Should You Get The New SPG Luxury AMEX Card?

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AMEX has launched the SPG Luxury card.

The card has a limited time offer for 100K Marriott points after spending $5,000 in 3 months if you signup by 10/31. That’s equal to 33,333 Starpoints. Some users will see an upgrade offer from their Starwood Consumer AMEX when they are logged into the AMEX account and click on the application link or if they checked their AMEX Offers, though not everyone will have an upgrade offer.

The card has a whopping $450 annual fee. The main benefits you’ll get for that are:

  • $300 in annual credit at SPG and Marriott hotels. Charges that are billed to your room are eligible for the credit. The $300 credit resets on your account anniversary date.
  • On your account anniversary date you’ll get a free night valid at hotels up to 50K points. The free night must be used within 1 year from the date of issue.
  • Global Entry/Pre-check fee credit every 4 years.
  • Gold elite status for all cardholders and Platinum elite status if you spend $75K in a calendar year.
  • Priority Pass unlimited lounge membership with 2 free guests.
  • Free premium in-room internet at SPG/Marriott hotels.
  • Premium roadside assistance.

Unfortunately the spending benefits on the card are nothing to write home about:

  • 2 Marriott points per dollar spent everywhere (0.67 Starpoints per dollar spent)
  • 3 Marriott points per dollar spent on US restaurants and flights booked with airlines (1 Starpoint per dollar spent)
  • 6 Marriott points per dollar spent on SPG and Marriott hotels (2 Starpoints per dollar spent)

This card would be very compelling if it earned more points than the old Starwood AMEX did before the merger, but as it is, it’s not a compelling card for spending other than at SPG/Marriott hotels.

If you will max out the $300 in credit at SPG/Marriott hotels the effective annual fee is $150 per year. The annual 50K point free night should be worth at least $150 and can be worth much more, assuming that you’re able to use it every year. Overall those are decent benefits for the annual fee, though they are not amazing. If you don’t max out those benefits yearly then the card won’t make sense for you.

Applying for this card will add to your 5/24 count, which can hinder your chances of getting Chase cards over the next couple of years, though upgrading to this card shouldn’t add to your 5/24 count.

It’s worth noting that until tomorrow, anyone can apply for this card and get the bonus. However starting on Sunday you won’t be able to get the bonus if:

  • You received a signup or upgrade bonus for a Chase Marriott Consumer or Business card in the past 24 months
  • You have or had a JPMorgan Ritz-Carlton card in the past 30 days
  • You were approved for a Chase Marriott Consumer or Business card in the past 90 days

Will you signup for the new SPG Luxury card? Or is it too pricey for the benefits that it offers?

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Dan, what card do you recommend for every day spending now?


Does an upgrade from the regular SPG AMEX (held since before merger) to SPG Luxury count as a hit on 5/24?


Do people read the article, or just go straight for the comments?


Prickly. Not me.


So basically an upgrade would make no sense as now I am paying the 99 for the annual fee to get my free room whereas if I upgrade I will be paying 150 for my new room


The SPG luxery card gives you a higher category free night. During off peak you can even get a category 7

Dirty D

Is this different from the previous SPG card? I have the other one. Can I apply for this?

sholey klein

By clicking the upgrade link they offer 15K points for $1000 spend.
Can I “upgrade” but still get the 100K bonus?


Thanks Dan for this article. I’ve been on the fence about this, but your article made it clear. It’s not worth it for me.


the $300 credit is basically being prepaid in the form of the annual fee and then a corresponding credit… why do all bloggers say the AF is effectively $150? the benefits come after spending the $450.


with the merger, i will lose higher status, what other credit cards will give me platinum elite with less than $75,000 spending?

pre merge spg

can I get the spg biz and personal card if I already had it before the merge?


Hi Dan,

I currently have the Marriot Premier Plus Card and the SPG Buisness card. Both these cards earn a free night certificate at hotels up to 35k points. Is it possible to use the free night at an up tier hotel by paying the difference in points? If so, I think it would be worth it for me to get the SPG Luxury card as I could upgrade the fee night certificates on the other two cards to 50k points and use free nights as a 3 night stay. If not, I don’t think it’ll be worth it for me to get the card. Thanks in advanced!


Is there a business version


I logged in and have an upgrade offer for 15k points which is pathetic. Assuming I feel it’s worth it for me to get this card, does it pay to wait and see if they’ll offer something better down the line? Or apply for the new card and take the 100k now. I also got the Chase Marriott card recently so would that preclude me from getting the new card bonus later regardless?


