30,000 Point Starwood Signup Bonus On Both The Starwood Consumer And The Starwood Business American Express Cards!

Update: This offer is now dead!

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Starwood American Express 30K Consumer Card Linky

Starwood American Express 30K Business Card Linky

This is a limited time offer, you must apply by August 22nd to get it!

The Starwood card is still my favorite and go-to card for general spending.

Starwood’s usual signup offer is 10,000 bonus points for spending $1 and 15,000 bonus points after spending $15,000.
With this offer you will get 10,000 bonus points for spending $1 and 20,000 bonus points for spending $4,500 within 3 months.  So spend $4,500 and you’ll have 34,500 Starwood points!
You need to apply for the 30K offer by August 22nd.

If you’re looking for other cards to apply for simultaneously just look at this forum thread for other great options.

There’s no fee on the Starwood card for the first year and $65 thereafter though you can often get bonus points or account credits for keeping it open for additional years. You can always cancel any American Express card within 60 days of being charged the fee on your statement and you will receive a full refund of the fee. If you cancel after 60 days you get a pro-rated refund based on how many months you had the card.

As points are deposited into your Starwood account you do not lose your points if you cancel your card like with American Express Membership Rewards points.  You do need to maintain some activity in your Starwood account every 12 months though to keep it active.

Starwood’s cash and points chart make expensive hotel stays dirt cheap.  I’ve stayed in $190/night hotels for just $30 and 1,600 Starpoints and gotten upgraded to amazing suites.  Even without the suite that makes each Starpoint worth 10 cents each.

When you redeem points for a hotel stay when using just points you also get the 5th night for free!  Plus there are no blackout dates or capacity controls on standard rooms starting at 2,000 points per night.

Of you can transfer your Starpoints into miles with dozens of airlines at great ratios.  20,000 Starpoints becomes 25,000 miles on most of those airlines.  20,000 Starpoints becomes a whopping 50,000 kilometers on LAN, a South American OneWorld carrier.  LAN is partners with AA and will book you a ticket say from New York to Montreal or Toronto for just 16,000 kilometers.  Or they can book you on BA from London to Paris for just 12,000 Starpoints.  Fly on LAN from the US to Brazil for just 48,000 kilomoters.  Plus LAN never charges any fuel surcharges!

The Starwood card is much better than other cards (Like HAS advantage) for going to Israel.
With HAS you are stuck with just the availability on El Al. Plus El Al charges hundreds of dollars in fuel surcharges on award tickets.
With Starwood you have thousands of routing possibilities for free flights to Israel for less points than with HAS. And even if you want to only go to Israel on El Al you can just transfer Starwood points to AA and they will book you on El Al without any fuel surcharges!!!

There are also often bonus miles promotions for even more miles when you transfer points to airlines.  In the past bonuses for transferring have ranged from 25% to a whopping 312% for transfers to Air Canada, AA, Delta, and USAirways.

Starwood Nights and flights option makes 5 night stays even cheaper when you transfer Starpoints to miles at the same time as when you book the stay.

When you have the Starwood card you also get other benefits like 3rd night free at Sheraton and 2/5 elite qualifying stays and nights for each card you have.

Plus the card comes with amazing return, purchase and warranty protections that are worth their weight in gold.  And of course, American Express’ top-notch dispute/chargeback resolution.

Curious about the other 29 Starwood transfer options and ratios? Here they are!  With so may different airlines to transfer to it’s just a matter of figuring out which one has the lowest rates to where you want to go.  I’ve separated them by alliance so you can know which airlines are partners and will therefore let you book award travel on partner airlines.  Of course airlines also have lots non-alliance partners, but by definition they are partners with all airlines in the same alliance.

OneWorld Alliance:
AA: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
British Airways: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
JAL/Japan Airways: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
LAN: 20,000 Starpoints=50,000 kms
Mexicana: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles

Skyteam Alliance:
Air France/KLM Flying Blue: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Alitalia: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Delta: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles

Star Alliance:
Air Canada: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Air China: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Air New Zealand: 20,000 Starpoints=385 points
ANA/All Nippon: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Asiana: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Continental: 20,000 Starpoints=12,500 miles
Lufthansa Miles & More: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Singapore: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Thai: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
United: 20,000 Starpoints=12,500 miles
USAirways: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles

Air Berlin (Expected to join Oneworld in 2012): 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Alaska (Partners with many various airlines): 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Emirates: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Hawaiian: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Kingfisher (Expected to join Oneworld later this year): 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Qatar: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Saudi Arabian: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles
Varig: 20,000 Starpoints=12,500 miles
Virgin Atlantic: 20,000 Starpoints=25,000 miles

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212 Responses to “30,000 Point Starwood Signup Bonus On Both The Starwood Consumer And The Starwood Business American Express Cards!”

  1. AA Says:

    Is there a time limit to spend the $4500?

    Also, how long must I wait after cancelling the card before reapplying.

    Lastly, any idea how long this promotion will be around?

  2. Huda Says:

    Just got approved on Teusday! I didnt get my card yet. Is there anything I can do?

  3. bob Says:

    I already have had both personal and businnes starwood cards in the past. Can this card be churned? Will I receive the bonus points?

  4. yehuda Says:

    There is an inconsistency in the post. It says you need to spend 15000 dollars and then a line later it says only 4500 dollars??

  5. AA Says:


    The first line says the “usual” offer. The second line says “this” offer.

  6. shvitzer Says:

    is there anyway for me 2 transfer my amex bluecash to spg and still be able to get this promo and no credit pull

  7. Shmuel Says:

    I have just applied for the card on monday but have not yet received my card. How can I still get involved in this 30,000 point offer?

