Delta Aftermath Part 1: Delta Honoring All Unconfirmed Tickets!

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Update 2: Several commenters are reporting that faxes are no longer needed!  All Delta supervisors should now have access to everyone’s Priceline itineraries and are able to rebook them.  You should be able to call now and confirm your reservations, let us know how it goes!

Update: Delta is honoring the tickets for everyone who made a priceline reservation by 1pm during the glitch last Thursday and never got a confirmation!
-Just call Priceline to get a copy of your priceline contract at 203-299-8000.  You can also login to your Priceline account, click on “My Trips,” and then wait a minute for a chat button to popup in the bottom right of your browser.
-Then fax it to Delta at 801-575-3000 and/or 888-286-3163 (their fax line is very busy, so keep trying if it doesn’t go through; services like allow you to send faxes for free online) and make it attention to SLC Reservation Customer Experience Supervisor. Make sure your contact details are there as well as commenters and DDF members are already getting callbacks from their fax to confirm their tickets.
-There’s a long backlog so just be patient and wait for the callback!


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Originally posted 12/28:

While thousands of people successfully booked insanely cheap tickets thanks to the Delta glitch on Thursday, some people got emails that their tickets were never confirmed.

In those cases you should contact Delta directly to work to get it confirmed.  Try to get to a Delta supervisor in the Salt Lake City call center where several people have been able to get their tickets honored.

You should be sure to check your SPAM folder as many confirmation emails wound up there.

-DDF member Proisrael, who first posted the deal on the DansDeals Forums, got such a cancellation email from Orbitz. While Orbitz offered no help he was able to eventually find a Delta agent to help him and get his 7 tickets reinstated. He found a Delta manager, explained that Delta had made the press release that they were honoring the tickets, and the agent agreed to finalize the booking.

-DDF member emek booked 3 tickets from JFK to Los Angeles for $45 each on Orbitz. He also never received the eticket numbers and got the Orbitz cancellation email. He even filed a DoT complaint.
He called Delta tonight and while they resisted as the tickets were never confirmed the agent did eventually accept a copy of the original Orbitz confirmation and honored the $45 fare.

-The Boston Herald also shares a story where a DansDeals Forum member booked through Orbitz and had a similar problem. In that story the paper helped the member get Delta to honor the tickets as well.

-Some commenters on the original deal have also had success getting Delta to honor the tickets even after an Orbitz cancellation email.

Bottom line: HUCA and be persistent!  Share your success or failure stories in the comments.


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DZ the Telzer

On phone/hold for over 1 hour and a half, for my parents tickets, it looks like they will be honoring it, but time will tell.


rep just told me that i need to call back at 12 NOON and that they will take care of it then no problem


delta assured me they would honor my unconfirmed priceline tickets (booking failure), however because the hold time for a supervisor is now at 1 1/2 hours, they suggested I call back after 12pm or tomorrow.


Just got the call. departing 1/30/2014. NY/JFK. will honor all 8 tickets for just over $200.

Tnx Dan

My cared wasn’t charged and i spoke to an sup. @ 6:30AM 12/31 and did it on the spot got my 2 tickets to LA!
Thanks Dan!

Ayelet Hirschkorn

After getting no where with Priceline yesterday, I called Delta this am and spoke to a supervisor. Supervisor told me that the Priceline error is too great and that I should call back this afternoon. Any advice? We tried to book tickets on the 26th around 11:45 am through Priceline but the tickets were unconfirmed. I have the request # that Priceline gave me.


@noach fox:
In order to get your ticket honored, your credit card had to be charged – nothing to do before 1PM or not.


worked they honored my tickets…I called them the delta rep was able to book the tickets.


Booked my tix through Priceline @ 1:01pm what’s the chances they will honor it?


help stillll waiting on hold after a hour for a sup.


has anyone been able to get delta to make changes to tickets?


Was just on hold waiting for a supervisor for over an hour, and the rep told me that there’s at least an hour and a half wait and she cant stay on the line and told me to call back after 12. She also said that if my credit card wasn’t charged (which it wasn’t), she doesn’t think they will honor my ticket, but I can try.



David Mal

CES Show $42
wait time for a supervisor is 1 hour 40 mins
once i got a supervisor it took 8 mins.

total time 1hour 48 mins.

supervisor got on the phone and just started asking for my birth date and credit card

if you have business class or first you will have to get a supervisor after 12 or 1 pm
so if you call now you may get lucky

Delta 800-455-2720


@ Hang Up & Call Again


Just spoke to supervisor (I called this number Delta 800-455-2720) after 2 hour hold and got confirmed 3 tickets for Passover!!!!!! Thanks god bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!


On the phone with a sup. now – they said they are going through faxes and verifying the tickets for people calling in with priceline itinerary numbers– before confirming the tickets. I am on hold waiting for my fax to be found!

This doesnt seem accurate based on previous comments- is anyone else being told this.


