HP Touchpad With Slipcase For $249.99 From Woot!

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HP Touchpad With Slipcase Linky

This is for a brand new, non-refurbished Touchpad.

Shipping is a flat $5 no matter how many you buy.

If anyone has loaded Android onto their Touchpad please post a comment with how you like it compared to WebOS!

HT: moe

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16 Comments On "HP Touchpad With Slipcase For $249.99 From Woot!"

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momo :-)

get a darn ipad dan… i was right about the desktop


I have an extra charging doc brand new unopened if anyone is interested.
email bitbythedog at Gmail.com


i did not like the android, i liked the web os much better


ps it also comes with a SlipCase


Beware when buying anything from these daily deal websites: There is no manufactures warranty even if they’re new as these websites aren’t authorized Sellers


First of all Woot is owned by Amazon.
Second of all this does come with a 1 year warranty from HP, which will be doubled to 2 years by AMEX. And AMEX has 90 day return protection.


How easy is it to load android onto this touchpad??


How easy is it to load android onto this device?
And also, how compatible is it with android? Does it work nicely once installed?


@Dan: Ok granted that woot is covered but I know for certain that 1saleaday and dailysteals etc are not considered authorized sellers and therefore receive no warranty. Its usually worth to spend the extra $10 to buy it from amazon and get a normal warranty.


I have one with android as well and its awesome! Very easy to load! Tons of YouTube videos how to do it


i like the palm os way better but if u need more apps ur prob better off with the android.
is there any way to switch back to palm os i dont like the android it dose not charge well ever since i switched it over…?????


you can keep switching back and forth


dav, that was a problem on earlier builds. If you update to the latest build, alpha 2.0, you should be fine.


@dav I echo what Jake said about later updates. In regards to switching back and forth, if you ported the cyanogen version of android, all you need to do is a reboot and there will be a screen that will allow you to choose if you want to boot into WebOS or CyanogenMOD


Can someone post a link or youtube clip with easy instructions how to root it with the dual booting?


I have the touchpad with the ice cream android version installed and it is great I have the 32gb and i bought it for 150 however the mic and camera function on the android version still does not work the group that is working on it will probably come out with a working update in the next 2 weeks also it takes about 15 minutes to install android it might take some time but it should not take more then an hour make sure that you overclock your touchpad because if not it will go really so slow mine is always overclocked to 1.7 from 856 so that is double the speed which really helps

I really liked webos it is a much better system then android but they shut it down so that is the end of that