  8. Dan Says:

    -3 Month to spend $4,500
    -There’s no official time. You can cancel and apply and if it gets rejected as a duplicate application just call reconsideration and tell them that you don’t have another active Starwood card and they can push it through.
    Recon numbers are here: http://www.dansdeals.com/forums/index.php?topic=8028.0
    You need to apply by 08/22.

    You can try sending a secure message asking to match this offer.

    I’ve had success, but YMMV.

    Nope, but that sure would be nice!

  9. aloha Says:

    Dan- You say that “With Starwood you have thousands of routing possibilities for free flights to Israel for less points than with HAS.” HAS transfers 54k points into a trip to Israel. Can U please give me a few scenerios that I would do better with Starwood points. I am not that savvy in this whole field so if you can break it down and let me know which airline i would have to redeem how many points to.

  10. Eli Says:

    Hey Dan! You say here that you can apply for “multiple cards from multiple banks on the same day”, but on the forum you link to, you say that you should apply for multiple cards from the SAME bank. Which one is it? Btw, this week I used this method to apply for a business and consumer version of the same citi AAdvantage Visa signature card and got declined because I had “submitted multiple applications for credit.” Does this trick only work for separate banks?

  11. ari Says:

    so frustrating. i need a starwood business line of credit increase. amex wont let me have it because i apparently have too much spending on my credit card. (never late, always pay in full).
    ive tried calling several times but they wont increase it. i double checked my credit report, and its good. could be that i am an added cardholder on my parents’ primary account as well (for emergencies) and they see a lot of monthly revolving spending.

    either way, any recommendation to increase line of credit? and if not, i will need to get another card. i can make another amex business spg on my wafes name (who is also working for the business) and then add my name. but what guarantee do i have that my line of credit will be something significant? if its only a couple thousand ill be stuck with another credit card i cant use…
    any help is appreciated

  12. Dan Says:

    As you can see from the post below with Air France it’s 40K Starpoints.
    I will soon update the “getting to Israel with Starpoints” post with more current information.

    Sorry for being unclear.
    When you apply for multiple cards from 1 bank at the same time it just makes 1 credit inquiry.
    I do this using 3 web browsers, like IE, Firefox, and Chrome.
    You can do 3 AMEX cards at the same time, then 3 Chase cards, and then 3 Citi cards and potentially get 9 new cards with just 3 credit inquires. By doing all this right after the other you increase your chances of getting more cards approved.

    Nothing to lose by applying with your wife’s name and getting the 30K signup bonus and hope for a big credit line!

  13. chaim Says:

    I just signed up for the Starwood Amex last week. Is there anyway to get the 30k bonus? I tried calling Amex and they didn’t have any idea about that promo.


  14. Meir Says:

    What is YMMV?

  15. j Says:

    If i got financially reviewed on Pesach and i chose to close my cards rather than get financially reviewed can i now apply for this card or will i be rejected because of the finsncisl review?

  16. ben Says:

    is it true you can open a cd with your cc at some banks to reach spending thresholds? if yeah which banks?

  17. bt Says:

    hey, why are there posts on shabbos? diffrent time zones?

  18. aloha Says:

    Dan- Thanks and I am looking forward to the update! I am sure others will be equally as excited!!

  19. Chaim Says:

    If i received the 10,000 bonus in the past, am I still eligible for this bonus?

  20. MO Says:

    Dan I have just switched out of my starrwoods card about 6 weeks ago to a dif amex card. Can I apply agin now? amex told me they only alow 1 sign up bonus per person in a life time?

  21. j Says:

    yah im now in israel

  22. david g Says:


  23. Meir Says:

    Thanks David

  24. chaim Says:

    when i click the business link i dont see the 30k offer i only see the 10k offer

  25. Dan Says:

    Which browser are you using? Have you tried using Firefox?

  26. shmuly Says:

    when you originally put the post on friday i applied with the link you put then i dont remember if i saw the 30k offer on the application web page do you know if ill be getting the 30k or 10k?

  27. Dan Says:

    There was no link in the post on Friday. When I posted it I said you had to email me for a link to the 30,000 point deal.
    If you applied via the email link you definitely will get the 30,000 points.

  28. chaim Says:

    im using google chrome i see the 30k offer with the non business link.

  29. chaim Says:

    i just tried firefox it still goes to the10k link

  30. Dan Says:

    I’ll report it to them.
    If it’s still not working for people by tonight then I’ll go back to sending out 30K email referral again.

  31. shmuly Says:

    if i get approved will i be able to upgrade to the 30k offer? i apparently applied on friday for the 10k

  32. Dan Says:

    You should be able to get matched to 30K with a secure message. AMEX is very good about matching offers.

  33. nat Says:

    I have the spg card already. to qualify for this offer, would i need to close that card? or can i have them both.

  34. Dave Says:

    Just applied for the southwest CC and got approved, do you think it is a bad idea to apply for this one as well? Also how much are starwood points worth, for example how many of these point does one need in order to fly to israel?

  35. Anonymous Says:

    I get the 30k promos, but the biz app link says

    Currently, our systems are not responding. Please try again later or call us at 1-800-519-OPEN (6736) to apply for a Card. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Anyone else with that problem or a solution – Calling works but it eliminates Dan (my assumption)

  36. shia Says:

    i got a starwood card 2 months ago so i am to late for this offer
    however i got the 10,000 points but i wasnt awere of the 15000 extra points you get when spent on the card and my limit is smaller however i can send the money in advance
    is there also a 3 months time limit for the reguler 15,000?

  37. friend Says:

    @Anonymous: yep the same thing happens with me when i try.

    Dan any solutions?

  38. yosef Says:

    how do you do the secure message thing?

  39. bruce Says:

    Dan- My wife just got the starwood card (a second one…they gave it even though she has one!) right before this new (30k/4.5)offer came out. I sm’d them to match it but they declined because it wasnt available at the time of application. I sm’d them twice more asking to match since it was literally days apart but was denied the match and denied again. Should I keep persisting? calling them? or give it up?

