On Additional Sapphire Reserve Cards Without A Fee And Keeping Sapphire Reserve For Additional Years; Earning $4,250 In Travel Credit

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Sapphire Reserve mania is everywhere. I still get Bloomberg Businessweek for free thanks to combining a few magazine subscriptions from this deal and there it is on this week’s front cover. When dollar coins from the Mint made the front page of the WSJ we all knew that it would come to an end, so I’m not sure how I feel about the cover story…

At any rate, I’d like to tackle a couple of common questions with the Sapphire Reserve.

People often ask me about the $75 additional cardholder fee. And it’s true, this is indeed a disadvantage compared to Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card which has free additional cardholders.

Both myself and my wife signed up for our own Sapphire Reserve cards, so we have no need for an additional user card. It was a no-brainer for both of us to signup. In our first cardmebership year (August 2016-2017) we’ll pay $900 in annual fees, but we’ll get a total of 200,000 bonus points that are worth at least $3,000 of travel credit (though likely much more than that by transferring those points into miles). Additionally we’ll get $1,200 in automatic travel refunds for airfare, car rentals, hotels, Airbnb, campgrounds, cruises, trains, buses, subways, Uber, Lyft, taxis, limos, ferries, bridges, tolls, E-ZPass, parking, and more. You can even buy airline or hotel gift cards or just prepay your E-ZPass account to trigger the credit. The $1,200 is made up of $300 in credits on each of cards in 2016 and then another $300 of credits on each card in 2017.

Chase even awards 900 points for that $300 in spending despite it being refunded. That’s another 3,600 in bonus points on free spending between our 2 cards, good for at least $54 in free flights.

Between our 2 cards that’s a minimum of $4,250 in travel credit in our first cardmembership year. That’s well worth paying $900 in annual fees. And that’s not even counting the triple points on travel and dining, the Priority Pass lounge membership, the 5 year Global Entry membership, and the ability to redeem all Chase points for 1.5 cents towards travel, including on cards like Freedom Unlimited where you earn 1.5 points per dollar everywhere (effective 2.25% minimum rebate everywhere) or Freedom/Ink cards that can earn 5 points per dollar (effective 7.5% minimum rebate in select categories).

The reason that Sapphire Reserve has a $75 additional cardholder fee is to cover the primary Priority Pass membership that each additional cardholder receives. With Chase’s Priority Pass membership you can bring unlimited guests with you into the lounge for free.

If your additional cardholder travels with you then it’s not worth paying the $75 as they can enter as your guest. But if they travel by themselves it can make sense to pay the $75.

Previously 2 Chase online SM reps and a phone rep told me that additional cardholders would also qualify for Global Entry credits, but it turns out that is not the case.

If you just need an extra Sapphire Reserve card for travel and dining spending you can get a duplicate card by just calling Chase and asking for an extra metal or plastic version of the card.

Or if you still have the old Chase.com interface you can request a replacement card online. I have 2 Chase logins, 1 only has my personal accounts and has been upgraded to the new interface. The other login has both my personal and business accounts and still uses the old interface. After logging in to an account with the old interface just click on “Customer Center” and then “Card replacement:”



















I haven’t been able to find that option in the new Chase.com interface.

I now have 2 identical Sapphire Reserve cards in my name that both work, no $75 fee required. Even if a store asks for ID, Visa does not allow a store to refuse to swipe your credit card if you refuse to show it…

Another common question is whether it’s worth keeping the Sapphire Reserve for subsequent years.

Chase has done a good job making a strong value proposition to keep the card despite its $450 annual fee.

My 2nd cardmembership year will run from August 2017-2018. In 2018 I’ll get another $300 in travel credits. Chase also awards 900 points for that $300 in spending, so that’s $313.50 of annual credit.

The credit will apply in every subsequent cardmembership year and it makes the effective annual fee just $136.50 per year. That’s only $41.50 per year more than Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and is a bargain considering what you get for that.

If you spend $233 per month on travel and dining you’ll already pay for that difference in the annual fee thanks to the 3 points per dollar awarded with Sapphire Reserve compared to 2 points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. That level of spending means an extra 2,800 annual points that are worth at least $42 thanks to the minimum 1.5 cents per point travel redemption value if you have a Sapphire Reserve card.

