Check To See If You’re Targeted For $5 Off $10 On Up To 10 Purchases At Small Businesses With AMEX Offers!

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Targeted AMEX accounts have a new AMEX Offer for $5 off $10 at small businesses, valid on up to 10 purchases through 9/20:

You can search the small business map here to view eligible stores. 

To see if you have AMEX offers in your account just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account.

Always check all primary and secondary card offers, as secondary cards will often have offers that the primary card does not.

Offers can fill up at any time, so be sure to save them to your account today!

It’s great to see AMEX supporting small businesses during these difficult times, you can read a full history of Small Business Saturday here.

Are you targeted for this offer and which of your cards are targeted?

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If I spend it at a restaurant on my Hilton aspire or Marriott brilliant, will I get double credit?


Can you use multiple times at the same location?


My 2 primary, not the secondary


Im in. Would it work on au?


This offer is also available to Additional Card Members on Consumer and Business Card accounts. To receive up to 10 statement credits, Additional Card Members must individually add the offer to their Additional Card and make qualifying purchases with their Additional Card.


Thanks, I added to my Everyday Preferred, and my wife was still able to add to her AU card. Usually can’t add offer to AU after added to primary, so was wondering if they would honor it or not


Would it still work if I order through a stores app?

The sleeve jew

Click enroll


Targeted on my blue cash preferred. Thanks


Tons of Jewish stores on here


Can you post a list? I cant seem to get the map to work


What area?


Brooklyn. 11234


do you know a specific one that i can shop online?

Chaim friedman

Thanks Dan. I am targeted with the blue everyday cash.


Got it on Amex Business Blue! Thanks Dan


Same here, thanks Dan!


Can they all be used in one store?

The sleeve jew

Everybody targeted just click enroll even additional users who don’t own card


I’m not targeted, but several of my au’s are.

Jason Smith

Bingo in Boro Park looks like it is on the list.


Must a small business be listed to be qualified to participate in this offer? When I searched my location I got “We weren’t able to find any results for this location.”


Nevermind, now places are showing up. Must’ve just needed to refresh the page or something.


Not all cards eligible. about 6/30 found to have the offer. Those on same login also only one will work. Any way around this or any way to get other secondary cards to get the offer?

The sleeve jew

Create additional login for users delete from account


got it on 2 cards. Thanks


You were able to enroll 2 cards? Although it still showed in my other cards offers, when I clicked enroll on the second card it said “Sorry! You’ve already added this offer to another card”


10 plus
Does $10 swipe work ?
Or need 10.10?


$10 or more


Does it work starting today? Can they be used at the same store or online?


Can you use it to buy gift cards?


Will they honor this offer on multiple cards of a single user?


Got it on Blue Business Plus


Got it, thanks. Blue cash everyday


Can you have it on more than one card?


How do u check secondary cards ?


Will it only work with a store that’s listed or any small business?

chaya notik

does anyone know specific small buisnesses online? I am not in USA at the moment but can support a small business owner….


there are select list of merchants that it can be used online as well, page 7 even has a Jewish merchant.


Another option would be to add your card number to someone else’s Apple Pay and have them tap your card.

micha levy

is it just restaurants?




Have 2 own cards in same login
Didn’t allow second
Said you already have on diff card
Removed card
Created new log in
Same msg



Limit of 1 enrolled Card per Card Member. Your enrollment of an eligible Card for this offer extends only to that Card. After you enroll an eligible Card, you will not be able to enroll a second eligible Card that you may have .


does it work on online purchases also ?


Is it 10 credits/$50 per card per account? Meaning if I enroll as the primary cardholder and I enroll 2 authorized users on my account, is it total $150 or total $50?
Also, if I am signed up as a primary card member, can I sign up as an authorized user on my husband’s account where he is primary? Seems like system doesn’t allow this. Thanks.


Got it on my blue everyday preferred and both authorized users.
Thanks Dan


Is this some sort of exception to Amex’s general rule of 1 offer per person?
2 family members of mine got it on some of their AU cards.


Does offer only work once per social or once per account?