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In May 2015 Chase started making it more difficult to get approved for Freedom or Sapphire cards if you have been approved for 5 credit cards in the past 24 months. It was dubbed the “5/24 rule.”

In May 2016 “5/24” started applying to more cards, including Ink and United, though others like British Airways, Hyatt, and IHG aren’t affected.

2 weeks ago Chase won the internets with the launch of the incredible Sapphire Reserve card. The card was so wildly popular that they ran out of metal cards and started sending out plastic cards temporarily.

This past weekend this language appeared on the Sapphire Reserve application page. It was the first time Chase has ever acknowledged the 5/24 “rule”:








And then suddenly the application page was taken down for several hours and when it returned the “5/24” language was gone.

I’m not surprised that the language was removed.

For starters, it made it sound that there was a 5/24 “rule.” In fact it’s more of a guideline. Thousands of people that were above 5/24 have indeed been approved for the card. Then again, thousands of people were also rejected due to 5/24.

5/24 itself is misunderstood by many. It has nothing to do with how many hard pulls you have for card applications. It only counts the number of credit cards (on the single report that they pull) that have been opened within the past 24 months. The report that Chase pulls can vary from card to card and state to state.

You can get all 3 of your reports (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion) for free on annualcreditreport.com to see how many cards you have that have been opened within the past 24 months.

You’ll notice that business cards from AMEX, Barclaycard, BOFA, Chase, Citi, and USBank don’t show up on your report. Spending on these cards don’t affect your credit as they’re not on your report. They also don’t affect 5/24. Business cards from Capital One and Discover do show up on your report and will affect 5/24.

Store cards that only work at that store reportedly don’t count for 5/24, though if they can be used everywhere it would count towards 5/24.

Authorized user cards do show up on your report and can cause the system or a reconsideration rep to deny you for a card as they do count towards 5/24 by default.

The key with authorized user cards is that reconsideration reps want to know if you are liable for payment on authorized user cards. They can tell which cards are primary and which are authorized user cards. Some people have answered that they share responsibility for payment and have been denied due to 5/24, while others have answered that they are not responsible and have been approved despite being over 5/24 with authorized user cards.

For example, DDF member ae123 indicated that he and his wife pay the bill for his authorized user card, so the reconsideration rep noted in his file that the authorized user card was his responsibility and counted for 5/24. He tried to HUCA, but every rep told him that the previous rep noted that he was responsible for the authorized user card.

In the end he closed the authorized user card and was approved. The reconsideration rep even noted his account that he would be approved for the Sapphire Reserve after closing that authorized user card and calling back in.

You should be able to ask for a reconsideration manager and explain that you aren’t responsible for payment on your authorized user cards and have them excluded from 5/24.

Some reconsideration reps will consider authorized user cards part of 5/24 if they are used frequently. If you let them know that you don’t spend on them then you’ll have better odds of them not counting towards 5/24.

If you run into a brick wall you can call the bank to have your authorized user cards closed and then call Experian, Equifax, and Transunion to have the cards removed from your report.

Having more than $10,000 credit on other cards than can be shifted to a new card can help get approved for Sapphire Reserve.

If you have Chase Private Client (CPC) then you can get approved even if you are over 5/24. Officially CPC is intended for people with $250K with Chase, but a banker can give anyone Private Client status, especially if you promise to move funds from another bank to Chase. You can also share CPC status with family members.

Reconsideration is generally willing to overlook 5/24 for CPC. Private Client bankers can also call reconsideration to push for an approval.

People have also had luck by going into a branch to check if they are pre-approved for card offers despite being over 5/24.

Then again there have been CPC and/or who have been “pre-approved” in the bank who have been denied. And there are regular people over 5/24 who have been approved. The only sure rule here is that there is no hard and fast rule, everything else is YMMV (Your mileage may vary).

Share your 5/24 experience in the comments!

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My wife has a Victoria secret card that only works there and chase counted it for her 5/24


Capital one Business reports spending or others not mentioned ??


I have CPC was approved with over 5/24 but was pending for a few days at first… got my plastic card Friday.


Got my chase sapphire reserve card will i get a metal one as a replacement?


I have 5 credit cards over the past 24 months, and a few credit cards that will fall off from 24 months within the next few months. Am I better off applying now for the Chase Reserve or chancing that the bonuses will last through the end of the year? If I am rejected and wait to the end of the year to reapply, how would my second application be viewed? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Did she ask for a manager and explain that it’s only valid in the store?