@Anonymous: That is not true, my cc was never charged. All I got was a priceline itinerary number and “booking failure” with no email confirmation. When I finally reached a supervisor last night I was able to get my Delta tickets confirmed with business class. Then they charged my cc while I was on the phone with them.


Took 20 minutes for CSR to answer. Then she told me that I should call back this afternoon or the wait was over an hour, been on hold for 20 minutes since. Anyone with priceline contract but credit card wasn’t charge get ticketed? Please respond. Thanks.


Just got off the phone with a Delta representative. I was on the phone for an hour and a half while she was on hold with her supervisor finally she got back and booked the tickets. The original outbound flight was overbooked but she refused to let me pick another date and instead booked me for an earlier flight on the same day. Just be patient and wait, the lines are very long because many people are calling. she was very nice and eventually was able to book my ticket


@eddy: See my post above, yes.


Hi, i just called Delta they honored my business class ticket to LA.


I had booked originally at 12:07 and only had my itinerary number. She took that and then asked for the names and dates and my cc number and booked it 🙂 thank you Dan and all you guys for your updates.


Agree with ES21728. I would call back and even direct them to this website and tell them their statement isn’t consistent with what their actions with respect to other customers.



My credit was never charged by Priceline, nor a confirmation received. Delta took care of me based on the Priceline reservation number. They seem to now have records of everything.


I had a flight to HNL with 2 stops in First. Delta dropped the extra stop at no charge!!


Got tickets!

Anyone else?

The supervisor said my name doesn’t match what Priceline told them?? I had to push it through, but was very strange…


Just got a callback from manager – I sent my fax to both numbers at about 4pm yesterday.
2 tix to vegas, going in business returning in economy. 80 dollars total



After sitting for 2 hours on the phone, they gave me 2 tickets from NYC-LA for $58.80 + a $25 fee for doing it on the phone.



just confirmed 2 tx jfk/phx .
thanks dan!
is delta obligated to do this? or is it for the PR?


Now I can really use a vacation, I was on the phone with Delta for 2 hours from 12:30 till 2:30 at the end I got my tickets confirmed just by giving my name the supervisor didn’t even need a priceline number she was able to find all my info and I even got the return date changed and got business class on the way back because the flight that I originally booked was already full in business.
Thanks Dan!!!!!!!!

Tnx Dan

@eddy: yes this morning!


2 plus hours on hold but got my 2 tickets to lax 41$ x2 dan you r so awsome…. well worth all the annoying tweets


what number for delta do i call?



I just got off the phone with Delta. We booked tickets through Priceline but did not receive a confirmation e-mail. I was on the phone for 3 hours but Delta put through the tickets. They did not need the Priceline contract but they did ask for our Priceline request number. The total price per person came out to be $95.80.


after 2 hours on hold a supervisor was gona issue my tickets. we got cut off………………………………………….

Sara A

I called PL and Delta and both told me that with only an itinerary #, they cannot issue a contract (PL) or honor the booking (Delta). I have called both companies twice and get the same answer. PL says the only info they have is that at 11:57 am I had a failed booking – can’t even bring up the details of what airline, flight, price etc.. Is that true? What are the rest of you with only itinerary #’s doing that I am not?


took 10 minutes got my flights booked business to vegas no supervisor


Took two hours, but Delta accepted a Priceline request number!. Thanks everyone!


# to Delta@rena:
I asked for a manager and she booked my tickets to LA for $24.34 per round-trip ticket earning 4950 Delta Skymiles per round-trip!!!!


I dont think this is the correct #


Still waiting for the dust to settle to call delta, no way I want to sit on the phone for 2 hours.
Has ANYONE had luck switching their ticket dates?


2 plus hours on hold but got my 2 tix to Miami from JFK $130.


Followed your instructios and it worked!We just waited for quite a while for a supervisor but delta honored our priceline tickets. It seems like delta did have our information. We did get the contract from priceline and that helped because delta asked quite a few questions about our flight information etc..

Thank you

Not sure what to do

My husband and I also tried to book tickets at around 11:45m on Thursdays and got a reservation number but than a failed booking. I will try to call delta to get it rebooked but our flights were for this Sunday to friday. Does anyone have experience in rebooking for different dates or something similar?
Any recommendations?

mr mgoo

1 plus hours on hold but got my 2 tickets to LAS 41$ x2 dan you r so gr8!! HUCA works, thanks everyone!!!!


Anyone think it might be possible to switch to a different departing airport?


No need to sit on the phone for 2 hours.
Make sure to call customer service and say why your calling they know right away and will ask for your priceline itinerary #.They will then have to call their superviser , the hold for the superviser is the problem so have them call you back when they get through to the superviser.
I waited probably about an hour for a call back, I gave all my information while he had the superviser on the other line.
The whole thing took about 5-6 minutes!I got a confirmation while still on the phone!
$117 for 2 roundtrip tickets to LA!!!!
Thank you Dan for all your updates would not have gotten them without you!!!


Got everything booked but they charged $25 for doing over the phone. what should I do?


$25 per ticket or for the whole reservation?


