I am also wondering this.


Sucks for those who’ve filed taxes for 2019 with an increased AGI


I agree. but it says when you file 2020 taxes you should be able to get some money back if you made less because of loss of job 2020


@J Right, but (fortunately!) I don’t expect to make less in 2020,


*raises hand*
that’s me
you cannot fathom my fury


What’s the deadline by which your 2019 taxes need(ed) to be filed to be considered for this?


“(3) TIMING OF PAYMENTS.—The Secretary shall, subject to the provisions of this title, refund or credit any overpayment attributable to this section as rapidly as possible. No refund or credit shall be made or allowed under this subsection after December 31, 2020.


What of I haven’t and don’t file for 2018-2019,
But file for 2020?

Ed Travel

Do you if we are going to get a check or will it be a tax credit?


Treasury will direct deposit if you elected direct deposit previously.

“(B) DELIVERY OF PAYMENTS.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary may certify and disburse refunds payable under this subsection electronically to any account to which the payee authorized, on or after January 1, 2018, the delivery of a refund of taxes under this title or of a Federal payment (as defined in section 3332 of title 31, United States Code).


What about if I had more dependents on my 2018 & 2019 then I will have in 2020. Will I have to return the money?


If you are here working on a religious Visa or any other work visa (like OPT) but you are not American, yet you file taxes, are you eligible?


What’s If someone didnt yet file taxes for 2018 or 2019. When is the deadline for them to file in order to qualify?


What’s about a unborn child will I get a credit on that next year ? And independent that gets out of parents household this year ? Thanks Dan for always ha going your followers in mind

Joshua Hazel

Wondering also. Just had a baby yesterday that wasn’t on 2019 taxes and an infant is more expensive than a toddler.


What if I have my elderly parents as dependents?

New baby

If we had a child in 2020 before the Coronavirus hit the US, will we be entitled to the $500 credit for the child? What will the cutoff date be for children born in 2020?

Netty klar

If we file for 9 dependents but 2 oldest are 18 and 20 will we get anything back for them?


what happens if i haad a baby in 2019 but didnt file taxes yet?


Do the math to see if you’d get a bigger credit relying on 2018 data (and holding off on filing 2019). Maybe your income was lower in 2018 and would get a bigger credit even without the new baby.


So if my baby was born a few weeks ago than I’m only going to get the 500 for him next year after I file taxes?

dans deals is the best

Hi dan it looks to me if someone has a baby Dec 31 2020 he will get a credit of 500 on his 2020 tax return, am i correct??


If you file for the first time for 2019 or 2020, will you get it?


I have not yet filed taxes (I’m due refunds so I have time) for tax years 2017, 2018 or 2019. What must I do, if anything, to get the stimulus checks?

And when am I required to do it by?

Thank You!


Dan thank you for this post. There have been many articles on this but none have explained the process clearly. Have a great shabbos and stay safe

mendy duchman

so they are sending checks aside for our tax returns and how do i get them to send me this check i dont need to apply they will send it automatically


What if i moved ?


Send me your old address and I’ll take care of the check for you


I qualify based on my 2018 income but not based on my 2019 income. I did my 2019 taxes last week. I guess that means I lose out. Is there any way to undo my taxes?


Any word on green card holders that file taxes?


Will I get if I’m a student and have never filed taxes?

Tax q

Agi was 199,200. Joint file. Married, 2 children under 16. That calculator you supplied says $900 refund. Is that $900 total for my family or me and my spouse will receive 900?


If someone is unemployed and never filed taxes before because they never had income, will they get the 1200?


You might not be getting the check if your agi is less than $2500


If someone age 17+ files their own taxes, but are eligible to be claimed by someone else, they’ll also get the check?
In the text of the bill it includes, in the part of those not eligible, “Any individual with respect to whom a deduction under section 151 is allowable to another taxpayer…”


What about couples non- Americans with American children? (Kolel yungeleit?


If a married couple makes over $150/$199 thousand, but they file separately with one spouse making under $75K, and that spouse claiming all children. Shouldn’t that make that filer eligible for these checks?
(I’m not sure about other ramifications though, just talking about these checks.)


Is there a source for the last paragraph? “On the flip side, if you have more dependent children in 2020 than you did on your 2018 or 2019 return, you can still get the stimulus credit for them when you file your 2020 return.”