It does.


I would assume they will send it out when available.

When exactly will you fall under 5/24.

Mo K

Denied. Had 9/24 .. 4 were authorized user which when I call recon said to forget those, only counted the 5 primary .. said it couldn’t be budged … Any ideas other than wait? Also 5th one was in August which is now over so technically an 4/24 .. reapply or wait?


Dan closing an AU card won’t remove it from your report, it will just show up as a closed account. So what would i gain?

Also i have been AU on my wifes account which was shot off. An i tried to remove my self with no success


Applied and was pending, called and said I was denied because of 5/24. I mentioned to the Rep that I wasn’t responsible for payment and he asked me if i have ever used the card.i said yes and he then said that he must include it even though I wasnt responsible for payment.

HUCA and nice lady asked me same question I said no never used the card. She said she could reopen the application in that case and did a full financial review. I offered to move credit from another CC.

She said I would get an answer within 2 weeks as this needed to be signed off by a senior lender. That was almost a week ago. Still waiting for letter. In the meantime I removed myself from all of the AU cards I had and will contact the credit bureau to take them off report soon.


I got the “pending notice” after I applied online. On phone with recon next day was denied due to 5/24. Went into branch. Had pre approved for CSR. Applied in branch. Got instant approval.


If you need to go the AU close and remove route, it will cost another hard pull.


@Mo K:
You should be able to call back and get approved with that application.

Ask for a manager.

“and then call Experian, Equifax, and Transunion to have the cards removed from your report.”

Good luck, let us know!


How so?


My wife applied with 4/24 but like 5 authorized users on the account. They asked if she uses them and she said yes she does a bit. He said he couldn’t reconsider as a result of that. HUCA right away and she said she doesn’t have any responsibility on the authorized users and her husband pays all the bills.

Mo K

Didn’t try manager, but told me it’s not something that can be reconsidered …. Will let you know what happens


Same experience as sol.


Do downgraded cards show as new account? For example CSP to Freedom


experian removed chase AU’s but not amex


@Michael: the rep sounded very sure that I would get it..she said that I would receive 2 letters, one with the card and one letter explaining the credit swap..but as people have said it could still be denied by Senior lender.

I’m praying.


I applied online, got rejected! Applied for wife online, got rejected. Went into bank and she told me I was preapproved, but once again I was rejected after letter got in mail. Called reconsideration 5 times and they are all noted that I have 5/24, BUT they are counting the IHG as one of them! Where does it say that’s not included and how do I get my first rejection reference number as I threw it out?



How else will they see you closed it?


Good data point, I’ve added it to the post.
Did you try closing them and having them removed?

@Mo K:
Always ask for a manager.
That’s true for anything in life. Maybe I’ll even try that after 120 😉


Did you close the AUs?

Should be good.

Applying for IHG doesn’t trigger 5/24, but it will count towards 5/24 when applying for other cards.

Try to get CPC?

I have no idea what you are talking about. There’s no hard pull when you close a primary card or an AU card.


@Dan: now I did 😉 and disputed again with experian… well see what happens


Keep us posted and good luck.


I was unsuccessful convincing recon that my Banana card is not counted towards 5/24.


Is it a store card or is it a MC/Visa?


An i called them in , an they said that i first need to call the credit card issuer to remove my self, an the credit issuer is arguing that the account is already closed so im automatically removed… its a circle that im stuck


If the card is closed call back the 3 bureaus and dispute that the account exists.



Wow this became long one.
When you are denied for 5/24 and it includes an AU card. Recon wants it removed/closed, you do so. Call back say I removed it. Now how does recon know its removed. Do they need to pull credit again to see its gone?

Tov hashem

Is 2BM or 3BM still working for people?


Is there a referral bonus on his card? I want to refer my brother


@Dan: not yet. Still hoping the senior specialist approves. Sol the rep I had didn’t sound like it was a yes or a no. Praying as well lol

Mo K

@Dan: in hold. They say they find a 5th after August .. so I have 5 … Any chance of approval?


It worked for the DDF member, try tell them the AU card is closed and no longer on your report and see what they say.

