No, You Shouldn’t Get An Uber Card, Why Do You Ask?

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Several readers have asked me about the newly refreshed Uber credit card.

If offers $100 of Uber credit after spending $500, 3% back in Uber credit on dining, hotels, and airfare, and 5% back in Uber credit on Uber rides and Uber Eats.

On paper that might sound good. But it’s a dud.

There are often deals we post for 10% or 20% off Uber gift cards. You can also save big via Amazon promotional offers when redeeming 1 point. Those offers significantly lower the value of earning credit card rebates in the form of Uber credit.

Additionally if there are no current offers for Uber credit, you can always use a Chase Ink Business Cash Card to buy Uber gift cards from an office supply store. That will earn 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent, which can be cashed out for a minimum of 5% cash back, which beats 5% back as Uber credit.

Or better yet, if you, an authorized user, or anyone in your household has or will get a Chase Sapphire PreferredChase Sapphire Reserve®or Chase Ink Business Preferred you can transfer those points into airline miles or hotel points or use them for paid travel with a 25% or 50% bonus, and they will be worth significantly more than 5% back! You can read more about buying gift cards with an Ink Cash card here.

3% back on dining, hotels, and airfare also sounds good, but once again you’re locked into getting it back as Uber credit, which isn’t really worth the full 3%. You’ll do better earning 2 or 3 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar for those categories on a Chase Sapphire PreferredChase Sapphire Reserve®or Chase Ink Business Preferred card.

The card comes with $600 of cell phone insurance, but only if you use the card to pay your monthly phone bill. You would only earn a measly 1% in Uber credit for that spending versus earning 5 points per dollar on Chase Ink Business Cash Card. Or you could get cell phone insurance and 3 points per dollar on the Chase Ink Business Preferred card.

If you have the old Uber card you’ll be notified and switched over to the new program.

Do you plan on getting the new Uber card?

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17 Comments On "No, You Shouldn’t Get An Uber Card, Why Do You Ask?"

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What’s wrong with signing up for the $100?


For you nothing. This post wasn’t written for you. Just make sure to not open more than 5 credit cards over the next 24 months, pay your Uber balances on time and you will be good.


Don’t be a jerk. If you think 100 on 500 spend isn’t helpful, explain why.

Annoyed NY Driver

Cause there’s nothing ruder than an Uber


Hi Dan – I opened this card last week because I felt like the cash back was worth it to me. Restaurants (previously at 4% cash back) are my largest spend. Do you see any reason to cancel it now vs keeping it open and not using it? I rarely open credit cards. I previously only had 2 and both were no fee cards.


What’s wrong to sign up for the phone insurance, it seems to be the only free card that provides that?


does a product change to a credit card (like downgrade) count toward 5/24? If the CC # changes…?


So I have the previous version of this card. Does mine get changed to this new format? I always use the 4% for rating out.


You should get an email. I think it changes in Q1 2020


Yes it will change for you starting Feb 2020


This is the only sensible post I’ve seen on this card since the revamp. I have had this card from last 1 and half year and these changes are nothing but “CRAP”! I am going to cut this card into pieces and throw it away! All other websites (excluding DOC) have been raving about the changes as positive! Uber PR might have been paying them handsomely! Keep the good work, Dan!

Debanjan Dey

This article begins by confusing two very different types of offers.

Getting an X% off gift card is all very well. You still need to pay the remaining (1-X)% of your purchase on Uber. The question is – what credit card gives you the best reward rate for that.

If I don’t own a business, I wont (shouldn’t) be having a business card – so it takes the Chase Ink off the table.

If I don’t want to pay an annual fee, it takes the Chase Sapphire cards off the table.

So, I still end up with the best reward rate on Uber, from the Uber card itself.