Chase Sapphire Reserve® Additional User Benefits And Lounge Guesting Policy Are Awesome!

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I wrote about the incredible Chase Sapphire Reserve® on Monday and I’ve answered hundreds of questions in that post, so if you have questions I’d recommend reading through the comments there first.

The card offers 100,000 points for spending $4,000 as well as $300 in automatic cash back for the first $300 that you spend each calendar year on triple point categories like airfare, car rentals, hotels, Airbnb, campgrounds, cruises, or transportation which includes trains, buses, subways, Uber, Lyft, taxis, limos, ferries, bridges, tolls, E-ZPass, and parking. It also gives you the option to transfer your points to miles or use your points at a value of 1.5 cents per point, which means in your first cardmembership year you’ll get $2,100 in travel credit.

-I confirmed over the phone and via secure message that the Priority Pass Select lounge membership that comes with this card includes unlimited free guests that can accompany the member into the lounge! That includes access to over 900 clubs worldwide including lounges with kosher food and wine in Newark and Tel Aviv.

-You can call Chase to enroll in Priority Pass or you can enroll online here.

-Additional users cost $75/year and they also get their own Priority Pass lounge membership with unlimited free guests.

-I confirmed over the phone and via secure message that each additional user also gets their own $100 Global Entry credit every 4 years.

-There are numerous posters in the comments here and on DDF who have been approved for this card despite opening more than 5 cards in the past 24 months but there are also many who have been denied. Many were able to call reconsideration and move over credit lines for the minimum $10,000 line required for this card, while many others have hit brick walls. Some people had luck checking in-branch to see if they were pre-approved while others were denied even when pre-approved. As always, YMMV (Your mileage may vary).

-If you have authorized user cards on your report, some reps will allow you to be reconsidered without counting them as part of the 5 cards, just say that you are not financially responsible for the card. You can always HUCA if a rep insists on counting those or you can work with the bank or credit bureaus to have them removed from your report.

-People with Chase Private Client (CPC) status have reported having much better luck with approvals via calling Chase and by having their banker call for them. Officially CPC is for people with $250K in assets with Chase, however if you have a relationship with a banker they can give you CPC status regardless of the assets that you keep with Chase. If you have a family member with CPC they can also make your account have CPC status. If you share an account or a safety deposit box with a CPC member you’ll also get CPC status.

-I recently got CPC from a banker and was able to get approved via 3BM for a Sapphire Reserve, Ink Plus, and United card, bringing my current total primary Chase cards to 13. I only had to shift my credit lines around to get approvals for those cards.

-With my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card rendered redundant by the superior Sapphire Reserve, I downgraded my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card to Freedom Unlimited. That means I’ll get 1.5 points per dollar on regular spending with my Freedom Unlimited card, 2 points per dollar on gas with my Ink Plus card, 3 points per dollar on travel and dining spend with my Sapphire Reserve card, 5 points per dollar on rotating categories with my Freedom card, 5 points per dollar on Cell Phones/Internet with my Ink Plus card, and 5 points per dollar on office supplies and gift cards with my Ink Plus card. I’ll still use AMEX for groceries, possibly for gas (though right now I’m using Costco Cash bought on Freedom for 5 points per dollar), and for any items that might need warranty or return protection.

-I was able to transfer points from Freedom, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, Ink Cash, Ink Plus, and Ink Bold cards to Sapphire Reserve and immediately my points were able to be used for 1.5 cents each towards travel, or 1 cent each as cash back (please don’t try this at home!), or transferable to miles.

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If I want to use the lounge in the airport I must buy the ticket with this chase card?




Dan: Did you do the 3bm and then have the CPC Banker call and push them through after the fact or they did the 3bm for you?


How is that (effectively) a 3bm if it’s two pulls? Biz/personal.


Any way to get Chase to downgrade a MileagePlus Club card to a Freedom Unlimited


sounds sweet for travel. i think ill wait though. i found a round trip from Newark to LAX for 20,000 virgin Points. anyone know if thats any good?


I did it online and called Recon myself. Didn’t need to get the CPC banker involved, though I would have if I needed to.