@Tov hashem:

But you can apply for the card via the links on this site to help support this site.
Always appreciated 🙂

@Mo K:
Look at your report and see what 5 they are referring to.


Dan how can chase be see that i removed my self from AU, if they not pulling another pull?

(With 1 pull they only get 1 copy of my report where it says that i am an AU)


They saying it shows up as “account closed”.


Dan I closed all my AU cards with the banks.should I wait for statement to close on those accounts before calling credit bureau to ask to have then removed. Or it won’t matter to wait and call now.

I read somewhere you can on dispute something once?


It shows up on the report as account closed but still there in the history.


So my friend just signed up because it’s a “guideline and not rule” and of course he got denied!

Mo K

@Dan: I did. Not sure how to tell what’s for a primary or AU on the report online. The 5 they’re referring.. I do see reports for those dates

Mo K

@Mo K: figured it out. There’s 5th on the new date this rep told me on my report …


See 33.

You can call now.

Dispute it off.

It’s a guideline as there are exceptions to the rule.

@Mo K:
Match up the numbers on your cards and check.

@Mo K:
And when will the oldest fall off 5/24?

Mo K

@Mo K: *no 5th typo


@Dan: Problem is people don’t realize that a guideline means “a general rule” and are signing up with odds stacked against them


Way over 5/24, none are AU. Checked in branch for pre-approval. Didnt have any, applied anyway. Went pending, then denied. Probably a waste of time to call recon or get a banker’s letter?


I understand that an AMEX/Citi/US Bank business card won’t count for 5/24, but a Chase business card also wouldn’t count? Can’t they see it in your chase account when you apply?


Wanted to try my luck today. Although I haven’t opened a card in about a year, I was over 5/24 due to multiple cards greater than 1 yr ago. Chase SR- Instant Approval with a LARGE credit line greater than any CL every received from Chase. Ritz- Pending- called recon, approved w/o any questions asked. Pretty good. Was over 5/24 no pre-approval.

Mo K

@Dan: November this year


Chase Private Client with 8/24, all primary user-
went in branch and was denied. Rep took time to call recon so I did it myself.
After moving 10k from some chase cards I was approved.
No thanks to my banker.


They just check the report.

Are you CPC?

Well done!


@Dan- If most people without CPC status and over 5/24 won’t be approved then Chase should put something on the application. It can even be a disclaimer saying that someone 5/24 may not be approved (leaving possibility open they could be approved) They have not been transparent on this because most people 5/24 who didn’t know about this rule would apply and waste a hard pull when they had no chance of being approved. They have every right to reject someone due to these reasons (and they rightly want to not approve someone they’re just going to loose money on) but they have to be transparent on this. Anything less is deceptive and misleading practice.


And yet there have been many exceptions.
But I agree, they should figure out some sort of language that works.


I will fall under 5/24 in mid November


I had a few AU that would put me over 5/24. I already had them all removed from all 3 CB reports. Any reason to have them closed? The reason I’m asking is because I rally use these cards and rely on them.


They may reappear on the report if you don’t close them, YMMV.


Any idea how long this promotion will stick around ?


I just got approved for the reserve card.
I don’t know if it’s a good idea to call to ask to expedite, what is your opinion? Wont they maybe disapprove, because it’s not just replacement card, it’s new card?


Is there a difference between CPC and a JPMORGON PC?

Jack out of the box

I was rejected for 5/24. Called up and told rep to check how many are my own and how many AUs. He told me it was 4 me + 2 AUs. I asked him to disregard the AU cards and try to get approval. He was very polite and seemed to be trying to work with me on it. Took a while on the phone and ended with him sending a request to higher departments that they should approve me. Unfortunately I was rejected in the end anyway.

Maybe I’ll call again and try the credit shift tactic.


Exactly why this isn’t a hard and fast “rule”

Not a clue.

It gets expedited automatically.

JPM is a higher level that CPC.

@Jack out of the box:
Close the AUs and have them removed?


Hpw do you share CPC status with family?


Talk to your banker.


@Jack out of the box: did they tell you right then that you were not approved or did you get a letter saying so?


Why cant i find on Google the dispute phone number from experian??
Can anyone put it on here?


CSR application rejected. Pull was from Experian. Reason given, too many cards. Not sure why, maybe because I have a barclaybank priceline card with many authorized users and they all have separate account numbers? Waiting for copy of report from Experian before calling back.


