[New Requirement Announced] Finally! After 2 Years, Israel Will Reopen To Unvaccinated Tourists!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Update, 3/2: The Israeli Ministry of Health site now says that starting on March 8th, foreign nationals will need to have travel health insurance that includes coverage for treating COVID-19 as a requirement to enter Israel.

It’s unclear if this will be added to the entry form, enforced by the airline, enforced upon landing in Israel, or not enforced at all. This used to be a requirement that some airlines enforced in the past, but it may be something new given the wording that this begins on March 8th. 

It seems odd that Israel would add this requirement now of all times, but if there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the past 2 years, it’s that Israel sure loves changing their entry rules on a daily basis.

To be safe, you can purchase travel health insurance that covers COVID-19 for less than $10 per passenger for a typical trip. You can increase the deductible if you don’t think you will need to coverage to save more.

If you travel to Israel starting on March 8th, let us know how this rule is enforced!

Update, 3/1: Mazel Tov: Israel Is Now Open For All Tourists! How Did You Do With Your Poll Guesses?

Update, 2/27: Chaim V’Chessed reports the following rules go into effect on March 1st:

  • Everyone will be able to enter Israel regardless of vaccination status, though they still must fill out an entry form within 48 hours of travel.
  • Students and tourists will continue to have to submit a negative PCR from within 72 hours. Israel will no longer accept negative antigen results. However Israel will accept positive PCR or antigen test results, even from the US, that were taken within 8-90 days of travel, in lieu of a negative PCR test.
  • Everyone will be subject to a PCR upon landing and will have to quarantine for 24 hours or until you get negative test results, whichever comes first.
  • If you do test positive upon landing, or if you are unvaccinated and are determined to have been near a close contact (such as on the plane) that test positive, you will need to quarantine for 5 days.
  • The start time for the rules are vague, so don’t book travel departing on 2/28 for arrival on 3/1 unless you’re ready for a fight with your airline.

Originally posted on 2/20:

Israel has been mostly closed to foreign nationals since March 2020.

That will end next week, though the exact details are still murky.

This much is known, you will be able to enter Israel regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not.

However foreign nationals will still need to take a COVID test prior to entry. Israeli media is saying a PCR will be required, though currently an antigen within 24 hours is also acceptable.

You will also need to take a PCR upon landing in Israel.

Quarantine requirements are unclear. Unvaccinated Israelis will have to quarantine until they get back their PCR results upon landing, and the turnaround time for those results will likely increase with the influx of tourists flying to Israel.

It’s unclear what exactly the quarantine requirements will be for vaccinated and unvaccinated foreign nationals upon arrival, or what the requirements will be if they test positive for COVID, but this post will be updated when more is known.

Will you book travel to Israel under these new rules? Or will you wait until testing requirements are dropped altogether?

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I will wait until masks are lifted on the planes


Shia, I’m with you on that. No way I’m flying that long with a mask on. Even in J that’s too uncomfortable, have no idea how people sleep with a mask.


pull blanket over head and take it off 😉

Mask up please

Lots of reports than in J there more laxed but a few reports of very strict FAs


I’m waiting till about 2 weeks before departure to book. Can’t trust the rules for 5 minutes


If you want to go do not wait. These restrictions will be put back every few months as they see politically fit

Sam Lange

How do you think the airlines are going to react @Dan? Add more flights?


The official announcement says PCR for non-israeli prior to boarding a flight to Israel. Likely because there is no differentiation between vaxxed and non vaxxed.

Most important question is when is Dan coming. No more excuse 🙂


Is Israel still strict about quarantining, following up t your address to make sure you are there?

Janice Levitan

Yes! They come and all you to go to a window and wave.

S katz

no really not strict about, i came in a few times in the past year, no one ever called or came down, also my wife daughter and I tested positive no ever called or came down


Serious question: I’m flying El AL on Feb 28 and landing in Israel on Mar 1. Which rules do I need to follow? I just realized that I would be flying when it’s 185 days since my last covid shot, and even if I get a booster, officially, it needs to be 14 days before my flight…

Janice Levitan

You need to go under the rules in place on that date (the old rules) so with no booster, you need to move your ticket later as you will not be allowed to board…


Check your Mizuzah


Hard to plan to go as a family is one positive result can ruin the trip… (full disclosure- we’re planning to go, but concerned about this possibility)


The November 2022 elections will definitely change the science in USA and restrictions will be eased until then. Also, the prices for Pesach travel are not great so we’re in no rush to book anything.


