[Targeted Registration Now Open!] AMEX Will Bring Back Shop Small Credits Next Week!

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Update: Check your AMEX Offers to see if you’re targeted to save $5 off $10 at Shop Small merchants, valid twice through 8/22. That’s not nearly as lucrative as last year’s offer, but free money is free money!

You can register on one primary card, but you can also login to your secondary cards to enroll in offers.

The only question is will it stack with the targeted offers for $5-$20 of monthly restaurant spending, to be a money maker? I registered my Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant card that has $20 in free monthly restaurant spending, so I’ll find out in July!

Are you targeted for this offer? 

Originally posted on 6/23:

On 6/29/20 AMEX offered targeted cardholders $5 off $10 at small businesses, valid up to 10 times via AMEX Offers.

According to an AMEX merchant email I just received, another Shop Small offer will be coming on 6/29/21!

The fine print says that “From June 29 – August 22, 2021, eligible Card Members will receive a statement credit of up to $10, for eligible purchases made at a business location on the Shop Small Map, located here, or the Online Directory, located here, with an enrolled Card. Enrollment limited. The Amex Offer is only targeted to select Card Members and the Offer is available for varying and limited periods of time and are subject to change.”

Stay tuned for more details!

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Awesome, I hope that do $50 again this year.


It was more. It was $50 per card. I got an additional $50 from each authorized user. Covered my legacy SPG annual fee…. Was amazing as most frum businesses were classified as small, so was quite easy to claim!

Per Card

Question: How will I know if this offer is only for one account or for multiple cards . Most Amex Offers are only one per account ?


You will read the terms when you see the offer!:)


I thought it was limited to one x $50 per cardmember. is every authorized user considered its one cardmember?


Last year was one per social,.. so if you activate the offer for an additional user that you have who has his own card you will be taking his credit


Nice, looking forward to see if they will add any monthly credits starting July or update customers on this new rumored fee with the new benefits




FYI: Amex just came with an offer if you spend $50 on amazon you’ll get $10 back. It’s targeted so you’ll have to check your Amex offers. Fine print excludes corporate gift card, but it worked for me when I reloaded my Amazon gift card and I got $10 back, but I read online that it doesn’t work if you buy a new Amazon gift card. You’ll have to reload your Amazon gift care and pay with Amex


It worked for me when I purchased a $50 Amazon egift card.


I was targeted last time & got the full credit. My recollection was that additional users on the same card were not eligible, and you could only register one card-am I wrong? And do you think there’s any way to insure being targeted (like when we move offers to the card in order to receive new offers on the list of 100)? Thanks

Liam K. Nuj

While we all appreciate the Shop Small credits,, someone was asleep at AmEx. The time to do it was during or before Amazon’s Prime Days (which, as a burnt 15+ year Amazon merchant, I viewed with a very jaundiced eye).


amazon isnt considered a small business

Liam K. Nuj

Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. AmEx should have used the hype and buzz of Amazon’s Prime Days to promote small businesses, the main victim of Amazon.

reb yid

It would’ve been drowned out by the Prime Day hype.


I once swiped my cards into my square reader conned to my business acct. My business was not located on the amex site but I got the credit.
would it work again?


Way to get banned.


Square has shut accounts for that, they catch it right away. Maybe swapping with another user who has no connection to you is safer?


Historically, has this applied to free additional users on business cards?


How do you get your business listed?


finally a good question
prob first need to to accept amex as a payment method. that would be a good start


Nothing on all my cards! Will FLUZ still count as a small business — this was great last year…free money buying gift cards from them


Last year it did stack with restaurant purchases where I got credits for the resort credit (on Hilton and Marriot) as well small business credit.


only one user got it, 5 didn’t

Dan Fan

None of my cards targeted

Can that change?


Same here ;(

Shone joe

“ You can register on one primary card, but you can also login to your secondary cards to enroll in offers.” what’s do you mean I can also login to secondary meaning for different offers?