2 hours on the phone finally got to a supervisor was very nice and helpful but wanted $25 fee per ticket for booking over phone, told him that Delta said they are ‘honoring’ tickets booked through delta and ‘other channels’ and I booked on Priceline where there is no fee…
guess what he booked it without the $25 fee.

Two tickets to LA at 25.42 each



@Sara A: Try live chatting with priceline thats how i got my contract, i didnt have my itinerary number either they (Priceline) could look it up through the email and phone number you provided.

A faithful DD’er doesnt give up after 2 HUCA’s…..


Has anyone has any luck changing the routing w/o fees?

kollel man

On phone for 2 and a half hours got my tickets confirmed and even changed the departure date by saying that is what i booked. Going to Hawaii for $80 thanks dans deals!!!!!

Steven S

After being on hold for over 2 hours, was told that if you faxed the itinerary prior to today, then anyone at customer service wont be able to help. Has this happened to other people?


Called and now have a Delta confirm #, said i need to call tomorrow to actually see if the flights have been confirmed and approved, did talk price or give any CC number


Off topic…is it just me or is the DD mobile site not working.
I am only able to view in desktop mode…
Can’t figure out how to change/fix…


Called Delta with the Priceline Contract #.
Booked JFK-LAX First Class Both Ways.
$58 Total

Thanks Dan!!!

don't need supervisor

If you sent in a fax then the rep can book. Just tell her to search your name or flight number. You may already be in the system


I just chatted with Priceline and they immediately emailed me the contract that has the request number and the itinerary. I am thinking about waiting until tomorrow to call Delta b/c maybe the wait time won’t be as long. My flights are in first class ROC-HNL for $90, but they aren’t until March. It seems most people booked for January.


One hour and twenty min on hold, just got a rep. They will honor it in the class which it was booked. All they need is the contract #. took me 2:40 all done. Thanks Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Delta called me back from the fax that I sent to the 888 fax and booked my tickets!!!!!!!! THNX ALL FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!!!


It worked!! Thanks for the updates. Be prepared to wait over an hour but after that theyre very helpful.


just got confirmed! Slight catch. They told me if I wanted first class I need to go a day earlier because it was sold out on the flight i booked.


3 hours later and i got my tickets to hawaii!! First class for $100 a ticket!!!!!! Thanks Dan !

u never no

thanks everyone i just confirmed my ticket from New York to Minnesota after an hour n fifteen minute wait!!!!!!!


sent my fax yesterday, got phone call this morning from delta confirming my 2 tickets plus infant to LA for $58 a ticket. business class!!! thank you dan!

time change

i was able to change the time of my return flight from las vegas (same day-from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm).

Originally was told there was a $200 pp delta fee and a $50 pp priceline fee.

spoke to someone nice at delta, agreed to wave my $200 pp fee but not the $50 pp priceline fee. i asked them to put a note on my account about that.

I then chatted with priceline, which gave me a number to call and speak to a rep. that rep was very nice, asked me who i spoke to at delta. i said i didn’t know but there is a note on my account.

she called delta, spoke with them, then transferred me through to delta again. the next rep i spoke to at delta changed my flight time without a problem (he did say if there was a fare difference they would have to charge that, but somehow it showed up as the same fare as my original $20 ticket).


Thank you so much! We booked JFK-LAX 4 tickets (incl 1 for my 1 year old) for a total of $160 we booked through priceline and initially got the booking failure. Followed the comments here, faxed in my contract on Sunday and got called today to confirm my reservation. yay!!! now we need ideas for family friendly hotels and things to do

moshe yankel

i spoke with delta last night they confirmed my tickets but told me to call in later to ticket them, i wasnt charged anything does anyone know what this can mean?


THANNXXX!!! Waited on hold for a Delta Supervisor for 1 hr and 40 min.- WELL WORTH IT!! JFK-LAX $25 bux!
Thanks Dan!


Called delta this morning 888-750-3284 (they give you a call back since they are busy) They called me back and all I had was itinerary # and a copy of the Priceline purchase (no contract #, no email confirmation) and they honored it. Tickets were $2.15 a piece for 2 and with taxes and fees, it was $118.86 for roundtrip Atlanta to Fargo, North Dakota. So excited, first flight in over 30 yrs…going to see my daughter and grandson. Delta rep…Rhonda, was awesome. Be sure and ask to rate the rep or airline if you have a good experience. I did and they were very thankful because they mostly just get complaints. Thanks delta!!!


I just confirmed my ticket. JFK to LAX 2/13 – 2/18.
They just need your contract #.
Thank you Dan!!

Oh well next time

Called delta and was able to get my tickets honored if I left them as is. Since I didn’t know if this flight was confirmed on Thursday I booked another trip for those dates. Delta wouldn’t let me change the dates. I let the tickets go…oh well next time I’ll be ready!


For those of you who call, don’t forget to complain about the wait, and they will issue you a $50 per PERSON voucher!!! (Only a supervisor can issue them). (My flight ended up being free, THANKS AGAIN DAN!)


