Small Business Saturday Registration Now Open!

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Small Business Saturday Registration Linky

You can register via the link above or you can tweet: #AmexShopSmall

You can use the same email address to register for all of your cards.

For more information on Small Business Saturday, just click on the related links above.

You can get $30 back per card with 3 swipes of $10 each at your local small business on 11/29.  You can spend it all in one store or in different stores.

-Primary and secondary AMEX issued consumer and small business cards can all be registered.
-AMEX cards that say “corporate” can’t be registered.
-Primary cards that say AMEX but are issued by other banks (like Macy’s, Citi, etc) can be registered but secondary cards can’t as they have the same number as the primary card.
-Serve and Bluebird primary and secondary cards can be registered, but REDcards can’t be registered.

All I have to say is that I’m happy that Saturday mail still exists for my latest round of fun 😉











There’s still time to signup for additional cards and add secondary users (which can include the primary member) to each of those cards to take advantage of this promotion.

American Express is a advertiser.

Consumer cards include:

Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express
The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express
The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express
American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card
Platinum Card® from American Express
Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express
Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express
Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express
TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express

Editorial Note: This content is not provided or commissioned by the credit card issuer. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, not those of the credit card issuer, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuer. These responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

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yeshiva bocher

Thank god its in the winter so we ave a long matza shabbos


registering my 130 cards……. yay!!!

b l

Just wondering! Did you requested 5 additional cards with 1 application ? Or you requested each with a new application ?


Dan, you’ve got a lot of envelopes to register!


That’s just from today, it’s going to be a long night!

always asking

doesn’t it bother American express / credit barue, or does it pull your credit by opening so many cards.


I searched a name of a particular merchant and it came up on the map. That means it qualifies?

b l

@Dan: did you requested each card separate or 5 at a time? Because when I tried to request 5 at a time it came up a message “pending final verification”


I got two additional on my two kids and one more on my wife bringing my total to 7 that’s $210.

How many you got Dan? In the picture I counted 30 envelopes but I’m assuming those r only the new ones.


If my bluebird is empty, The only way i would be able to use it would be to add $30 from a checking or something before, of course, right?


Did anyone confirm that the (3) $10 swipes can all be in the same store?


lets see who can post that he has the most cards


does any store qualify if not how do iknow who does and how do i register mine

n i

@always asking: good question, i’m also wandering if adding additionals won’t open an observation on your account.


@JoshBee: yes.
@b I: When I did 2 at a time (first time I ever opened secondary cards), it also said “pending final verification” and then eventually they all showed in the mail.


It seems that each card will need to be physically present and swiped at the business on the 29th to qualify for this year’s program. The entire card collection will need to be swiped for at least $10 each at 3 different qualifying registered businesses. A busy Motzai Shabbos in 2 weeks!


does anyone know how to check what cards are registered? I got one less email than cards I signed up for and the emails don’t seem to say the number


@Dan: Thanks again for these reminders. Just registered 10 cards.

I’m curious as to how you’re able to put spend on the dozens of cards that you have in the 6-7 hours between Shabbat ending and Midnight? What’s your strategy? Where does your spend go?

Your insight here is helpful. Thanks

Ivan De Leon

Does the American Express for target work??


looks like you guys are all too excited to sleep! JUST LIKE ME!


It Says in the fine-print:

“2. The number of registrations is limited. Registration opens at 12:00 A.M. MST (“Mountain Standard Time”) on Nov 16, 2014 and will continue until 11:59 P.M. MST on Nov 29, 2014, unless the registration limit is reached sooner.”

Dan – does that mean they really have a limited amount?


@Moish: Are you saying that you can’t swipe the same card 3x$10 at same store?


@Moish: And how about all other cards? You can’t do 2 cards at same store?



The email says the last 5 numbers of the card. I am waiting for a confirmation on my Delta Business Card.


In the past years I was able to go back with the browser so as not to have to enter all the info every time. This year as soon as I back the browser it erases averything.

Any ideas?!



You can also log in to your card account online and confirm that it is registered in “my offers.”


i also received a few less emails then the amount that i registered. anyone know why thats so?


@Moish: Where did you see that it needs to be 3 different stores ?


In the Terms and Conditions, it says Gas purchases don’t count. Is that your understanding as well? It says the below:

“Transactions with political campaigns or political action committees as well as purchases at gas or service stations do not
qualify for the statement credit, regardless of whether they appear on the Shop Small Map. “


Thank you both…Moishe is there a at to check authorized users that way?


You can do as many cards as you can at one store. I do not know how many times you can swipe the same card at the same store and receive more than one $10 credit from the same merchant for the same card. I have not found confirmation or denial after re-reading both the cardholder and merchant terms and condition. I hope we can receive confirmation this week.



Log in to your online accounts and you will find them registered. You can go to sleep without email confirmations.