My experience: I have about 20 new accounts that have been opened in the last 24 months that are still active. I am a CPC with a score of around 700.
I went into one branch that Monday morning that the card was offered, and the banker told me that he does not recommend the card, but I can apply if I want. He then checked and said that his computer doesn’t have the application yet.
I went to another branch where the banker was happy to take the application. It came up on the screen as pending. He called the lending department and they told him that they cannot give an answer yet. He pressed them and they still said no way to get an immediate answer.
I started calling them myself every day and they told me that it has to be reviewed by a special department and they don’t have any information on it and I will receive an answer within 30 days. They told me the same thing every day. After one week or so, I saw the account listed on my profile without having to call.


Although Chase business cards do not show up on one’s credit report, I was under the impression (and have read on other blogs) that because they are they are issued by Chase, they would count towards 5/24. Do you know for sure that Chase does not count them?

Just entered the credit card/points/miles game this past year. Lot’s of fun! Thanks for all of your great posts and research Dan!


got a letter too many cards opened recently does this mean 5/24?


I just upgraded my American Express business green card to a platinum. I’ve applied for a Chase Reserve card but no answer yet. Has anyone tried we’ve been successful at getting American Express to match chases offer? Or any parts of the offer? Any tips?


I applied online on 8/22 and got denied for being well over 5/24, I applied again in a branch on 8/23 after being pre-approved, and it went pending with the ‘2 week message’ until they called me for some verification and I got approved!
and just for the future what is considered family members to get the CPC? my father has CPC can I join him even though I am married and I have my own financial life?

Jack out of the box

@Dan: I closed all the AUs at least a few months ago. I don’t have the patience to deal with the credit bureaus to remove them from my report.


@Anonymous: In the mail.


The only option they give me is upgrading to a reserve but without the bonus points is it worth doing it?


hi dan are you in effect saying that if I close one of my cards and make sure it is off on all the 3 credit bureaus even though I am over 5 24 right now I will still get approved? thanks


Any non CPC have luck getting aprooved with Recon after initial denial for 5/24 primary cards?


Dan i just applied in the branch after being pre-approved. Came back that they need another 2 days, to process application. Im over 5/24. Should i apply for the IHG card in the same 24 hours, as it shouldnt be more then 1 pull?

Beheymah Bamittah

Anyone know how the 5/24 rule works?


Dan i just applied after being pre-approved in the bank,its pending. Im over 5/24 should i apply for some other cards from chase,that are excluded from 5/24 that as long its in the same 24 hours that it should be only 2 pull?


@Dan –

I must admit, I blushed crimson while reading this post as I am DDF user ae123.

I’m glad my information was used to help.

Thank you, Dan, for all of your help and advice!

Jack out of the box

@Beheymah Bamittah: No one at all. Sorry.

Jack out of the box

@spidev: That’s what it sounds like. Chase doesn’t seem to officially announce how many cards they consider to be too many. It’s fellows like Dan who fill us in on those shaded details.

Mo K

@Dan: Dan it worked! Called back .. didn’t even need manager just said about not being 5 anymore, rep called upper management then came back and finished application with no other questions!! You know your business well😉


Been trying since the 30th to get them to reconsider. one of the 5/24 is a Target store card. Spoke with manager, went into branch, all dead ends. Finally on the phone with someone now who is saying he will likely get it done for me.


Dan you have an answer for every single question :-0
Is there anything you can’t answer?? 😉


Hey guys!

So I got a little impatient and decided to call and check the status of my application by calling recon. the nice gentleman said that I was approved earlier today!

Appears that my credit swap worked and I got the 20k transferred frm my freedom card.

Dan you were right..it wasn’t a problem!


They don’t generally count, though these things are YMMV.


No such thing.

You can join him.

@Jack out of the box:
Your loss.

It’s a good card, though would be a shame to miss the bonus.



Lol, no blushing required.

@Mo K:

Keep us posted!

Lol, you should have been at a DD seminar. The questions never ended, even when I got into the Uber people were asking 😀

Awesome, congrats!


