TAP Portugal: Boston, Miami, NYC To Europe From $252 Round-Trip

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Update: DEAD!


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Bookable on Priceline. Tickets purchased from Priceline today are refundable until 11:29pm tomorrow. Please see this post for directions on how to cancel these tickets.

-Also Bookable on Orbitz. Orbitz tickets are refundable until 11pm ET tomorrow.

TAP Portugal has fantastic fares from NYC to Europe from $252 round-trip.
-A Saturday stay in Europe in required.
-A connection in Lisbon is required.
-Limited seats are available on each date, so search for one seat and then work your way up to the number of seats you need in order to book as many seats on sale as you can.
-Search NYC to include JFK and Newark for best results.
-Search LON to include LHR and LGW for best results.
-Search PAR to include CDG and ORY for best results.
-Use Google Flights for help finding valid dates.

Below is just a small sample of city pairs and dates. Post what you find!

NYC-London Sample Dates:
5/8-5/15 $429
9/21-9/28: $276
10/13-10/30: $276
11/6-11/14: $276
11/27-12/5: $276
12/13-12/20: $276

Boston-London Sample Dates:
11/14-11/22: $276
12/4-12/11: $251
12/19-12/16: $276

NYC-Paris/ORY Sample Dates:
9/12-9/20: $280
9/20-9/27: $280
11/15-11/22: $280
12/4-12/11: $280
12/21-12/29: $280
12/26-01/01: $280

NYC-Rome Sample Dates:
5/09-5/16: $319 (EWR-FCO)
5/24-6/1: $319 (EWR-FCO)
9/12-9/18: $281
10/13-10/26: $281
11/1-11/8: $281
12/4-12/11: $281

Boston-Rome Sample Dates:
6/13-6/19: $281
7/3-7/12: $281
11/7-11/14: $281

NYC-Venice Sample Dates:
5/10-5/16: $329 (EWR-VCE)
11/22-11/29: $281
11/24-11/28: $281

Miami-Venice Sample Dates:
5/2-5/9: $384

NYC-Zurich Sample Dates:
9/5-9/12: $281
11/6-11/13: $281
12/25-1/1: $281

Boston-Zurich Sample Dates:
6/12-6/19: $281
6/21-6/26: $281

Miami-Zurich Sample Dates:
11/21-11/28: $388

HT: B.D.Da’ehu, via DDF and FT

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30 Comments On "TAP Portugal: Boston, Miami, NYC To Europe From $252 Round-Trip"

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Any idea what this fare accrues/earns on United? Mileage wise


Dan it’s $197 to London Example 11/20-11/28


Thanks! Do you have any dates from before Rosh Hashanah until after Sukkos?


50% of the distance.

Only with a 25 hour connection.

For which city pair?

Happy Thanksgiving

should be 50% of mileage flown @cook


does it work from europe?


I see flights for $197



Only with a 25 hour connection.

dans fan

nyc-vie december6-11 is 281


Were similar fares available to Lisbon (destination), or only connecting on to the other cities?


What about flights to Lisbon itself?


Any flights too Dublin or Copenhagen?


why does it say $320 roundtrip from nyc to rome and then when I try to book it’s double? may 18 to may 25…




looks just killed by tap


flight to zurich on 12/25 jumps to 797

Due to constantly changing availability, the price for this itinerary has increased. The new price is shown below. If this new price is not acceptable and you would prefer to select another itinerary, click here. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Locked in 2 R/T to Paris. Rome itinerary price changed in the middle of booking. Perhaps it’s dead?


Is it from portugal nyc?


I tried Zurich and price shoots up to $797 at checkout 🙁 #everytime






Anyone know how many miles it takes to upgrade to business, if these fares are even upgradable?


did anyone book fares that look like they’re being honored? or all getting cancelled?


I booked NYC-BCN in the summer, and so far it looks as if it will be honored. I paid $382 per ticket. Have some people received conformation emails, and then cancellation already?


YQ Was dropped hence the extremely low airfare.


Booked RT NYC to AMS via LIS for Dec 21st-Jan 1st –
received confirmation email from Priceline and booking number plus TAP confirmation #

Called TAP to try pushing departure to Sat Night, they acknowledged flight but said call Priceline. Priceline also acknowledged flight and tried getting me to cancel and make new booking. I refused and left flights as is for now, deciding how to proceed…

But my understanding, they are not considering even cancelling this flight.

Alex L

Dan- Looks like when the fares were sub $300 TAP was forgetting to charge the fuel surcharge. If you attempt to book now, when looking at the fare breakdown you can see the fare/taxes are the same as our bookings. However, now they include a $516 fuel surcharge.

Any precedent for airlines cancelling tickets due to a forgotten fuel surcharge? Do you think the airline can cancel these reservations? I was lucky enough to snag a fare JFK-MAD, LIS-JFK and am confirmed, however awaiting ticketing.


Are all of the Rome and Venice flights from NYC taken?


did anyone’s flights get canceled or refunded? has anyone contacted the airline? can we continue with plans?

Alex L

@Bruce- I have been back and forth with TAP on twitter to get them to confirm my tickets in writing. About an hour ago I received this

“Hello Alex,
We have the follwing tickets issued:

Booking XXXXXX
Tkt nr 0477XXXXXXXXX”

That ticket number ties back to the ticket number that was on my priceline confirmation, however on TAP’s website I can’t obtain a receipt using that ticket number and my last name, so I am waiting on TAP’s response to that issue.

Also, I checked my CC statement. I thought I remembered seeing a charge to my account before, but when I check today there is nothing (no charge or refund) so not sure if I am going crazy or if something happened. Will post any follow up I receive.