After being on the phone with delta for 2.5 hours I got my tickets!!!!!! 6 tickets JFK-LAX $58 each. Thank you dan!!!


Thank you Dan! After 50 faxes and 2.5 hours on hold (not a big deal, by my desk anyway) got 5 tickets EWR-LAX for $230. Really appreciate all the updates. I thought there was no way i would get them honored as my cc was never charged but b”h we are ticketed!

Thanks Dan, my kids will have their best midwinter vacation. First time I was able to take my kids on an airplane and they are completely thrilled.


After being on hold for two hours I finally for through to a sup. apparently Priceline issued to me a flight that didn’t exist and therefore delta cannot honor the itinerary.

Anyone else book for April 12 sat. night at 9pm? JFK to lax?
What should I do?


Called three times today (first one told me to call after noon. Second one got disconnected. Third time a charm. Just called the regular 800 number and they transfered me to “Supervisor Team”. Gave them my Priceline itinerary number and the rebooked everything at the original price.


Does anyone know what to do if there was a booking failure with no itinerary number for Priceline?



When i spoke with a supervisor this morning I was told some other crazy thing “we received a email this morning not to issue any more of these tickets”…… all you gotta do is HUCA!! i did and it worked!!


@ben but my flight doesn’t even exist anymore! Delta removed that flight from there website! That’s why they’re saying they can’t honor it!???


Any idea what number to call for priceline to give me a contract #? Delta said I need one, but cannot get through to priceline.

Used the 203 number, but there is no one at the front desk so that’s a dead end. The 800 number just disconnects after I enter my itinerary # to which it tells me that your flight could not be book. Any other #’s that actually work would be really appreciated.


waited on hold for an hour but seats are confirmed.
BUSINESS CLASS both ways to LA!
thanks Dan.


@Fuming: sort of happened to me too. My biz itinerary wasn’t able to be rebooked because flight was full (and also flight before and after). But they let me take the 645am flight. Just ask to stay in original class but at a different time. They even let me take night flight the night b4, but didn’t en up wanting it.




@Zpoor17: The easiest way to get your contract is to login to your priceline account. Click on mytrips and then use the live chat option which should pop up on the bottom right of the screen.


I waited on hold for like an hour but once the rep picked up it took a few minutes. She asked for the confirmation number and went over the flight info, took the credit card and done!


Anyone waiting for a call back like me I was on phone last night for 2 hours and relized in my emaily I got a delta itinerary not actual tickets

Hawaii Bound

booked via priceline 11:57 am Dec 26….booking failure. Sent faxes yesterday to 801 and 888 numbers. Waited for calls none came. Called Delta this morning 11:40 am pst. First rep asked if i had contract number and sent me to the supervisor line. Waited on hold 1 hour and 10 minutes. Connected to SLC rep Leanne. Processed tickets as they were. Advised that phone calls should not be going through anymore from reps. There is now a website for people to use if you are more than 72 hours from departure. All those within should call. Website address is

5 tickets booked from LAS – HNL Feb 3- 11th
Thank you Dans & Delta & fellow posters

Hawaii Bound

HUCA WORKS EVERYONE! Apparently my 4/12/14 flight from JFK to lax at 9pm got pushed off to the next day. Which is good bec shabbos ends at 815 in the 5T. Anyways I got my itinerary pushed off till the next day! Even flying first class outbound and business return! Thanks dan and delta and everyone for everything! Bottom line! Don’t give up! HUCA HUCA HUCA!!!!! Hatzalacha fab ah to all those out there still trying! SEE YOU IN L.A. 😄😄😄😄


For those that booked Business class via priceline, in order to be ticketed into business class, do the following.

when you get on the line with a supervisor, let them first book economy tickets, at this time DON’T MENTION A WORD ABOUT BUSINESS CLASS!! Because they are not going to grant you that.

Then, HUCA, and explain to the rep that your priceline ticket was honored, but they “mistakenly” booked you into economy. Provide your priceline contract #. And they will “update” your existing reservation.

Worked on both my reservations!!

Reply if this advice worked for any of you!


Called Delta and a nice lady transferred me to a supervisor line. After a 15 minute hold a very nice fellow named Dave found my PriceLine Itinerary number on his spreadsheet and said they will honor the tickets. They are able to move it up or down one day to accomodate availability. Baruch Hashem, thank you all for the advice!!

Hawaii Bound

email that address,(- the www) I see that it takes you to Delta’s page. Good luck everyone


After an hour and a half I got through to a supervisor who booked the tickets for me. I originally booked through priceline and got a booking failure and no email.



Delta honored tickets!!! Waited on hold 1hour and 15 mins. 6 tickets JFK/lax for 352.00!!!! Thanks Dan!


booked and done :). funny thing- after 2 hours on the phone i got my tickets. i mentioned to the lady that one way was business class. when i checked online (after i got my confirmation) the tickets were booked in business class round trip. thank you everyone! be persistent!


Joel – now you wake up! 694 comments later!


