What Purchases Have You Had Reimbursed With Your New AMEX Credits? Getting $160 Of Free Stamps With A Business Platinum Card!

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AMEX is offering new and increased statement credits and bonus points on wireless service, Dell, AMEX Travel, streaming services, shipping, supermarkets, and dining/restaurant delivery due to COVID-19.

AMEX has a full list of valid streaming services:

The other categories depend on how the merchants are categorized.

The Business Platinum card really got some loving from AMEX. A $200 statement credit for renewals, a $440 Dell credit, $160 shipping credit, and a $160 wireless credit, on top of the regular $200 airline fee credit and 35% points rebate. That’s amazing!

I used my Business Platinum card to buy 36 forever stamps for $19.80 plus $1.30 shipping on USPS.com and was reimbursed $20 under the shipping category within a few days. Of course this would also work in the post office as well, without the shipping fee. You can also buy gift cards and other items from the post office. You can also try prepaying your UPS or Fedex account to lock in savings.

I also made a $20 one-time payment for my Verizon bill, which was reimbursed:

What items have you bought with your new credits?

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Cab u purchase a dell girdt card for the credit to work?


Would paying $20 a month towards my wireless bill with Amex and the rest with a Chase card that provides cellphone insurance work for the insurance perk?

Nate the Great

Details, please, on the perk. If you’re inclined.


Anything for business gold rewards?
Also which Amex is best for downgrade from Gold rewards still with MR points but no AF?


The UPS method!


Please explain


:)))) yes??


Will Google Fi work for $20 phone bill reimbursement ?


My plat personal card did not trigger either wireless or streaming credit. Was billed on May 20th


It is not May 20th yet, and the benefit did not start until May 1st, so charges from April don’t matter.


I must understand once and for all, what do you all do with stamps? what am I missing here? are we still in 1929?


Holiday cards


Wedding invitations?


Graduation announcement, thank you cards for wedding gifts,

Donate to a charity that mails pre-stamped enevlopes for checks to be mailed back when raising money.

Network with a wedding planner to flip stamps for Post-covid19 weddings.


drug dealers accept them for 60% of face value


Got my netflix reimbursed earlier this week. If I get another streaming service will it refund that too (up to $20 including netflux) ?


Do you have to pay a phone bill on Verizon or you can buy anything on verizon.com to get reimbursed


Am definitely going to try and take advantage of some of these. I will say i made a mistake this past month in buying two $100 Alaska (my selected airline on my Platinum Biz Card) gift certificates expecting that i would get credited from my $200 airline bonus. When it didn’t show I called Amex who said it doesn’t apply to gift cards. After checking the terms and conditions, that is true and i made the mistake. Obviously, i will use the gift certificates like cash when flying again but it was a bummer since there are so few ways to use these credits. Not getting rid of the card, especially because of an AMAZING promotion for a hotel chain in Mexico resulting from a cruise this past January which i paid for with this card but i just dont think Amex competes overall with the Sapphire Reserve in overall value. Just my opinion. Stay safe and healthy everyone.


Use those gift cards to book a saver fare, Then change your seats, pay $29-$119 for seat change per leg (seat selection fee aka ticket change fee). Cancel that flight after 24+ hoursto bank funds in wallet for free – IIRC this ends 5.31.2020 wait 14 days after posting, to request credit if not automatic.


yasher koach Yoni! that is a good idea. Should pass muster and does not fall into excluded fees from Amex which are for ” Airline tickets, upgrades, mileage points purchases, mileage points transfer fees, gift cards, duty free purchases, and award tickets are not deemed to be incidental fees.”


If you need to call, simple stick with “Ticket change fee” if asked.

On my Amex statement the saver ticket codes as “Class: X” the seat change codes as “Class: 00″. Sometimes they auto-credit other times not.

FWIW Your not upgrading to F, your still in Economy just with an extra 6″ of space 😉

” Seat assignment fees” is allowed in the T&C. Saver fare doesn’t always include free choice.

FWIW WN(SW) has the most inbuilt breakage of all airlines if you parse the T&C. One or two options that are black and white and not working in the grey. Few outlets to use within the T&C.


Yoni, thanks for this. i was about to book per your instructions above but i read this on Alaska and it says “At this time, you can only purchase Premium Class seats (if available) with a Saver fare while booking at alaskaair.com. Premium Class seats may also be available for purchase on the day of departure at the check-in kiosk or airport ticket counter/gate.” So if i buy the Premium seats at same time i buy ticket with the gift certificates and i am combining with my Amex Card, how do the charges separate or get coded properly. Not to make this complicated sugya, the ticket cost is $312 and i have $300 in gift certificates. The upgrade to Premium seat one way is $139 and i would pay with that with my Gold card which has $100 avail for Alaska and i possible, i would pay the return Premium seat with my business platinum where i have $200 for Alaska. The problem is, per my question above, if i have to buy the seats when i book, i dont know how the system knows what i am paying for with what because all amounts get lumped together and the payments are then put in. Unless i can buy the seats tomorrow after i book the tickets. Love your thoughts, otherwise, i can call alaska tomorrow before i book and just check about buying the seats after i book and see what they say. thanks again for this. EF


EJF, I have booked Saver fare ticket(s), then a day or two later, go back in
from a desktop/laptop browser (rarely use apps when booking). From side menu “Trips” -> “Purchased” then that page will show 6 digit RLN (confirmation code) with passenger, flight details, and the selected saver seat i.e. 31F ( this is the same page you would cancel a ticket).

