The Best Cards From Barclaycard

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Barclaycard has several great credit card offers. Best of all they typically pull from your Transunion credit report.  Most banks pull from Experian though this does vary by state.  If you are NJ or NY based you shouldn’t have almost any credit pulls on your Transunion report if you don’t have Barclaycards.

Additionally Barclaycard is very good about waiving the annual fee on cards like Lufthansa and Arrival. Just ask for an account specialist.

The 3 best Barclaycard Bank cards today are the:

Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®
-Premier Miles & More® World MasterCard®
-The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard®
Expired The US Airways Premier World MasterCard offers 40,000 signup miles for spending $1.

There is an $89 annual fee.  This card will soon be discontinued as part of the American merger.

USAirways has a very generous award chart:
-Domestic awards on USAirways flights are just 20,000 miles round-trip for cardholders thanks to the 5,000 mile discount.
-Off-peak coach awards to the Caribbean for cardholders are just 20,000 miles and to Europe or South America are just 30,000 miles round-trip if you fly on USAirways. Off peak First Class/Envoy awards to the Carribean are just 45,000 miles and to South America are just 55,000 miles round-trip if you fly on USAirways.
-Lie-flat first class seat at American’s new A321T aircraft flying between JFK and Los Angeles or S. Francisco is just 50,000 miles round-trip with USAirways miles! These are personal seats in a 1-1 configuration with nobody sitting next to you at all! You would need 65K American miles or 75K BA miles for the same seat.
-120,000 miles to Asia in First Class on a world-class airline like Cathay Pacific or 110,000 miles in business class or 140,000 miles in first class to Australia. Plus you can get a free stopover along the way!
-Round-trip coach to Israel is 80K, business to Israel is 120K, and first class to Israel is 180K. With the card USAirways flights to Israel are 75K in coach and 115K in business.

The merged AA/USAirways will only have Citibank issuing cards, so the Barclaycard version of the card will only be available for a limited time.  However even after the programs are combined the Barclaycard version will still earn AA miles, it just won’t be available for new applications.

Like with all Barclaycards, you can earn the bonus again even if you’ve had it in the past.

Currently USAirways doesn’t even collect a fuel surcharge for travel on British Airways, though it’s unknown how long that will stick around for.

By having the card you get:
-5,000 miles off USAirways flights.
-1 free checked bag for you and up to 4 companions.
-An annual lounge pass.
-An annual companion certificate good for up to 2 guests to travel with you on a US Airways flight at $99 each, plus taxes and fees
-Priority boarding on US Airways operated flights so you’ll have space for your carry-ons.
-Checkin at the first class counter with shorter lines.
-10,000 elite miles for spending $25,000 per year.

-The Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard

You can enroll in the Miles & More program here.

The card has no foreign exchange fees.

Lufthansa miles have a few sweet uses:

3 one-way domestic first class flights on United:
You can fly on Star Alliance partner United in domestic first class for just 17,000 miles each way with no fuel surcharges.  All United flights between JFK and Los Angeles or S. Francisco and several flights from Newark have lie-flat seats in business class.  Plus you can still order hot kosher meals between JFK and Los Angeles or S. Francisco in business class.  United charges 25,000 of their own miles each way for these seats, so you’ll save 8,000 miles each way via Lufthansa.

Remember to book one-way flights as a round-trip business class is 35,000 but they charge half the price and round down for one-way so it’s only 17,000 each way.

4 one-way coach tickets:
A one-way coach ticket within the US on United will run 12,000 miles.

Business class to Europe:
Business class to Europe is 52,000 miles each way and there are no fuel surcharges on Lot Polish which flies 787s with an excellent lie-flat business class to Warsaw. (Note that can’t search for LOT Polish flights if you use that to search for Star Alliance awards).
Availability is excellent.

Business class to Hawaii (including lie-flat seats on flights from Houston and Newark) is just 35,000 miles each way when booked with Lufthansa miles flying on United with no fuel surcharges.  That’s a 10,000 mile savings on a round-trip flight compared to using United miles.

