Chase Ink Bold Exclusives Program Going Away…

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Update, 11/30: The old Ink Bold link is now dead, and with it the Chase Exclusives program for business cards is now dead for anyone that doesn’t already have the old Ink Bold card.
The Chase Exclusives program lives on for the Freedom card as well as for those who have the old Ink Bold card.

-The New Ink Bold Card With Ultimate Rewards!
-Chase Exclusives Bonuses Explained And A Comparison Of Chase Ultimate Rewards Credit Cards.

I blogged earlier this month about the Exclusives benefits that Chase provides to people who have a Chase checking account and the Freedom card or Ink Bold card.  Until now Freedom cardholders and Ink Bold cardholders were automatically upgraded to the Exclusives program within a couple months of receiving the card.

The Exclusives program for the Freedom card, which gives 10 points per transaction and 10% bonus points on top of rotating 5% categories and 1% elsewhere isn’t going anywhere.

However my contact at Chase informs me that with the release of the new Ink Bold card, the Ink Bold Exclusives program will be going away. The reason given for this is that small business focus groups told Chase that getting 5 or 2 points per dollar on business expenditures along with no foreign exchange fees was more valuable for them than getting 20% bonus points across the board along with threshold bonuses.

For me, I get the 5/2/1 benefits on my Ink Classic card and I get 2.14/3.21 points along with no foreign exchange fees and the ability to transfer to airlines/hotel programs on my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card , so the main draw on Ink Bold was the 20% bonus points and threshold bonuses on everyday spending. But I can see how if you did not have these other cards why the Ink Bold card may be best served with the new benefits.

In summary here are the 3 Ink Bold cards currently on offer.  The old cards are going away very soon.

Old Ink Bold card: 1 point per dollar spent, spend $25K and get a 7,500 point bonus (1.3 points per dollar spent on average), spend $50K and get another 15K point bonus (1.45 points per dollar spent on average), spend $100K and get another 25K points bonus (1.475 points per dollar spent on average). 3% foreign transaction fee. Signup bonus is 25K points for spending $1.

Old Ink Bold card with Chase Exclusives: 1.2 points per dollar spent, spend $25K and get a 7,500 point bonus (1.5 points per dollar spent on average), spend $50K and get another 15K point bonus (1.65 points per dollar spent on average), spend $100K and get another 25K points bonus (1.675 points per dollar spent on average). 3% foreign transaction fee. Signup bonus is 25K points for spending $1.

New Ink Bold card: 5 points per dollar spent on telecom (landline and wireless phone+internet), cable, and office supplies, 2 points per dollar and gas and lodging, and 1 point per dollar elsewhere. No foreign transaction fee. Signup bonus is 50K points for spending $5,000 in 3 months.

All 3 cards comes with 2 free annual airport lounge uses and have no fee for one year and a $95 fee thereafter. All can also transfer any Ultimate Rewards points you have into airline/hotel programs. If you spend $1,000 in a month on Ink cards your your checking account fees will be waived even if you do not have the minimum account balance to normally waive those fees.

For a very limited time only, you can still apply for the old Ink Bold card (which gives 25K bonus points for spending $1) and if you also have a checking account you should be automatically upgraded to the Exclusives program.

You can’t be upgraded from the new Ink Bold card to the Exclusives program.

For now, those who have the Ink Bold with Chase exclusives will be grandfathered into that program. If you enjoy that program be sure to provide feedback to Chase (call them or write to them!) that you don’t want to see it go away!

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The link for the New Ink card is a minimum spend of 5k in 3 months?


Dan, I applied for the ink bold 2 months ago. The bonus was 50,000 points after $3,000 spend.
Qny reason this card/promo isn’t mentioned in the post?
I’d like to get either “chase exclusives” or “5/2/1”, but the reps are saying its not possible with my card.
Is this true?
Thanx a mill again!!


Dan I applied for the ink bold more then a month ago although didn’t get my first statement yet I have linked online my card to show under one user Id will tht mean tht ILL b getting the exclusive benefit or since I didn’t officially get it it will never go on . Or maybe they will change the old inks to the 5 2 program



The 50K offer for $5,000 spend on the old card died yesterday, as I said it would in another post.

You should be able to get Chase Exclusives with the old card as long as you’re a Chase checking customer. It should happen automatically, but you can also send a secure message when logged in on asking to get the Exclusives benefits.

As of now I don’t think you can switch between the new card and the old card.

Send them a secure message.

Aay B.

Dan, Correct me if i wrong, so for all those who applied for the Ink Bold Business with the 50k/$5k within the past 2 months or so, should be safe with the Exclusives Program, right?