It’s not always 2 pulls, YMMV.


Wait until the signup bonus goes down?
20K Virgin sounds high to me.


If I may make a correction- I was able to activate my Priority Pass with one click online, did not have to call Chase.


Why don’t try at home ?


More details please?
Did the PP card come automatically to you? How long did it take?

@MRS k:
Because it’s a poor use of points.


Dan i dida 3bm United business an southwest business an personal, an got 2 credit pulls for thatm i tried to dismiss the second pull with no success. Credit Bureau said it shows up from 3 separate dept.


+1 I activated it online yesterday.. Do i need to call chase as mentioned above?


@Dan you wouldn’t use Amex EDP or Citi TYP for gas and get 3x points per dollar as opposed to 2 on the IP?


Why poor use if you get 1.5 for travel


@Dan: Ultimate rewards page- under “Use points” on the top, one option there is “Card Benefits”. It’s on that page, see screenshot

I just did it yesterday, so I did not get the card yet.


Hi Dan,

I booked a flight to Israel with Delta and already paid for it with the Sapphire. would I still be able to enjoy the lounge once I get the reserve ?


Does that mean Firefox i.e. And chrome?
Three tabs or three windows of the same browser would not work?
Also, does it have to be 3 different computers? Ip addresses?


“-I was able to transfer points from Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, Ink Cash, Ink Plus, and Ink Bold cards to Sapphire Reserve and immediately my points were able to be used for 1.5 cents each towards travel, or 1 cent each as cash back (please don’t try this at home!), or transferable to miles.”
I was actually wondering about this. Why “please don’t try this at home”?


Dan, if I have never had any sapphire card, would you recommend I start with getting the standard one and getting the reserve later so that I can maximize the earn on bonus pints – Assuming I’m in no rush to get the reserve card. What’s the best way to go about it?


Added online link, thanks.

Possibly EDP, though you need to use it 30x to get the bonus.
Right now I’m using Costco cash cards bought on Freedom 5X for gas.

I don’t care for TYP’s airline selection.

@MRS k:
“or 1 cent each as cash back (please don’t try this at home!)”



It’s going on the 1 cent cash back.

You can try applying for both.


I have a brother who has cpc…whats the process for me to get cpc? & do I need a checking account with chase for it to work? Or is just having a few cc from them good enough for cpc?? Thanks.


Also activated online. When you click on the card benefits in your online profile there is a button to activate the lounge access.


@Mrs k dan only said but to try the cash back option(which gives you one percent not 1.5)



Sorry but what does 3bm stand for! Thank you!


Does downgrading CSP change the number?


@Ybeeds: He’s saying don’t do it because you can get a much better value out of the points than 1%


I have an original Chase Sapphire (not Sapphire Preferred) which is my oldest credit card. If I transfer the card to a Freedom Unlimited, would it still show on my credit report as a card with a 5+ year history? Would the transfer result in a pull on my credit report? Thanks!


Can you downgrade to freedom or fu if you already have those cards?


Do I have to transfer my points before downgrading to freedom unlimited?


Just went in to a branch asking if I’m pre approved, banker said there is no such thing and they will only know once rusty run my credit, she even asked her manager. Don’t think I will get approved online as I’m 5/24.


Dan- How long have you had CPC account open?


You will need to bank with them or share an account with your brother.


It seems like my number will stay the same.

It should stay on there. No pull for downgrading.



People have been getting approved online despite 5/24. It’s YMMV.

Opened earlier this year.


If I get approved for CSR at the branch can I apply for CSP after that ?


chase ultimate reward site down


What’s the annual fee?


250k on deposit still required for CPC or any workarounds?



Works for me.

See the original post:

Not required, read the post.


Not sure that I’m willing to risk a hard pull on a maybe.


I have a sapphire preferred for me and all my kids. I want to get the sapphire reserved card but don’t think I would pay $75 per kid a year for this card. I would get it for myself and don’t want to keep my sapphire for my kids because it costs $95 per year. First of all how do I transfer my credit from my sapphire to my sapphire reserve to not deter my credit score for loosing the credit then after I cancel that I need to get another card for my kids. What would be the optimal card to get now that has a great bonus no yearly charge and no forge in transaction fees ? Also what was that United card you were talking about Dan?