  40. yosef Says:

    if i got the starwood card 2 months ago will they still respect the offer?

  41. Dan Says:

    Send me an email and I’ll send you a direct link for the offer.

  42. yitz Says:

    dan, if i signed up yesterday for the amex starwoods WITHOUT the 30,000 link, how can i get that promotion? whats a secure message and how do i send them one?

  43. No Vay Says:

    Dan, What is the difference between the business card and the consumer card ?

  44. yosef Says:

    can i combine my wife’s spg account with mine ?

  45. Mordy Says:

    If I applied for this with my current SPG number and I already have a Starwood card, would I get the points or do I need to say that I’m currently nor enrolled in SPG?

  46. yitz Says:

    Is there any way to apply for these credit cards if I have a social security number but a Canadian billing address?

  47. sr Says:

    When you have to spend $2000 in 3 months does the 3 months start from when you apply, get approved or when I activate the card

  48. eliezer Says:

    for the 15000 miles is there also a 3 months spending time?

  49. Vishal Says:

    Will the 2 browser trick work for applying for both the SPG Consumer and Platinum Card?

  50. jack Says:

    dan i have the starwood consumer card. can i apply for business card too and get 30k?

  51. Dan Says:

    There is a message center on americanexpress.com where you can send secure messages from.

    @No Vay:
    Not much, they both will give a nice signup bonus though and both will get you a 2 stay/5 night elite qualifying credit.

    -The business card won’t cover car rental insurance outside of the US. The consumer card will.
    -Spending on a business card won’t hurt your credit score as the utilization isn’t reported.
    -The business card gives Open Savings on top of Starpoints: http://www.americanexpress.com/opensavings/

    You can transfer points between Starwood accounts at the same address with ease.


    Just use a US billing address.

    You get 10K for spending $1 and 20K more for spending $4,500 within 3 months from when they mail the card to you.

    It was within 6 months.

    Sure, I would also throw in a Premier Rewards Gold card or Starwood business card to that mix as well for a triple-app.
    More info here in the post and comments here:

    You can apply as a sole-proprietorship and leave the Tax ID field blank for the business card.

  52. Peter Says:

    I have some 56,000 Gold Amex MR points. What is the best think to do with them?Should I transfer them to Continental before they stop their relationship with them?

  53. Dan Says:

    This is off-topic for Starpoints, but that would be my general recommendation, although arguments can be made for Air Canada, ANA for USAir travel, BA with the 50% bonus, Delta with the 50% bonus, Flying Blue, etc, etc.

    As for me-I just transferred half a million of my AMEX MR points to Continental.

    Gotta love the current tax-free holiday!

  54. Vishal Says:

    Awesome. I thought the 3 browser trick only works with either Business or Consumer.

  55. Clevelander Says:

    If I cancelled my starwood point americanexpress card in April of 2010 am i still eligiable for these sign up bonuses?

  56. Mendel Says:

    Can a consumer card and business card be linked to the same SPG account?

  57. Dan Says:

    I and many others on the DansDeals forums got them again during last summer’s Starwood promo…but YMMV!

    Yes. I have both of those cards linked to my Starwood account and got the points and elite qualifying nights from both.

  58. Dave L Says:

    If i apply for 4 cards (2 for myself and 2 for my wife)do i have to keep all 4 cards open after the year in order to keep the points or can i roll all the points onto one card and keep that open?

  59. Mendel Says:

    Can this be churned? Does it make a difference if the old card is still open?

  60. David Says:

    I applied abt a week & a half ago, is there any way for me to get the 30k bonus? I only got 10k….

  61. j Says:

    Just churned personal card a week ago and it’s telling me to call them rather than giving me a decision on the spot as to whether I am approved. I’d rather not have to deal with customer service. Anyone else getting that message? If so, how did that conversation go?

  62. Dan Says:

    @Dave L:
    Starwood points aren’t attached to your card. The points are transferred into a Starwood account that you can manage SPG.com. The points remain in that account even after you close your credit card.

    You can transfer points between Starwood accounts at the same address online for free, so they can all be rolled into one account and you don’t need to keep the card open for the whole year if you don’t want to. But it is a great card to keep open for spending on.


    Try calling or secure messaging and complaining?

    That happens often and is nothing to worry about. Just call them if you want the card.

  63. David Says:

    @Dan: When did the 30k promo start? I tried calling but they said that they can’t do anything…

  64. Dan Says:

    Just approved! Been following you for months, first time I applied for a card. Thanks Dan! The application was erased in middle so I had to hit the back browser and start again-hope this didn’t disturb the link I followed from your site and you’ll still get the credit for my application

  65. B Says:

    Hi Dan-
    Just tried transferring mileage to AA, and the website is telling me that AA is no longer an option.
    Have you heard anything like that?
    Thanks, let me know.

  66. Dan Says:


    AA is definitely still a transfer option here:

  67. Joe Says:

    @dan why did you transfer half a million points to continental, from what i understood you only get 12,500 for 20,00 points?

  68. Dan Says:

    Click on “Reply” to make a proper link to the comment you are responding to.

    Assuming you are referring to comment 53, I think it’s pretty clear that I’m not talking about transferring Starpoints there.

  69. Dave L Says:

    Thanks for your response. What is more valuable: starwoods points or american express points (i am primarily looking for flights within the U.S. and to europe and hotel stays in the U.S.) and can one be exchanged for the other? Thanks

  70. Jonathan Says:


    Do you have examples of places I should look where you stayed for 1600 points and $30 – the room being valued at $190/night? Thanks.

