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Roundup Of 35 NBA, NFL, NHL, And MLB Teams That Have A Kosher Food Stand

It’s hard to find a comprehensive list of kosher stands in sports stadiums, so here is a list of sports teams that have a kosher food stand.

It’s also tough to keep the list updated, so if you know of stands that no longer exist or new ones that have opened please post a comment!

Be sure to do your own research on Rabbinical supervision before heading to the game.

Bear in mind that some stadiums may have multiple kosher food options.  For example at Yankee Stadium there is the regular kosher stand and then there is a full no-expenses spared catered event with all-you-can-eat gourmet kosher food that is free for Legends Suites ticketholders.  The Legends Suites kosher food are even under a different rabbinical supervising agency then the regular kosher stand.  The Legends Suites menu also changes on a daily basis.  I was invited to sit in Legends Suites at an Indians game several years ago and wrote about it in this post.  Apparently it has gotten even better since then. If you are sitting in the Delta Suites or the Field MVP club you can also purchase food from Legends Suites.

Baseball (11):
-Baltimore Orioles
-Boston Red Sox
-Cleveland Indians
-Los Angeles Dodgers
-Miami Marlins
-NY Mets
-NY Yankees
-S. Louis Cardinals
-Texas Rangers (Select games only)
-Toronto Blue Jays
-Washington Nationals

Basketball (8):
-Boston Celtics
-Brooklyn Nets
-Chicago Bulls
-Houston Rockets
-Miami Heat
-NY Knicks
-Philadelphia 76ers
-Toronto Raptors

Football (8):
-Baltimore Ravens
-Chicago Bears
-Detroit Lions
-Miami Dolphins
-NY Giants
-NY Jets
-Philadelphia Eagles
-Washington Redskins

Hockey (8):
-Boston Bruins
-Chicago Blackhawks
-Florida Panthers
-NJ Devils
-NY Rangers
-NY Islanders
-Philadelphia Flyers
-Toronto Maple Leafs

Do you have any plans to travel to an away game where you can grab kosher eats while taking in a game?

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17 Responses to “Roundup Of 35 NBA, NFL, NHL, And MLB Teams That Have A Kosher Food Stand”

  1. Chicago Says:

    Though not in the stadium Milt’s is very close by and an easy walk

  2. Mikey Says:

    Hey,Dan,we have only One sport the sport of collecting miles !

  3. Dan Says:

    Yup, parked at Milt’s had lunch, and walked to the Cubbies game myself 🙂

    And I like using some of those miles to make memories at away games 🙂

  4. philly Says:

    According to this, the Flyers/76ers now have a kosher stand too

  5. Dan Says:

    Nice, thanks!

  6. Baltimore Says:

    The Baltimore Ravens also have a kosher stand.

  7. Dan Says:

    My understanding is that closed years ago.

  8. B Says:

    The Detroit Lions had a stand under the Detroit Vaad’s supervision at one point, but are not currently. Are they under someone else’s supervision now?

  9. Chacham Says:

    The wells fargo center in Philadelphia where the sixers and flyers play has a new kosher stand under the vaad of Philadelphia keystone k

  10. Steve Says:

    Staples Center in LA (Clippers, Lakers and Kings) has packaged kosher sandwiches and wraps, etc available in Outtakes near section 104. Requested Kosher food when I had SPG suite seats a couple weeks ago – they gave us $50 worth of vouchers to use at that concession stand to get kosher food

  11. Dan Says:

    Most stadiums let you bring in outside food, so I’m only counting hot food in this list.

  12. Pghtown Says:

    Nothing at the Verizon Center in Washington (Wizards/Capitals)??

  13. Yosef Says:

    Hi Dan. I was at a Ravens game this past season. The Kosher stand was up and running!

  14. Dan Says:

    My understanding is that it closed down.

    Updated, thanks!

  15. Illinois Says:

    Apparently the fighting illini basketball team have a kosher stand as well. Does this list include college teams?

  16. yankel Says:

    some (many) brooklyn nets tickets also include unlimited food which includes kosher. the stands are separate but the clubs are operated by abigails. the ticketsnow club has been known to have better selections than the court side calvin klein, but both have a nice variety. you can go into the tickets now lounge and pay or your seat may include free food and drinks

  17. too tired Says:

    Not the Detroit Pistons!


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