I have Priority Pass through my Amex Platinum, but seeing that the membership offered through the CSR is far more valuable, how would I transfer it over? OR is it automatic? Thanks in advance!!


13 primary?! My guesses/deductions: Ink Plus, Ink Bold, Ink Cash, CSR, Freedom Unlimited, Freedom, United Explorer, United Club, (guesses) Ink Plus x2? Hyatt? IHG? Ritz? Fairmont?


1 hard pull isn’t the end of the world.
Only lowers your score by a few points and only for about 6 months.
Can combine the application with a Chase card not under 5/24 (BA, Hyatt, IHG, etc) so that’s not a waste.

Apply for Sapphire Reserve.
If approved downgrade your Sapphire to Freedom Unlimited and get your kids AUs on that card that gives 1.5 points per dollar everywhere.
Then transfer those points to Sapphire Reserve to make them worth more.

You can view card offers by bank in the credit card tab on top of this website.

You will get a 2nd membership. Make a note on it that it’s from this card as it comes with free guests, unlike the AMEX issues one that charges $27 per guest.

Multiple Ink Plus and Freedoms.


Dan what is the amex platinum policy regarding priority pass?


Dan, if I don’t have $10,000 credit line I can’t open the reserve card? I seemed to get that idea from your post


$27 per guest.

You can, but you need the income to support getting approved for a $10,000 line.


Thank you for the great post Dan!
When you say “they can give you CPC status regardless of the assets that you keep with Chase.” Does this apply to any banker or does it have to be a CPC banker?

And for when you said”If you have a family member with CPC they can also make your account have CPC status.” If my father in law is a CPC what exactly do I have to do to get CPC? I already bank with chase and have a couple business checking accounts with them… Would I have to be added to his checking account?
Thank you!


Dan, I want to dump my Ink Business Plus and get this Sapphire Reserve. But I love the 5 points on cellphone bills. Any no-fee cards with that perk? TIA


@Dan: thanks boss


Any banker should be able to.
Have him talk to his banker about making you CPC.

Ink Cash gives 5x for telecom and office supplies and has no annual fee.


Dan – do I need to wait om transferring the point to reserve until downgraded the regular Sapphire to Freedom or can transfer the points right now already?


Makes no difference.


Hey Everyone. Can I sign up to this and the Freedom Unlimited as a 2bm if I haven’t signed up to any credit cards in a couple years or is that impossible at this point? I see a question there on the other thread that seems to indicate you could but I need to confirm this before moving forward on a big step like this.


Thanks Dan. What’s the best way to apply for both at the same time without having my credit pulled 2x and maximizing my chances of getting approved for both?


@dan what’s the calculation of $2,100 in travel credit?




100K points=$1,500 travel credit.
Plus $300 travel credit in 2016 and $300 starting in January 2017.


Just got off reconsideration. Boy, did they get strict! They said I will get a letter in the mail…


Dan, you have mentioned here allot of option that are in the travel category but you didn’t say anything about gas! is gas also in the travel category?


Dan. Any reason specifically downgraded to unlimited?
does having 2 freedoms allow you to get $3000 max in bonus categories?


No. If it was I’d have said so 🙂

I already have multiple Freedoms. Each allows $1,500 in bonus purchases per quarter.
Freedom Unlimited gives 1.5x everywhere.


Woooooof Just got approved for 33k!!!!
Thanks Dan!


But the freedom unlimited has a 3% forge in transaction fee. Any card equivalent without this fee my kids are going to Israel for the year ?





Can i apply now for another card (different one) right away so it should be included in the hard pull?


Yes, anything done today should share the pull.


Got approved b”h for 10k , but is it ok that my income is 45k per yr, and my credit line in across all my chase cards is more than 60k ? Should i close some cards ?? I dont want them to close me. Btw Thank you dan for all your great advice



Now the million dollar question from Rabbi Dan, which card or cards should i (try) go for?


@dan how does the priority pass work all you need is your chase card?


@Dan: so why would you ever need more than one unlimited?


