Ouch: Chase Kills Off Priority Pass Restaurant Access

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Ever since AMEX killed off restaurant access with Priority Pass in 2019, I have enjoyed using my Chase Priority Pass to access those perks.

In Cleveland, that meant getting a $28 per person credit every time I stop at Bar Symon. With 2 guests, you can load up on $84 of free snacks and drinks, and they’re happy to pack it up to go. The same exists in many airports worldwide.

Alas, the good times are coming to an end.

Chase writes to DansDeals that, “Beginning July 1, 2024, Chase Sapphire Reserve, J.P. Morgan Reserve and The Ritz-Carlton™ Credit Card cardmembers will no longer have access to restaurants, cafes and markets participating in Priority Pass Select™. Access to Priority Pass Select’s network of lounges and other select airport experiences is not impacted by this update.”

For now, the Capital One Venture X Business Card continues to offer the restaurant benefit, so I’ll switch to using that card for restaurant access. You can read more about that card here. But we’ll see how long it will last. Clearly it’s not an inexpensive perk to offer.

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Is there a link that shows restaurant access for the venture?


I have a grandfathered PP from Citi Prestige, does that one have restaurant access?


I think so


mine still does, but maybe it is next!

Travel light

They just lost their biggest and only added value over the competition
This convinces me to switch over as soon as possible…


I ONLY use my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card when renting a car in Israel, because the Capital One Venture X credit card EXCLUDES Israel (and two other countries – I believe Italy and Ireland) from the car rental insurance benefit.

The car rental benefit is the ONLY reason I keep renewing my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card. I once had an account (not my fault – I was rear-ended), and Chase customer service was wonderful. I ended up not having to pay anything for my rental car damage.


You do not need to have the Reserve for that, you can have the Preferred or Amex card for the same coverage in Israel.


I meant “accident,” not “account.”


Makes sense it was costing them too much.
Example: Denver airport has two restaurants you go there with two guests and get $162 worth of food ( 27*3) per restaurant.


They probably didn’t pay full price to the restaurants- just like they pay a negotiated right to the lounges.

Truth is, it’s not clear to me why the restaurants are more expensive for PP/the banks than lounges- it’s possible for a customer to get just as much or even more out of a lounge visit than what you can get for $28 at many of these restaurants, so I’m not sure why the restaurants are able to charge more?


Do you need to create a new account for PP for each CC?


Wondering the same. Can I switch my PP account to be associated with Cap1 Venture X Business if I got my membership using Sapphire?


That’s what I do — I have one connected to my AMEX and one connected to my Citi Prestige . I never use the AMEX one really

Not THAT Dan

I’ve been declined restaurant access with my venture X PP at every airport I’ve visited.




Can you please post which restaurants are part of PP in JFK Newark and LGA


Just open the PP app and search by those airports…

Susan Cohen

Why did Priority Pass cancel lounge access at Ben Gurion airport? So annoying!!!


When did that happen? There were some listed a few days ago


When did they? Used it on October 18th


They didn’t

PP Card Holder

Dan, can you please post a list of PP restaurants where you can get kosher stuff?