Of course the additional benefits are much more than just the extra point per dollar. You also get the lounge membership with unlimited guesting, the Global Entry credit every 4 years, and the ability to use all of your Chase points for 1.5 cents each towards travel.

Other Sapphire Reserve benefits include roadside assistance, free trip cancellation insurance, primary CDW insurance, rental car discounts, price protection, return protection, purchase protection, warranty protection, lost luggage Protection, trip delay protection, baggage delay protection, travel accident insurance, and Visa Infinite Concierge. You can read more about those here.

As always you can transfer points to someone else in your household, so if one person in the household uses cards like Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, and Ink to earn between 1.5-5 points per dollar everywhere they can transfer those points to the another person in the household who has a Sapphire Reserve to transfer into miles or use at a value of 1.5 cents each. And you even can get extra Sapphire Reserve cards to earn 3 points per dollar for travel and dining purchases without paying the $75 annual fee as shown above.

I’m just hoping that these levels of benefits will be sustainable despite the mainstream media coverage…

Have you signed up for a Sapphire Reserve yet?

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Great post!
Both my wife and I got approved, I even got with 7/24 without cpc, my wife already got the bonus but they giving me hard time transferring her points to me.
Defiantly will keep it after the first year plus we both downgraded our preferred to free freedom so we will keep them all!
Questions- does radpad qualified as spending for the signup?


If you go the card replacement route, just be careful not to swipe your cards at two vastly different locations at around the same time or Chase may assume your card was stolen.



You can combine your points online, no need to call:

Radpad will count. It will even count as travel spending if you use Apple or Android Pay!

I don’t think that will be a problem. Worst case you can make a phone call to them.

Dan's the Man

Another great benefit of the card is the outstanding Travel insurance benefits. The Sapphire Preferred had good benefits but the Reserve’s benefits are outstanding. Medical coverage while traveling? Medical evacuation benefit? Just outstanding. Buying even a cheap travel insurance plan for just 1 trip a year would cost more than the $150 net annual fee.


Why would you want a duplicate? What is the benefit?


@Dan’s the Man:

For an additional user (spouse/child) to be able to earn triple points on dining (Restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, bars, lounges, and cafes) and travel (airfare, car rentals, hotels, Airbnb, campgrounds, cruises, trains, buses, subways, Uber, Lyft, taxis, limos, ferries, bridges, tolls, E-ZPass, parking, and more) spending.


They took back 300 points from me from the $300 travel credit, that means you only get 600 points, not bad either


Weird. That didn’t happen to me.


Another sweet unpublished benefit is that they’ll reimburse you for 2 lounge visits a year if you don’t have your lounge membership card on you.
Call Chase to confirm.

Mike L

In your post you state that the reason Chase charges $75 for the additional users is to cover that priority Pass membership, but then the next paragraph says that the global entry is not covered, then the next paragraph states they can enter as a guest. You’re referring to priority pass again correct? what about pre check? and if an AU was already obtained in order to get the global entry, do you think they’ll refund it?


What are the chances they will let me cancel my wife’s additional user card and not charge me for it? Can I claim that I thought she would get Global Entry?


Has anyone had experience with bringing guests into the priority clubs? My concern is that if you were to purchase the select level pass from Priority you would have to pay the $27 fee per guest. What makes this different? Is there anything that notifies the agent at the entrance desk that this is different?


Can you please share how you were able to get the card with the 5/24 rule?


“I haven’t been able to find that option in the new Chase.com interface.”
you can find it under “things you can do”


Sounds good Dan – now I just need you to get them to drop the 5/24 rule for me 🙂


If you want two cards with another user on it

Order it

Then cancel it

You’ll be credited for the $75

And the card still works since it’s the same info just another name

Not like Amex that has 2 names And each with a individual number


Can anyone confirm if this is correct?


Is it better to redeem your points on your Sapphire reserve, than transferring them to chase freedom, or no difference?