If we fly to Israel from Canada instead of from the US, does that mean the mask mandate only applies from age 12 and up? Or at least 5?


Anyone followed up on those nearly 24hr stopover tickets from shortly before COVID?


Got a refund


Lemme be clearer, if I didn’t get a refund how annoying will it be to get them rescheduled


Dan, is there any way to pool together the following (each spouse has some of each):
1. MileagePlus Miles
2. Ultimate Rewards Points
3. United Travelbank
4. United Travel Certificate
If so, what’s the easiest/most effective way to go about it? THANKS A MILL – TRYING TO GET THE FAM TO ISRAEL FOR PESACH


Not waiting- booked and cancelled 5 times. It’s my time to see 2 grandchildren’s spouses- 2 great grandchildren- grandsons Bar Mitzvah on Pesach. I am all out of patience. Annie


Mazel Tov! May you see a lot of nachas from all of them!


someone asked delta in TLV if they will restore the morning JFK-TLV route and they said yes before the Pesach season!


I’ll go if Dan thinks it’s a good idea, and if he would go!


we are going to Israel for pesach iy”h worried they will change the rules and we say you have to get vaccinated but then it will be to late to get it


Hi I would like to know what happens as of March to Israelis that are not fully vaccinated are they required to quarantine or like the tourist only a pcr?


could be not im hearing.


Does anyone know if it’s safe to fly Royal Jordanian?


never heard of anything ever happening. they are the last avail normal stopover for now


Dan Can you post the results of the survey you made regarding when we think Israel will reopen to all?


Student visa holders are like Israelis do they need a negative before they board?


Students need a negative PCR


If my flight is on march 1 will.i be able to get entry permit prior to march 1 for march 1 arrival if i am unvaxed?


Will they update the entry permit requirements to not require vax for march 1 arrival even if i am applying for the pass before march 1? My flight is march 1 12:20 am


Even with israel passport, though not living in israel for several years and no home there, I will wait until no ocr and no quarantine and no quarantine hotels are required. I don’t know what they’re going to do when many false positive PCR tests are positive….and, like tourists, I have no permanent home there now. Stop these ridiculous tests for un shot up people, when, by your own example, israel, one of the most va ed countries has had the most explosion of cases and the most sickly shot up people.


Is there any updates on this? I have flights booked on Turkish depending nyc just after midnight on march 2 – will they let me check in without entry permit?


Did you even start reading? It’s the 1st bullet point….

Everyone will be able to enter Israel regardless of vaccination status, though they still must fill out an entry form within 48 hours of travel.


Kindly note the timestamp of my comment and the time of todays post update


What’s the logic of letting people with pending tests out of quarantine after 24 hours if they didn’t get results back?


This is Covid. What does logic have to do with anything?


Which is the best Hilton card to get
So I can get a high status for the Waldorf?


Amex Aspire


I don’t think status makes a difference.


It’s still absurd. Open it up.


what about returning to US from Israel any more tests required?


That’s bad news regarding antigen tests not being accepted.

Not a big deal for US based flyers where PCRs are available everywhere, but lousy for us Canadians where it will cost a small fortune for a family to get tested.

Bonkers why this is the only aspect that got stricter.


can one rent a car in ben gurion airport, or is that not allowed because of need to quarantine? What about vaccinated?


Yes you can rent a car in the airport. They don’t ask about quarantine or vaccinations.


just tried getting entry permit as unvaxed for arrival on march 2 got the following message
“boarding denied except with exceptional clearance.
The date on which the second test should be performed :01/03/2022”


Same here. Called and they said need to wait till 3/1 to get.


does that just mean i have to wait until the 1st to fill out the form ?


