[Reminder For 5x Freedom Points!] Free Credit Card Processing For Charities Via PayPal Giving Fund

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Update, 10/15/23: Just a reminder that you can once again earn 5 points per dollar for Paypal donations made on Chase Freedom cards, up to $1,500 in spending per card between 10/1-12/31!

You can search for charities setup with PayPal Giving Fund (such as United Hatzalah, Chayal el Chayal, Magen David Adom, Nahal Haredi, and Chabad of Sderot) and then not only will you earn 5 points per dollar spent, but Paypal will cover the card processing fees!

It is worth noting that unlike regular Paypal donations, Giving Fund donations can take a few weeks to reach the charity. The tax-deductible receipt also comes from Paypal instead of from the charity.

Post what charities you’ll be donating to!

Originally posted on 11/13/22:

I have been taking advantage of our 8 Chase Freedom/Freedom Flex cards to make charitable donations via PayPal to earn 5 points per dollar spent this quarter, up to $1,500 per card.

Many charities are setup via the PayPal Giving Fund, which I’ve written about in the post. It’s a fantastic service as that allows charities to receive donations without paying any processing fees. If your charity isn’t setup for that, you can join the PayPal Giving Fund here.

You can search for charities setup with PayPal Giving Fund here.

If you do run a website for a charitable cause, you can offer the option to donate via the PayPal Giving Fund on your site to make it easier for people to donate without processing fees. For example at our shul, Bais Dovid Cleveland, we offer the option to donate via the PayPal Giving Fund, which requires a PayPal account, and we offer another option to donate if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Funds from PayPal Giving Fund are typically released once per month, so there is a greater delay than with a regular donation, but hey, free is free!

Which charities have you donated to via the PayPal Giving Fund this quarter?

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Another option is to process donations through Facebook. It doesn’t earn 5 points per dollar, but charities that are set up correctly receive it within 2 weeks.


I’ve donated to the donors fund, (DAF) best combo to manage my charity…


How does the Donor’s Fund identify you as the donor from paypal?




If you use the same email in PayPal as the your TDF account they will match it otherwise you email them the receipt keep in mind it only funds after the 25th of each month


PP also gives the option to pay bills like utilities and insurance without any fees
Great for some places that charge fees or don’t take amex.



Chad Bidoro

Now you tell me?
I feel like I’m at a neilas hachag.
Thanks for the tip! Can’t believe Dan never shared that…


@Dan should do a updated post with this info


I need to bookmark this. I’ve used it a couple times and it’s always hard to find it through Paypal.


Can you choose how the payment gets processed in PayPal… like CC vs bank Debit? Because then you’d be able to pay your CC with another CC…


Ha. no it wont work paying another card with a CC


Too bad for that… 😀


I pay my NYC property tax with PayPal Bill Pay. That way I avoid the 2% fee they charge if you use a credit card directly.

Sam F.

Would you get 5% for Chase PayPal doing this as well? Or not credit card bonus points, just avoid the cc fee from the payee?


So PayPal uses your money for a month to invest it and make themselves more money before giving it to the receiver.


Is there a limit in how many donations or a maximum donation amount a charity can receive for free?


Congregation Bet Shmuel


Donated to Zemach Zedek on Lee Rd 🙂


If you don’t have a charity now in mind but you still want to get the PayPal bonus points you can open up a donor account like https://pledgercharitable.org/ and than fund it thru PayPal https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/4158810 and whenever you want to donate to a specific charity you can than recommend donations. However it could be that they charge a fee,, when you make a recommendation need to check with each donor fund for their terms

Moshe A

I help out a charity and have not switched them from PayPal non profit to the PayPal giving fund because I was told that PayPal does not give any information on who the donors are. Is that true?


When you donate you can click a box to share you name and email with the charity.
If that box is left unchecked, that may be true.


Ooo, I like the anonymous option. Saves them on having to mail me a new letter every few weeks and/or calling, and filling up my inbox.

A in LA

If PayPal has problems with your charity or getting funds to your charity, they have the right to GIVE THE FUNDS TO A CHARITY of PAYPAL’S CHOICE.

Given what we read on Yom Kippur afternoon from the Torah, we will likely have our funds reassigned AND PayPal will fine us $2500 for being unwoke in their eyes.


I got confirmations from the charities I donated to that they received the $.


How long did that take? I don’t want PP hanging on to my donation for 45 days before sending it on.


I’ve donated via PayPal thru ViznitzBP.org


Dan, do you have any recommendations for bank accounts that pay high interest to park excess cash for non-profits? Needs to be a business or commercial account (I think)… and most pay only 0-.25%. Ideally we keep our current bank, and ach the money back and forth to a high yield account.


you can chose to stay anonymous if you want


@Dan can you tell us about paying bills like insurance and utilities via PayPal and getting 5 points for freedom cards and no fees


“So PayPal uses your money for a month to invest it and make themselves more money before giving it to the receiver.

REPLYNovember 13, 2022 6:57 pm
Could be a few days, could be a few weeks. Either way, you’re not making 3% in that time”
since paypal is jewish see https://www.kfikosher.org/kosher-bank-directory its a shalah of ribis.


thanks, what do you mean that PayPal Business Loan, and PayPal Working Capital, is diffrent ownership then PayPal Giving Fund?


i belive something here missunderstood. all of them seems to be owned by paypal, and even though, all/most poskim arent חוששים for very minor shareholders, there is still a peoblem if the big shareholders are jewish, witch is the case by paypal.
please clearify if i massed up something about the ownership of this services
thank you


thanks got it


The following charities – United Hatzalah, Lone Soldier Center, Magen David Adom, and Nahal Haredi – all take donations via PayPal. Win-win


Feel free to test it out or just make a general contribution to our Yeshiva here:
Tizku L’Mitzvos!


The 5% dashboard on the rewards tracker shows zero progress after paying through paypal giving fund two weeks ago. Are you sure the giving fund is coded the same as standard paypal to get 5%?


The 5% dashboard on the rewards tracker gets updated when your billing statement closes. However the transaction details should be visible after 2-3 days.


Facebook is stopping free donations and is starting to charge on 11/1 even though it’s going to start going through PayPal giving fund. Seems like PayPal will start charging on 11/1 as well! Maybe get all the tution payments etc in now….


Can someone verify getting 5x this quarter?

You can add Friends of the IDF to the list.


10/13 $1.00 5%
5 pts (pending) –
+ Bonus from 4Q 5% cat: PayPal4 pts (pending)
+ 1% (1 Pt)/$1 earned on all purchases1 pts (pending)
Total rewards5 pts (pending)
Statement Post Date 10/15


I use my centurion card for this all the time it’s great although it needs to be done by the 15th of the month and will hit the charity account by the 25th if done after the 15th the charity will only receive it the following month on the 25th


I’ve donated to LGBT Community Network, they serve rural California LGBTQ communities.


Does PPGF cover interchange fees too? These are the largest fees that are charged to the receiver by the bank of the credit card, used to pay for rewards.


Cuyahoga county charges 2.3% to pay my property tax with credit card. Can I pay with paypal to avoid the fee?


Try it. For me, NYC property tax works, but my utilities don’t even though they’re listed as payees. Paypal claims the account number is wrong even though it isn’t.