How are you not over 5/24? Would so love to get this card but am more like 12/24…


dan, i already have priority pass lounge membership from amex platinum last year. can i get another one from sapphire reserve? i am guessing no, because when i activated my card thru phone call, the rep said he would request membership but after almost 3 weeks now i haven’t received anything from priority pass. what do you say?



@Mike L:
You do get lounge membership with guesting. You don’t get Global Entry/PRe-Check, though you can try showing them my SMs (linked to in the post) and see what they say.

They’ll refund the AU if you cancel.

They will refund if you cancel the additional card.

Yes, there is no charge for guests.
It’s a special level of membership that Chase has arranged for. You can’t get that level without Chase.
It had nothing to do with the lounge agent, they type in the guests, but you won’t be charged.

Read the related posts.

I don’t see it under there.

Read the related posts.

Yup, that works too!

It is 50% better!
And Freedom can’t transfer to miles either.

Read the related posts.

Yes, you will get another one.
Call Chase to have them request it again. And don’t forget to write Chase on it as it looks like the AMEX version but the Chase version comes with free guesting!


@Davidmal: But will it be cancelled online because that name isn’t in the system anymore or is that now how it works?


With Chase consumer cards the AUs will still work ever if they’re cancelled.


Dan one more time, Are you saying that if I cancel my Sapphire reserve after the bonus I won’t be able to transfer the miles to my freedom card? And even if yes they are worth half the amount?


@Dan: Can you verify that Radpad via android pay counts as travel? How would that count as travel?

Need a Priority Pass card?

Will they be mailing us Priority Pass cards? Or do we just show the Reserve card to get into lounges? My wife and I also each got the card despite each being well over 5/24. CPC helped. Crazy how popular this card is. Chase is killing it big time!


dan, so priority pass allows multiple memberships with same name? i am cancelling my amex plat next week when annual fee kicks in. my amex priority pass expiration is 2018. will it still work after i cancel amex plat? should i cancel my amex PrPass first and then re-request chase PrPass? thanks for your reply 🙂


Also something highly overlooked I posted in the forums but I’ll post again here for the people

Is you can use your $300 credit towards MTA or EZpass for your daily commute!!


Thank you Dan for pointing out about the free additional card – I needed that so badly!!! I even tweeted with them about it and they said itt wasn’t possible without the fee. Thanks Dan 🙂


When does offer end??


Dan, if you can get 3x points by paying rent on radpad via androidpay, wouldn’t the value of the points exceed the 2.99% credit card processing fee?


@Davidmal: I actually ordered an AU card before I realized that it costs money. I cancelled it the day the card arrived in the mail and now i have 2 Free cards and I can provide a photo ID to the ignorant store clerk who requests it….


You can transfer CSR points to Freedom.
1. Freedom can’t transfer points into real airline miles/hotel points.
2. Freedom points are worth 1 cent each, CSR points are worth 1.5 cents each for travel.

That’s what people are reporting.

@Need a Priority Pass card?:
Call Chase to request a PP card.

You can have multiple PP memberships.
Once you cancel the credit card the PP associated with that card stops working as well.

It’s in this post.



But they will only work for bona fide rent payments.

Yup, that works too.

HT moshe

I added an authorised user for my reserve card online. I was not charged at all for this extra card.


@HT moshe:
The fee may come on your next statement.


chase said no to giving me a duplicate card


Don’t have the old Chase.com interface?

If your old card is demagnetized they will send a duplicate card as well.

Moshe G

@mdrills: Did you ask nicely ?


no…new interface
my card is plastic but they told me that metal ones are coming out Nov 1.
Anything else to tell them or just HUCA. Was told that chase doesnt like having duplicate cards out for security purposes


Read comment 36 again.
Or 16.


Or just HUCA thanks Dan


Another amazing benefit i bought some duty free and it was considered as travel got the credit and the triple points on the refunded bill. Enjoy!


Which duty free store?


Got refunded for Duty Free as a travel purchase on an Elal flight.
My experience was using Chase United won’t give you double points on United’s duty free flight….


I just signed up & got approved
Thanks Dan!!!!
Question how do I get the priority pass membership?


That’s great.

The best way is to call Chase and request it.


so what’s the point in amex now?
can you please make a post when to use which cards?
thanx for everything!