  71. Dan Says:

    That was in the excellent Le Meridian Chiang Mai, Thailand.
    Actually came out to 1,100 points plus $30 as a Platinum member.

    Plenty of other examples of great value with Starwood’s great cash and points awards.
    Le Meridian Dead Sea Israel for example has had $450 rooms this summer go for just 1,200 points+$25 (700 points+$25 for spg platinums). That’s a value of 35 cents a Starpoint!

  72. Chauncey Says:

    thanks Dan!!!! Got approved after I canceled my old spg.

  73. vkazman Says:

    My wife applied and received the Starwood card one day prior to 30K Offer. She called to match the offer and was declined. We will try secure message as was suggested. In case no luck, does it make sense to cancel the card and to apply again?

    Thanks a lot

  74. vkazman Says:

    A bit off topic.
    As Dan mentioned, transferring SPG points to LAN make sense for short flights. I wonder if LAN is also good with stopovers? LAN policy says that 1 stop over is allowed but they do not say if it should be along the way or not. For example, I want to go to Lima from New York and do the stop in Buenos Aires while paying 24000 km (24K is for direct flight to Lima). On the way back just direct flight from Lima to New York for another 24000KM


  75. Boris Says:

    Dan- I applied for the card and began using is last week. How do I link my SPG account to my new credit card?

  76. Joe Says:

    Dan, can you complete them simultaneously and avoid two pulls?

  77. Josh Says:

    Hi Dan,

    I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put in to helping the rest of us.

    I’ve been reading the site and trying to figure out which new credit card I should sign up for. From what I can tell your 2 favorites are starwood amex and the chase saphire preferred. I’m having a hard time deciding between the 2. I understand that the starwood offers the most flexibility in terms of transferring miles. My concern is since this will me my primary card im worried about the cards not being accepted everywhere.

  78. danny K Says:

    Dan- how much would 100,000 amex points equal if you transfer them to continental? How many miles does continental require to fly to israel?

  79. Yehuda Says:


    Does the 3 browser method only work with cards from the same bank?

    Can I use this method for a starwoods, a chase, and a citi?


  80. Dan Says:

    Call AMEX.

    Yes! You can even get a 3rd card with just 1 pull if you’rd feeling lucky.

    Yup, those are both excellent, top-notch credit cards.

    A ctown local asked me the same question last week and got approved for both of ’em. Both have a great signup bonus, so you can take advantage of that now and decide in a year from now when the fee kicks in which you would rather keep.

    @danny K:
    100,000 American Express Membership Rewards points (like the points earned from the Gold and Platinum cards) transfer into 100,000 Continental miles.
    Continental charges 40,000 miles each way to Israel and coach and 60,000 miles each way to Israel in BusinessFirst class.

    The 3 browser method generally refers to applying for 2 or 3 cards from the same bank at the same time in order to get just 1 credit pull while having a decent shot at getting all the cards approved.

    An app-o-rama refers to applying for multiple cards from multiple different banks on the same day. By lumping together your applications from different banks on the same day you will get a credit pull from each bank, but you increase your odds of getting approved for more cards as the other banks don’t yet see the credit pull from all the other banks yet. I don’t think you need to do it in 3 browsers though, you can just apply 1 after the other if the cards are from different banks.

    Either way credit pulls really only effect the credit analysts decisions for about 6 months, after that they don’t count against you and they do eventually completely fall off your report.

    Also most banks only pull your credit from 1 of the 3 agencies. The agency they pull from varies by state, but if you live in a good state where they pull from different issuers you’ll have an easier time then someone in a state where they all pull from the same agency.

    The exception is evil Capital One, they pull your credit from all 3 agencies, impacting your credit score 3 times as much as the other banks when applying for a card.

  81. Joe Says:

    Dan, how do you get three (3) 30,000 point cards?

  82. lt Says:

    what in the world is a credit pull?

  83. PRR1880 Says:

    Generally speaking, how long does it take for the 10k bonus points to post? I’d love to use them for a 2 night trip I have coming up at the end of October. 10k on the consumer plus 10k on the business would get me 2 nights at a $279/nt hotel in Downtown San Fran for the weekend the Browns play there.

  84. Dan Says:

    I meant getting a 3rd, different AMEX card.
    Although it might be possible to get 3 at the same time, it’s a long shot. I once was able to get 2 Starwood business cards at the same time though.

    When you apply for credit they pull your score from one of the 3 credit agencies. Credit inquiries can temporarily lower your score, but in the long run having more credit will raise your score so that it’s higher then it was before you had the card.

    Plus AMEX lets you shift credit lines between cards now, so you can transfer the line onto another card if you want to cancel a card so that you don’t lose the available credit, which can lower your score since it can hurt your credit utilization percentage.

    The applicable points post on the statement after you make the purchase. You should have plenty of time to get the points by October if you apply now.

  85. aa+ Says:

    Is there currently any offer for adding authorized users to the SPG account? On my old card I recall receiving 1,000 for each of 2 additional cards. Is that over?

  86. steve Says:

    applied approved. thanks dan now i have to figure out what to do with it;) i also got a targeted offer for 50k continental card so i guess ill fly somewhere and stay in a nice hotel…

  87. Yehuda Says:

    Does anyone know when the 3 months start? Is it when you get the card or when you activate?

  88. danny K Says:

    If anyone is interested in opening a Amex Premier Gold, you can get 75K points, as long as you open it by 9/19. Bonus code 6661. Good luck!

  89. sal2011 Says:

    hi dan thanks for everything you rock…. do you know if theirs a foreign transaction fees on this card thanks.. pls let me know asap so i can still aply thanks for everything

  90. Yehuda Says:

    I would like to do the three browser method but I need these questions answered. Somebody please help:

    Do all applications need to be done from the same computer? If not, how can i click all three at the same time? It takes at least a few seconds to switch from chrome to firefox etc. Can I use chrome on three different computers?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. A mistake could end up costing a lot of points off my credit score.

