I Just Got A $305.70 Check For Having Used One Of The Most Underrated Credit Card Fringe Benefits; A Roundup Of Awesome AMEX Protections

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I got a nice surprise from AMEX in the mail today, a check for $305.70 to cover the return shipping charges on 6 return protection claims I made in the past.

Return protection is one of the many fringe benefits that make AMEX cards awesome.  If a store won’t accept a return on an item within 90 days of purchase you can file a return protection claim with AMEX.  AMEX has a very easy to use Online Claims Center

Return protection is awesome with retailers that have a 30 day, 14 day, or even non-existent return policy and it works great for final sale items as well. Return protection works for items that cost $300 or less and can be used to return up to $1,000 of items per card per year.  If an item costs more than $300 you can still file a claim, but you would only be reimbursed for up to $300 (plus tax in my experience).

If the item is under $100 AMEX will typically issue an immediate refund.  If it’s between $100-$300 usually an examiner will review the claim to ensure that the item isn’t on the excluded list.  Usually the examiner will then issue a refund though on occasion AMEX will request that you email a photo of the item or mail the item in for a refund.

The current return protection policy is that AMEX will pay for return shipping if they do require that you actually return the item to them.  In the past AMEX didn’t used to cover the return shipping and they more inclined back then to request that the item be returned.

Apparently I made 6 return protection claims back when the old policy was still in effect.  And for that I got a check for $305.70!  I’m not sure how they figured that return shipping cost me $50.95 per claim, but I’m not going to complain 😀

It’s incredibly generous as I was more than happy to pay the return shipping costs in order to get a refund for an item that I would otherwise be stuck with.

American Express is a DansDeals.com advertiser.

American Express consumer cards with return protection include:

Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express

-The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express

-The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express

American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card

Platinum Card® from American Express

Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

-Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express


American Express business cards with return protection include:

Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express

Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card

The Enhanced Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

The Plum Card® from American Express OPEN


Other fringe benefits of using AMEX:

The difference between dispute resolution and return protection is that when you dispute a transaction the merchant actually has the money clawed back from them.  With return protection the merchant isn’t affected.

There are times when a dispute is called for of course, and AMEX is by far the best bank for consumers.  While other banks will drag you through tons of paperwork and will rarely side with the consumer, AMEX makes it easy to file a claim online and almost always sides with the consumer.

Frankly they may be too good, I had one person dispute the $13 they paid for a DansDeals seminar by AMEX.  When I asked the attendee why they disputed the charge they said that they just didn’t recognize the charge, so they disputed it.  He called AMEX right away to drop the dispute, but by that point it was too late and they refunded him the money and I got hit with a chargeback fee on money I had already donated.

Yes, the person made up for the chargeback fees I was hit with in the end, but just be careful to only dispute things after attempting to contact the merchant to make things right or clarify what the charge is for as AMEX dispute resolution works incredibly well for consumers. If you ever receive a good or service that you’re not happy with just let the merchant know that you do plan on disputing the purchase and see if they will come to a compromise without that. But if they won’t AMEX will have you back more than any other bank.

Other AMEX fringe benefits include purchase protection and extended warranty.  And they are awesome.

Purchase protection covers items that break or get stolen within 90 days of purchase.  On most cards you’re covered for items up to $1,000 but if you use a Platinum or Delta Reserve card it covers items up to $10,000 and it will even cover you for items that get lost!

Extended warranty matches the manufacturer’s warranty up to an extra year of warranty coverage on items up to $10,000. The irony is that most manufacturer’s warranties stink. They make you send in your item and typically have long turn-around times. Or they find reasons why the warranty doesn’t cover your problem.
Wait it out until the manufacturer’s warranty ends and you’ll be in luck. Often times you’ll receive a refund of your entire purchase price within a few days of making a claim without even hassling you at all.   DDF members report this happening often for cameras, cell phones, and computers. For some more expensive items they may ask for a repair quote but when you send in the quote you’ll typically be credited with that amount (up to the purchase price paid) within a few days.  People on DDF have even reported getting refunded for computers with cracked screens and other physical damage during the AMEX warranty bonus year, something that the manufacturer would never cover.