“Visa does not allow a store to refuse to swipe your credit card if you refuse to show it…” A rule is only as good as it can be enforced, and this one cannot. A supermarket in Brooklyn always insists on seeing ID, I told them “Visa does not allow a store to refuse to swipe my credit card if I refuse to show it…” and they just said show ID or we are not going to sell you anything. I said “Visa does not allow a store to refuse selling if I refuse to show ID…”, and they basically said “shut up”. I reported them several times to Visa and MasterCard during the last few years. Nothing has changed.


@AMEX ?!:
It’s on my to do list.

It’s pretty rare either way.
And this card is really ideal for travel and dining purchases. Never had to show ID for those.


In the new interface under “things you can do” there is an option to “replace a card.” First time I did it I got an error. Second time it went through. Will arrive in 3-5 days.


thanx dan can’t wait 😉


“Additionally we’ll get $1,200 in automatic travel refunds”

How does that work? I thought an AU counts towards the same $300 total



Read the paragraph again.

new to the game

hey dan how about an up to date post for starters?


how long is a PP valid for?


As long as the card is open.


are cancelled AU’s PP cancelled automatically too?

i don't chap

does this mean that unless you use your points for hotels amex is worthless?!
can someone please help, did i miss something, or …….?



MY wife can add me as AU in my name and once he gets AU card, call Chase to cancel the AU card for the $75 refund and chase cancels the AU card but the AU card that’s in my name will still work to make purchases in store?
You mean the card numbers, expiration date will be same as primary card?

What about online purchases? shop online in my wife’s name right?


@chaiforever: that option is only for adding AU, not an extra card for yourself.


Testing the waters of the $300 travel refund….

Bought a $50 Royal Caribbean gift card from their website, not a third party website, and no $50 credit on statement. Obviously, it has been well spoken about the gift cards would count towards the $300. It did not happen for me. Just passing info along.


if I add an AU, how long do I have to get him off the account so I don’t pay the $75 fee?

Dan's the Man

@Josh: Did you get the 3x points for the transaction? If not maybe it isn’t coded correctly.


Dan i tried everything to get approved but no mazal even got CPC status and even had a cpc banker call for me. They said decision is final and noted i called 4 previous times. They said i need to be an established CPC client and that I myself do not have the 250 k funds. what noW?


i made an au – i forgot abt the fee – any way i can cancel and get $$ back?


hi i just called and asked for an extra Sapphire Reserve card for travel and dining spending you can get a duplicate card by just calling Chase and asking for an extra metal or plastic version of the card but unfortunately they said that would not be possible can you please advise.


”Even if a store asks for ID, Visa does not allow a store to refuse to swipe your credit card if you refuse to show it…”
USPS as well or they are exempt?

How are the PP lounges now with high season out of JFK? looks like 770???


@Dan: or go to card benefits online and request


im at 5/24 but will it make a difference that i closed one of those cards?



I don’t see the replace a card option in things to do.


Was denied. I am at 8/24. Went to listen to the CPC pitch but I told them that I couldn’t justify tying up that much money not getting a return and the fees on brokerage products are stupidly expensive.


@ Dans the man

I did not get 3x points either. Any advice on how to proceed?


Made a purchase the United’s MileagePlus X and it is not getting me the 3x points for travel or counting towards my $300.00 bonus


Dan, how soon did you see your 100K bonus as “pending” after passing $4K in spending? Thanks!


Seems like Radpad may be in some financial trouble (per Reddit). Risky to use them for rent payment?


my wife and i both applied for the reserve card. both decisions were reserved. I called reconsideration and they approved me right away. I then called for my wife, and they said they would send her a decision in the mail, i tried to get them to change. Would HUCA work with reconsideration for this?


Royal Caribbean will NOT count towards $300 spending, they code themselves as “Direct Marketing” not a “Cruise line” chase says because of this, they are NOT considered a travel expense and therefore not part of the $300 travel refund.


The Chase agent just told me that there is no option of getting a duplicate card


is there a way to get back the old interface?