  91. Dan Says:

    It should be done as close to each other as possible.
    Using IE, Chrome, and Firefox on the same computer is easiest for me, but you can use 3 computers if you want.

  92. J Says:


    Clicked on the link for the 30K point offer and there’s no mention that you will get 30K points anymore. Is this deal dead? (clicked link on top of your site).

  93. Dan Says:

    You need to follow the instructions in the post to see the 30K offer.

  94. sal2011 Says:

    Dan is their A foreign transaction FEE now that im in Israel it would be hard tospend 4500

  95. Y2K Says:

    I wanted to apply for the SPG Business card using your link but when entering legal corporation name I start with a number, because that is the legal corp name (Real estate corporation, and each building has it’s own Corp, generally starting with the address) I get an error that the corporation name cannot begin with a number – but mine does! Any ideas other than calling (then Dan won’t get his referral bonus…)?

  96. Dan Says:


    I would just leave off the number, they’ll probably have to do the same thing over the phone if that’s the format they require.

  97. Y2K Says:

    @Dan@Dan: I thought of that, but unfortunately after the number is a single, very generic, word. I doubt they would be happy with me entering that as “legal business name”…???

  98. Dan Says:

    The main thing is the SSN or EIN number, not the name.
    Maybe stick the number after the name?

  99. Shhh Says:

    I know this question has been answered before…. It says on SPG that it takes 2-4 weeks for points to transfer to aa. Does it really take that long?

  100. Dan Says:

    It’s much quicker than that. Usually within a week.

  101. Anonymous Says:

    i just cancelled my starwood card a few weeks ago. can i apply again and get the point bonus?

  102. Dan Says:

    At least 1 user has reported on http://www.dansdeals.com/forums that they were able to churn and get the points again for this card during this 30K promotion.
    As always, your mileage may vary!

  103. Yidel Says:

    Dan, you write “20,000 Starpoints becomes a whopping 50,000 kilometers on LAN, a South American OneWorld carrier. LAN is partners with AA and will book you a ticket say from New York to Montreal or Toronto for just 16,000 kilometers”

    Is that One way or RT?

    (btw, just got approved – my 1st starwood 🙂

  104. Dan Says:

    That’s the round-trip rate!

    Enjoy your Starwood card!

  105. Josh Says:

    I signed up for the card using your link, and had a very weird issue. I was approved instantaneousness and called to see if I could have the card over nighted (which they did not) when speaking to the rep, she mentioned my card only was noted for 25,000 points and not the 30. I argued that this made no sense, she marked the account for the 30k points. I was really shocked when I encountered this, i’ve only seen the card offered with 30k everywhere.

  106. Dan Says:

    Did your application page mention the 30K bonus when you applied?
    If it did then most likely the rep didn’t know she was talking about (that happens very often) and you would have gotten 30K anyway.

    If the application page didn’t mention 30k, for example if you clicked to apply as an existing user as I say not to do, then you may need a rep to notate your account for 30K points.

    Either way when applying for a card it’s always a good idea to keep screenshots for proof of the offer!

  107. yos Says:

    @Dan: dan you get 500 points back as a spg platinum member even if you stay with points??

  108. Rich Says:

    Dan–I now have the business card. I had the personal card in the past–is this card definitely churnable? Will I get the 30,000 points? Thanks very much.

  109. Josh Says:


    I for sure did everything correctly, and I believe that she must of been mistaken, she did say I will receive 3,000 courtesy points for the inconvenience.

    I appreciate all your help, I was hoping to pull of the xtra 10,000 per card, but I dont think itll work out. I’m shocked I havnt received the card yet, they said it would really take 3-4 days.

  110. Red Says:


    I cancelled my Starwood card about a month ago. Can I apply for this promotion or will I be rejected?

  111. Yitz Says:

    Dan, does withdrawing money at an ATM count as a transaction? Meaning, can I just withdraw $4500 on the card to qualify?

  112. yos Says:

    @Yitz: That would be cash advance

  113. shmuel Says:

    I keep seeing to send them a secure message asking amex to match the offer of 30k/4.5k, i got my card literaly three days b4 this offer came out. how/where do isend this message?

  114. Yitz Says:

    @yos: and that doesn’t count as a purchase?

  115. yos Says:


  116. moishe Says:

    if i have had a starwood c.c. years ago and this card has been canceled (a year later) can i still apply for this current promotion and get 30,000 miles?

  117. Dan Says:


    There’s no such thing as “definitely churnable.” Sometimes a churn works, sometimes it doesn’t!

    If you had the personal you can definitely get the 30K for the business card.

    At least 1 forum member reports having a personal card and then applying for another personal card during this promotion and getting the points.

    As with all churning, your mileage may vary. Sometimes it’ll work, sometimes it won’t. It’s definitely possible you can get the full 30K. It’s possible you may only get 20K if you got 10K before. Or maybe you won’t get anything…but you definitely won’t know if you don’t try though.

  118. Anonymous Says:

    @Eli: Same thing happened to me: approved instantly for citi consumer AA platinum select card and a simplicity card but biz card said they would get back to me. I figured they would see the previous apps. Got an email 3 days later declining for same reason

  119. Naftali Says:

    Hi, sorry if this has been answered already but new to this…If I apply and get approved for both the personal and biz cards at the same time, would I receive points for each? (60,000 points total?)

  120. Dan Says:

    For Citi try writing a letter to the office of the president: http://www.dansdeals.com/forums/index.php?topic=8028

    And then you can use the 60K points for 75K miles on most airlines or even 150K on LAN. Or save ’em for hotel stays or an airline transfer bonus promo.

