[Update: Confirmed!] WOW! Chase Appears To Be Adding New Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card And Sapphire Reserve Benefits!

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Update, 8/10: Chase has confirmed with me that the details in the original post below are correct and will go into effect on 8/16! 

You may want to wait until 8/16 to apply for a new Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card as that way the $50 hotel credit will be available right away, otherwise it won’t be available until after your card anniversary. Chase confirms that the incredible 100K signup bonus offer will still be available on 8/16.

Chase also confirms that the annual fee on the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card will remain $95 and the annual fee on the Sapphire Reserve will remain $550. 

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card will get a new card design that will be available to new and existing cardholders as of 8/16:

Originally posted on 7/7:

Chase has updated the Rewards Program Agreement that can be found when logged in on Chase.com for Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, Sapphire Reserve, and JPMorgan Reserve.

The new agreement appears to go into effect on 8/16/21. I’ve reached out to Chase for comment on these new changes.

  • Updated Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card Agreement:
    • Get a 10% anniversary points bonus on all spending starting on 8/16/21. For example if you spend $20K on your card in a cardmembership year, you’ll get a 2,000 point bonus. The bonus does not apply to the signup bonus or bonus point categories. It has been 7 years since this card last offered an anniversary point bonus and it’s great to see it return!
    • Get a $50 annual hotel credit as a statement credit when you book a hotel through the Ultimate Rewards portal starting with your account open date anniversary after 8/15/21. New Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card holders as of 8/16 can use this credit immediately!
    • Earn 5 points per dollar on all travel booked through the Ultimate Rewards portal. (Effectively 5.1 points with anniversary bonus) Other travel will remain at 2 points per dollar.
    • Earn 3 points per dollar on select streaming. This should include Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Netflix, Sling, Vudu, Fubo TV, Apple Music, SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify and YouTube TV. (Effectively 3.1 points with anniversary bonus). Currently the card earns 1x for streaming.
    • Earn 3 points per dollar on dining (Effectively 3.1 points with anniversary bonus). Currently the card earns 2x for dining.
    • Earn 3 points per dollar on online grocery shopping, excluding Target, Walmart, and wholesale clubs. (Effectively 3.1 points with anniversary bonus). Currently the card earns 1x for online groceries.
  • Updated Sapphire Reserve Agreement and JPMorgan Reserve Agreement.
    • Earn 10 points per dollar on hotels and car rentals booked through the Ultimate Rewards portal.
    • Earn 5 points per dollar on airfare booked through the Ultimate Rewards portal. Other travel will remain at 3 points per dollar.
    • Earn 10 points per dollar on Chase Dining purchases booked through the Ultimate Rewards portal. Other dining will remain at 3 points per dollar.

Assuming that these changes are correct, they seem like some awesome improvements to Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and some marginal improvements to Sapphire Reserve.

Coming on the heels of the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card 100,000 point signup offer, that’s pretty amazing!

Until now, there haven’t really been any benefits of Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card over Sapphire Reserve except for the signup bonus. Now dining purchases (3.1x vs 3x), streaming purchases (3.1x vs 1x), online grocery purchases (3.1x vs 1x), airfare booked via the Ultimate Rewards portal (5.1x vs 5x), and everyday purchases (1.1x vs 1x) will be more rewarding on Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card over Sapphire Reserve. Plus Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card gains a $50 annual hotel credit while Sapphire Reserve keeps its previous $300 travel credit.

On the other hand, Sapphire Reserve still wins over Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card on hotels and car rentals booked via the Ultimate Rewards portal (10x vs 5.1x), travel not booked via the Ultimate Rewards portal (3x vs 2.1x), and Chase Dining purchases booked through the Ultimate Rewards portal (10x vs 2.1x).

Will you get both cards to take advantage of the higher earnings and redemptions that each card offers?

HT: Joel, via DDF and reddit

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Josh zak

I thought you won’t get approved for one if you already have a sapphire?