OK Dan here goes… I applied for my wife she had a score of 750 and 2 other ink chase cards which one was maxed and the other double the limit additionally she got her capital one business about 2 months ago 10k limit , I didnt realize that only chase business doesnt report so I maxed out the card I quickly applied for the reserve before it showed up on the report originally she was denied, after paying off the ink to within the limit I did 3 HUCA’s and got approved , once approved I let the ink go again above limit everything seemed to be fine but a week after being approved BANG they closed all of the accounts due to high credit usage and they sent me her score which was down to 684 due to the capital one spend ( I didint now they can do another hard pull)
do you have any suggestions how to move forward are there any chances of getting it opened again?


I had to buy a air ticket and travel insurance for someone not in my family. (They don’t qualify for the free travel insur.) I charged the Travel Insur on the CSR card, and it did not get 3x points. That’s a charge to a travel insurance company. Sounds like travel expense to me! Just let buyer beware!


@Chaim: @Dan:
Here is a direct link to Card Replacement in the new Chase.com interface:



Dan, just asked about getting a duplicate card for my wife to use and the CSR said once the new card is activated, the old card is deactivated. Don’t see how that will happen as the numbers are the same on both cards. Is this just talk to stop people from getting extra cards or can they really deactivate different cards???


@dan Asked chase CSR about getting a duplicate card and they said the original card would be cancelled. With the cards all identical don’t know if that is the truth or they are saying the company line. ANY thoughts Dan??


Applied online – denied.
Applied at bank – denied.
Too many cards…

Called reconsideration:
1. Clarified that I’m not responsible for AU -only for myself the primary cardholder.
2. Shifted credit.

Thank Dan!


So I wrote to them about cancelling my authorized due to the extra $75.00 and this is the email I received back. If I still ok this and take my wife off as an authorized user will the card still work??


Thank you for contacting Chase about the Authorized User
added on your Sapphire account.

I would like to confirm that a $75.00 annual fee is
assessed for the Authorized User added
on your account. Also, please know that
once the Authorized User is removed from your account, you
cannot request for another active card under your name to
be used by your partner. As we cannot have two active
cards with the same name on the account. I sincerely
apologize for the inconvenience caused.

please reply to this email with a confirmation if
you still wish to remove the authorized User from the
account. Once received either me or my colleague would be
glad to assist you further.

I am glad that I was able to clarify this for you and I
appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your
account. If you have any further questions you can reply
to this email.


I have paid travel deposit for cruises and rental car on Preferred. If I now pay the remaining balance on Reserve, which travel benefit/insurance will cover and who would I be making the claim to? I was planning on downgrading my Preferred to Freedom when I get the Reserve.



Any ideas if Chase Sapphire Reserve gives $300 travel credit when using the UR Portal.

For example, I wanted book ticket to India but tickets are relatively expensive in December. Is it possible to split transaction between UR points and cash, charge $300 on Sapphire Reserve card and rest in points.
Would Chase credit me for $300 travel?


Duplicate Card. Clicked online to request a duplicate card a few weeks ago and was approved and said it would be mailed soon, but still have not received it. Anyone receive a duplicate yet?


@Duplicate: Yup. Mine came a few days after requested one online. P.S. Dan, you can order a duplicate card with the new Chase interface as well. Just click on “Things you can do” and then simply scroll down and click “replace a card”.


Dan.do u know if I will get the $300.00
Travel credit if I purchase gift cards via the mileage plus app?
Just like when u posted to do for amex


I Secure Messaged for an additional card and received this response:

“I understand the significance of your inquiry and it is my
pleasure to look into this for you.

Let me share that we are unable to provide duplicate or
additional cards while your card is fully functional.
Please reply to this email with your consent for changing
the card to a plastic card. We will be also sending a
envelope to the address we have on file, to return your
metal card to us for destruction.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you
need any other assistance, you can send us a secure

But can I respond yes and then just keep both?


@Anonymous: @OTBocher: I was way higher on the 4/24 and had just been turned down for the normal sapphire card in august? didn’t think I’d get it but the bonus was too good to pass up, got it in 25 seconds.



I’ve got the Priority Pass access through the Reserve card and you can definitely bring a guest into the lounges with you. I’ve done it at several different airports. Never tried multiple guests however.