2019 Roundup Of NBA, NFL, NHL, And MLB Teams That Have A Kosher Food Stand; Help Me Save The Indians Kosher Stand?

Enjoying a Hot Dog with Bertman's Ballpark Mustard at an Indians game last October
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It’s hard to find a comprehensive list of kosher stands in sports stadiums, so below is a list of sports teams that have a kosher food stand.

Alas, the Indians got rid of their kosher stand that has been operating since 1998 over a dispute of a small raise that was requested by the kosher supervisor this year.

If you can take a minute to sign my petition here to try and bring the Indians kosher stand back that would be great 🙂

Yes, I know that petitions rarely work, but it can’t hurt, right?

I found a sponsor to pay for the kosher supervisor’s raise, but the Indians don’t seem to want to listen. Hopefully we can get their attention…

At any rate, it’s tough to keep this list updated, so if you know of kosher stands that no longer exist or new ones that have opened please post a comment!

Be sure to do your own research on Rabbinical supervision before heading to the game.

Bear in mind that some stadiums may have multiple kosher food options.  For example at Yankee Stadium there is the regular kosher stand and then there is a full no-expenses spared catered event with all-you-can-eat gourmet kosher food that is free for Legends Suites ticketholders.  The Legends Suites kosher food are even under a different rabbinical supervising agency then the regular kosher stand.  The Legends Suites menu also changes on a daily basis.  I was invited to sit in Legends Suites at an Indians game several years ago and wrote about it in this post.  Apparently it has gotten even better since then. If you are sitting in the Delta Suites or the Field MVP club you can also purchase food from Legends Suites.

  • Baseball (11):
    • Baltimore Orioles
    • Boston Red Sox (Dairy and meat hot vending machines)
    • Chicago Cubs
    • Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Miami Marlins
    • NY Mets
    • NY Yankees
    • S. Louis Cardinals
    • Texas Rangers (Boxed meals)
    • Toronto Blue Jays
    • Washington Nationals
  • Basketball (9):
    • Boston Celtics
    • Brooklyn Nets
    • Chicago Bulls
    • LA Clippers (Boxed meals)
    • LA Lakers (Boxed meals)
    • Miami Heat
    • NY Knicks
    • Philadelphia 76ers
    • Toronto Raptors
  • Football (8):
    • Baltimore Ravens
    • Chicago Bears
    • Detroit Lions
    • Miami Dolphins
    • NY Giants
    • NY Jets
    • Philadelphia Eagles
    • Washington Redskins
  • Hockey (10):
    • Boston Bruins
    • Chicago Blackhawks
    • Florida Panthers
    • LA Kings (Boxed meals)
    • NJ Devils
    • NY Rangers
    • NY Islanders
    • Philadelphia Flyers
    • S. Louis Blues
    • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Other:
    • Indy 500
    • Brooklyn Cyclones
    • Rockland Boulders
    • U.S. Open Golf
    • U.S. Open Tennis

Do you have any plans to travel to an away game where you can grab kosher eats while taking in a game? Where is your favorite kosher stand?

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Yechiel Pinsky

Indy 500, kosher vendors this year!


I went there once and got the tiny, no special condiments, way overpriced hot dogs they were selling at the Tribes game.
Better off saving your money and your health, though Cleveland really doesn’t have any decent kosher food that I’ve experienced, other than Subway.


Do Cubs


Did KC Royals lose their stand?


St. Louis blues

Dr Moose

Which stand is there?

David Korn

New York’s Minor League baseball teams also have [had] kosher stands. It would be great if your followers can chime in with knowledge of such venues.

The Staten Island Yankees and Brooklyn Cyclones parks have had stands.


Brooklyn Cyclones did last summer. They dont start play until June 14, but the website FAQ hints that they will be back again this summer.


You missed two stands.
Tennis – us open
Golf – us open

Red Sox fan

I signed. Good luck Dan!