Looks like chase wants me more customers applying for the preferred


Aside from the hotel credit, I’d still probably not book cash travel through the UR portal, even with the bonus points. IMHO, not worth it.


How can you get both cards? I thought you can only have one sapphire card


Thanks for posting Dan.

I must say I’m not very impressed as a lot of this stuff requires to go through the UR portal, hence not always finding the best price.

Also, the Reserve benefits compared to the platinum are not up to par. If chase wants to compete for the higher end product game, they need to do something as a game changer.

Not impressed


Sapphire Preferred is competing with AmEx Gold (not Sapphire Reserve) and the AmEx Gold still wins with 4x on dining/grocery + Uber & grubhub credits

Joe G

Hey. Great post!!
Just Not sure why it’s 3.1x
Isn’t it 10% back making it 3.3x???

Joshua Wasserman

New reserve benefits are very meh.

Ralph Oneal

They Work for me I can keep my Aspire card for status and get the points through Chase at 10x


I’d say these changes for the preferred cannibalize the reserve. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something more from the reserve.


Also the preferred has a $50.00 grocery credit.


Do you think this will come with a CSP annual fee increase in the near future?

CSR was already a victim to a fee increase.


I am thinking of getting rid of the Sapphire Reserve, the new renewal cost doesn’t seem to be worth it, I keep trying in my head to justify it, but I plan to go for the Preferred

Mitchell Jadidi

Hi! Will you get 10X on the luxury hotels feature? Is that considered through ultimate rewards or do they push you out of the portal for that?


If you upgrade a freedom to a sapphire will you get the 10% on all spend for previous year or only effective from PC ?


About time! Citi premier/amex gold have really been my go to lately. Looking forward to getting back to chase


The dining benefit will discourage the Freedom Unlimited Downgrades. The dining credit was what I most liked about it.


Do you expect an annual fee increase to go along with the additional benefits?


Chase isn’t allowing me to upgrade back to the reserve I downgraded to apply for the preferred. Any reason why that would be?

Brian G


I have the CSR and the new 2x on travel vs 10x booking via Chase Travel Portal is not a benefit. I normally book a car rental with a corporate code. Under the current policy when using the CSR, I get car insurance and 3x points. I cannot book using a corporate code via the Chase Travel Portal so the price is most likely higher. In essence, with these new changes, I am missing 1x in points that I would normally receive. I think I will need to find a 3x (or greater) card that comes with car rental (primary) insurance based upon these changes. Any recommendations on that card within the Chase family?


@Dan You forgot to mention the anticipated Annual Fee Increase coming soon


Get a $50 annual hotel credit as a statement credit when you book a hotel through the Ultimate Rewards portal starting with your account open date anniversary after 8/15/21.

Is that even if you book with UR points?

CLE Rocks


Are prices competitive when booking through the Ultimate Rewards portal?


I believe British Air gives a better price on their website than you can get using any OTA, including Chase/Expedia. Also, I’ve noticed that at least one other bank’s OTA has more available flights.


Dan, if I am an authorized user on my wife’s card, and i use my card for a car rental, do i get the auto insurance benefit ?


10% anniversary points bonus
Is this for reserve card as well?

What is this .1 for preferred card?


Can you still get the 450 annual fee for the reserve?


Too bad $50 hotel credit only starts after 8/15. Will be signing up for 100k offer in next few days and doubt SUB will wait another month.

Yechiel Exler

it almost doesn’t make sense to keep the CSR card now esp. now with the $250 fee (after travel credits) when you can get all of these amazing benefits with the preferred for a much lower annual fee. How much would you see them raising it to? Would it be on par with the Amex Gold around $250 annually? Thanks for this post Dan!