@Zpoor17: When calling Priceline, I used 800-340-0575 just don’t answer any questions and they will connect you to an operator. don’t give them itinerary number or your phone number…they will connect you. Then if you don’t have a contract number …they will email you a copy of your purchase order. You should be able to use that to give Delta the information to rebook the flight. Good Luck…it worked for me. 🙂


Confirmed! Wow! 2.5 hours on the phone this morn..

1. LAX-JFK 5 tix $42.10/each in econ
2. LAX-HNL 5 tix $67.40/ea in econ
3. JFK- LAX 4 tix $66/ea in First
4. LAX- JFK 2 tix $42/ea in First
5. LAX-EWR 3 tix $56/ea in econ

Owe it all to Dan’s Twitter feed!


After 2 hours on the phone with Delta, I finally got my ticket (ORF-LAS, RT) for $70. Just gave the supervisor my priceline itinerary number, which is really all I had (Note to self: take screenshots next time). She was able to pull up the original routing and fare I booked (I was a little hazy on the exact return flight date). There was a little hiccup since her system was pulling up two separate fares for $90, but she got the original booked eventually. Either way…got it done!


@dan I have a round trip flight from JFK to LAX. If I skip the outbound flight to LAX will I lose the return flight to JFK? Please help.



You would lose the return.


@Dan: Dan I was looking for tickets for my family for pesach and you saved me $700. Thank you very a lot!!!!!!!


Dan how do you pick who to comment/answer?


Finally delta honored my tickets to hawaii! Thank you all for your help


1 hour wait but all worth it!! Confirmed!! 6 tix from ny to las @ $85.10pp!! Delta is so awesome for honoring this!! Thanks to my friend Andrew for telling me about this and to dan and all those on here who made this possible!! 🙂


Just booked my ticked to LA, I was waiting an hour for a supervisor and finally confirmed my tickets. Thank You Dan!


after waiting 1 hour and 15 min got to speak to the sweetest supervisor. we are booked jfk to Honolulu!!!! great anniversary present!!!


called Delta at 800 221-1212 , hit “0” a few times to get a live person, told them why I was calling and asked for Supervisor, was on hold for around 20 minutes, then got supervisor, he knew right away what the issue was.. asked for my priceline contract #, then proceeded to book the tickets for me .. took around 20 minutes…( was very friendly to the supervisor and sweet talked him) never hurts!! said couldnt make any changes or I would be charged the differential…


Malky – beware of the timezones in regards to getting caught flying on shabbos


What is business elite? Is it the same thing as first class? Do I Get free luggage?
waited 10 minutes and the rep booked my 6 tickets jfk to lax for 350 in business elite class. He allowed me to change date one day earlier or later.
way to go dders


Way to go Dan!! My family is ticked for RT to Honolulu – $102 each – 1 leg business class, 1 economy!

Did the whole routine with getting Priceline contract, as others have helpfully described. After the fax, flights magically appeared in the sky miles account! But then had to spend a total of 6 hours on calls and hold with Delta as they sorted it all out and issued tickets for a better flight for the first leg of the trip.

Bottom line: reserved and preferred flight on first leg of trip was full in business class and they automatically re-booked me in business class – but into a worse, shorter flight (less of the trip in business class). Choices 1 and 2 for first leg couldn’t be accommodated, but they gave me 3d choice to replace it. So advice about not mentioning business class isn’t correct – they went out of their way to honor the business class reservation.

All in all – amazing!


How many ppl signed up for the Amex sky miles cc? Which one? Gold or platinum?


Was on the phone for a total 1 hour and 37 minutes with Delta. All I gave them was the Priceline itinerary (not contract number). I spoke with a customer service rep right away, she was well aware of the issue and immediately transferred me to a supervisor (didn’t have to ask). Almost all of the wait time, was waiting for the Supervisor.
The Supervisor was very friendly and nice, however would only book what was initially booked on priceline (she was able to get all the information including names of passengers and dates from priceline while on the phone).
I now have 6 confirmed tickets from JFK to LA for mid-winter bread for $25/roundtrip/ticket. A total of $150 round trip for all 6 tix!!!! That beats the $350 tickets to Israel that I just returned from, or the $750 tickets to Israel in May that I also already booked from DD.


Did anyone try changing names on tickets when you speak to delta agent making you a new itinerary with priceline contract?


faxed priceline conf earlier today just got call from delta. all set 2 pass for $51.00 round trip. thank you.


I was wondering if anyone was able to change the date of their original flight? and if you were what did you tell them?

Thank G-D

Last night I got my tickets lax to jfk for my family after waiting on hold 1hr 20min. (Exactly when I finished learning my daily shiurim the supervisor picked up)
Called today and complained to a supervisor about the long wait and (firs he offered 2500 miles but I didn’t accept it, at the end)

he gave me A $50. VOUCHER.


I got tickets to HNL. Thanks everyone! I had a mean supervisor who wouldn’t let me change a thing but she did get them booked.


after a lot of headache from priceline saying that my itinerary doesn’t have a contract page, i finally got my tickets booked thru a supervisor after many hours on hold. $78.80/ticket x 5 tickets JFK-LAX for peach!!! thanks dan and all the ppl who have helped me figure all this out.