Dan i just applied online after being pre-approved and rejected
call in and nothing to do thy told that 6/24 so I said I have 50k in bank but thy say 6/24 new rolling i sad that the banker told me no rool of 5/24 bit thy say nothing to do sorry for the that dan what’s next what I can do


My wife just called after being declined for too many cards in past 2 years.. she has 2 of her own and 4 being AU’s. First rep told her they AU’s cant be removed so we aske for manager and the manager asked questions and reconsidered it but said the underwriting is completed but we need to speak with verification. Verification isn’t opened now so what should my wife say tomorrow to them and what are they going to ask?


i added my self to my amex cards as a AU and all have shown up on my report so i called in to remove it as duplicate its works by Experian,and Transunion but Equifax,put it back so i called amex 800-874-2717 they told me that first i need to add my ss to my AU and they will remove it and its works


Dan is it worth keeping this card open after the first year once I got the 100000 bonus points, for a 450 fee? Or can I fill the spend threshhold to get the bonus offer and then close the card without losing the points? Will they still stay in my account once I close the card?
Aprreciate all you do!!


I have over 5/24 of my own cards and I was denied for the CSR. Is it worth calling recon to see if they can push it through? How does it work with shifting credit from one card…?


If you added more than 5 authorized usersin the past 24 months but 4 of thrm are not real people does it make a difference? So if I have a CC that I added 4 random names as authoruzed users dies chase see that as opening 5 new cards? Any info about thus situation would be appreciated

points lover

currently im under 5/24 until Nov 2016 wondering if i apply now on chance that they wont consider 5/24 #luck. will it affect me if i reapply in Nov? i would love an answer would be a great help #huge fan


Got pre approved in bank
With solid APR
Applied and got approved in bank


I applied online and received the “further review required” response. Went into a bank for sp thing else so I asked and they told me I was preapproved so it should be ok. Was then told by banker that I was declined because of 5/24 and received a letter stating the same. I called in try and get them to reconsider with no luck. However I just received an email that my card should be arriving shortly, thanked me for selecting this card, and sure enough there is a new account with a very healthy limit when I logged in online. (I just hope this wasn’t done by one of the former Wells Fargo employees:/ )


I applied for the reserve card and got denied because of the 5/24. I opened a CPC account and had a manager call on my behalf. The manager told me that she spoke to chase and that I would get approved. She told me Reconsidaration wanted to speak to me directly. I called in and they said they are leaning to a yes, but they need a senior lender to sign of on it and that I would find out if 2 weeks.

Does that mean I will Get approved?


I’m under 5/24 but got denied because I don’t have enough history. I have almost 2 years of history. How long Should I wait before Appling again or should I try calling reconsideration again?


Call again.
Do you have a Chase checking account?


So have way over 5/24. Applied and denied. I do have a chase checking account and have been a Chase customer for a very long time. Suggestions that might work? Go into a bank and try to talk my way into CPC? Anything else? Appreciate it. Want this card really badly as a long term card

points lover

Sep 8th at 1:33pm i submitted a comment / question i would really appreciate an answer im a bit lost. really want the card pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse help
@dan huge fan


Go for CPC

@points lover:
Applying now won’t affect your ability to reapply in November.


If it’s says chase private client online when I check my accounts does that mean I have cpc?



Points lover

Thanks Dan!


If I have too many cards and will cancel two of my cards, and then put in a dispute to remove the card with equifax and then wait a month, will I have hope to get approved?


Does it have to be that within 24 months you opened a card that is still opened or can it be that you opened a card and closed it recently. Does that count as opened (if it is not closed)?


Thank you

want cpc

What kind of sweet talk is needed to get cpc without 250k? I went into a branch and sat with them for over an hour discussing my business, investments and cpc. In the end, they opened a standard account and will switch it to cpc when i bring in the dough. Any ideas?


@Dan: no, I don’t have. Should I open?


If I have too many cards and will cancel two of my cards, and then put in a dispute to remove the card with equifax and then wait a month, will I have hope to get approved?
Does it have to be that within 24 months you opened a card that is still opened or can it be that you opened a card and closed it recently. Does that count as opened (if it is not closed)?


In a few months I will finally break out of 5/24 jail and be able to apply for Chase SWA credit cards again. I have a full set of SWA cards now, should I close them before applying for new ones?

Thank you Dan!


How to do 3BM after 5/24?
Was Approved for CSR in branch but declined the same day also in branch for the preferred card


It seems very unclear, but does cancelling the cards you have had in the last two years take you out of 5/24?


@Aporush: No just canceling authorized user or saying you are not responsible. ..