Of course these benefits make the equation on which card to use even more complicated. It’s important to remember that although another card may give you extra points in some categories, what is the ability to return, dispute, or have extended warranty coverage worth?

More reasons I love American Express?
1. They post an opening date for your cards of when you got your first AMEX card.  That means that every time you open an AMEX you are instantly improving your FICO score as you are greatly increasing your average account age. (And even when you close a card it still helps average account age for at least 10 more years). Check your report for free at annualcreditreport.com to see for yourself.
2. Typically just 1 pull to get consumer and business cards on the same day.
3. Twitter promotions!
4. Small Business Saturday. Need I say more :D

Share your experiences with purchase protections and American Express in the comments!

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Hey, same thing here. Got nice money last qeek, was also suprised why there are going back 6 years ago


Dan your so cool! !


Is this protection and warranty protection available for their bluebird card?



Only purchase protection.
There’s no return and extended warranty on BB purchases.


Buying a wig, is that excluded?


Dan i love Amex but one time consumer cc bonus is a killer?

Dallas Dan

Does the no annual fee HHonors AMEX offer return protection? Also, it seems that you were saying that in some instances you can file for return protection AND keep the item you’re seeking to return (unless Amex asks for you to send it to them). Is that the case or am I missing something?


Good for you guys.
Isn’t it protected from a third party insurance?
I made claims for trip delays from amex and chase and got paid from a 3rd party insurance company.


do you need to have the card open to file a warranty claim?


Is there any difference between amex and chase (ink cash for example)for the extended warranty they both offer?

beser nisht zugen

Some things aren’t meant to be posted like this Dan, makes too many people abuse it. Then we all lose it


When did the old policy end? I’ve had a few claims in the past year or two, but haven’t received any money.


@beser nisht Zugen you got to be kidding !!!!!!! You don’t think anybody can find this info. In a nanosecond

beser nisht zugen

@Don: yes, but that takes effort. 45,000 people look at these posts, and even then only read the first 2 sentences. Keep it to the forums

simply cash

Dan, I called Amex a few times about the simply cash, no return protection



But what kind of wig is under $300?

Sure it does, at least we have business cards for now.

@Dallas Dan:

AMEX assurance runs these programs.

No, if you have any open AMEX it will work.

No warranty coverage in in the same ballpark as AMEX.

@beser nisht zugen:
So I shouldn’t write about things that you already know about?

I’ve posted this many times before.

Did you follow up on them?

@simply cash:
Costco and Business blue are other exceptions.


Is it up to $1000 per card or per person?


Per card.


@Dan: Thanks Dan!!

also asking

is it up to 1000 per card(additional users included or per account )


@also asking:
$1,000 per primary card account.


Dan you wrote If an item costs more than $300 you can still file a claim, but you would only be reimbursed for up to $300 (plus tax in my experience).
I had a couple of times where they told me I am denied because it states in the T&C purchased over $300 are excluded!


@beser nisht zugen:
Well said!!


Interesting, perhaps that has changed over the years as well.

Let’s just shut down the internet so no bloggers will write about stuff that we already learned about from them in years past.


Does the Serve card have return protection as well?




TY, what about purchase protection? I have tried contacting them numerous times and have received numerous answers


actually had dispute resolution with chase very easy no problem instant credit no questions


It does come with that.

I have had some good experiences with Chase disputes and some truly awful ones.

Only good experiences with AMEX disputes and that’s the general consensus from others as well.


I got a check too, but it was only for one claim…

dont get it

1 thing i just dont get say that someone steals my card to buy something online why does the retailer have to suffer for that he lost out on the product 2nd of all why do you believe the customer over the retailer


How Long do you have to file a claim?