Hi Dan-

I just got approved for the sapphire preferred, southwest, and united milag plus.
And i have a chase checking and savings account.
Could I get exclusive?


I have the old card. Does that mean I will continue to pay foreign exchange fees, and continue to receive threshold bonuses?

d from Chase

Hello Dan. I am a customer representative at JPMorgan Chase. I have read many threads on your blog that speculate as to our policy with regard to matching customer targeted offers, application reconsideration, etc. With the permission of my supervisor, I have decided to let you in on some of our policies.
The first thing that you should know is that we customer representatives like to have fun too. For a time, we had a contest among ourselves as to who could match the most untargeted offers in a month (not to brag but I came in 2nd last February). After we got tired with this game, we decided to compete over who could deny the greatest number of matching requests (I am currently in the lead for November, please God).
You may also like to know about our reconsideration department. First, the customer reps are the same ones who handle reconsideration, and yes, we all have broad authority to approve your credit card applications. Second, we usually decide immediately based on the way you talk to us whether we want to approve your application, deny it, or make you call back 2-4 times (we leave a note on file saying something like “approve on third call.”
Finally, one more think you may like to know: we all have AMEX!


@Aay B.:
Anyone who applied for the 50K deal before 10 am yesterday is in the old program.
Anyone who applied after 5pm yesterday for the 50K deal is in the new program.

Only Freedom and Ink Bold have exclusives programs.


@d from Chase:

Chaim Bin Nun

D from Chase:

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to post your thoughts on this blog site.

I would appreciate if you can please call me regarding my chase account, I called up chase to speak to you and they said they cannot hep me get to a representative just by the letter “d”.

Last time I called they gave me a case ID: #4546ff-f0, please call me and I will explain how we can do business together, I have a great plan for Chase and myself to make money.

Thank you for your time!

Jamie Dimon (CEO JP Morgan Chase)


This may come as a shocker, but I got denied for an Ink Bold (I think the customer rep was part of the “Occupy Wall Street”.
I was nice enough to offer him a free shower and a chance at a job and look at the payback.
Any ideas how I can get the card?




@d from Chase:
yesterday there was nice reps.

CEO of Chase

Just To let everyone know D from chase was fired yesterday.


i applied for the ink card 2 weeks ago and then called recon.and got approved yesterday at noon and got approved.Am i in the old prog. or the new one.?



Aay B.

Omg… What’s happening here???

Humor aside, I just got word that Pres Obama is reading through and as a new year resolution he commits to write and comment more often.. Both here and at DDF..

He sometimes hides under the nick “Dan”…
So guys from now on, a little more respect


can points from the new chase ink business card be transferred to airlines?




Now that I just got accepted for these 3 chase cards-(sapphire preferred, southwest, mileage plus) should I apply for the chase freedom, to get on exclusives OR should I wait(if so how long?)?



I have the old Ink Bold card. I only use it as Sams Club because there are no category bonuses like my Sapphire Pref., Amex Gold and Starwood. I called was told I could not get 5/2/1 without a new application.

So, is there any reason to use the old Ink Bold?


Do you have a Chase checking account? Can you get one?


@Dan: I guess I COULD get one



I applied and got approved for the Ink Bold Business (old link) in January of 2012.

On the T&C it says I’ll get 50k after spending 5k,- 7,500 after 25k, -15k after 50k, – 25k after 100k, I don’t get 5/2/1 as on the new offer.

Will I be able to get into the Chase Exclusives program?


Sounds like you should qualify for Exclusives!


YES!!! I got the cake, and get too eat it too… (Got the 50k sign up bonus, plus I’ll be getting “1.675 points per dollar spent on average”!!)

Wait, that’s not all… I did the 3bm while applying for the Ink-B, and got the Sapphire Preferred too, also with 50k sign up, no Forex fee and 7% bonus points. All thanks to Dan!! And I even signed up 3 friends that are Frequent Buyers for the 2 cards all thru DD!

Dan, I see you mention that you get 2.14/3.21 on the Sapphire, can I get that too? How? (Am I too greedy? Well, I’m needy…)


So how do I know if I have the old iNk Bold With Exclusives?

Background: I got the old iNK Bold on Nov 29th 2011 right at the time the NEW iNk Bold came out. I then had to Apply for the NEW iNk Bold and got that.

So I know the difference between old and new but not old and old w/exclusives.

I called Chase – they had now idea what I was talking about, infact they did not even know the difference between old and new iNk cards after speaking with three reps.

So how do I find out if my iNk Bold (old) is in the exclusives program?



Your statement would say Exclusives on it.

Try sending a secure message and ask if they can link it for Chase Exclusives.