Reader Request: SD Cards!

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Zak asked in a comment,
“Im leaving on birthright in a month, and staying the whole summer, and I need a second 2gig SD card. If you could find me one within a week or two that’d be swell.”

Hey Zak, enjoy Israel-I’m jealous of you!!!
Having a couple of high capacity memory cards is definitely the best way to go on a vacation!
I always take tons of pictures and then turn them into a beautiful photo book(which is so much nicer than having a bunch of loose photographs, or worse, having a bunch of digital files left on your hard drive that nobody will ever get to see) thanks to Shutterfly!

Here are a few good options, most of the best deals I found are from so you can save $10 if you open a new google checkout account, or save $5 off $50 for opening a new account

Option 1:
This will be just $12.95, but it requires a $22 Rebate:
2 GB SD Card Linky
$22 Rebate Linky(Limit:2)

Option 2:
This card is just $18.38, but you’ll need to get 2 of them, or add some other stuff to get free shipping if you aren’t prime.
2 GB SD Card Linky

Option 3:
This is a 2GB SD card for $19.95 shipped-no rebate to worry about!
2 GB SD Card Linky

Option 4:
Want a really big card? Here’s a 4GB SD card for just $32.99 shipped-no rebates!
4 GB SD Card Linky

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what’s the best/cheapest/quickest way to get to austalia on miles? (credit card etc.)


does anybody know anything about extra miles for adding on a card to a starwood account? i think i remember it but i cant seem to find it…


hey just to add if you want sandisk you can go to circuit city for a 2gig this week its 29.99 but ther is no reson to pay more for that anyway


I just got a 2GB SD card for $6 Shipped! No rebates! No Garbage!

I got it from for
+ $3 for Shipping
– $20 ($20 off $20) for new customers
= $3!

But I think that the $20 off $20 expired.


for a while you had clothing deals e.g. shoes, shirts,
i check your site every day to see if you post some more of this,
i am looking for mens white dress shirts good for yeshivah or for a Chabad-townbochur if you have anything to post inn the near future please post 100% cotton or even 60/40 what ever is on the market (don’t forget cheap!). i simply can’t find.
thank you!


i want a free sd card!


Hey Dan, not all Cameras support 4gig I dunno if u shud suggest em..