Tough call there. Though shutdowns are pretty rare these days.

Depends what you currently have.

Read the post, you need to enroll in it.

This is my first.


@DAN i know i enrolled in it but does that mean there sending a separate card? also can you transfer amex points to united whats the transfer? and how long does it take to get card in mail. Thanks dan for all your help!!!!


1. Yes.
2. No.
3. A week


@Dan: Ah. Mazel tov.
So i guess no sign up bonus for you. too bad..


Not too bad. I signed up for cards with bigger bonuses and downgraded from the $95 SP to Freedom Unlimited.



Thank you, I got the instant 35,000 approval.
if Passport is in my maiden name, and Drivers License is in my married name, Can I apply for Global Entry, or I have to go for TSA Pre Check?


@Dan: Yes, correct. but doesn’t that mean u wont be able to get unlimited sign up bonus till u close that card?
i figure u have ur calculations and that its probably a drop in ur points bucket, but curious.


Why not apply for GE using your passport and buy tickets in your maiden name until you get a new passport?

I wouldn’t use a new approval for a card with a 15K bonus. There are better cards to get.



Am I able to switch from a sapphire preferred to the reserved? Or should I downgrade the preferred to a freedom unlimited while making another app for the reserved?


I used the latter strategy as that way I’ll get the 100K signup bonus.


@Phil: Do u want the sign up bonus?



Because they are requesting Passport and additional Gov’t issued photo ID for GE.


My wife was in your exact scenario and all she needed was a passport to get GE.


Kol hakavod for diligently answering all of our questions. Time and again I am impressed by how timely, clearly and knowledgeably you answer!
Big big thank you!



Thank you! I will definitely apply. Keep up the good work


Dan do the free guest have to be on the same reservation as the card holder?


Thank yo as well 🙂




To order a card as an authorized user for someone else costs $75?


What’s the best no annual payment card that has zero forgein transaction fees?


does it give u fast track security chect as well?


Got pending, I have CPC whats my best bet, banker inst really that familiar he said they told him that it’s still pending.


When you say unlimited guest with PP, is it really unlimited flying with my father and 2 brothers. Will i be able to get them into the lounge no problem?


Yes as it includes a lounge membership and Global Entry.


Did you try calling?

That’s what they tell me.


Is there a way around the issue that Chase now doesn’t grant new cards to people who have added/closed cards in the last 2 years?


Read this post and the original post on this card.


I think that your father & 2 Brothers are included in the immediate family and is included with PP select that comes with the Citi Prestige, so that’s not the big deal here (correct me if I’m wrong on that), My question is If I’m part of a group of 30 guys flying together with no Family relationship, would I be able to get them all in at no charge realy “Unlimited” no matter what? sounds to good to be true…


Yes I called spoke to the lending dept, just pending, i asked if i can move any lines around etc they said i have to wait 7-10 days up to 30…


Chase wrote to me that there’s no limit. I guess we’ll have to test and see.


Is the Global Entry/Precheck credit included in the $300 travel credit? Or is it seperate?


Signed up Monday. card came today via UPS.


I wish cards like these would give an option to add an authorized user that does not include the benefits for free.
Just so that my wife and I can both have a card to spend on.


Anyone have any ideas on what I can spend $4k on? I just met the spend on the sapphire preferred. I don’t have android so I can’t pay my rent on the thing Dan posted earlier.




Get a Freedom Unlimited card and add an AU.

Find a friend with Android?


Does the $300 spent on travel count towards the $4k spend?

Jack out of the box

@Dan: I’ve been denied United applications for 5/24. Is that different than BA etc.?


Hey quick Q before I apply

I have opened 6 cards in the past two years … one is a amex business card and one is a Chase business card… will I be okay becuase I have five or should I cancel the chase business card before ?



1. Can you apply online for the GE/TSA while my passport is still being processed?

2. Can I use TSA Precheck on ElAl flying EWR-TLV?


Dan, I suggest you apply for the PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards Visa to use exclusively for fuel purchases. You earn a 5% statement credit (better than points!) for all purchases at the pump for the Plus card. Qualification is tied to your credit union relationship but opening a money market account is the easiest way.