My plan is to swipe away for a what will probably take a couple hours at a local kosher grocer.

There’s no limit to how many rebates from one place.


@Moish: how do you know that it needs to be different stores?


He doesn’t because you don’t.


this is like amex’s stock market!!! they can’t wait to see their sales go up!!



If you register the authorized user cards online you can view them online. You will not see them under your primary card login.


Does it work with purchases made online?
For example – a judaica store which has both a storefront and a website… Can I purchase a $10 gift card online? Will that qualify?


@Meir: their online support told me that last year they had about 2 million registrations


Keep getting error message after submitting the info. “due to technical difficulties page can not to be displayed…” Anyone else having that issue?
Ps. It’s on a mobile device… Would tht be the reason?


Do you think your local grocery will hire someone to swipe your cards till midnight 😉 I’m sure they will put a cap on the cards/time they spend with each customer


Do you have an idea for comment 25?


Nah, they just hand me the terminal and let me do my thing.

Nope, tough it up!


Do the cards have to be physically swiped? Or can they be manually entered to qualify?


oow my hand!! amex campus edition does not work, and also amex for target


Keyed works.

The only prepaids that work are serve and bluebird.


how do i see the offers for all the authorized users? Im only able to confirm the primary one. i cant seem to see where u see the offers for the other cards


How do I get an au/sub for bluebird?


@bsimcha: never mind figured it out


Thanks a lot got 10 cards signed up!
Hope to get some more AU’s in the coming days.
How fast does registration fill up?


Does the Business Gold Rewards Amex Qualify?


Part of the offer terms: Must be an in store transaction. I’m afraid that if I have them key It in , I’ll be out of the money and no statement credit..


Dan – I have a measly 5 cards between my wife and I.

She has an SPG card. One day I want to take advantage of a new SPG signup bonus. If I get a second card on her account, will that ruin my chances of being approved down the road?



Dan, please oh please explain to me how Amex continues this year after year. They are literally giving away thousands upon thousands in the Tri-state area alone!


So the only two offers I really use are two Jewish stores that are closed on shababt. Where else should I spend the money?!


I’m not going anywhere Saturday night. I’m calling estihana Teaneck tomorrow and buying a $30 gift certificate for each of my Amex cards. They actually give me $35 for each. They take care of all the “swiping” themselves on that Saturday night. And they let you use the gift certificate for a year!! Try beating that!!! Sushi and crispy beef all year.. Free!!


@ygift: E
It seems you can only register one card via your account on the amex website. I was able to register my two other cards with the link.


can do it via amex offers tab – just open sep. explorers for each.

Wells fargo propel works also – anyone know if it is coded as purchase & will count for minimum spend on softcard/serve load?

guy behind dan

could you let your Cleveland people know what store you are going to. I don’t want to be the guy waiting behind you.


Does it work in Israel?


Can authorized users cards that haven’t been registered be used nov 29 getting the cards this week

I don't know

What does it do by doing this. I get 10$ per card back?



So how many cards do you have for SMB this year?
Do you just make-up names for new authorized users, or just different spellings of family members?

Mike B


Am I not able to add AUs while I am \]]waiting to receive my first Primary card in the mail?

I am trying online to add them and I get something like” “locked/strikeout applied” when trying to verify the CID popup. I’m nervous to try again.

Is there any chance that adding a sibling as an AU without a social, since we have lived at similar addresses,and you provide DOB, that it may show up on their credit?


@Moish: not true you can swipe your card 3 times at same location


Does an additional user on a personal card also get the credit even though it’s the same number as the primary card? When you try to register it, won’t it say that the card has already been registered?


If my bluebird is empty do I need to load money onto it?


Is bluebird eligible??


Can au cards be registered in the primary’s name


Can you order another card online? Or do you have to call?

Azis Papa

It was mentioned before (sort of) but bears repeating…if you login to your account(s:)) on-line and save the offer then your card is registered without having to key in all the info.


who really pays it? vendor? amex? whose pocket does it come out of?


Is there a way to easily confirm that the AU cards were registered. The email they send only has the last 5 digits, not the whole number for those of us who want to triple check . . .


Does anyone know -If I added a few AU’s today… Will I get them in time. Do I have to request quick delivery? Generally how long do they take to come ?


Perhaps ppl should post which jewish shops they will be supporting that evening… And which shops are kind enough to swipe for you etc. I’m looking for ideas!


Amex told me that if I give SS# over phone they can get me AU cards in 48-72 business hours. No SS takes 7-10 business days!


Dan ,if I add AU that have pure or no credit history ,will that lower my credit score ?


Dan: “Primary and secondary AMEX issued consumer and small business cards can all be registered” doesnt amex consumer card have the same digits for AU? how can you get 2* the promotion?


@Ben: each au card has different last digits.


Spend $10+, get $10 back. Up to 3X.