Coach is 20K miles each way, a 5,000 mile savings on a round-trip flight compared to using United miles.

Israel based account:

If your Lufthansa account is registered with an Israeli address then you can book tickets from Israel using the much cheaper Europe award rates.  A flight from Israel to the US will be prices like a flight from Europe to the US.

Other uses:
Lufthansa First Class has significantly better availability when booked with Miles & More as opposed to programs like United.

There is also much better availability on other airlines like Singapore’s top-notch business class when booked via Miles & More as opposed to programs like United.

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Can I do a 3bm? What’s the annual fee from this 3 cards?


Do you need a permanent miles & more number (just signed up and need to wait for card to arrive in Israel, I have 0 miles on it)- or can I signup for LH CC with no miles & more acct number?


can I get a second luftanasa card while I still have the first open?


Can u do a 3BM with Barclays?


Hi dan can you write up on the amex everyday and everyday preferred cards?


@ Booky
Not with Barclays. Not even 2.


Tough to get a 3BM approved with Barclays these days, though people have reported success with a 2BM
YMMV of course.

It didn’t give you a number when you signed up?

I’ve had multiple USAirways cards at the same time.
Though it may be easier if you close first and then apply, YMMV.
Very tough to get 3 approvals.



It did give me a “temp” miles & more number. I tried to search award availability and it said “need to register with permanent mile&more number. Seems like I have to wait for physical card containing permanent number to fully register my acct.


You can apply with that number.


Can I get another arrival ?




@Dan: I have successfully done a 2BM (with a call) for Barclays (US Air Premier and Barclay Arrival).


If there’s availability on, that means LH can book it?
Can you book on M& or do you need to call up?


I remember the days when even 5BM was a shoo-in.
Good to hear 2BMs are still going through.

If it’s in Saver, sure.
You would need to call up to book partner flights.


Regarding Miles and More card How can I find out before I book which flights from Newark have lie down seats on business class?


thanks dan,

had a us airways card denied for “sufficient available credit with barclay” was scared to call because of reports of them pulling more reports and shutting down existing cards. i was inspired by this post to call and they just moved some credit around and approved me!


How many LH miles NYC – TLV? Can’t ck on LH site since I don’t have M&M.


Just saw that you can’t combine points with a spouse,
“Can I transfer my miles to the account of another Miles & More member?
No, unfortunately that is not possible as mileage accounts are always personalized. However, you have the option of ordering awards for family members, friends or acquaintances from your personal credit balance.”
Which means that even though my wife and I each have the LH cc from last go-around, we would each need a new one to get enough points for EWR-HNL in J. Was hoping could just get 1 more and transfer points.


Us airways card says 40,000 after first purchase and payment of annual fee. Anyway to avoid annual fee on this card? Has anybody had success getting annual fee waived first year on this card or in the alternative doing purchase and cancelling within 60 days?


Search for saver awards and click on the seat map for the flight on and see if the seats in first class are square boxes or lie flat seats.

Congrats, always Recon!

80K Y/135K J.

Very few airlines would allow that.

Remember that you can transfer Starpoints to Lufthansa to top off an account though.

Yes. Points post on the same statement as your first purchase.


You can transfer Starpoints to your spouse though you only get the 25% bonus on 20K transfers.

May also make sense to buy Starpoints for a top-up:


I live in nj and have never in my life applied for anything Barclay and according to kredit karma which claims to pull from trans union, I see every single pull (within the last two years). So I’m just curious from where you are getting that info?


Kredit Karma is krap and has fake skores.

Pull your reports from


Good to know. Tried SPG-AA once and rep said to first send my SPG to her SPG and then go to AA. Maybe that was unnecessary or just req for AA.

Right, I realized we wouldn’t be getting the 5K bonus.
15K SPG costs $420 w/ the current sale and we both would have to do that.

$420 to HNL in J is fantastic, but I should just not be lazy and open a new SPG Biz or go for 2 new LH and fly for free.

Thanks for all the help.

Lot Search

Hi Dan, what’s the best/easiest way to search for LOT availability to Europe?