If I’m at 4/24, will doing a 2BM get me declined for the 2nd?
Also, if going over 5/24 now will bar me for the next 24 months, should I apply NOW with other issuers as well i.e. Prestige?


@AZ: I often purchase airline or hotel gift cards that have no expiration date to meet minimum spend. You may find these discounted on Giftcardgranny. Airline gc’s purchased directly from the airline count towards the $300 travel credit but not sure if it counts toward min spend.


I applied got pending app called recon twice and said nothing they could do because opened up 2 many cards anything I can possibly do?


Dan , regarding CPC status . Can I get it if I share an account with somebody who has it because of a family member of a family member of their’s ?


Is spending on gas considered ‘travel’ and included in the $300 cash back?



Dan, Please advise!

I applied and was denied with exactly 5/24, one of which was AU, (and excellent credit score) due to “too many cards”. I called and they wouldn’t budge even on the authorized user card. I then removed myself from the AU (it was a Chase Freedom so they can see that), hoping that would help, but was then told that there’s no steadfast 5/24 rule, even 4 is too much.
What should I do now? Just keep calling? Get it removed from the cr and apply again (would applying again even work at this point?)


I plan on applying for a mortgage in the next 3-4 months. My fico score is a little over 800. Is is still ok to apply for this card? I don’t want to lose out on the offer.


Done that, same credit card number and it’s Visa Signature as well. Started accumulating 1.5 points per dollar right away even before new card arrived.


@Dan: Dan, it sounds like you have a Costco gas station everywhere in Cleveland. And you have a fleet of cars that use $1,500 X 4 Freedom cards to use for all that gas credit.


1)If I have a sapphire (not preferred), what is the reason to downgrade to freedom unlimited? If it remains a sapphire will that make me not eligible for the sapphire reserve?
2) If I had 5 credit cards opened within 24 months, (one of them was from 8/14 – so maybe 4 and I removed myself as authorized user on another card yesterday) should I wait until September to apply? (In the past Chase denied me when I tried to apply for Sapphire preferred.)


Applied, called Recon, shifted credit and was immediately approved. Downgraded Sapphire Preferred to Freedom Unlimited. Thanks Dan!


Can I sign up for this card even I have the regular sapphire card open or I first need to downgrade it to freedom unlimited ?


Unknown at this time.

@Jack out of the box:

Seems to be YMMV, but I’d just go for it.

No and no.

I’m earning 5 points per dollar this year. That’s a minimum of 7.5% off and Costco gas is cheaper than other gas.

1. 2BM should work.
2. Makes sense to me.

Have some patience 🙂

Try and see?


Might need to apply again.

What are your FICO scores?

Something like that.

1. To earn 1.5 miles per dollar on everyday purchases.
2. Might be worth waiting until next month to be safe.


You can signup with it open.


does anyone know if it there is an itial fee or an annual fee to become a CPC?


There is not.


Similar question to Dave’s.
Planning on applying for mortgage in the next couple of months and my fico score is 787. Would you recommend I apply or wait?


@Dan but there is a monthly waive-able fee if you have at least 15K deposited correct?


2BM Approved for 1 at 22k the other they say I will know in 7-10 days.. Do I call them or just wait?


Your score will fall a few points for the pull temporarily, though having more credit and a lower utilization ratio will make your score higher in the long run.

Will a few points make a difference in your mortgage rates? Probably not, but I’d talk to a broker.

Talk to your banker.

There are people who will argue either way, YMMV.




Read the post.


@rxgeek: Cash is not better than points. UR points are valued at 1.5 cents so lets say you get 5 points thats 7.5 cents value.


thanks dan for everything. my wife only opened 2 cards but since she is a au on a few of my accounts she got denied for the united card recently how should i go about to get her approved for this awesome card? how do i clear it from her credit report?

5/24 Question

Dan: If i’m over 5/24 and received a pending status today for the Sapphire Reserved, and I have a family member that’s a CPC, what’s your recommended route:
1. Ask their to review the application that the RECON rep said would be in their system for 30 days? or
2. Apply again as a new application and dont mention the first app submitted online?
3. Something else?