Does this mean $30 per credit card number or $10 per card, per account with up to 3 AU’s?



@comment 25 and others:

Lastpass is a free add-on to most web browsers that will fill forms for you automatically.


just 55 cards registered



Fan uh Dan

Dan, how do you register so many additional cards. They want s s n’s for each card? Tips?


to add another user they need the SS number, is there any way around it? does it matter for any purposes to give the social?


good for you!


Can I spend all by one store?


My bluebird card works? Do I have to have money on my bluebird card in order for transactions to get credited for sbs


Almost everything asked here has already been answered in this post, in the comments on this post, or in the related posts linked to in this post.

Can’t spoonfeed everyone, sorry folks.


I mistakenly wrote wrong first name on a couple of forms, but i did receive the email for signing up, is it going to work?

Isac Wollner

Did i miss the enrollment?
it looks like I cant enroll anymore

Isac Wollner

ooopd got it now, my mistake

chana k

@Barry: no.



So how many cards do you have for SMB this year?


@vs whats SMB? Its none of your business


@Fan uh Dan:
Like I’ve said many times, I add myself.

My guess is that will be fine.
Tracked by number, not name.

Enough to not worry about grocery bills for a long time.


They probably budget $15MM/year for this and it doesn’t really matter how that breaks down.

@guy behind dan:
They have more than one register.


For a Bluebird additional user (sub account) does the $ have to be in the sub account or is it fine if its in the main account?


i called a local store that was on the amex small biz map and they said they are not participating in the small biz saturday- what is that supposed to mean? if i buy there will amex give me the credit?


Needs funds I’d assume.

Prob means they dont want to deal with you.


Dan, how many cards did you sign up?

Dan pls answer me

Dan ,if I add AU that have pure or no credit history ,will that make a negetive affect on my score just by adding them ?


@Dan pls answer me:
No effect on your score but it can affect their score.


dan, is it true that to add a user/card to serve the person has to be 18+ ?

bl @dan

I have requested online 5 additional cards with the same name at 1 time and it says on the confirmation page “pending final verification ” you think I will get the cards ?


Dan, I’ve registered all my cards with no issues, but when I register my BB cards, I get the following error: Due to some technical problem page can not be displayed.
Why do you think? Or anyone else for that matter…


VARIEATIES pizza in cedarhurst


how does it work for serve card? i deposit 10$ from my bank account and they reimburse me?


Dan, interesting question my wife is an authorized user for my every day cash blue card she has two credit cards with two different account numbers but her name is on both cards. Can I sign up both cards and use both cards for small business Saturday?

Dan pls answer me

Thanks dan !

answer for ny

they let you get once the AU is 15. I got 2 like that…


@Reb yid: if you call

just wondering

@Dan: you dont have food stamps


will i have to pay the bill or ill get the credit before


@just wondering:OMG ! You must be my brother !

Dan answer me pls

Dan ,that means if I have good credit an somebody that has lower credit then me adds me as an AU ,could it have a negetive affect on my credit ?

2. What’s the minimum age of a person to be able to be an AU on an account ?


@Anonymous: who are you anyway i should hope im not


@Dan answer me pls: 1 only if he dosent pay the bill that your an additional on 2. 15


Of course.
I have dozens of cards like that.

@Dan answer me pls:
If it’s a poorly utilized card then it can hurt you.
But you can also cancel the card and have ti removed from your report.

15 years old.



Meant to type SBS; Dan is already sharing by posting a picture of how many cards he got the other day. If he doesn’t want to answer a particular question he can state that himself. I don’t think he needs you to moderate!!

Is there a limit on how many AUs one card can have?


But adding too many cards can cause an F/R.

where can i sign up

where can i signup my business or i dont have to tried to check your post didint get the answer yet


can u register by phone?

saw all posts till here

is up to 15 gonna trigger a fr or more like 50 i and if a fr is requested and you dont supply it are they gonna close the account


Can u add cardholders to bluebird and is it different number


Are you able to add secondary card holders without a social security number?
Also can I add cardholders online?


I checked and this question was asked several times without an answer… so do i need to load funds onto bluebird for this to work? meaning do i need to load from a checking at least 30 dollars to my account to use this promo…?


How can that be that she hase on the same account 2 credit cards with different numbers ?


from all that written it seems that this can only be done in-sore. cannot visit a small businesses online? just making sure.


@bluebird: Yes, I believe that you do. If anyone knows otherwise, please say so.


@bluebird: yes


@Ron: yes if not it will be declined


@Jo: yes and serve to


@phil: terms specifically say NO online

dans guy

@Chaya: only by phone u can online but only with a social and note you dont have to activate additional cards ther good to go but serve and blue bird u do if not you cant register

dans guy

@ny: nope called 15

dans guy

@Dan: hope you dont get dizzy lol

dans guy

@Miracle: most probably u didnt activate it


@Anonymous: lol


@bluebird: if you don’t have any monay how do you want to pay ?
So yes!