  121. Naftali Says:

    So I am in middle of applying for both (biz and personal) and I’m getting nervous by their request of my “Legal Business Name”. Do you need to have a legal business to open this card? With my Citi AAdvatage, I just made up a business and they never bothered me.

  122. Dan Says:

    Anyone can have a business as a sole-proprietorship by using their social security number instead of a Tax ID number. Same as with Citi.

  123. Naftali Says:

    Bless you Dan

  124. Naftali Says:

    Applied for both personal and biz using two browser method. Was instantly approved for personal, but business is “pending further review”. Yeesh. Pretty nervous. I’m starting to think that maybe I clicked on the the two “submit” a millisecond too far apart.

  125. Dan Says:

    Don’t sweat it, best of luck and keep us posted!

  126. Juda Says:

    If I do biz . Will the 30k go to the same spg account of my personal ( already have a personal ) or they will issue me a 2nd # ??

  127. YB Says:

    It says the offer is no longer available 🙁

  128. Dan Says:

    Same account.

    Still works, just follow the 3 step instructions that I wrote!!!

  129. Yisroel Says:

    Dan, I have a starwood personal card with around 10k Limit.
    I applied today for the business card but was declined bec of Experian of a “LEGAL ITEM”. I believe this legal item is regarding a Tax lien that i had on my account a year ago but was fully satisfied 2 months later. Any suggestions? i tried for them to move some of the 10k from my personal credit to a business but they said the only way is for Experian to take it off and to send in confirmation. Do you have any other ideas? Also i cant get through to a live operator at Experion, Do you have a number there?

  130. joey Says:

    don’t know why I waited so long but signed up and was accepted for a business card. Thanks Dan

  131. DAVE Says:

    Chase just pulled my credit today for a credit increase on my ink card. If i sign up for this will my credit score get hurt more?

  132. Anshel Says:

    Hi Dan, Thanks as usual!

    I’ve applied July 12 for Amex Platinum and Premier Gold on July 12 and got declined on both… Credit pull was from Experian.
    After days of hard work and numerous phone calls and emails… They approved me for both (sent an direct email to one of the hot-shots… and that tossed the coin…) but they did pull another Experian Hard Pull on July 27 when they approved me…

    Would you advise doing a 4 Browser today for the following:
    SPG Personal
    SPG Business (i do have a real small business with a Fed TX ID.)
    Platinum Business
    Gold Business

    Would appreciate you precious advice.


  133. Yisroel Says:

    Anshel(132) What was the reason you got declined and do you have any advice on who to talk to for this as i got declined today as well.

  134. asher Says:

    Dan, is there any way you could post a list of the Real credit score websites and the fake ones? I’m very confused which ones to believe and which ones not to, they all look so real!

  135. Anshel Says:

    Reasons for being declined were:
    1. too many credit requests within past 6 months
    2. too little Amex credit history

    as for whom i emailed, i dont have the records with me and will post it when and if i find the name and address

  136. Issac Says:

    Dan is it possible to apply for this card with 3 different browser at one time and get approved for 3 cards and 90,000 miles and only have one pull on the credit history?


  137. John Says:

    From SPG site:

    “Bonus Starpoints can only be received once per Cardmember, regardless of the number of Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card accounts the Cardmember may have or had.”

    Does anybody know if I apply for business and personal cards can I get 60K pints or only 30K points?

  138. Dan Says:

    Call a credit repair agency?


    In the long-term having more cards will help your score more than the short-term inquiry hurts it.

    YMMV, but good luck wit whatever you decide to do!

    They’re pretty much all fake.
    MyFico and Equifax have real ones directly from them.
    MyFico can give you your real Transunion and Equifax, but I don’t think there’s any way right now for consumers to get thei real Experian scores.

    Maybe get 1 SPG Consumer for 30K, 1 AMEX Plat for 25K/100K match, and 1 AMEX PRG for 15K/75K match. The banners for those cards are at the top of DansDeals.

    Yes, you will definitely get 60K points with a SPG consumer and SPG busniess card.
    You also get double the elite night/stay credits by having both cards.

  139. sam Says:

    regarding sole proprietorship….when i leave the fed tax id blank, it gives me an error message and when i put in my social i get the same message: ‘Please make sure all required fields are complete and valid.’

    any suggestions?

  140. Dan Says:

    I just applied for the card as a sole-proprietor and left the tax id field blank.
    Not sure why that is giving you an error message but I would suggest trying again.

  141. Danny Says:

    Hey does any one know if I would get approved for the starwoods . I am only 20 with 6 months of credit from Capitol one and have a Amex card from my brothers account. ?

  142. sam Says:

    tried a few times…

    originally i filled in no at the top of application when asked if i am already an amex cardmember … when i tried with the yes option it went through no problem

  143. Dan Says:

    Impossible to know unless you try!


  144. Issac Says:

    Sorry don’t see the links on top[ of the page for the 3 cards you mentioned on post 138. Please can you post the 3 links in the post you reply on.


  145. Dan Says:

    You can find all of the AMEX charge card links in this post:

  146. Yisroel Says:

    Do you know any reliable place for Credit Repairing?

  147. Mordt Says:

    is their anyway to get the card today?

  148. yossi Says:

    Last week I applied for the 30k offer on the Starwood card via your link and got approved instantly received card today and called to activate card and was told I got the 10k/15k after spending 15k. I made a fuss and was told to give the code and they will honor the 30k. Do you have the code for the 10k/20k after $4500 spend offer?

  149. Dan Says:

    Nope, where were you for the past month?

    I don’t think the reps know what they’re talking about. Spend the $4,500 and you should get 34,500 Starpoints automatically.
    I don’t know of any code, but I do have screenshots of the offer.

  150. danny Says:

    hey dan how often does starwoods do the 30,000 points offer ?