From this page you should be able to click on change or add “Seats” that should bring up the seat map with a list of what seats that you can change to and dollar amounts the of the change. Select a a seat with a star dark blue. Then clicking next should take.you to payment screen. Where you can pay for the “change” with Gold or Biz Plat. Do one passenger per transaction,

I went and checked on a flight that is booked for the future, as well as did a trial booking PDX-EWR and can book a Saver fare – but I saw nothing with “At this time, you can only purchase Premium Class seats…” veribage. Are you booking close in perhaps? I have never done tried this close in.

Hope this helps.


Booking for September so not close in. Just spoke to Alaska and they confirmed that i can only purchase the premium seat when booking if booking a Saver seat. The regular economy seat is only $20 more each way w.out this restriction and not worth the headache. i will pay the difference above the $300 in gift certificates for the regular ticket, then go back later pay the upgrade on each way with the two amex cards (doing separate transactions for each direction) and then cancel so all money goes to wallet for future trips and i will then call Amex re credit of the Seat change fees if it does not automatically show up. The balance of the credit on the Platinum biz card can be used for luggage, etc but i will likely get close to $250 credit of the $300 on the two amex cards. thanks again for your thoughts. EF

Nate the Great

Can you pay Dell warranty?


stamps are now 55 cents?!

Mo K

Anyone get credit for Verizon FiOS bill?


Dan, do the new benefits on the business platinum apply to people who apply for the card now or only existing cardholders (dell, wireless, shipping credits etc.) and what about the 200 credit off the annual fee? Thanks


Making a 1 time payment with CC AT Verizon won’t take away the auto pay discount?


I’ve been on the auto pay for over 2 years, and every month pay by CC. [5 UR points worth more than discount]. It’s a hit or miss, some months they clawback the discount some they don’t.
My theory, unverified, is how close to due date the payment processes


Just spoke to Verizon. If you try to pay $20 now with Amex and then the rest with your debit card on autopay they will not give you the $5 per line discount as the entire bill needs to be paid by a bank account.


But if I put upfront money every month for the next month would I be get auto pay discount?


If I sign up for the card now do I still get all the credits? Or is only for existing card members.


How long does it take for the credit to post ?


When paying USPS for shipping you need to make sure to enter your cc on USPS and not to pay with PayPal as than it won’t probably trigger the credit @Dan


Why didn’t you buy 35 stamps?


do u have to signup for these bones or its automatically?


i pay phone bill by exchange teleco, and was reimbursed, even though it wasnt billed as verizon diect

Nate the Great

What happens if you close/downgrade your card after purchase?

Turns out,

These offers are not available on the free business platinum cards. Those cards are not available to get anymore (I believe) but if you still have an old plan, the offers are not available


Would Mint Mobile trigger a wireless credit


I have Mint, the issue is they want to bill everything at 90 days, that means you can only get the $20 credit every 90 days, you wouldn’t get it the other two months at all. I just switched to T-Mobile Connect, which will bill to my Amex monthly, and there should not be an issue with it recognizing that it’s a phone carrier. So, stick with mint and not be able to get the credit, or move to T-Mobile for 7 months and get free phone service. I chose to switch to T-Mobile. 🙂


I’m waiting to see if Stamps.com counts


Any updates?


Any updates? Were you credited?
any endicia customers?


I have mint mobile. I added $20 to my mint mobile wallet and got reimbursed. The funds in the wallet can then be used to pay for monthly plans.


Anyone know if Google play music counts as a streaming service?


The streaming credit applies to all cards or just to the consumer platinum?

Mo K

Where do you see any bonuses on deliveries?


Tried earlier this week buying Amazon gc at post office, my post office doesn’t accept cc for gc. Got stamps instead


Wireless credit worked for OnStar




Can u buy toys on ups.com will it count as a shipping item


My business Platinum card got renewed in February will I still get the $200 credit?


dan, i bought 160 in stamps on usps.com, and on amex it shows up as “stamps fulfillment services” not usps.


I did the $20 for phone services and accidentally used it for my landline.
Will they credit that? Thanks


Google FI charge credited as streaming credit. Charged Google FI bill to platinum card on 5/4, today showed $20 streaming credit.


Dan can get toys from ups.
Com and get the cre


How did you buy 36 stamps? I only see an option to buy by the sheet of 20 as a minimum.


So if I buy an amazon gift card or something else in the post office it would trigger the credit?


For usps you can do a 6 month subscription from usps if you think you will forget to do it monthly.


Can u buy toys ?


Dan can I buys toys on ups store


Does anyone know if amazon channel subscriptions through prime (for example pbs kids) will qualify for the streaming reimbursement?
It is a monthly charge separate from prime membership but must charge to same card I pay prime membership from? Thanks


just got a 14$ doller credit for my ultra mobile family plan.


Is there anyway to load up account credit on stamps.com?


Can you buy a gc at the post office and have it count?


Probably. If they allow credit card as payment.


Did anyone get reimbursed for Endicia postage as a shipping credit?

Trisha Novotny

Can you use the personal platinum for postage stamps? where do I find the new offers for a personal platinum


“$160 Of Free Stamps”? I see $20 stmt credit. where is the explanation of, or link to, $160 in “free stamps”?

C Kaufman

How can you use the $20 wireless credit without paying for you cell bill?


I’m buying shipping credits @ 50%. PM me on ddf


You can not by Gift cards in post office they only accept cash or Debit anyone else have that experience?