Minnesota Twins

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

It’s under msp which is a conservative hechsher and is open on shabbos.

Ami Avraham

Any chance you MN guys want to help me get twins season tickets? 🙂


Bears is listed but they are not under any hashgacha


Great list! If people can post where the actual stands are within the stadium that would be great such as “near section 210” etc..

Consequently, would anyone know where the Kosher stand is at Oriole Park?

Proud o’s fan

I believe behind section 48 on the main concourse

Gleyber Torres

Proud of what??


Thank you

mordi reches

Gate F, section 78. See you there.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and deal!


Ok thank you! Someone above said sec 48..so 78 is correct?


Rockland Boulders!

Adam Rice

I think Kansas City has one that sells Cohen’s pastrami the best ever


Last night we had a fundraiser for Team Israel at Citifield in NY and they certainly do have a kosher food stand……interested in helping us promote future events? We are having one this Sunday in Toronto, next Tuesday in Chicago (White Sox) and in June at the Dodgers, Diamondbacks and Yankees. Requesting tax-free donations for the Team Israel Olympic effort of $1000 per seat. Anyone interested can contact me. Thanks, Peter, President of the Israel Association of Baseball


st louis blues have the same kosher as the cardinals- Cohen’s. And it is great food! I enjoyed just two nights at go at the clinching game 6!


How should we contact you?


I think you replied to the main post when you meant to reply to a specific person.


Pretty sure Golden Knights has boxed meals

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

Nyc fc has as it is in Yankee Stadium.


Can’t believe anyone that follows Dan’s Deals would eat at sports kosher stands. As exciting as it is to get food by a game, it’s such a rip-off!


Its a ripoff? what does it cost for a hot dog at a restaurant? $5.95?


$5.95? Where the hell do you live?


Staten Island Yankees no longer have a kosher stand.
Last year they had some packaged veggie sandwhiches sometimes , but I would not count on it (or eat it, blech)


There’s a kosher hot dog stand at Target Field in Minneapolis too. The hechsher though is from a Conservative rabbinate.


Rolls are mezoinos?


Was at Citifield chol hamoed, and the hot dog buns were shehakol 🙂



CLE Rocks

I believe Cleveland is cursed when it comes to kosher dining. Seasons supermarket almost broke the curse and then…. At least we have tuition vouchers!


So here is another question – are those stands open for all games at those stadiums, or just the teams mentioned? i.e. Are they typically opened for concerts or other sporting events at the same stadium? IIRC, Kosher at MSG was opened for UFC a few years ago.

Asking because I am thinking of going to the NCAA Lacrosse Championships at Lincoln Financial field on Sun or Mon

Yanky Schorr

Maryland Terps Basketball has a stand too

Admor Aleph

I remember Yankee Stadium dogs being a lot better years ago. I went recently and paid seven dollars for a dried out shriveled up Meal mart hotdog that wasn’t thoroughly cooked knish was underwhelming as well.
The food cart was branded meal mart


The Detroit Lions closed the stand a few years ago


Miami Marlins have a stand/cart for 2+ decades. The owner operates at Miami Dolphins, & Miami Heat as well.
Marlins – Pastrami sandwich, chicken cutlet sandwich, hamburger, & hot dog. Each item comes with a bag of chips. They also have hot pretzels, cotton candy and peanuts. Soda and beer. Really good food.
I founded and run the minyan for the last 20+ years. We have both Mincha & Maariv at weekday night games. Minyan time/location available on godaven.com

Marc Berg

Does Kaufmann stadium home of the Kansas City Royals still have a kosher stand?


Does anyone know where the Miami dolphins stand is located?


Washington Wizards have told me they have a kosher stand at the Wizards games at Capital One arena. I am going tomorrow so will update.


Sorry – no stand at the Wizards. Guy who answered the phone in the corporate office lied.


Please update for 2020.


How do we get the White Sox to have a kosher stand???