  151. chris Says:

    any one have any experince getting a credit card under the age oe 21

  152. Dave Says:

    I applied for both the business and personal using ie and firefox. Personal I got approved right away business they said pending further review please call this number. So i called the number and they said they halted the application because they were suspecting fraud because I just applied for the personal 15 seconds before on Ie. they said that now that they know its not fraud they will forward it to the proper people to review. I’m going to assume those people wont review it on the same day they pulled my credit report the first time for the personal card

  153. I missed out Says:

    Any way to get the offer today?
    How bout if i have a screen shot?

  154. Josh Says:

    Has anyone called up amex and checked the account was marked with the 30,000 promo. I’ve had nothing but problems for the past 2 weeks, amex was refusing to acknowledge the offer as valid, they were telling me it was only for targeted customers which is not true. I had no choice but to cancel the card, literally spent hours on the phone with no luck.

  155. Dan Says:

    The only other time they had an offer like this was July 2010.

    Sure, you can get a card as young as 18 by just building up your score.

    @I missed out:
    You can always try, but it’s doubtful.

    Wow, terrible decision on your part.

    Most CS reps are 100% clueless. If you applied for the card and the app page said you would get 30,000 Starpoints then you should’ve spent the money and gotten the points.
    There’s no need to contact them, it’s all automatic and processed by their system.

  156. Josh Says:


    I am usually one not to believe cs reps, but I spoke with the executive service and they did an account inquiry for me, it did not seem like the account was marked at all. I didn’t want to risk it, ill prob just go with your second best and get the chase saphire.

  157. Dan Says:

    Still worth trying for it unless you know your app page didn’t say the 30K offer.
    Plus I have a screenshot of the public offer if people need it and have problems getting the 30K after spending $4,500.

  158. albert Says:

    hey dan,

    i got the card and spent the 4500 on it already…. now if i cancel the card will i lose the points?

  159. Dan Says:

    Have you gotten a statement yet with the points?
    Once you do you can cancel and you won’t lose any points.
    The card is free for one year though, so why do you want to cancel it?

  160. albert Says:

    also i saw u wrote this earlier ”You also get double the elite night/stay credits by having both cards”

    what does that mean, because i have both as well

  161. Dan Says:

    For each card you have you get 2 stays and 5 nights towards elite status.

  162. albert Says:

    didnt get the statement yet, i guess once i do il have the points….. i have so many cards no point in having another, did it just for the points

  163. Dan Says:

    What card do you do your regular spending on?
    Starwood is right at the top along with Sapphire Preferred.

  164. albert Says:

    lately ive been using the chase British card, i like the airline miles, why should i start using the starwood more?

  165. Dan Says:

    That’s an awful choice.
    First of all you can always transfer 20K Starpoints into 25K British Airways.

    But British Airways miles are rubbish. Much better off transferring 20K Starpoints to 25K AA to travel within the Oneworld alliance.

  166. albert Says:

    oh wow.. haha i guess ive been using the wrong card, so i should stick to the starwood i guess… thanks

    btw what is elite status you said before?

    im pretty new to this whole points thing

  167. Noam Says:

    Dan, can you please email me the screenshot? Thanks…

  168. dberko2005 Says:

    Hey Dan,

    Can you please email me the screenshot as well. The CS rep told me she does not see the 30k offer attached to my file. Thanks

  169. Chaim Says:

    can you please send me a screenshot of the 30k offer? they claim i dont have that offer. when i do.
    Chaim Lerner

  170. NH Says:


    Can you please send me the screenshot as well, they are saying I need to spend $15,000 for 25k points.


  171. Yossi Says:

    Can you please send me the screen shot.

  172. rochel Says:

    How do I get the screen shot or offer code when I call customer service they tell me I don’t have the offer unless I give them the code

  173. Dan Says:

    Send an Secure Message via http://www.americanexpress.com/messagecenter to social media>twitter. Address it to “Dear Courtney” and tell her the problems you (and others) have been having with the spg 30k offer you signed up for during the recent public (NON-TARGETED) promotion for the card.

  174. Dena Nockenofsky Says:

    Dan, I am having the same problem as Rochel(they are not giving me the 15,000 points)Can I have the screenshot as well?

  175. Dan Says:

    @Dena Nockenofsky:
    Just follow the same instructions I gave her.

  176. Dena Nockenofsky Says:

    “to social media>twitter”
    Where do I select this?

  177. Dan Says:

    @Dena Nockenofsky:
    Compose a message, select the card, then select social media inquiry as the subject.

  178. Dena Says:

    Found it. Thanks, will try

  179. Dena Says:

    Here is the response I received from Courtney
    Good morning Dena,
    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
    The promotion you signed up for is 10k Starpoints after your first purchase, which you have received, and then 15k Starpoints after you have met the $15,000 spend requirement within 6 months of your Card membership. If at that time you don’t receive the points let me know.

    Courtney Richards
    Social Media Response Team

  180. Dan Says:

    Reply to her that you signed up for the PUBLIC OFFER for 30,000 Starpoints for spending $4,500 in 3 months and you’ve also been reading online of many others having the same issue after signing up for the 30k promotion. Ask politely again to please honor the terms of the promotion you signed up for and let us know what happens.

  181. Dena Says:

    Can you please send me a copy of the screenshot so I can send that to her?

  182. Dan Says:

    Send her the reply like I just said and we’ll see if it needs to come down to that.

  183. Sammy Says:

    I have the same problem. I just sent the SM to Courney as Dan said. We will see what happens.

  184. Dena Says:

    Here is their response.Any ideas as to what I should do next?