I applied for a card and they claim I don’t have a long enough credit with them I have a us airways card for 5 months and they don’t want to approve me any ideas what to do?


I have read your feelings about them, I get it. But realistically for kredit karma to know exactly what I applied for that means your implying they are tapping into either experian and or equifax and only claiming to be using trans union? I’m just trying to make sense of what they and you are saying. Even if they are krap 🙂


@Lot Search:
ANA or Aeroplan.

Call Recon again?
Offer to close the US card?

No idea, I’ve never used them and I don’t like that they make people think they’re getting a useful score when it’s worthless.

I already told you what to do if you want to see all 3 of your reports for free.


Hey Dan, can i transfer the us airway miles i get from the card to aa miles?


Not yet, but likely soon.


@dan Can I have two Lufthansa cc on one miles and more account ?


Yes, though it may be easier to get approved without an existing card.

Azis Papa

I got the M&M card 4 months ago. Somehow I got the idea that I had 6 months to make the $5K spend so I have been taking my time while working on other cards. I have another $1K to go to make the spend. Have I missed the boat or should I go for it and SM to ask for the bonus? Am I better off canceling and reapplying?


Thank you for all your tips!
I am planning a trip to Israel and for the first time ever would like to use miles. I have chase freedom cc and around 140K miles on it. I understood that I need to open a new card to transfer my miles. Now, which card would be the best choice to do that? (Sigh up bonus, low annual fee, no foreign transaction fee would be some points to take into account). Thank you again!


So I pulled just transunion from like you said. Just wanted to confirm I live in NJ And I am seeing the exact same thing from kredit karma. Maybe you are correct in your feelings about them but I think your assertion about living in NY NJ and only receiving pulls on transunion from Barclay, might not be 100% accurate. From the site you told me to go to I am seeing pulls on transunion from chase, capital one and Wells Fargo as well as a toys r us card I got a few months ago. Just wanted to fill you in. But I have no doubts that this site is much more detailed with its credit report, maybe even more accurate like you say.


@Azis Papa:
Probably missed the boat, but you can always ask.

Either,, or
All transfer points to miles, have great signup bonuses, and none have FOREX fees.

-Crapital One is infamous for pulling from all 3, that’s one reason why I avoid them.
-Why did you waste a pull on Wells Fargo and Toys R Us? I’m only talking about the major banks which give out mega signup bonuses.

The only surprise is Chase, which is typically Experian for NY/NJ, but there are always exceptions in this game. Hence YMMV.


Only 3 cards do that transfer: Sapphire, Ink Bold, and Ink Plus. All have the annual fee waived for a year, then $95. Sapphire will give you a 40K bonus and the Inks will give you a 50K bonus. Sapphire has no forex fees, not sure about the Inks – you can look on Chase’s website.


with us air card can you sign up due first purchase cancel with in 60 days and still receive bonus? if i pay $89 i get it reimbursed?


If my capital one cards werent my oldest accounts i would close them in a second and utilize the credit for better purposes. Im with you there.
I got amazing interest rates when i started banking with WF and they sucked me into a CC with them, but i have been surprisingly impressed with their service, and the cards perks though it only gives me 1% back on all purchases, so i obviously stopped using it fast. (might as well use HAS). Toys r us had zero financing for 24 months and i was spending a lot that day. Though it backfired bc i paid it early and the financing option caused me to not be qualified for the “r us rewards” that i should have made for the purchase. Non of it was worth it, but all of it was on transunion.
The chase was amazon rewards chase card, that could be the reason it made its way to transunion but, still chase yet.



I’m thoroughly confused.

Pulls only stay on your report for 2 years, are you saying your Cap1 cards are under 2 years old but are your oldest cards?

You’ve made a lot of really bad credit applications. Because WF gives you good banking you wasted a pull on a bad credit card from them?
Because TRU had some free financing you wasted a pull on that?
Because Amazon offered you $30 or $50 you wasted a pull on one of the worst Chase offers?