Appreciate your guidance.


question about downgrading to freedom unlmited from sapphire preferred.
on the chase website it says that cashback points are earned instead of ultimate rewards points. how are you able to transfer points from freedom to reserve if they’re not the same type of points? asking because i have a preferred that I would downgrade now that I have the reserve. thanks


@Danfan: 5/24 is a Chase rule


@Danfan: And anyway 5/24 doesn’t ban you for 24 months. It’s only 24 months from the first card of the 5. Basic math


I have United mileage plus card from chase. If I apply for Chase Sapphire reserve card, Can I transfer my Mileage Plus points to reserve plus card?

Amex Platinum

Hi Dan – what is the better card for actual perks (status, refund – similar to 300$ travel credit reserve provides); Amex Platinum or Chase Sapphire Reserve? If i am going to get one, which one would you pick?

as always…thanks for your help!


Hey Dan! You’re awesome, first and foremost to look at everyone’s individual questions. So mine is specific but probably familiar.

The $300 credit is for the calendar year up till the last December statement generated. Based on that, when is the ideal time to apply to take advantage of possibly getting $300 three times with one annual fee (kind of how some people triple dipped with AMEX platinum). Thanks in advance.


Hey Dan,

Thanks for all this!

If I sign up my wife for the CSR and she already has the Freedom, can I downgrade my Sapphire preferred to Freedom Unlimited, which would leave me with a Freedom (different account than my wife) and a Freedom Reserve…

and still transfer between my Ultimate Rewards account and hers?

Or do I need to sign up myself for CSR (or start using just her Freedom and Downgrade my sapphire to avoid yearly fee)?


@Dan: Sorry to report, but I am a CPC and my banker just told me in no uncertain terms that there is no longer any reconsideration on the personal side – he either meant nothing at all, or he meant specifically for CPC. I didn’t clarify that with him. He told me to come into the branch and he can get me an immediate approval or decline. I said “If I get declined you can call the reconsideration line for me, as a CPC, right?” and he replied “nope, they don’t offer that anymore…it was around a few months ago but it’s not an option for us to do anymore”. I prodded a bit and he kept coming back with “sorry, if it’s declined, there’s nothing I can do”.

If anyone has any ideas for me, please let me know. I’m about 90% sure that I’m going to get declined for the card as my recent LOC took me to the max they are willing to give me.

E. S.

I applied on 8/24/16 it said it will take 7-10 days to receive the card. Anybody get it sooner? anybody know a way to get it quicker?


Got the below message from the web application, what are my chances at this point?

Thanks for applying.
We need to review your application a little longer.

We’ll let you know our decision in writing as soon as we can. If we approve your application, you’ll receive your card in the mail in 7-10 business days. Please don’t resubmit your application.

Thanks for choosing Chase Sapphire ReserveSM.


Are there any fees for enrolling in CPC?


Will be on vacation f one week
If apply don’t want f box sitting outside door
Apply now?
Wait a week?
Any chance offer will change in a week?


@Dave: No. CPC is generally something you get invited to, but if you have a lot of money with Chase, you can ask them for it.


I applied and was approved. They said I will get the cards in 7-10 days. What is the best way to spend the 4k as soon as possible to get the 100k bonus. I need to buy tickets for a Jan trip to Israel and use those 100k points.


Yes. received mine 2 days later via UPS. I didn’t ask for expedited but it came right away anyways. I also got the 7-10 days message.


Does the $450 fee apply the first year also?


Hi dan
I applied for the CSR even though I have 5/24 but that includes 2 amex cards. And its pending.
So I called the lending department and they told me that the application needs to go through a special verification department and they don’t have costermer service so I need to wait up to 30 days till I get a answer in the mail.
Is their anything I can do to speed it up?


how do you compare spg to the reserve in its value towards hotels?


If Im still pretty new to ccs. So far have the BOA visa travel (my first one), the Delta Amex Cc, & the SPG Amex cc as of now with a pretty good fico score (around 750) any chance ill be approved for this even though I dont have any chase cards yet?
I want to apply for it but dont want to get a hard pull on my score for no reason if theres no chance of me getting this card without first applying for a smaller chase card. (One advantage i have is im under the 5/24 bc only have 3cc.
Whats your take on this dan? Shld I try it?
Thanks for all your help!


