El Al Takes Another Step Closer To SkyTeam With Virgin Atlantic Codeshare Agreement

Rendering; 787-9; El Al; Over coast; from right side; K66451
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DansDeals reported last year that Delta committed to making efforts to help El Al join the SkyTeam Alliance.

The Delta agreement has opened the door to more deals with Delta’s partners.

Earlier this year, the airline signed codeshare agreements with Skyteam carrier Air France and SAS, which itself will join Skyteam in September.

El Al announced today that they have signed a codeshare agreement with Skyteam carrier Virgin Atlantic.

Codeshare flights will be bookable starting June 10th for travel starting June 19th.

Virgin hasn’t flown to Tel Aviv since October 7th, but plans on returning on September 5th.

As part of the agreement, there will be reciprocal loyalty rewards, with point earnings available on all flights. I’d expect reciprocal perks like priority baggage, boarding, security, and potentially, access to El Al lounges.

At a later date, you will also be able to redeem Virgin points for El Al flights and El Al points for Virgin flights. Mileage reciprocity is online for Delta (at sky-high rates), but hasn’t gone into effect with other Skyteam carriers yet.

El Al is also working out deals for a codeshare with KLM and other airlines.

El Al announced last June that they would join with Star Alliance carrier ANA in Spring 2024. Having ANA as a partner would allow for connectivity within Japan for El Al’s Tel Aviv-Tokyo service. SkyTeam has very little presence in Japan, as the market is dominated by ANA and OneWorld carrier JAL. That codeshare is still in the works, despite the Delta partnership, however it has been delayed in the wake of the October 7th massacre and won’t happen this Spring as expected.

The partnership with Alaska Airlines, formerly a close Delta partner and now a bitter Delta rival that has joined OneWorld, will end after 7/31.

El Al recorded huge profits in Q4 and even bigger record profits in Q1. That will be challenged as more airlines return to Tel Aviv, especially with Delta and United’s planned return this week.

What do you think of these El Al partnerships and initiatives?

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36 Comments On "El Al Takes Another Step Closer To SkyTeam With Virgin Atlantic Codeshare Agreement"

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Any insight on how much business class on elal might cost with Virgin points?


So Delta and United are actually starting to fly this week? Was this confirmed?


Will be great to have award booking option on Elal with Virgin and Flying Blue hopefully award chart is reasonable. Flip side is that availability will go way down as these awards are more accessible. Would be nice if Elal opened more partner availability but understandably that will never happen under current situation.


Elal and Quantas?


Just a heads up that you will not earn EL AL matmid points and diamonds on EL AL flights booked with a Delta ticket number. I tried huca numerous times and they were very clear that delta ticket numbers are ineligible for accrual


Nor does El Al reciprocate Delta elite benefits, such as 2 free bags or King David lounge access


So long as United and delta keep their basic economy too Israel which means no seat and no luggage will stay with elal

Dan\'s the Man

You get a seat, just not a seat assignment lol.

You have to compare apples to apples. If you don’t want economy basic then just compare prices on El Al to regular economy on United and Delta.


Interesting. After Flying Virgin (as the cheapest short stopover option this past Pesach from TLV to JFK) I was under the impression that Virgin was a low class Airline. The staff was rude and mean and the planes dirty….
We got on the plain and the Steward walked by my row with my 3 kids knh (who were incredible well behaved) and said “I don’t know why anyone has kids”
and proceeded to act in such a rude manner throughout the flight from London to JFK.
The others weren’t too nice either.


File a complaint


It’s a pity that the stewardess’s mother had kids.

Shlomo B

I’ve flown them from EWR-LHR-TLV and had an amazing experience. Flight attendants were super polite, very friendly and went out of the way to make the kids feel comfortable even taking the kids to the cockpit for pictures after the flight. Obviously YMMV


Dose this open an option for baggage transfer between virgin and El Al on a ticket that’s booked together?


This already exists… I’ve flown ElAl TLV-LHR and Virgin LHR-JFK on a single ticket and the bags transferred..


Where did you buy this ticket?
I can’t find any connections with elal on Virgin website




Where is it? Only by travel agent?


Most probably

Moshe Chaim

I have flown Virgin TLV-LHR and LHR to JFK and MIA many times. The airline is not as understated and classy as Emirates but is way above El Al, even in Business/Upper Class. Some of the Virgin planes are old and tired but if you know how to read a timetable you do not need to find yourself on one. The Virgin Lounges at London Heathrow, outbound and arrival, are some of the best Business Class lounges around. The availability of a variety of high-quality Kosher meal options marks how serious the airline is and how it respects and goes out of its way in valuing its Jewish clientele.


How do You know your p a plane age? You can only see the model as far as I know


Google the tail number


Ok lol


Does elal offer fully refundable tickets for cash, not vouchers?




@Dan any clue of what the pricing for awards will be?
Will rates just be as bad as Delta’s?

Thank you


Any info on how to add elal matmid number to a delta Flight ?
when I choose to put in the matmid number on the delta site/app
it only accepts 7 digit numbers But my ELAL matmid number is 9 digits!?


If you book through Delta and Elal operates the flights, do you get matmid points/status?


There is no way EL AL will join Sky team MEA will block it. Also Saudia unless there is a peace deal. Saudia will not object. But MEA no way. But Israel is bigger market than Lebanon.


One company that blocks is enough or it is by voting?


Purchasing an Elal ticket (but actually a codeshare Delta)- where will Elal put these passengers if Delta cancels flights to Israel again. Is there a risk here?