Just Booked! LA to Hawaii for 2 people $87!!!


Awesome! I got my JKF to LAX for January flight booked today. $58 and business class on the way back.

Velvel Farkash

I just got my ticket, this is the number to call: Online Support
just give them your confirmation # and your set


@curious, I did the gold.card


was anyone able to change to the dates??

No Trip No. :(

So on the day, I booked a trip but it didn’t go through. I don’t have an itenary number. I called priceline and they said if it didn’t go through, there is nothing they can do. Does anyone have any suggestions or has this thing gone?


Just wanted to let all know that on Delta website they now have an email address to take care of Priceline issues. I just did it and hopefully that will work. Thanks Dan for keeping us up to date on these great offers. I live out West and had booked for my whole family to go to our family in East for Pesach and Sukkos! Lets hope it works out!


Thanks Dan my kids are going for midwinter total amount of tickets bought were 3×40 to lax and 5×25 to lax yay

Thanks Dan!

I got my tickets this morning but was charged a $25 booking fee per ticket- effectively doubling the price of the tickets. Anyone else charged that? Should I try to reverse that?


@No Trip No. 🙁: open an account on priceline using the email address you provided when booking the tickets and it will show up the reservation you made on that day. it worked for me last night.


@Danfan!!! Mazal Tov!

Finally!! Great!
Didn’t want to leave a Priceliner behind
I remember you when we were in the post #200’s
up to 735–WOH!
Make sure you have a Delta amex gold card to skip baggage fees.


@Thanks Dan!: you should definitely reverse that. we had that too. i almost felt guilty calling to complain about 25$ after i got 45$ tix to vegas, but spoke to supervisor and she said they were not supposed to charge me. she was so nice -. She refunded it but said it will take 5- 7 days for funds to be released.


i couldnt get business class and i really think i had booked it like that but they said they have a list oh well


Thanks to avi in the 200s. Called the number you provided. Agent picked up in minute. Asked me for priceline trip numbers. Forwarding the info to the glitch team for verification and will get a call within 72 hours, maybe more cause holiday. And this is after I cancelled one way because my return wasn’t ticketed. Heres hoping for a post pesach vaca to LA!

Clark Kent

Delta now has a webpage on their website about Priceline Pricing issues on Dec 26th and has provided an email address to help resolve it.

I have emailed them and hope to hear from them soon enough.


@BB: thanks BB for all your help! i did not give up 🙂


I emailed, I faxed, and I called many times and I keep getting nowhere.
Delta says they have a list and every time I call they say we’re sorry there is nothing we can do your not on the list…call Priceline!
Any ideas?????


On Tuesday night I faxed my Priceline itinerary purchased at 12:07p on 12/26 (unconfirmed, just the 11 digit number) to Delta. The following morning I saw here to call Delta, so I did just that and was on hold for close to a half hour, then another hour. Before two hours was up, I had my first class RT tickets to HNL for $81. What I learned was just to be patient and polite and I got exactly what I was looking for. Good luck everyone!

Thanks Dan

Got my first class tix to LA for $41!!!!!

After 1pm?

Anyone book after 1pm and was still able to get the tickets?


@annoyed well do you have a priceline itinerary or not? did you get anything from them?


I Got contract from price line but it dosnt show
Airline do u think delta will honor it ?


@ari what does it say on the contract? how can you have a flight but not an airline?


@Dan how do i know that i have a fully confirmed ticket? i got my failed priceline booking honored by Delta with delta confirmation emailed to me and they said they’l call back to confirm and pay. They called back to confirm BUT THEY DIDN’T ASK FOR CC INFO. Does this mean i’m confirmed? (for free!) i already have seats selected seats.


@mo check our credit card statement. it may have gone through without yout realizing….


@ben@ben: I already checked . Also how would they have my CC if the priceline booking failed? I never gave delta my CC


@ben that’s what I got from price line I got other contract
For a other ticket which did have delta air


Hi Dan, I received the contract info from Priceline but it is missing from the list that was sent to delta. Please advise how i can get this resolved
Thank you


Recieved a call from Delta this morning…Booked for myself, wife, daughter, and added an infant, for this Summer August JFK-HNL via LAX (JFK-LAX BUSINESS CLASS BOTH WAYS!!) $612 total!! DAN YOU ARE THE GREATEST! Thank you so much!!


@ari if you received an itinerary then go onto delta’s main website, look at the date that you want to book. note the flight number, time, and any other flight details from that specific flight. then call up delta with all this info. tell them that your itinerary says this and this flight was for this and this price. pls honor it. make sure you have all the right flight info readily available to look up just incase they ask you to “verify” your flight info. tell them to rebuild your itinerary. ou might have to HUCA if necessary. be persistant. good luck!!!!!


@mo ur right. you would have to give them ur cc info once they rebook your new itinerary. for now call back the regular customer service line, give them your confirmation number and see what they say…..


