Pictures Worth A Chuckle

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1. Look at what customers who bought a certain 49 cent power toothbrush have also bought on Amazon 😀 #DDEffect



2. I was sent these that are also worth a laugh:


Planes delayed for too many gate checked strollers…only in our world.

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Happy Thanksgiving

AMAZING! Dan, I dont think when you started you thought it wouldve turned into this!


Why? Is that cutlery set not available right now? 🙂


Dan is the Man!!!


lol. pretty funny. did anyone get their knives? my order says “DELIVERY ESTIMATE We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.”
Should i follow up?


Where are all the first class pictures ??

I Love Dan

What a chilul Hashem.
You should all be ashamed of yourselves.


This is the most interesting site in the world.


@ilovedan why do you assume every gathering of yidden is a chillul hashem?
You see anything on the video that makes you say that?
Alot of carriages means a chillul hashem?


I know it’s really late at night but I’m preeettty sure that man holding the beer bottle is my grandfather. Haha I knew it dan, turning this into tumblr lol u couldn’t resist 🙂

hawaii rocks

i am now enjoying the most amazing vacation in hawaii – bh no dansdeals flight delays….


@I Love Dan: +100000000000


Hats and wigs were mandatory on that flight.

Did each and every yachid say his own tefilas haderech or did one guy be motzei the whole oilam over the PA system?

The old guy in that pic was certainly on the flight. He’s got a white shirt, a beard and a beer. What more does a Danish yid need?


It seems you didn’t take the time to view the next page of “costumers who bought… …also bought”…
Just a reminder of the old spice grab earlier this month…

Osborne Greene

One word: Sheeple


the best afykoimen will be this toothbrush lol


@Happy Thanksgiving:
Lol, there’s an understatement.

Though if you would have told when I started this on my 20th birthday while down in Brazil that I’d still be doing this every day for the next 9 + years I’d have laughed at you.

Nobody sent me any.


@hawaii rocks:
Nice, which island?



On page 3 there’s the free noot iPhone case, the cheap Pantene, and the fleece jacket.
Page 4 has the pre-order video game and the Twizzlers price mistake.
Page 5 has Caza Trail K Cups.
Page 6 has the Michael Kors Rain Coat and the other noot case.



Any point in flying to Hawaii or any of these other islands if I don’t drive ? Are there group tours, etc ?


Toothbrush now back for $3.80 with tax…

knife set

I sent an inquiry. Told have none in stock. Don’t know when will get more. But if I cancel my order and place a new order theywill give free one day shipping. Seems like they are
weasling out of this.


Where was this flight going?

Gavin S

You’d think it was an El Al flight!


Page 6 you have the Canon Powershot 130is.
Page 7 you have the Tide


Who’s that cute girl? I thnk I know her.

Loving Vacations

This is very cool! Looks like erev lag b’omer flights to israel. Is this flight to LA or to Hawaii? Also who is the man in first picture?


seriously though, thats an el al flight, right?

mr g

HAHAHA you deff made me laugh. great video and pix


That one gentile on the flight realized immediately he payed wayyy too much for his ticket…


I think your comment is inappropriate. You are going far away from purpose of this site


That’s hilarious!!

But just so you know, the show Dragon’s Den in Canada (the inspiration for Shark Tank) already uses the hashtag #DDEffect

Igor Ivanovich

How about #DDFX?


…He pays full price for things found on Dansdeals! He is the most interesting man in the world….


My grandfather would have been proud.


Lol good sam


amazing! We are so grateful, just came back from LA – we flew a family of 11 for $250!! While in la we were approached by those van city tours, and they said, well take your whole family on a tour for $400. we said, no way are we gonna pay more for a tour than we did for airline tickets!! The guy was so floored he videoed us saying that!!
Also I really didnt want to pay $25 per suitcase to check in, so each child had their own carry on suitcase. That was 11 pieces. When we get to the gate, the agent says, are bringing all that on board? We said yes. They said, If you like we can check all the luggage for free, since you are helping us out by freeing up space. oh yes!!! and we picked up all the luggage by baggage claim.


@Sarah: Which girl r u talking about?? i knw who they are.