You need to realize that pulls are worth money. You can use 1 pull in a 2BM/3BM and get hundreds of not thousands of dollars worth of miles.

You’ve acted pretty recklessly until now.


All good questions.
I have 3 Capital one CC’s. 2 old one still on report.
TRU- Yes
Amazon- Yes
And through Your referral links might i add i also have just about every other card you know and love.
I am strictly talking about your claim about NY NJ regarding barclay and trans. You were right that all my other inquiries within 2 years are not there. THOSE are.


“You can fly on Star Alliance partner United in domestic first class for just 17,000 miles each way with no fuel surcharges. All United flights between JFK and Los Angeles or S. Francisco and several flights from Newark have lie-flat seats in business class. Plus you can still order hot kosher meals between JFK and Los Angeles or S. Francisco in business class. United charges 25,000 of their own miles each way for these seats, so you’ll save 8,000 miles each way via Lufthansa.”

great deal but good luck trying to find saver award flights on JFK-LAX first/business class. There is 1 date available(may 3) in the next 11 months!


I’m seeing JFK-LAX lie-flat business awards on May 3, 6, and 7.

They open them up close to the flight like that. Just have to keep checking.


@Dan :

How long do you recommend waiting from the time you opened one Miles & More card until you can apply for a second?
If I opened one in December should I have a problem applying for one now?

I don't know

With us airways cats how many point is it to go to fl round trip from ewr


YMMV, there is no time limit.

@I don’t know:
20K for cardholders on USAir flights, 25K for AA flights.


I just got approved for the us airways card last week can I request a match?


@Dan: do you see SAVER awards on May 6 and 7 because those are the only ones that you can call Miles and More/lufhansa and book one way 17,000 miles. I just searched again only see May 3?


Can’t hurt to try.

MY bad, they are “IN” award space for elites only. (You can check “I/IN” space in United expert mode,

There is “I” award space for anyone on 05/08 from JFK-SFO and “I” award space from SFO-LAX which would still be 17K Lufthansa miles.

This stuff changes hourly though, just gotta keep checking.


I have us airways card. Can I apply for Lufthansa or I won’t get accepted til I close current?


Of course you can.
You might get accepted, you might have to recon and you might have to close the US card.
It’s all YMMV and depends on the rep and how many time you HUCA 😉


Does anyone know if TravelZoo is considered is categorized as a travel merchant by MasterCard? I’m about to book a purchase for one their “local deals”
I think the merchant name is Travel Zoo Local Deals” but I can’t find out if it’s for sure considered a travel expense. Barclay said they can’t tell until the charge goes through.


@Dan: JFK-SFO says mixed cabin and that first/business sold out on JFK-SFO leg?


is it reckless to use one pull for an aa gold card for 40,000 miles for spending $1500 in 3 months?


Dan, I applied for a AMEX and a CitiAA card a month ago, and for another CitiAA card two months ago. Was approved for all. How long should I wait unti I can apply for a Barclays and/or a WF card?


i called and they dont want to close or transfer the credit to open the Miles and more card any more advice i called 3 times so far


Since this is pulled from Transunion, is there any advantage in applying as part of an AOR? Or is there no harm in applying for this card solo and then doing an AOR a couple weeks later?


Dan, does Us Air card still give 10,000 bonus miles on the anniversary of your account opening date every year? Now it looks like they only will convert 10000 already earned to preferred miles and that after only $25000 annual spend.


Click nonstop only for JFK-SFO on 05/08.

There are 50K or even 100K AA offers.

@Danish Yid:
No need to wait at all.

Doesn’t really matter, whatever you feel like.

Doesn’t offer that anymore.


I did 2bm got accepted for one and the other is still pending. Can I call recon to speed it up before I receive their reply?


There isn’t a time limit.



“Business class to Europe is 52,000 miles each way and there are no fuel surcharges on Lot Polish”
isn’t ANA better? i think they charge much less mileage for that trip?


-ANA charges fuel surcharges for Lot Polish.
-ANA doesn’t have one-way redemptions.
-ANA doesn’t have a card giving a 50K signup bonus (enough for a free business class flight to Europe).