Just as a comment My brother and his family came from Israel
to America last week and @ the airport they did not ask for covid tests or vaccine cards for Israeli travelers…..Same was for when why arrived in the USA they went through w/o being asked for anything



Are Elal awards still bookable with Qantas miles? I can’t find any availability whatsoever


I have priced out itineraries on quantas using miles with mixed itineraries including BA, ElAL, and Iberia for the summer. the availability seems to exist….. including business direct from JFK. At what step of the process have you noticed a lack of availability?


Kid also need Pcr test ?

\"Within\" or \"By\"

Following the link to the form, the top of that page says (as you quoted) “You need to fill out and submit the form within 48 hours before the flight, the earlier the better.”

Are they mis-phrasing things, and do they really mean “at least 48 hours before the flight”? Or is the message of the end of the sentence that while 49 hours before isn’t valid, 47 hours before is better than 39 hours before, and if so, why? Also, is there anything that they have to do to process it on their end that implies a minimum amount of time before the flight that’s required?

Dan\'s the Man

I assume Chase Sapphire Reserve card’s medical travel coverage doesn’t count?


> To be safe, you can purchase travel health insurance that covers COVID-19 for less than $10 per passenger

you mean per person per day, correct?
That’s alot of money for a family, for a 2 weeks stay.

They’ve had this requirement in the past.
Did they check if it was ever really necessary (i.e., how many people actually used it in the past), before they heavy-handedly reinstituted it?


They had this insurance requirement in place when first degree relatives were allowed in by permit. At the time, airlines asked for proof just like they asked to see the permits , pcr test results etc.
In my experience, most private insurance does cover Covid like any other illness, but they refuse to put that in writing separately, so I bought the cheapest travel medical insurance possible. Most “travel insurance” policies are high priced if they cover the cost of a cancelled ticket but if you leave that out, the medical is pretty cheap.


Insurance for less than $10 a traveler?
Is that per day? Per trip?


see above comments by Dan:
“No, I don’t mean per day. Total cost for a typical 5-14 day trip
You can choose a high deductible option to lower costs as well.”
“No. The total cost. Did you get a quote from the link I posted for health insurance?”


Is this travel insurance included with any CC?


You had good experience with the insurance mentioned above?

They probably can\'t keep up...

Planes are packed full. Hotels are at peak prices. Israel is probably not ready to drink from the fire hose.


I’m kinda confused about the situation here. Like you can fly here even if you’re unvaccinated, so that means you don’t need to wear masks anywhere anymore? Walked into Osher Ad yesterday and everyone decided Covid is over. Kinda felt weird. Like when you forget your cell phone or wallet and there’s a void in your pocket, except this was on my face.


“everyone decided covid is over”
whats covid?


From what age is health insurance required?


Hi Dan – The Visitors Coverage Insurance link does not provide coverage for New York State residents – just an FYI, thanks!

Golda Turner

We are IY”H flying soon, and I checked out the traveler’s insurance. The cheaper plan you mentioned has some restrictions listed. It says: “Not available to individuals who are physically located in the states of Maryland, New York, and Washington”. We live in New York. Does that mean that we cannot purchase this plan, and must take the much more expensive one?

pay it forward

Is the health insurance link you posted not available for New York State residents?

Can you recommend an alternate reasonable insurer?



Geo Blue by blue cross


Is the standard emergency travel insurance provided by many credit cards not valid for this purpose?


I used Tinleg (Squaremouth?) which shows multiple insurers options. When you input your state, it will only show ones you’re eligible for. Hope this helps.


Does anyone know if the requirement that the pre-flight PCR test result document includes your passport number is actually enforced?

Getting a test from a travel clinic that offers explicitly offers to include the passport number on the test results costs so much more…



What age needs to be tested? Do I need to test my 16 month old baby?


Can I assume that if I have Israeli health insurance, this is not necessary? Or do I need to be insured even while on the plane?


Looks like you could fill out the entry form 72 hours before departure


Does anyone know if we still have to get tested at the airport if we recovered from COVID within the last 90 days?


According to Chaim V’chessed, yes.


Flying ELAL tomorrow is the medical insurance being enforced?


What was your experience? Flying United next week


I don’t see the link for health insurance here. Can someone please repost it? Thanks!


NM, found it and purchased insurance!


i just came back from Israel they didn’t even ask for the insurance


The link for medical insurance doesn’t cover NY residents.