From the FAQ page, it seems that Amex does NOT pay for return shipping. Am I missing something?

“7. What do I do with the item I cannot return?
Once your request has been approved, you will be instructed to send the purchased item to us within 30 days. Please keep a record of your shipping statement, as you will need to provide proof of shipping in the event that your designated items are not received. You are responsible for the shipping and handling charges for the item. The refund – up to $300 per item and up to a maximum of $1,000 per Card Member per calendar year – will be reimbursed to you.”


does this apply to airline ticket cancelled that airline claims was non refundable. bought on orbitz.


i bought a few pieces last week and didnt realize it was final sale. Since i was buying 2 things for someone else, i used 2 credit card to pay for purchase – about $260 on my starwood card and about $150 on another card,not an amex. Is it a prob to do return protection if i used 2 credit cards, they both show on the receipt?

David R

@Chaim: I was about to ask that, but then I continued reading to #8 in the FAQ and clicked on the link and then selected a card I have. It shows this in the full T&Cs: “If you are required to send the purchased item to us, we will reimburse you for the shipping cost.”


Dan – sorry for bothering you about this.. I must have missed your answer.

I am building a house- I pay all materials . Which CC is best?


Thnaks in advance



You may want to make your subscribers aware of this

Hilton Honors Flaw Exposed All Accounts



Just a note, Serve & Bluebird do have Purchase Protection which is a nice benefit and I had good experience when I filed a claim (regular amex card).


Dan wrote:
“Apparently I made 6 return protection claims back when the old policy was still in effect. And for that I got a check for $305.70! I’m not sure how they figured that return shipping cost me $50.95 per claim, but I’m not going to complain.”

If the actual cost of return was less than $305.70 you should notify Amex and offer to return the difference. If they then allow you to keep it, ok. But initially you should point out to them that they are reimbursing you above the amount you paid out. It’s the right thing to do both halachikally and morally.


Actually the letter said the only reason to call is if you actual shipping costs exceeded $50.95 per claim. Otherwise please cash the check with no strings attached.

shay peleg

When was this old policy in effect?


@Dan: Regarding your answer to sam, I was told by Amex that they can’t go back to open a claim on a closed card. I do have other open cards with them, but this card didn’t show up on the online claims center list, so I had to call it in.
The rep said that since it’s a closed card, (closed for just about over a year) they can’t even look back. She wouldn’t take the claim at all.
Not only that, I was still holding on the physical closed card. She didn’t take the claim.
Did I miss something


@Dan: I believe that policy about having 1 open Amex card is sufficient, is no longer get true…. U might want to look into that a bid more


Is there any protection for restocking fees. If the website claimed “money back guarantee” and the restocking fee was only posted in the company return policy but you don’t have to check off that you read it before checkout, is that a reqson for dispute. I lost $100 to inventory adjusters recently & it was really upsetting. Thanx


Lol, the denial had nothing to do with the fact that the card was closed. It’s because the benefit is only good within 90 days of purchase!


which dpt at amex can I contact to ask for reimbursement of past shipping fees? is it better to message them? also is there a name to the credit that I can mention, or maybe another way to reference the specific reason that Im asking for refund


I had wonderful experience with Extended Warranty and was re-imbursed a few times for Cameras.
However , i tried to claim for an IPOD, and told them that the Glass was cracked besides other issues…. they said since it wasnt covered by APPLE’s warranty , it would not be covered by the Extended Warranty policy


I am about to purchase a lot of appliances for a new kitchen. Does it pay for me to do it on a AMEX card so that I have the extended warrenty protection? Does the extended warranty alos cap at $300?


@Dan: i received 1 credit of $50.95 on my credit card statement and one check in the mail. anyone else?

Bob Kaufman

Dan if I already closed the card I purchased the item with will I still be protected


Do you have to register your card first? or you can claim when it is applicable?