Dan, persistence pays off. Took your advice. For 2 bookings to LA, I only had 2 request or confirmation#’s printed off the web, NO tickets, No email confirmation. CC never charged. On 12/31 called Priceline and had my contracts faxed. One contract had flight and price info, the other had only price, NO flight info-probably because for this booking I used the name your price option to try and get through to a Priceline server. I then called Delta and was transferred to a ‘specialist’ who deals with the Delta error. I was on hold almost 2 HOURS!! They finally picked up and I got the greatest C/S rep who saw only one attempted booking, not the ‘name your price’ attempt. She didn’t resist at all but was very helpful. I already researched the flights I tried booking earlier and had the info on hand. She asked me to fax the ‘name your price’ booking. She got it, asked for my CC info and then said she will put together the tickets and call me back. Thirty minutes later she called back and emailed me the itinerary! Dan you are the best! By the way the same day my refrigerator broke:( Where do I get one for like $10 bucks?!


@Steve: By the way, LA tix where $50 PP $6.14+44.00 TX/fees departing out of a different airport and = $70.00 PP for a 2nd booking that leaves much sooner, so Delta charged a bit more.


@ben thank u so much


Has anyone been able to upgrade their tickets to business class or first?


Does anyone know if you can get it honored without any contract number or itinerary number?


@ben yes they sent me my contract page but called delta numerous times and they keep saying if your not on the list that they have from priceline then there is nothing they can do.


@daniel do u have a price line number ? If yes
U can get your contract from price line


I have called Delta numerous times to confirm my tickets and they keep telling me someone will call back in a few days. they won’t book my tickets for me. Am I doing something wrong? it seems like most people are getting their tickets right away.


Anyone else in the same boat as me? I have a contract page that I got sent from priceline, but it doesn’t have a contract # or anything to provide Delta to confirm the flight. I called Delta and gave them my itinerary number (trying to pass it off as my contract #), but keep getting told that I will be called back though haven’t been for 2 days now.

Any other suggestions for what to do next would be much appreciated.


I booked tickets for travel that Thursday night. Does anyone have any info on how Delta is handling tickets that the travel date has passed?


anyone can advise on my situation please, i have successfully booked at the day of the glitch a NYC-HNL ticket for 2. due to my numerous attempts to book tickets during the glitch i was successful in getting an additional priceline contract and itinerary number. However the second reservation is a NYC-LAX but for same dates…. so obviously i wont be able to use the nyc-lax tickets as i will be using the HNL tickets… what are my options when calling in Delta ?? please share your toughs


@mirel: I got the same answer when I called . I called again and I got another supervisor who booked the tickets. Keep on trying.


@zpoor17: K itinerary number is same as contact number. Call again and a nice supervisor should do it for you


Im in the same situation they don’t want to honor both



what did you ask for ? change the dates or what ?



How can they honor both? You can’t physically fly two places at once….

I have tickets for a few family members on the same flight but they were made separately, one family member ended up with one confirmed booking and one itinerary number both in business class while everyone else is in economy. I didn’t call delta about the itinerary number as the same person can’t have two tickets on the same flight….


Is the itinerary # the same as the contract #??? Because I got the contract from priceline, but the numbers are not the same, though they both have the smae number of digits. The contract shows I booked Economy, though I booked Business.

It’s not a big deal at all, but I was wondering if I give them my itinerary # instead of the contract #, then will they see that I booked business?

I am still waiting for a call back from them. They said in Tuesday that someone would call me back in 72 hours.


Thanks Dan. I followed exactly the steps as you wrote and a Delta supervisor confirmed my tickets. Took about 35-45 min but I guess it’s worth it. Ask for supervisor or else they will tell you no reservation exists.

Thank again!


anyonr have luck with double booking samr dates but different destinations?


@Zed: I booked. With price line and today I got confer nation from Delta


@yehudi if you want you can give away one of the itineraries. im pretty sure that although you booked both itineraries in your name you can still say that the passenger names are diff than the PL contract names. so just give them new passenger names if you wanna….


Anyone know if delta will cancel glitch tickets for free?

Mountain Man

I just an email from Delta telling me that my Priceline tickets will be honored even though my card wasn’t charged. I was given a confirmation # as well.

F R E E "Comfort Seating"

I noticed that the economy tickets that Delta gave me (from priceline) came with FREE “economy comfort seating” (i.e.more leg room, more recline and early boarding).
Select this seat online and see if it’s free for you too!


I never received a call back. Are people still getting call backs?

Breakdown of tax for Hawai

For those that got a Hawai business class ticket for $85, what was the breakdown between tax and ticket far on your priceline contract? Delta want to charge me more! I know a chutzpah right 😉


I still haven’t heard back. I sent a fax last week, an email saturday night and called delta saturday night. Are they still calling people back?


I’ve done the same thing. Emailed and faxed priceline info and no response. Don’t want to burden DL CSR’s while they have pressing issues with customers and the large amount of weather cancellations. Just afraid that my request will get lost in the shuffle. Praying it will be taken care of soon.