If my income in 2018 was above the threshold but in 2019 was below, would I be able to quickly file for 2019 so that I can get the check now instead of as a refund when I file 2020?


If I’m 18 and never filed taxes and had no income this year, is there a way to get a check? Thanks Dan!


Are resident aliens eligible for this? What if I file for citizenship this year?


If I’m not being claimed as a dependent for 2020 but was claimed in 2018 and 2019 can I still qualify?


That’s what i would like to know


In my 2018 tax return I did direct deposit but that bank account is already closed. You mentioned in the article that they will do direct deposit based in 2018 return. Any ideas how to go about this?
Thanks Dan for being the top rated source of information always and especially now in these trying times!!

New Accountant

WOW WOW @Dan your blowing me away with the post and these spoonfed answers keep im coming
good shabbos


I have moved since filing in 2018 and do not have a forwarding address. What do I need to do to update my address?


I closed my direct deposit bank account last year in which I received my 2018 refund and I have not filed the 2019 return yet. Will I get a check instead?


Never filed for taxes as I have been a student abroad, this my first year of work, and haven’t filed for taxes yet. Do I qualify still?


it stinks that a kid at 17 who is in high school who I claim as dependent I would get nothing for him yet he made nothing so he couldn’t file on his own


my brother claimed my little boy on his 2019 return. Will my brother get the credit for the dependent of $500?


so a couple with 3 kids making 250k (combined) gets zero?


Question if me and my fiance ain’t married she’s a stay at home mom I claim both on my taxes I know I will get my child credit of 500 but will my fiance get the 1200 also ..she did taxes 2018 but but they was from 2017 year .do you know if she will get 1200 also ?

Stephanie hart

I’ve been trying to get the same answer


i have to say i am impressed!
i did not know that the GURU wears an accountant hat as well.
how much do you think it would cost to have the GURU advise me on which stocks to buy!!??


Hi Dan If I’m 18 year old and don’t have income is there a way to file taxes? And will my father get less money on his tax return because I’m not going to be a dependent?


What if you don’t work to take care of his or her parents .


Hi , I’m told I dont need to file taxes because I only make around $1,000.00 a month from social security and have no family, does this mean I dont qualify for a stimulus check. Thank you.


You are eligible for the stimulus check as long as no one claims you as a dependent, so file a 2019 tax return


What if I’m overseas Europe, and not going back to the states until ovembr or December, at which time either my check is lost or invalid from date of issuance. Can I set up now, as a pensioner who gets social security by direct deposit or will it come because I get social security as direct deposit or what can I do now? No one takes my mail!


The BILL states that as long as you CAN be claimed as a dependent you do not qualify for the Stimulus Payment “…any individual with respect to whom a deduction under section 151 is ALLOWABLE…”. Therefore, based on the bill, it’s not whether you ARE/WERE claimed as a dependent, rather whether you COULD be claimed as a dependent.


I did and sent my taxes in feb and include my 18yr son from last year. With this credit, the 500$ for dependent I know I won’t get nothing, he is to old. But since I filled, can he fill by him self for the start of this new year and get the credit? If so, what form does he need to do this on? Thanks Dan in advanced!


If you made less in 2019 than 2018 but haven’t filed your tax return yet, is there time to file it before the IRS determines how much you qualify for

Allen Mayer

is the income test based on AGI?


My baby born in 2019 but i still didn’t filed my 2019 return so will I get 2400 or 2900??


If your income for 2019 makes you completely eligible for the full payment (under $75,000 single or $150,000 married filing jointly), then just file your 2019 taxes ASAP and you should get the whole payment.


What happens if someone bank account was closed and now he has different accounts how will he receive his money

Jessica Black

Hello, can you please help me understand this? My brother claimed me on his taxes this year, I’m 37, will I be eligible for the stimulus check or will he get money for claiming me or do I get nothing? I’m so confused. Please answer

Megan Davis

What about babies born in 2019? We have a 5 month old daughter in which my fiancé will be claiming on his taxes (not filed yet) and I already did my taxes this year. His 2018 obviously won’t show a child either. What will this mean as far as the $500 for having a child? Will this mean we will not qualify or will there be another way of the government knowing? Just not sure if they are only look at tax information or not?