Dan, when you say “don’t try this at home” we’re you referring to booking travel for 1.5 or to taking a statement credit at 1.0? Is it difficult to book travel?


1st thanks for the tips, I was approved and the card is coming! and now to questions:
1.With the priority pass, will they send a separate priority pass card when you activate?

2. Can I gain access prior to getting the Sapphire reserve in mail? I saw priority pass has an app, but can’t login with Chase credentials, and no credentials were given when I activated the account via Chases benefits site.


@Josh: BoA Travel Rewards

Lumen Veritatis

Not so sure about the free guesting. Most websites say only authorized users get access.


Call the banks to remove the AU.

@5/24 Question:
Get their banker to halp make you CPC.

It earns UR points.


@Amex Platinum:
The Sapphire Reserve is cheaper and provides better bonus categories.
But AMEX Plat still has a number of great benefits. Perhaps I’ll make a comparison post.

I’d say this card is a keeper after the $300 credit, no?

You can transfer between your cards.

CPC worked my with Recon call.



Put deliveries on vacation mode.

Yes. But so does the $2,100 in travel credit.

Starwood is likely more valuable, but it depends where and when.

Definitely possible.

“…, or 1 cent each as cash back (please don’t try this at home!)”

1. Yes.
2. I’m not sure, sorry.

@Lumen Veritatis:
Most websites would be wrong.


I have the Ink, Freedom, and Sapphire. Am I even eligible for the Sapphire Reserve card with the sign-on bonus, or do I need to first downgrade my Sapphire Preferred?


You are eligible.


@dan, how long do you think this offer @100k bonus will be around for ?


@djk890: Have all the above and was approved immediatel.y


Dan, I tried downgrading my chase sapphire preferred to Chase freedom unlimited but was unsuccessful. I called a few different times and spoke to different representatives and they all said that my account wasn’t eligible. My one year account anniversary is coming up in about 5 days. Do you think my eligibility will change after I cross the 12 month mark? What other recommendations do you have to get the downgrade approved? Seems odd to me that they wouldn’t downgrade a premium card to a standard card. Thanks!


How do u get your points from CSP to CSR?


My wife got declined bc of 5/24, the rep over the phone said nothing can be done.
Wife went into a branch and spoke with CPC, the CPC called but they denied him as well saying that 5 cards have been opened. Oh well.


I plan om applying for a mortgage in the next 3 to 4 months. My FICO score is 805 and my wife’s FICO score is 809. (as shown on our Barclaycard accounts). Is it still ok to sign up for this card? I don’t want to lose out on this offer.


If i missed a payment (1st time) by 4 days on a chase card, will i have trouble being approved even if i would transfer my credit line? How long after should i wait? Thanks!


Hi dan would i be able to get both united cards the 450 annual fee one and the 30 k miles at one shot applying for both at the same time thanks


thanks dan got for my wife and approved right away even though she has more than 5 card including au. thanks for all your tips!


Hi Dan
I signed up for the card yesterday and I was told that they give you 30000 points for the 300$. So basically that’s worth 450$ in traveling


hi dan,

I got approved yesterday but I needed to use current credit line from my other chase cards which def stinks.
also I while applying I was told that instead of getting 300$ into your account they give you 30,000 points which if you use as travel is worth 450$ so that by itself pays off the card



I’m not so sure about the Global Entry credit for AU. I called their CSR dedicated service department today and she said the terms do not allow for more than 1 Global Entry reimbursement per account per 4 years. How was this worded on your end or theirs as I would love this benefit for my AU.


No clue.


Wait 5 days.

Click on combine points on the UR site.

Those are excellent scores. 1 hard pull won’t affect your rates.

Should be fine.
Did you call and ask for the late fee to be refunded?



$300 would earn 900 points.

2 SM reps confirmed it:

And further clarified here:
And a phone rep confirmed it as well to me.


Do multiple ink cards need different tax ids or are differently named sole-props ok?



