[Chase DashPass Memberships Extended Through 2024!] More Chase Cards Are Now Eligible For A Free Year Of Doordash Dashpass!

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Update: I have DashPass via my Chase Sapphire Reserve which was set to expire this month, I just received an email saying that membership has been extended for free through 12/31/24. There are reports of this happening with other Chase cards as well.

Do you have a membership expiring that has now been extended?

Chase is adding a free year of Doordash Dashpass onto several more cards.

Doordash Dashpass normally costs $9.99/month and offers zero delivery fees and lower service fees on $12+ orders. You also get 5% back in credit on pickup orders.

Previously Chase Sapphire Preferred and Sapphire Reserve came with 12 months of free Dashpass. Now, many more cards have been added.

You can enroll in this offer here by 12/31/21. After 12 months of free Dashpass, you will be charged $9.99/month.

Current Doordash offers:

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I currently have Dashpass through a CSR. If I have one of these other cards, also, can I cancel my existing Dashpass subscription on December 31 and sign up again with the other card, for a second free year?


Any idea how we’d go about enrolling on the offer for, say, the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless, which I have?


Multiple cards multiple discounts?


Tried adding Chase ink card, no $10 credit


$10 credit not working for me




Is the dash pass for the reserve always free or only for the first 12 months?


what is on “gifts” what places on DD are considered gifts?
whoch is kosher alcohol places to order?
kosher groceries?
categories dont exist? would it work on general take out ?


Does anyone see where the “GIFT” option is? And can you gift yourself?


In the cart.


This is great! Just signed up now. Thanks for posting!


Mine still showing as expiring tomorrow


Have CSP and got the following email,

Good news! We’re extending your Chase Sapphire® DashPass Membership!
DashPass and Chase Sapphire® are automatically extending your membership through December 31, 2024.

No additional sign-up or action needed. Just more savings on deliveries
with restaurants, grocery, convenience, and more when you use your Sapphire card and DashPass!


My expiration is listed as 1/31/22, and I did not get an email, but if I click on “Cancel Membership” it says “Your Dashpass Benefits will end after January 15, 2023” (my enrollment date was 1/15/20).


Is there a $60 chase credit for 2022 as well?


Mine still says expires Jan 31 2022

Varun agarwal

I also got the same email. CSR.


I can confirm the CSR, CSP, and no-fee Sapphire all got DashPass extended, we have all of these cards in our household. With some of the cards, DashPass expired months ago but no activates again into a free membership. One of the cards is still in its 12 month initial free period and still shows the original expiration date, the other cards show Jan 31, 2022 (even if it originally expired months ago) but received an email about the extension, so it will probably be updated soon.

The notice about being charged $9.99 a month after your Sapphire DashPass expires is false and always has been false. The Sapphire DashPass never charged after expiration, it simply expired, this is according to the language in the terms and what I saw happen with multiple cards. Only the Freedom 3 month trial and MasterCard World 3 month trials converted into paid memberships, which IS clearly listed in the terms and on activated, and which I also saw happen myself due to forgetfulness.


I want to add something to my previous post, the Sapphire DashPass never converts into a paid membership, but the 12-month membership for co-brand Chase card does convert into a paid membership on expiration, like the Freedom and MasterCard offers.


Didn’t notice anything in the email about the free $60 on orders which we had in the past on the CSR card. That was a great feature. Will Chase continue it for the CSR card?


account still shows expiring 12/31/2021


I canceled mine a few weeks ago because I didn’t want to forget and get charged. Can I add it back and still not get charged?


Any possibility for someone who’s DoorDash expired with the CSR a couple of years back. They can get it honored for an extension? I used my year up right away when getting this card.


Yes, just delete and re-add the card in the DoorDash phone app (not the web browser) and it will re-activate.


I noticed a lot of people are confused about how to activate or reactivate if yours already expired or you cancelled:

Just delete and re-add your Sapphire card from the DoorDash phone app (NOT through the browser website) and you’ll get the activation pop-up. Ignore any dates (which haven’t been updated yet) and don’t worry about accidentally being charged because the Sapphire DashPass will never charge under any circumstance, it will be work or won’t work, it never converts into a paid membership.


Thank you!! Worked :)?