HOT!!! 2 GB Crucial DDR2 Notebook RAM For Just $69.99 After $20 Rebate!

New Google Checkout users save $10/order!This is for 2 1GB sticks of PC2-5300 667MHz 200-pin DDR2 Notebook Ram.RAM Linky$20 Rebate Linky Hard Drive Deals!

New Google Checkout users save $10/order!6 GB Pocket Hard Drive-$19.95120 GB Ultra-Portable Hard Drive-$89.95160 GB Ultra-Portable Hard Drive-$119.95500 GB External Hard Drive-$138.95

McAfee Internet Security Suite 2007 For Free After Rebates!

New Google Checkout users save $10/order!McAfee Internet Security Suite 2007$30 Upgrade Rebate(Requires proof of ownership of any norton/mcafee product)$30 Rebate Linky

SMOKING HOT!!! TODAY ONLY!!! Ebags 70% Off Sale, Plus Coupon For An Additional 20% Off $75 And Free Shipping. Plus Get A $25 Off... LinkyYou can see some of the items up to 70% of from the homepage.If you need a laptop case Ebags carries some really...

Reader Request: SD Cards!

Zak asked in a comment,"Im leaving on birthright in a month, and staying the whole summer, and I need a second 2gig SD card....

2 GB USB Flash Drive For $12.64 After $20 Rebate! ($2.64 With New GCO)

2 GB USB Flash Drive Linky$20 Rebate Linky

CA Internet Security Suite 2007 For Negative $5 After Rebates!

CA Internet Security Suite 2007 LinkyThis is negative $5 with a new new account(just use a new email address) or -$10 with a...

Bluetooth 2.0/EDR USB Adapter For Just $18 Shipped!

This bluetooth 2.0 has a much faster data transfer speed than previous usb bluetooth adapters...Bluetooth 2.0/EDR USB Adapter LinkyUse code(Exp 03/12): hdw4doff

BOILING HOT! Netgear Wireless Range Extender Kit For Just $24.99 Shipped!

Update:Sold Out!These normally retail for at least $100-so grab this woot quickly before it sells out!!! linkyIt is refurbished-so be sure to put it...

HOT! One-Touch Backup Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure For Just $14.99 Shipped After Rebate Or Just $4.99 After Google Checkout!

This is an enclosure to make an internal 3.5" desktop hard drive into an external hard drive.Hard Drive Enclosure Linky$32 Rebate Linky$10 Off $10...

Notebook Cooler Fan For $9.99 Shipped After $10 Rebate Or FAR After Google Checkout!

Notebook Cooler Fan Linky $10 Rebate Linky $10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 1 $10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 2

Boiling Hot! USB GPS Locator And Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 For Just $50 Shipped!

This is today's woot, so hurry up and buy it before it sells out! linky

HOT! Samsung 17" LCD Monitor For Just $128.99 After Rebate And Coupon!

Samsung 17" LCD Monitor Linky$40 Rebate LinkyYou have a choice of coupons here-you can either open up a new account, or open a...

Don’t Like Rebates? 1GB USB Flash Drive For $11.99, 2 GB For $24.99 From Amazon!

Free shipping if you have amazon prime, but you'll need to buy 2 of these or add something else sold by amazon to get...

No Upgrade Required Rebate! Norton AntiVirus 2007 For Just $8.96 Or Negative $1.04 After Google Checkout!

Usually these rebates for anti-virus programs require proof of previous purchase, this one does not!Price:$48.96- $40 Rebate=$8.96- $10 for google checkout= -$1.04$10 Off $10...

HOT! Hurry! Webcam+Bluetooth Headset+Bluetooth USB Dongle For $34.99 Shipped From Woot!

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IOGear Mobile Kit For Free After Rebate/Google Checkout!

Includes a 4 port USB Hub, USB Mouse, and Network Cables.Price: $39.99- $30 Rebate- $10 for google checkout= FAR$10 Off $10 Google Offer Post...

Optical Mouse For Negative $4 After $5 Rebate/Google Checkout!

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Get A Free Permanent Copy Of Microsoft Office Professional 2007 For Attending A Free Microsoft Launch Event!

There appears to be events in most major-and many not so major-citiesLaunch Event Locater Linky

Retractable Cable Kit For Negative $1.75 After Google Checkout/Rebate!

New $10 Off $10 Google Offer Post 1New $10 Off $10 Google Offer Post 2Price:$28.25- $20 Rebate- $10 for google checkout= -$1.75Retractable Cable Kit...

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