[Save 10% Off Your Next Order] Chase Sapphire Reserve® Monthly Doordash Credits Now Posting

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Update 6/21/23: Through 7/19 Chase Sapphire Reserve® Cardholders can receive 10% off your next order with code: 10SUMMER

Max discount $5.

Don’t forget to use your monthly $5 credit to DoorDash!

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Originally posted 4/4/22.

Doordash has just posted a $5 Doordash credit for Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders. That credit will be posted monthly going forward and will expire at the end of the 3rd calendar month, so cardholders can stack up to $15 of credits together for an order.

New customers can save $10 off their first 3 orders.

Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred cardholders also get Dashpass for free through 12/31/24. Doordash Dashpass normally costs $9.99/month and offers zero delivery fees and lower service fees on $12+ orders. You also get 5% back in credit on pickup orders.

In more bizarre news, several readers told me that they received a “Doordash Fee Credit” of $239.76 on their Sapphire Reserve cards.

I went to check my account and had nothing, but my wife’s account had it as well:

Chase then sent a letter to her, apologizing for charging her fees for Dashpass. However she never was charged any fees…go figure?

I mentioned it to JJ, and he noticed that he too got a $239.76 credit!

Did you get a credit on your account?

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I didn’t get $5 or a Doordash windfal


I didn’t receive a $5 door dash credit. Is that supposed to happen automatically (I have a sapphire reserve)


Credit on my two accounts…I was not planning on calling to inquire.

CLE Rocks

Do card holders need to do anything to activate the free dash pass or is it automatic ?


Very confusing post. Where did they (DoorDash) post the credit? Do I have to apply it to an order? Or order and the credit will automatically post like a credit to global entry etc?


Just got a push notification that my credit posted- thank you!


No windfall, but I opened the app and see my $5 credit. Thanks for the heads up!


Chase is just going to remove the credit within the next couple of months. I’ve had credits mistakenly given to me only to be reversed a few weeks later

dan fan

got mine too what the pshat


Got mine over a month ago, weird

Matt B

I just got notification of the $5 credit. Cancelled my CSR a long while back (like a year ago).


Getting an error using 10SUMMER that this is only available for Dashpass users. I am a Dashpass thru CSR so no idea what to do now.


Same error. Did anyone try reaching out to DD?


same error

Alex K

Same error


Same error. Chatted CS and rep posted a $5 credit to my account which posted immediately which he stated was equal to promo code discount