My child was born March 2020, would they send me a check for 500?

Should I believe this guy?

This is a quote from an accountant:
“PSA: the stimulus check is not a gift. You will be paying it back in next year’s taxes. That’s right. To compensate for shutting down the economy for possibly several months, we a get a one year loan on an average American week’s pay. ”
What’s the deal? I have not seen this substantiated in any of the articles posted about the stimulus package. Thoughts?


What if my spouse doesn’t have a job and never filed taxes, can she still get the check. Also what If I have a newborn that wasn’t claimed on my taxes last year, how can I get that money for him?

Cynthia E Mullin

I am having a difficult time wrapping my mind around the fact that, for the purpose of the $500 payment, a child is defined as 16 years old or younger…. rather than 18. I guess this bothers me in particular because my High School junior misses the mark by 44 days.

This same song did work and could file a tax return, but to my knowledge , we are required to named him as a dependent, making him ineligible for his own $1,200 check.

Thanks in advance

Dans best friend

Can you post links for a 19year old to file taxes that doesnt have any income . And any tips for a 19 year old?


I filed taxes in February 2020. My daughter was born on Jan 4, 2020 so I didn’t claim her on my taxes. Will she be counted in the stimulus package?


What if my daughter father claimed me and my daughter 2018 year, but I’m working this year and me and him are no longer together. Will he get the money?

Dan B

I haven’t filed 2019 returns, so I assume they will use my 2018 filings. My daughter was 16 in 2018, but is now 18. Is the 16 year age requirement calculated at the date of the tax return filing being used, April 15th of this tax filing, or when ????

Richele Blackburn

Hello Dan, My question is my partner of 6 years claims me on his taxes I do not work but stay at home with his disabled adult son. Do we qualify as a married couple? and does his son qualify for a check he is on disability but was claimed on taxes also?


My son is 23 in school..I claimed him.he did his own tax return and checked that someone else claimed hom.not under 17 but..still my dependent in school ?????


My son is 17 and a senior in high school, he does not have a job. Will I get the $500 stimulus for him.


If my child is 16 in 2019 do i get a stimulus check

Joel boa

My daughter was recently born (march 2020) so I did not include her when I filled my 2019 return. Will she get the stimuli check? If so or not how and why?
Thank you


I have a question my fiancee claimed me as a dependent on 2018 tax return will I get a stimulus check ? I have no income. Plus we have 3 children together as well. And he owes child support for other kids is his ex going to get this money that we need for our kids to survive threw this time?

Kristina Fletcher

I have always been under the impression we had to claim our children as dependents until they were 18, seeing as how they are our “children” and not adults…. I understand the point of the stimulus, stimulating the economy but I think it’s a little bit crazy that a household with two adults, two incomes, gets twice as much as say the struggling single parent whos already scraping by in a one income household which now has zero income. Then I don’t get a penny for my man child, the 17 year old who doubled my car insurance, who’s cell phone I pay for and who eats me out of house and home, who has graduation costs and prom and needs his own room, but if I had a baby last month who breastfeeds and costs Penny’s in comparison, I’d receive $500, and if I was married and had a husband working also doubling my income but my bills would pretty much stay the same, I would get $2400 + the $500 for the new baby and $500 for my 15 year old? $3400?? This just blows my mind, because the reality is that I am a single mom who’s single handedly raised my kids their whole lives, ex owes $60k in back child support which I also won’t see anything for, I am a small business owner taking care of and cleaning vacation properties, which we all know have been shut down, my stimulus will be $1700 instead… Listen to me when I say that I am beyond greatful for anything I receive I just do NOT understand the logic behind this and it’s extremely frustrating…. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer…. God bless !


What if I carried my mother and she get ssi will she get the stimulus check


can we get stimulus check fore new born baby? who born in march 2020?. I already file my tax return for 2019.


I am curious too. My child was born February 2020


This is what I found on ABC when someone asked this exact question:
“Yes, you do get the $500 — but not this year. The payment is based on your last tax filing when you did not declare your child. However, under the bill, you are supposed to get that $500 bucks next year in the form of a tax credit.”


I get the EIC for my daughter because she lives with me, I let her father claim her as a dependent so he can get the child tax credit. Because he claims her as a dependent should we expect him to get the 500 for her?