@Dan: this was the 50,000 offer you get the extra 10k after an additional 5k spending. but 1500 spending instead of 3000. the 100k offer im not holding there yet thats big leagues (10k spending) i signed up for AP but need someone to send money to(they will suspend if you try sending to your self). and with out Walmart (bluebird)near me im trying to game plan where i can unload GC for MO. NOT EASY! any ideas in NY 5 boroughs??


should i open new lufthansa # before applying for 2nd card

TLV bound

If I want the quickest way to TLV, which card of these would get me there?
Or should I try a Chase card?


Thank you for the information regarding the available/recommended credit cards. I utilized this information today. 🙂

j boy

i did a 3bm was approved for 2, but i had 3 pulls

Super Speed

Thanks Dan! Got my 4th Barclay card in less then a year!


Actually easy as evolve.

No need.

@TLV bound:
Urrival or USAir.

Happy to help.

@j boy:
They should be merged automatically.

@Super Speed:
Well done!


how can u get A trip to Europe for 30,ooo on the one world chart (on the us airway site)it lists europe couch for 60,000 ???


@dan applying with the 2bm method for these Barclay’s card which one should I apply for first (my preferences: fly domestically in coach)?


Look at the USAirways chart, not the OneWorld chart.

All 3 cards are good for that.


I tried to get FEES reversed
US Air – got in Nov & they said NO
Frontier – reversed $69!!!!
Lufthansa – have to call back

Worth the call….

I got AA 100k card & spent $10k & they credited me the miles. If I cancel, is there a chance they will take back miles out of my acct????


USAir they’re strict on, the others they reverse.

No bank takes back a bonus once it’s posted by an airline/hotel.


thanks dan, Can someone please explain me the low,medium,high mileage fares ? and if you book trough one world is there also different mileage fares for the same trip?



I used your link and applied for the US Air card today and was approved. Thanks!

Any harm in applying for the Lufthansa card as well today? Even if it gets denied, it will be merged as one inquiry, right?


Try learning more about how mileage programs work on DDF.

That’s how it usually works, yes.


did a 2bm, got approved instantly for miles and more but got a pending message for usair card. i just tried calling the number but theyre only open till 5. any other numbers i can call? is it still possible to only have one check if i call tomorrow?


“Off-peak coach awards to the Caribbean for cardholders are just 20,000 miles and to Europe or South America are just 30,000 miles round- trip if you fly on USAirways.”
If I’m not wrong, its 30k “each way” to Europe.


@Dan: I made 2bm 1 got approved the other 1 declined.

tony c


Do you get the cc benefits when flying aa? (free bag) etc.


if I sign up for the US Air can I transfer the miles to AA?


@Dan: oh thanx! i was almost going to transfer spg points to ana! so what the best way to travel on LOT is through lufthansa miles and more?

Dan is the man


Card looks really good great lookout as always. I have the Lufthansa card but that has been for over 6 months with only 1 other pull on Transunion so I should have no issues getting US Airways card. A couple questions though, Will I still be able to do a hypothetical 20,000 rt to Europe when US Air fully merges with AA? Also Does lounge pass include AA lounges??


@Dan: yea i checked out evolve (by the way did not see where it asks for pin so how do they know if its credit or debit?)thats if i ant to pay bills, and that’s fine. i was looking for ideas of to really do a proper MS like with the bluebird account and buying MO. unless you can do something like that with evolve? need help with this please.


hey dan if i do us airways card and get 40,000 when aa completes merger will those turn into aa miles? or at least be able to transfer?

dans the man

would they wave the annual fee on us airways card?


Relax with a complimentary US Airways Club day pass more ›
Check in at the First Class counter more ›

will these benefits transfer as well to aa once merger is fully complete or ?


Dan, if my free year is about to end, when do I call to ask them to waive the yearly fee. ie do I call before or after the fee posts to the account?
Thank you.