Do I have to register all authorized user cards?
Or by registering the primary card i”m good to go?


Must purchase be at a shop on the map or any small business? I’m in Petach Tikva and for some reason no stores appeared on the map.
Is this discrimination?
Much preferred previous years’ promotion when I donated the $ online to local yeshiva—so easy.


which queens store are you guys going to?
Aarons on list, but manager said he wont open. whats the deal?

Five Towns

who in 5 towns is accepting (besides the 1 pizza place listed above)?


Does the actual card need to be present or can we just give the card number to merchant?


@molly: only in us


@Mordy: sure you do thats the whole catch since its different numbers its considered a different account


if I add some additional cards do u think ill still receive it on time 2 register or registration fills up pretty quickly?


@e: Yes

Just curious

Dan – I credit you with a beautiful quote, “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered”. Does that not apply to SBS?


@Just curious:
It does.
The question is where’s the line?


Dan, in your opinion what is the best strategy to swipe the cards? Same card 3 times in a row with $10 transactions? What if it gets flagged? Please advise


i followed what you said and didn’t activate my new cards. but then i used 1 and got a email from amex asking me to activate etc.
does that mean the swipe that i did didn’t go thru? or more importantly, do i need to activate all my (many) new cards

cool d

dan- I noticed the small business offer on my “amex offers for you” page. Can I just register there ?


@Dan: Dan many thanks for this. My line is 49 for this year!

Credit being affected?

@ Dan

You wrote that the au’s credit can potentially be affected. . .
What if no ssn was provided. I can’t imagine any effects to au.. Am I correct?


Registered my cards today and got the ‘congratulations’ screen… But didn’t get any email confirmations….. Any idea why?
Do I need to be concerned or can I be confident that they have been registered? Plz respond… Someone….


ppl keep saying they got confirmation EMAILS. how come i didnt?


when i registered some of my cards it said they were already registered (which isnt true). anybody have this issue?



Please Answer how we would pay with serve? Do we need a card hooked up to pay or add MO ey to it?

Thank you


You probably did an upgrade or downgrade an therefore you can hav 2 or more cards with the same 15 numbers and it will only work for one of them.



Please clarify.
Does the small business need to be listed on the map? Or will any small business qualify?
There is alot of conflicting info about this….


@Dan how many AUs can i add on each card? can i add myself just once?


does anyone know how many times i can add myself as an AU? or is there anyway to activate the card w/o adding a social?


the American Express card for the Jetblue card also can be registered


Does one need to have a balance greater than $0 in their Serve account to use their Serve card for small business saturday?


If i add myself to my father’s account
Can i get the $30 snd my father his $30
Or its 1 per card account?


Seems like AMEX’s phones are ringing off the hook. Was just told by a rep on the best way to add additional users without a SSN & how to maximize the number of users! 🙂


Dan, I have some AU cards for a relative who died this year. Also I misplaced my Blue Card, what do you suggest. Thanks


How about the AMEX Hilton Surpass card? Is it included?

Thank you!


Anyone know of a good small biz online retailer? We will be out of the country 🙁


i just got off the phone with a rep from online services (800-297-7500)
he said that under his tool “smart offer tools” he can see that registration is limited up to 1,200,000 registrations, and as of now, it’s up to 341,827. after a half an hour on the phone with him, he checked again, and it went up about another 1,000 registrations. so if it’s a rate of 48,000 registrations a day, we’ll be fine


@ff: interesting
but i dont trust these reps always


Dan – My personal Amex rep tells me that he thinks you cannot swipe 3 times at same merchant and get $10 rebate for each swipe. Only $10 per merchant regardless of swipes. He is looking into this further for verification. But this could be an issue for many…


if you add additional cards and don’t activate them with a ssn and dob will you get the $30 credit?


@Yoeli: how do you get the additional cards with out the ssn?


@bp: That can only be done over the phone. And yes, you’ll receive the $30 credit without SSN’s & DOB’s ….

Shimon Atlas

I tried signing up a card and it says it’s already registered but it’s not showing up in “my offers” and I know I didn’t register it. Any idea what I can do?


Any ideas if my Fidelity Amex card will work? Any past experience?


@ J: @J: If it registers, then it works. Pushit.


do i need to open an online account for each additional card or it is just enough to register via this link each of my additional cards??


registration is now up to 781,642 and their is room till 1,200,000 registrations


Dan, Amex says you have to swipe and can’t key in the cards. Do you know if this is true ?


Will a aditinal only work if they have the social on it? ?


@ff: What are registrations up to now? 🙂


I just got 3 bluebird cards and tries to register. says Due to some technical problem page can not be displayed. Anyone know what is going on? is registration closed?


i swiped it in a store before registering the card is it a problem ?