Save $10 On Your Next Three $25 Uber Eats Orders Via PayPal, Plus Save On Uber Gift Cards, And Hacking BOGO Promos!

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If you’re new to Uber Eats you can signup via JJ’s referral link here and use the following promo for $7 of free food: eats-jonathane6362ue

Go to the promotions field under your profile in the Uber Eats app, and enter the following code to save $10 on your next three $25 orders when checking out with PayPal: UBER6jcjcqa

Please note the code is case sensitive and you must use PayPal to pay for your order.

Buy a $100 Uber Eats or Uber gift card here and earn a $10 Best Buy Gift Card.

The trick with Uber/Postmates deals is finding BOGO items.

From the search field in the app you can select filters and choose “Deals” filter that will display restaurants with Buy 1, Get 1 Free listed:

Now you select the restaurant you’d like to order from, in this example, I chose Italian Time:

The sweet spot as you can see in the image above is finding items under the required promo amount, in this case $25, but when added via  BOGO deal will come out above $25.

The $25 still applies even though my order is only $13!

After taxes and fees this $26 order is just $7.25 shipped!

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Always wondered – who’s discounts are those? Is it the store or the app? If it’s the app are they randomly generated? How exactly does this work?


From what I can tell, it’s the app’s. When you see the receipt from the store, it shows through as a regular receipt. They may be charging the store back through their delivery partnership, but a store owner would have to chime in.

I would assume nothing is random – they have complicated algorithms to put these out there to drum up business. (Although, I would think the algorithm should be able to determine that someone who always filters for kosher food should have it focus on that when they sort.)


Great tips. But on a side note, do I really want two potatoes for $7.25? Hehe


How do u get uberone for free?


you dont


CapitalOne credit cards offer complimentary free Uber One

sarah c lagnado

they say they have send a 4 digit code to my home phone but it is an old fashioned wall phone and doesn’t take codes. What should I do, I keep trying to change it but it won’t allow me to.


It’s usually the last 4 digits of the last home number

Free parking

If you are referring to the code that they send upon creating an account, you should be able to create a new account with a different phone number that can receive sms codes. If you’re referring to the code they sometimes request at delivery. It’s always been the last 4 digits of my phone number associated with my account…


You have to actually pay with PayPal for this specific promotion to work. Uber cash will not work :/


Do the $10 monthly credit on Amex gold trigger if you pay with it through Paypal?

Rob W

He left out the tip. It’s appropriate to tip on the full pre-discounted amt, $26.00.


Just tried this – it didn’t apply the $10 discount to the order?