Okay. I seriously need answers, I am 19 and in college. This considers me to be a “dependent.” I have lived on my own since August of 2019, I was 18 at time. My father claimed me on 2019 taxes as a dependent due to being responsible for over half of my Bill’s for half of the year. (Despite paying me own bills) So I was claimed on 2019 taxes and he will not be claiming me in 2020 because I did not live with him at all and have paid all my own Bill’s.

Heather Severson

My parents have power of attorney and claimed my kids for 2019 due to my incarceration and I am filing my 2019 without claiming them so will my parents get the 500$ per child or will I? My adress and bank also changed from last years tax return so I cant use 2018 tax return for that info but I claimed my kids then so how will the stimulus check work for each kid will it come to me automatically or go to my parents who claimed them as a dependant?

Lauren Turczak

My daughter turned 17 in Feb 2020. Will we get the $500 for her?


I have this same question, my boys turned 17 in January 2020, will I still get $500 for each of them? Also does the custodial parent Get the money even if the non custodial parent claimed them in 2019?


I have I question, I am married, I get ssa disability payments, will I get the 2,400.00 dallors. I’m under 15000.00 a year. And I don’t file taxes. Will still get the 2400 stimulus payment. And I do have direct deposit for my ssa.

Stacie Morse

My son was 16 in 2019 but had turned 17 about a month before I filed my 2019 taxes in February. Will I still get the $500 credit for him? He probably could have filed his own taxes for this year but never got a we in the mail and now his employer is completely shut down and most likely will not reopen again.


I had my daughter on Dec 19th 2019 and my wife and I filed separately. I recently just filed my taxes and my wife has not yet. She’s the one claiming our baby. I’m assuming they will go based on my wife’s 2018 tax return which obviously will not include our daughter. Does that mean we will not get the additional $500? If she filed her 2019 taxes soon (within next couple of days) will we be able to get the additional $500?

Tyriana Griffin

My boyfriend claimed me as a dependent for 2019 because I stayed at home with baby, but I filed independent tax returns every year except 2019. I won’t get any money will I?


I claim SSI and I’m a dependent do I get a stimulus check?


Same questions a few people have asked but no anwser but will like to know if someone claims my child age 10 on there tax return will they get the money or the parents will


How much will I get back I field married and 6kids my oldest just turned 17 in February

Chantai M

My child was 16 years old for 7 months in 2019 but turned 17 at the end of July 2019. I claimed her as a dependent for 2019 tax return, but as I do yearly. I should be entitled to at least half of the $500 if that’s the case. I just don’t think it’s fair to single out children that are 17 years old. I still have to care for and provide for her as I have all last year while getting taxes taken out of my check. She’s still in high school at that. I’m wondering who’s idea was it to cut 17 year olds out of this stimulus? Not cool.

Michelle Leshaye Barbine-Petty

My husband owes back child support for a son in Nashville they took OUR taxes we have 3 more kids in our home that we filed on taxes will we at least get some money from our stimulus checks

Tammy brumette

On my taxes i claimed my 17 year old son and my 24 disabled son . will i get the 500.00 back gor them on stimulus check.

Jamie Michaels

Hello, my question is, I’m a 37 year old male and made $528.00 last year. My mother claimed me as a dependent without my knowledge because she seems to think her support for me outweighs anything else during the year. I am not disabled nor am I a student. Am I still eligible for the stimulus check? I did file taxes and was honest with them about someone else claiming me as a dependent.

*thank you in advance


My child was born February 11, 2020 and does have a social security number, will i receive a $500 check for him and how will that be sent? In his name ot mine? And how will they know to sens it to me?

Anne Marie V

My daughter was 16 when I filed my 2019 taxes. She just turned 17, will I get the 500 for her?


How am I supposed to pay my 7k mortgage when I am not making close to what I will be making? I won’t qualify for the stimulus check.


Who gets the 1200 for a disabled adult that was carried on someone taxes are will it be 500


It’s not fair for those who where carried on someone taxes and not be able to receive a stimulus check of some kind. They should be to get something if they are an adult with a disability


Hi, I claimed my elderly parents as dependent for my 2018. I haven’t filed taxes yet for 2019. They are receiving SSA benefits. They are not planning or required to file 2019 tax return. Do they still get the stimulus check? Or do they need to file 2019 tax return as independents.


