El Al Will Serve Miami-Tel Aviv With 3 Weekly 777s This November; Roundup Of 2017 North America-Tel Aviv Routes

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I reported last September that El Al will resume Miami-Tel Aviv service this year.

El Al has finally made the route official and announced that it will be served 3 times per week on Boeing 777s that offer first, business, and coach seating. They should start selling seats on the route within the next couple of weeks.

El Al still hasn’t announced which routes will get their new 787 service later this year, which DDF sleuthers discovered will have 1-2-1 direct aisle access reverse herringbone seating in business class.

For those keeping score at home that means that the 77 weekly flights between North America and Tel Aviv at the peak for each route in the summer/fall of 2017 will look like:
Boston: 3 weekly flights on El Al (767).
JFK: 7 weekly flights on Delta (777 through 10/27, A330 from 10/28), 16 weekly flights on El Al (747/777).
Los Angeles: 5 weekly flights on El Al (777).
Miami: 3 weekly flights on El Al effective November (777).
Montreal: 2 weekly flights on Air Canada (A330 from 6/22 through 9/14, 787 from 9/17 through 10/15), 2 weekly flights on Air Transat (A330 from 6/18-10/29)
Newark: 14 weekly flights on United (afternoon on 777-200, evening on 777-300), 6 weekly flights on El Al (747/777).
San Francisco: 7 weekly flights on United (787)
Toronto: 7 weekly flights on Air Canada (787), 5 weekly flights on El Al (767).

The only question is will El Al or United be the airline to launch Chicago-Tel Aviv service?

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19 Comments On "El Al Will Serve Miami-Tel Aviv With 3 Weekly 777s This November; Roundup Of 2017 North America-Tel Aviv Routes"

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High end hobo

Any idea why LY hasn’t put out a press release about the seats or routes the 787 will serve? Usually airlines try to generate hype about these things (like QF with the 787)

Israeli media report that the first 787 will be delivered in August.


I’m speculating that JFK, LAX, and EWR will for sure get the 787, with the other routes getting the 777, with the 767 getting retired.

Curious if the will remove F from the 777 and add extra J.


El Al used to fly out of ORD in the late 90’s/early 00’s, stopping in New York along the way. They even briefly flew direct to TLV from ORD.

Any reason why El Al or United would think that route could be profitable if it failed a decade ago?

Dan's the Man


I think they should hire you as a consultant to help plan North America – TLV routes and also of course to revamp their MATMID program.

Dan, do you think El Al is too small to make a partnership with a US credit card company for a co-branded credit card?


Is there any confirmation that ElAl will re-initiate direct flights between São Paulo and Tel Aviv this year ??

Dan's the Man


I think LAX (and Chicago and Miami) will get the 787. I don’t think JFK or EWR will b/c
1: The route isn’t as long as the Chicago and LA routes so there will be more fuel savings using the 787 on the longer routes.
2: The 787 (I believe) is a smaller plane so I think it would make more sense for El Al to use those planes not New York routes as New York as the greatest demand so it makes sense to use bigger planes to NY.

chaim greenberg

very disappointed… didn’t get the H/T for this post….. now I won’t get those UNITED club passes or scotch by the end of the year 🙁


@dan’s the man @dan, but please make sure to leave over some loopholes when you redo the MATMID program


Where can I find your guide for point tickets for Israel? Nonstop in business from NYC? I have lots of points and I want to maximize them. Many thanx.


The matmid program is very popular in israel and they have a few israely credit cards as well that is very successful so they probably don’t see any reason to change it


@elal: @Dan: and a website that doesnt open up a hundred new windows every time you click… these are israelis for crying out loud… so technologically advanced yet so behind on their own blasted airline web page


Any idea what day s ELAL out of Miami?
How about ORD?


I still miss the Philadelphia flights. An easier airport to navigate


Will anyone take over the Philadelphia—TLV flight that Amercan/USAir cancelled??