Hi do I have to open the card after 8/15 to get these bonuses or will it apply to my sapphire card that I have already?


the link by the reserve is actually the same as preferred


When looking between the two cards,
If you earn more than 62,000 UR a year on all your UR cards, it’s already worth to have the CSR (besides all other benefits of course).
I think that this data point can clarify people if it’s worth to keep CSR over CSP.
Please correct me if I’m wrong…


If you use your points for Pay Yourself Back or Travel directly from Chase, that is correct. (The 62,000 points will give $155 dollars more = the difference between 250 and 95). If you use points to transfer to airline or hotel miles CSR won’t give you more miles than CSP

this is a good one!!

that’s not a reason to pay a $550 annual fee every year you can just stack up points over a few years on the preferred and others, and before redeeming them upgrade to a reserve and transfer your point to your new reserve and get 50% more on all your old points!!!


1 If you travel even once or twice a year you would want to use the points then
2 if you use Pay Yourself back it would be a lot of spending and nearly impossible to do it once in a few years
3 These benefits of 50% more or Pay Yourself Back can change in a few years
4 Annual fee can increase either CSP or CSR or both (for example i will start to pay $550 only in March 2022)


What is so major about the changes to the preferred when most of those benefits the freedom unlimited have already?

Jim Smith

Has anyone successfully avoided the annual fee increase on the CSR? If so, what strategy did you use?

I called them and requested it it be kept at $450 but no luck..


Once you’ve experienced a shutdown with them, when can you apply for a new card?


Do you set the credits when you book with points on the ur portal?


My preferred anniversary is on August 7th, I’ll have to wait until August 7th 2022 to use the $50 credit?


I totally forgot about these pending changes, and I just downgraded my Sapphire Preferred to Sapphire No Fee 2 days ago. Oh well.


Your match is a little fuzzy on the 10% anniversary bonus… Should be 5.5 and 3.3 not 5.1 and 3.1


You didn’t read the post. That’s your problem.


Re anniversary bonus, I’m an idiot, ur math is good. Keel calm carryon.


Seems like a major relative downgrade for the Reserve. Preferred now earns more points on dining, which is pretty shocking. The only thing holding me back from cancelling my Reserve is the 800k points I’ve got saved up for whenever travel becomes appealing again – based on this change, I’m not sure the Reserve will still be available for sign up when I’m ready to use the points.


For the 10% anniversary points, does it apply to existing card holding starting 8/16.
And if it does, if I pay est. tax I get to earn 10%-1.87%fee which is a pretty good return wouldn’t you say? And is there a max amount you can earn?


Dan- any information on the pay back categories? Will they change them in October?

Bank Account Bonus Central

10% on top of 3x categories is 3.3 and NOT 3.1!


Umm… Try actually reading the whole post. It’ll come to you…



I got an email from Chase indicating:
“Take your points 50% further with Marriott Bonvoy™
Now through Aug. 31, 2021: Transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards® points to Marriott Bonvoy for 50% more value.”

Your thoughts?


What is included in the online grocery purchases bonus? I’m assuming Instacart is part of it?


On the Chase media page announcing this, the hotel option is worded as “$50 Annual Credit on hotel stays purchased through Ultimate Rewards. New cardmembers will start earning towards the credit immediately and existing cardmembers will start earning after their next account anniversary.”

What does “earning towards the credit” mean??


Any good hotels for $50 a night?


I have a chase sapphire preferred I got a sign up bonus for 50k points 2 years ago, if I downgrade this card to a chase freedom and I will apply for this card again will I get the.


If application was denied a month ago then income changed can one reapply


Is there any cap on the amount of bonus point for these categories? Specifically groceries?

Bill W.

The Chase/Expedia portal is an absolute dumpster fire!


I changed my sapphire reserve today, Friday, to a freedom flex. The operator said that I would have to wait 3 business days before I could open up a sapphire preferred and be eligible for the bonus. Do you think that the sign up bonus will still be available after 8/16?
3 business days from today would be after 8/16.


Hi, when will the new features and perks be posted on the chase website when applying for the card?


I was wondering the same thing.

just applied

It’s ON – the new benefits


Where do you see the 50$ hotel credit?


I don’t see any new benefits actually


I booked flights thru UR portal after 8/16 still only 3 points on the dollar not 5 – anything I need to do to get the update active?