How come for the Lufthansa card it only says 35 K Miles for signing up? did I miss extra promo. Also where can I read more about PSG points transfer and getting bonus for that?


Can you apply for the Lufthansa card and pay using an Israeli bank account? What about the arrivals card? I always assumed you needed to be US based for these cards


is there anyway i can load prepaid ( WESTERN UNION, MY VISA)cards or visa GC or OV with a credit card or debit card?


2BM successful here.
They asked why I needed both, explained the benefits, and voila!


I just got an invite for the Barclay’s Black card- is it worth it?


I need to get from NYC-HNL and the LH card seems perfect but I just had 2 pulls (equifax and transunion) on my failed chase business card apps and a pull at the end of March. My credit is still 760+ will I get approved or should I wait


I’ve tried HUCA and Secure Messaging for waiving my annual fee on the Arrival card with no luck. How successful have others been? I’ve pushed through about $60,000 as a data point.


What’s the advantage of the chip? I was always able to take out money in Israel with out any chips?


Dan what are the new travel redemption categories you mentioned? where did you post them?


Thank you Dan for the updated info.
I just did what I thought was a 3bm for us air, m&m and arrival card using safari, chrome and firefox. Only m&m was instantly approved. I had to call recon to get the other 2 approved. They lowered the m&m cl and spread the cl evenly through all 3 cards. When I asked the csr at recon if they used the same credit report he said “no, they pull a separate credit report for each app”.

dans the man

hey dan. i am looking on us air for award tix and the cheapest it is is 35 k miles -5k so it would be 30k where do you see it being 20k? i checked dates throughout the year


You are wrong.

@tony c:
I think it’s just for USAir.

Not yet, but soon.


@dans the man:

There is no “process” it just works.



Should be fine.

For subway/train machines, etc.

They’re in the post already.

3BM, very nicely done!

Pulls done on the same day should get merged automatically.

@dans the man:
To where?



i see you added them in this new updated post but was curious which travel categories were added that were not on the old version; i cant tell


Dan, Thanks for all your great tips. I have a Freedom cc and a couple others. Id like to go to Israel on miles. Should i get the Sapphire or Barclay or both? I don’t want to jeopardize my credit score in case i buy a home.

dans the man

to GCM from PHL any date

Lucky Luck

“It’s probably the best card out there for people who book round-trip coach tickets in advance.”
Just wondering why Amex PRG or BRG wouldn’t be a better choice, as you get 3x MR on airfare?


Buses, Tourist Attractions and Exhibits, Taxis, etc.

They’re both good cards.
Use your credit responsibly and your score will go up even more.

@dans the man:
Off peak for the Caribbean is in September.

There are 12.5K outbound flights (10K with a card) on several dates in September, but none for the return.
Keep checking as it gets closer.

@Lucky Luck:
I’m talking about people who book awards like that.


Dan with the miles and more program if i book a domestic united flight close to departure date is there an extra charge? Like for ex united$75 fee?

Super Speed

To get the 17K OW Domestic flights in First class is that only if there is Saver Award on the United flight or as long as there is availability?


I applied by phone and received only the 20,000 miles offer and they refused to get me on the additional 30,000 miles after spending $5,000.
Ant suggestions?


No close-in fee.

@Super Speed:

Don’t apply for credit cards over the phone?


Thanks dan that is great info! and another benefit for that card which i did not see mentioned


With three Barclays cards — Arrival, old USAir, and Barnes & Noble — I was denied for the current USAir card. I wanted the current one for the bonus miles and free baggage (for 4 of us!). I called and offered to cancel my old USAir card and was approved.


New to site- Tried searching US Air to LA and Israel from NYC but can’t find direct and partner flights as you mentioned (via AA) any assistance would be appreciated. When selecting option for miles it only shows flights by US AIR. Also does it make sense to open the Barclays card for 40K miles? What attracted me is the companion $99 tkt. Will I be able to use it on AA?


Can a husband and wife apply and then combine their points?


Which card?


I recently got the US Airways card, should I first pay the fee and then try and get a credit or try to get the fee off before I’m charged? Thanks