Hi, I claimed my elderly parents as dependent for my 2018. I haven’t filed taxes yet for 2019. They are receiving SSA benefits. They did file tax returns every year but They are not planning or required to file 2019 tax return. Do they still get the stimulus check? Or do they need to file 2019 tax return not being our dependents.

I have not filed yet for my 2019.

am I chopped liver?

it seems as though children born in2020 are not eligible. is that correct?


My feaince Claims me and my 18 year old daughter on his 2019 taxes who was still in high school will we get a a stimulus?

Jessica Allen

2019 taxes i was filed as an adult dependant for the first tims in 19 years. I have every other year filed my own taxes. We weren’t married so that is how we filed. We were married feb 29 2020. Will i qualify for a stimulus check now we are married or a credit on the 2020 taxes… 2018 i filed my own taxes..


I had another dependent in 2020 how would I get an additional stimulus credit for that one child?

Michael Hart

I have a question will teenagers that work will they receive that check

Cathy Neises

Will my stimulus check be put on my express card

Frank P Magistro

Will my money be put on my direct Express card? I am on ssdi

M. McCoy

The Treasury and IRS Must Make a VERY FAST Decision about putting Our Checks on to Our Direct Express cards!! These cards are from a Bank + have Routing + Acct. Numbers That Direct Express, SSA, Etc Refuses to Give to the people who have ONLY THIS CARD AS DIRECT DEPOSIT AND/OR A BANK ACCOUNT!!


I’m a disable adult get disability b
And brother claimed me ib taxes will i get stimulus check

Corina Davidson

I am on SSDI. I also get SSI for my kids. My kids just turned 17 on March 20, 2020. Will I (they) get a check? All 3 are direct deposit.


So what if I only claimed my 19 year old for 6months last year then he moved out on his own? Will he get a stimulus?


I filed taxes for 2019 but it came back rejected because they say that it’s not me. Will I still be able to get a stimulus check?

Sami hassan

How to apply for newborn?

Maryann Buchanan

Hi i wS wondering if my child was 16 last year but turn 17 in October will she get the 500

Demaceo Bullock

Ima 33 and I worked and i filled my taxes but my mom claimed me on hers do I still get a check


I have two kids I claimed in 2018 and I didn’t file in 2019 but my kids were claimed by their dad in 2019 but they live with me who will get the money for them Hammer me


Hey i get my residence permanent by 8/2019 and i worked only 6months in 2019 by i filed my taxes in January 2020 and i had a new baby in February my question is will i get a check since i didn’t work a much? And my child will be eligible ?


I am 53 years old and have SSI disability. My sister has claimed me as a dependent. I live in a rented apartment in which my other sister is paying. I am paying some of the bills. Also they gave me increase in food stamps to full amount. So I am wondering if they will give me check? I seem to be in between ages because I am not a kid and I am not 65.

Suzanne Graziano

I make $13,000 yr with social security, a widow retired well over 70, I haven’t received a stimulus check yet, how soon will it be delivered?


I’m 18 and my daughter is almost a year old and I hardly have any income so I qualify?


I’m 18 with a child do I qualify for the stimulus check?


I had a baby in 2019 and claimed her on my return but the 500 for her is not on my check. Will I still get it ? I made the deadline for her as well with filing

Janice Troupe

My son is on disabity and. Ssi and I was able to claim him on my taxes he is 33 will he get a stimulus check

Marcia jackson

My sister carried myself and younger sister on her taxes as dependents I have been living alone since 2015 and my younger sister is in a nursing home when she has been since September 2019 as a permanent resident. I am her POA. Will we receive a stimulus check.

Lorena Carmona

If my husband and I have not filed taxes since 2017, can we still get a stimulus check?

moyshi zilber

If I am 18 and not working then there are also no tax refunds. Am I eligible for the money?

shenelle johnson

I have a dependent who was under 17 in 2018. I have not filed a 2019 tax return. However, my child turned 17 in 2020. Do we still qualify for the 500?


I have a question my sister claimed my children as dependents in 2018. I claimed my children as dependents in 2019. My children have always lived with me. We both got a stimulus check for all three of my children. What should she do with her part of my children stimulus money