Right, for that same reason I avoided calling today. I will call wednesday once the weather issues subside. I hope it will still get honored.

Keep trying!!!

Just wanted to share my story so other people can have success as we’ll. We booked on Priceline two LA tickets for dec 29 to jan 2 but like many others our booking failed. We called delta last Wednesday with Unconfirmed priceline tickets but a reservation number. They took down my info and said they will call us back in the next 72 hours. I called them back yesterday morning since I never heard from them and they again took my info to send to the department dealing with this. Last night at 6:30 around they called me and rebooked my husband and my tickets for different dates but they did give two conditions. 1) it had to be the exact same amount of dates we originally booked 2) we had to return back to ny before feb1. Bh we have two business class (I chose business by mistake the first time I tried to book) tickets to LA for $185 all tg. Thank you Hashem and thank you Dans Deals for posting it!!!!


Thanks Dan and to everyone. I faxed my Priceline contract to Delta and they emailed me back with a confirmation i called to confirm and paid $50.82 for 2 round trips jfk-lax for my wife and i we going for Pesach.


@Abraham, Here’s my story. I called last week with itinerary # and was told a supervisor will call back within a couple of hours which never happened. I called delta today and the supervisor says he needs contract number not itinerary number. I called back and gave itinerary number as contract number and they booked my tickets.


Delta confirmed my tickets one way econ one way bc but try hard as i might they wouldnt upgrade my econ ticket nor would they give me free luggage on the econ leg.
any suggestions??


Very easy process. I faxed in my Priceline contract last week but never got any response. Tonight I called Delta, a recording came on and said there will be a 10-15 minute wait or they can call me back. I had them call back and sure enough in 12 minutes I received a phone call. I gave them my contract ID#. (I never got the confirm from priceline in an e-mail). They said at first that they did not have the id#, but when I gave them one of my flights to Honolulu, from JFK, they came back and said that the help desk has found my reservations. I was transferred to a Supervisor and the only change she made was giving me coach seats to L.A. instead of business which I had originally picked. She said it was no longer available. 20 minutes later I was confirmed, as she gave me a confirmation number and I received an e-mail a minute later. $190.00 for two round trip tickets to Honolulu from NYC, a great deal. Thanks Michelle from Delta for making this a speedy and easy process,
but a special thanks to Dan. Never would have gotten these tickets if not for him.


Just a follow up, I finally got the call back today (1/9/14) and ticketed 2 tickets LAX-JFK FOR $52.00 !!!

Dan Fan

I also faxed in my priceline contract and recieved a call from delta yesterday, they honored my 2 tickets JFK-LAX $50.82
Thanks Hashem and thanks Dan


anybody have any luck changing the dates on the ticket?


@b: I called yesterday, which was a day after my flight was supposed to be, and said I couldnt get through to them earlier and they honored my original price and changed the date to when I wanted


@A: what number did you call?


We booked our tickets thorough the glitch. We got 6 TKTS
JFK-SJU. No matter how we searched, at the time, it only showed up via a stopover in Atlanta which causes us to lose a day flying. But, for the price, we grabbed them. Today I went on Orbitz to add a few more passengers to our group and there was the direct route that I knew must exist. I called Delta to try my luck asking them to switch to nonstop flight for free or with a change fee and after speaking to 3 representatives (seemingly moving up some chain of command), I was told that it was impossible. Any ideas on how I can make the switch @dan?
Thanks Dan!!!


The original rep that picked up had no idea that tkt was booked during glitch and I did not volunteer that info. But the final rep knew from the conf number


HI. Does anyone have any advice or have experience in the following? We booked 6 tkts during the glitch from jfk-sju with a stopover in Atlanta. At the time, we searched for nonstop but it was not showing up. For the price, we grabbed them even though it is taking us more time to fly to sju than it would to LA. Today I happened to notice that there does indeed exist, nonstop flights from jfk to SJU. I do not know why it wasn’t available during the time of booking. I decided to try my luck getting transferred to a direct flight leaving from JFK at the same time as our first segment to Atlanta is leaving assuming that I may have to at the very least pay a change fee or better yet, get the tkt honored for the nonstop. I called Delta and spoke to 3 reps climbing a sort of chain of command. I did not volunteer the info that this was tkts booked during the glitch and nobody seemed to know it based on my conf number. The last person that I spoke to, was a supervisor and was able to tell from my conf number that it was booked during the glitch and said that there is no way to make any changes without losing the tkt all together. Any advice? @Dan @anyone?
Thanks Dan for al your great help!


Hi. Reaching out again to anyone out there who may have any advice re trying to get on the nonstop to San Juan as i described in my previous post.
Thank you @DAN


I booked to tickets from NYC to LAX president’s day weekend. I have an itinerary # but nothing else. I called priceline (where I originally booked the tickets) and they said that my name, phone #, itinerary #, and email are not even in their system, even though I have a screenshot! Delta says they cannot help me without a contract #. Any advice?