    “We are aware of the numerous websites that have provided these promotions and if you did apply through the proper channel, we would be more than happy to honor the promotion. I have reached out to the New Accounts Department to see the link that you actually applied for to see if it was in fact the spend $4500 and am waiting to hear back from them. I do want to let you know that they have just advised me that they too did not see the promotion that you are referring to, but the spend $15,000 and receive 15,000 points.
    I wish I had better news for you and if for some reason you saved the actual link you applied thru please let us know and we will research further.
    Rachel Toledo
    Social Media Response Team

  185. Dan Says:

    Write back again and ask for Courtney specifically, and tell her you applied for the 30k promotion on DansDeals.com and you would like the offer to be honored.

  186. Dena Says:

    I already sent Courtney a message in which I mentioned that I signed up through DansDeals and her response is above(post 179).

    Thank you very much for your help!

  187. Dan Says:

    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

    In 184 Rachel responded. Ask again if Courtney can respond and explain why you didn’t get the 30k promo that you signed up for.

  188. Yossi Says:

    I am having the same problem as Dena. I followed your instructions but i think i will need the screen shot or code to prove it.

  189. Yitzchok Says:

    I am having the same problem also. I followed your instructions and she answered that “Hello. I’m not showing you applied for the offer” I answered “Please check again, I applied for the 30k promotion on dansdeals.com and I would like the offer to be honored”

    What else can I do?

  190. Dan Says:

    You need to send the secure message to the social media/twitter department and ask that Courtney please respond to you.
    She has helped out many people already on the forums.

  191. Yitzchok Says:

    Thank you!

    She wrote back this morning………..
    Good morning Yitzchok. I have issued 20k Starpoints to your acct which u will see in 3-5 days in your Starwood acct. ^Courtney

    Is it a problem to write to her about my wife’s account now (she also didnt get the bonus)

  192. Rachel Says:

    I just got this!!TNX!

    Good Morning Rachel,

    I have reviewed your account and since you did apply thru the Dan’s Deals link and met the $4,500 spend, I have now issued the bonus points to your account. The adjustment in the amount of 20,000 bonus points will appear on an upcoming statement.

    It was my pleasure to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Have a great day!


    Rachel Toledo
    Social Media Response Team

  193. Dan Says:

    Congrats guys, glad I could help out.

    Yitzchok, of course you should write for your wife as well from her account.

  194. Yitzchok Says:

    192 was my wife……………. Thank you!

  195. Dan Says:

    Lol, yw.

  196. Shmuly Says:

    Please send me the screenshot of the 30,000 offer, i did not get the miles, and i need to fax them a copy of the offer,
    also what is the best way to contact them?

  197. Dan Says:

    See comment 173 and 190 please.

  198. Shmuly Says:

    Thanks, this is what i got back:
    Dear xxxxxx,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

    I have reviewed your account and see that the spend threshold to receive the extra 20,000 points has been met. As such, I have personally issued the 20,000 points as a goodwill gesture. These points have been transferred to your Starwood Preferred Guest account. Please allow 3 – 5 business days for the points to appear in your account.


    Kawana Mutti

    Kawana Mutti
    Social Media Response Team

  199. Yossi Says:

    I wasnt getting anywhere online so I called AMEX directly and politely explained the offer and that I did not receive the additional 20k Starpoints. The manager researched it and verified that there was such an offer and I signed up for the card during the time the offer was valid. As a goodwill gesture he issued the 20k points. Yipeeee! Thank you DAN!

  200. margo Says:

    i signed up from dans deal link on 8/22 please advise which offer was valid then, help. i am trying to get them to give me the spend 5k and get 20 more which is on your archive link. kawana mutti said i should fax what i am trying to send her. on the phone i got nowhere and even got a letter stating they need more info to honor the offer.
    time is running out if i am going for the 3month offer. thanks!

  201. Dan Says:

    Please read comment 173 and 190 for how to proceed.

  202. margo Says:

    i checked 173 and 190 but the big problem is what offer did i really sign up for,do you know which was on till 8/22? the 4.5 in 3 months or the 5k in 6?

  203. margo Says:

    when i checked the link you have above for 30k it opens up to a page that says 25k! 10 first purchase and 15k after 5 in 6 months. any other place for me to look to get a screenshot of 30k total to send to amex?

  204. margo Says:

    is your 30k offer spend 4.5 in 3 months or 5k in 6? please advise asap , i am trying to figure out which offer i applied for. thanks.

  205. Dan Says:

    If you signed up on 08/22 or earlier it was 30K for spending $4,500 in 3 months.
    If you signed up 08/23 or later it was 25K for spending $5K in 6 months.

  206. margo Says:

    thanks dan, if thats the case i might need a screenshot, the only screenshot i am able to find is for 25k not 30. kiwana mutti is waiting for a fax from me. i will try to tweet her again with the info , if not i might need some evidence of the offer. thanks.

  207. margo Says:

    @Dan: can i have the screen shot for the 30k for spending 4500 in 3 months? i need to send to amex. thanks

  208. Dan Says:

    Everyone who properly followed my instructions in 173 and 190 got the 30K without any screenshots.
    Please follow them.

  209. margo Says:

    ok, will give it a shot. thanks.

  210. margo Says:

    dan see below. thanks for all your help!

    Because we value your membership, I have personally issued 20,000 points to your account as a goodwill gesture. These points have been transferred to your Starwood Preferred Guest account. Please allow 3 – 5 business days for the points to appear in your account.

    It was my pleasure to help.


    Kawana Lace Mutti

  211. chulent Says:

    thanx dan they gave me 40k!

  212. Lakewooder Says:


    Same here. When I complained about not receiving the extra 20,000 they cave it to me as
    “20000 SPG AX – GOODWILL FROM AX (11/15/2011)”
    & a month later I got another 20,000 as
    “20000 SPG AX LIMITED TIME OFFER (12/16/2011)”

    Thanks Dan.


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