Is there a business version


Can the $300 be used towards booking a room? Or is just credit for room service, spa, other things you can spend money on at a hotel?

sholey klein

With your Starwood Preferred Guest® American Express Luxury Card, enjoy up to $300 in statement credits each year of Card Membership for eligible purchases at participating SPG® or Marriott Rewards® hotels.‡


If you already have a regular SPG card it will only give you the option to upgrade not apply as a new card


I think I’m ready to go away from any SPG/Marriott cards entirely. I can get better value spending on other cards.


Only 100k MRs? Heck, I earned 85k from the Chase card for $85. I have the CSR which earns 3 URs per $ at hotels. This card seems overpriced not to mention having to spend $5k to earn the bonus. AMEX keeps losing.


Will you still be eligible for the bonus if you had the SPG preferred card bonus ever? Wondering if lifetime language applies tot he LUX card.


does my spend YTD on the regular spg count towards the 75K needed for platinum elite status? i have spent 70k YTD

never understood this benifit

what is the “Premium roadside assistance.” benefit??


Can you tell us Dan if you are getting the card?

Dave A

Does restaurant spending at hotel count toward credit (eg restaurant at Ritzilya)?


I have the SPG PERSONAL AMEX. Is it possible for me torefer my wife to this one even though I obviously do not yet have the Luxe version? If yes, how?


Dan, Does it make sense to continue to carry the regular ($95) SPG Card if you get the Luxury card?


I have the option to “request an upgrade”. If I choose that, am I bound to pay the $450? I just want to see what my offer is (and if I’ll get the 100k). The website (and the T&C) doesn’t make that clear.

Deal Guy

Can you buy a Marriott gift card with the 300 credit?


Can I use the Global Entry/Pre-check benefit for some one else in my household? I already have this with the chase reserve


If I upgraded my Amex SPG, would that affect my ability to apply for a Chase Marriott?

Follow up question: If I decided to downgrade the card later, could I still apply and get the 100k (before 10/31)?

Dirty D

Had the old SPG card. Just got approved for this and the SPG Biz. A week ago I got approved for the Marriott biz as well.


The card is lackluster — Bonus points are meager given that they’re not Starpoints; the annual fee is hefty; several perks are duplicated with other premium cards I carry; and the annual $300 credit obligates me to stay at Marriott/SPG brands whereas I prefer general travel credits that allow me to spend when/where I please. I’m passing on this one.


Agree with others…I’m on the fence about the spg luxury card. I’ve been disappointed in Marriott’s handing of this merger. The fact that Gold means nothing really stinks. Might even cancel my spg biz card after annual points/free night deposited. Going to use Hilton more where I get a free breakfast.


And the card is luxuriously made of plastic…


Is it possible to ask a marriott hotel I just stayed at to charge the 300$ to this new card I got instead of the card they just charged it to where u don’t get that credit? And what are some nonbasic things that one can charge to a room?


I tried to apply this card it said I would not qualify for bonus because of the previous card . Last year I had regular spg card.


I didnt realize that I can still get the bonus if I got a marriot card in the past 24 months if I apply before Sunday. If that’s true, can I apply Saturday night and still get the bonus? Also, I have the spg card now, so will I still get the bonus or do I need to cancel that first or can I get the look luxury card and cancel my spg preferred card at a later date. Please let me know asap so I dont lose out on the bonus before it’s too late. Thanks


If I get this card and decide to close my spg preferred card, What is the best way to close it without affecting my credit? Is it transferring my entire credit line to the new luxury card? Let me know what I should do. Thanks


Related question: if I have the SPG consumer and business card- will I receive two free annual nights?


will the 300$ credit work like the chase reserve where we got it twice in the first card year?

Deal Guy

It works by membership year, not calendar year, so I would assume No


Hi Dan,

Just an FYI, I got an email offer from SPG for 125,000 for this card. I’m not sure if it’s worth it, but very enticing.


If I opened a marriott card and got the marriott card bonus within the last 60 days if I upgrade my amex will I be eligible for the 100K bonus?



I have the chase sapphire reserve.
I know it can be redeemed for 1.5 cents per point (and on dining/travel points are tripled so essentiallly 4.5 cents).

But, I just redeemed a stay at an SPG hotel for 240,000 points (marriot/SPG) and the Cost for the stay was $10,000. That’s almost 8.5 cents.
If I had 120,000 chase points I would only be able to redeem them for $1,800.

I understand that earning points on every day spending is harder then it was.
But earning points via dining on this card makes earning points the same as it was, and earning points via dining on the business card is even better then it was. Not to mention earning points via travel on both is good.
I’m still under the impression that if I like nice hotels and I’m willing to fly any airline, SPG/MArriot cards are still my best bet. Can you confirm?


Will buying Marriott gift cards count for getting reimbursed?

mendel cik

made the upgrade before i have seen your post today. now i have 208k points what would be the best airline point transfer to do? so at least i can make the most out of it