Would their be any other benefit to put an additional user on the Sapphire Reserve, besides this $100 Global Entry credit? Trying to justify additional $75 per year, for a one time credit


I applied last night. Got the 7-10 notice. I called this AM was told declined b/c of 5/24. Nothing they could do. Had read about some people having luck in branch by asking if they are pre-approved for any cards. Sure enough I was pre-approved. Banker said it doesn’t always clear. Got instant approval. Banker was shocked. Said he never heard that that have 2 systems.


I applied 3 days ago, got the 30 day pending message. I wasn’t sure why-wasn’t sure how many cards I recently opened. Today I just couldn’t wait any more. I called and offered to transfer credit from my Slate which I never use. Approved in 5 minutes. Thanks a lot!!!


approved thanks op


@thenewguy: For a rt it’s not bad. Usually it’s 25,000 miles.

NO Credit


I just went through this with Chase, there is no additional Global Entry credit for an authorized user. Only (1) $100 credit per account per 4 years. I know Dan has the Secure Messages stating one thing but this is a hard datapoint that matches the majority of people on the internet. Since reps are often wrong I asked mine to check with 3 different people and all confirmed there is no additional credit.


Applied for 2 Global Entry credits – myself and my wife as the other account user. I got one credit approved. I tried the SMs but they still insist on only 1 credit. Oh well… Still a great card.


Hi Dan, Thanx for all the wonderful work! I was just wondering:
1. When you pay for the 450 annual credit fee, is that included in the $4000 that need to be spent?
2. When exactly do they reimburse you on the $300 travel credit? (right away, at the end of the monthly billing cycle, or at the end of the year)?
Thanx again!


I can answer question 2 based on my experience. As soon as my bill for travel expense was posted, I received an immediate credit for $300. It’s automatic. The same goes for the $100 credit for submitting an application for Global Entry.


@Yoni: its not included in the 4000$


I love this Card


Regarding priority pass – once I activate online, do I need a physical priority pass membership card, or will showing my credit card be enough?


@Shira: you need the actual card (they will mail it to you) or you can use your phone to use the card after you sign up with them. you can store it in passbook. i hope this helps


I applied to this card and got a letter in the mail that says to call chase for verification purposes. I called them and they asked me lots of questions about my old loans and previously owned cars. They finally said i got the approval, got the plastic card ( asked for second day air free of charge) since they ran out of the metal ones due to high demand


When i spoke recently to a chase rep he suggested that I might want to replace my sapphire preferred card with the new reserve card. I read somewhere that if I “upgraded” I would not get the 100,000 mile sign up bonus. Is that true?


@Judi: No


SO at 2/24, maybe 4/24 with AU. Applied online, pending decision, called recon, asked income questions, then went on long hold. Later told me I would receive a letter in mail, told it had to go for further review in regards to credit line? Got desperate and asked to lower LOC from other cards, approved immediately.


Is GeTTaxi in Israel considered travel like Uber is?


@Ryan: I don’t understand. Do I need to apply for the card itself somehow, or was clicking “activate” through the Chase website by activating the Priority Pass benefit enough?


called chase and asked if tolls like ezpass is considered travel i was told airline and hotels only> i also asked abt downgrading my sapphire card and i was told i had to close it to open up a different card. should i be speaking to someone else? does he have no clue abt what i was asking?


That’s enough.

DDFers have already been credit for EZPass.
Your rep was clueless.


For those that have gotten primary and authorized users cards are the numbers the same?
Also the rep I just spoke to said one global entry credit per account not per user can anyone confirm that they got 2 credits?


Do I get the bonus points if I spent the 4000 but got back the 300 credit for travel that meanes my balance is 3700


Is this card really worth it with $450 fee?
what’s the deal with $300 in travel credit annually
can I actually get the credit back twice?


SM them with these:


You can get $300 back now and another $300 back in January.


@Dan: I still haven’t received my lounge card yet. I applied a month ago with the “activate” link. When can I expect to receive something?



I am now applying for GE, when they ask if you’ve ever used a different last name, did you enter your wife’s maiden name?




I meant married name.