Register For AMEX NYC Restaurant Savings; Save At Reserve Cut

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Register For AMEX NYC Restaurant Savings

Through 8/19 you can save $5 off $35 up to 4 times per AMEX card at participating restaurants in NYC. You can view participating restaurants here.

Each $35+ transaction would have to be paid for separately for credit. A $70 transaction would only get a $5 credit, but if it was charged as $35 twice you would get $10 back.

You can register all primary and secondary AMEX cards.

Reserve Cut, the most upscale kosher restaurant in NYC, is participating. Every week they’ll have a special 3 course lunch menu for $29, this week’s menu can be found here. After $2.57 tax and a tip you’ll get to the $35 required for a $5 statement credit, dropping the cost for lunch down to about $30. DDF reviews say that portions are small. There is a steak option, but it’s only 4 ounces. For lunch that’s fine, just don’t expect to leave stuffed if you go with the prix-fixe.

Of course the $5 off $35 works for lunch, dinner, or gift cards, there’s no need to use the prix-fixe option.

DD strategy: For 2 people I’d recommend sharing 1 prix-fixe menu, 1 steak sandwich, and 1 order of short-rib tacos. The total for that is $87 which should put you just over $105 after tax and tip. You’ll save $15 by charging is as 3x$35 payments, dropping the total bill to less than $95.

In general I think their dinners are overpriced. I got a $94 Wagyu steak on a DDF DO on the way back from United’s Island Hopper last year that was wholly unimpressive:















I’d take Mike’s Bistro’s $54 short ribs any day over that:




However Reserve Cut’s lunches are a great value.

Their $32 Steak Sandwich comes loaded with heavenly caramelized onions and with delicious fries. I’ve had different cuts of steak on this sandwich and some have been better than others, but overall I think it’s a great value and personally I’d go this route and save $5 on this sandwich over the prix-fixe menu with a 4 ounce steak…











Reserve Cut’s Mushroom Porcini Soup is excellent:














And their short rib tacos are truly sublime:












Their drinks are very good as well:















And the desserts are normally great, though the prix-fixe dessert options have had mixed reviews.
















Snickers Dessert:














So, who will be the first to ask their waiter to swipe their 4 separate times to pay for their meal 😀

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F. Cohen

Can someone please make a list of the kosher restaurants participating in this offer?


the snickers dessert is a thing of the past


@F. Cohen:
I’m not aware of others, but if you find any please comment.



Added this strategy to the post:

For 2 people I’d recommend sharing 1 prix-fixe menu, 1 steak sandwich, and 1 order of short-rib tacos. The total for that is $87 which should put you just over $105 after tax and tip. You’ll save $15 by charging is as 3x$35 payments, dropping the total bill to less than $95.


So go visit the ridiculously overpriced overrated most expensive kosher restaurant in NY, because you’ll get 15% off with an amex deal??!!! I think Groupon has better offers than that, lol!

And why oh why would I spend a hundred bucks for one meal when I can buy enough roast (=heck a lot palatable than steak) to last me for every Shabbos till Rosh Hashanah


With my strategy in the post you’ll get an awesome and filling meal for about $45/person, not $100 bucks for a meal.

It’s not a deal of a lifetime, but it makes it more affordable.


$29 lunch at reserve cut during restaurant week + tax and tip is $35 then save $5 so $30 for lunch at reserve


It is no longer the most upscale restaurant in NYC Dan!
You MUST try Bison and Bourbon!!! This place is the most amazing restaurant I have ever been to in my life!


That’s what the post says.

I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I do hope to try it in the future.
Is the ambiance actually better than RC?


Shallots in Chicago, Reserve Cut in NYC, and some other upscale kosher restaurants are just not worth it in my mind. I’d prefer getting a decent meal at MR Broadways or Ken’s Diner and spend the money on better stuff. I know I’m not a foodie like Dan and other people are but to me it’s just a waste of $.


@Netlevy: @Dan: the food is hit and miss


I’m so happy to hear you weren’t impressed with the $94 Waygu steak. I went there a few weeks ago, looking forward to the meal for months, and thought that the waygu was very mediocre. They even upsold me on it. $94 for an ‘okay’ steak is criminal.


Consider yourself lucky 🙂

So I’ve heard. But I do still want to try it out.

Exact same experience here, very disappointing for that kind of money.


@Dan: @Dan: A shame you didn’t try their WAGYU BEEF RIB STEAK BONE IN for $104 or the even cheaper COTE DE BOEUF & BONE MARROW $75


“DD strategy: For 2 people I’d recommend sharing 1 prix-fixe menu, 1 steak sandwich, and 1 order of short-rib tacos. The total for that is $87 which should put you just over $105 after tax and tip. You’ll save $15 by charging is as 3x$35 payments, dropping the total bill to less than $95.”

YOU KNOW, YOUR ADVICE IS KIND OF cost the restaurant owners money every time they swipe…they r nice to be the only kosher restaurant participating in NYC for restaurant week, why abuse it and take money out of there pockets ..its piggish dude!


Adding the bone makes a mediocre steak that much better?

A swipe costs 20 cents or so, if anything at all. If that’s what breaks it on a $105 lunch, that’s a shame.

Most businesses I’ve encountered are thrilled to help out when it comes to AMEX promotions like Small Business Saturday that require many swipes.


@j: Do you know for a fact it costs them for every swipe? Most businesses pay a percent of the amount swiped. In any case the fee is usually 25 cents or so. Their markup on food is through the roof. nothing you said makes sense at all.


@Dan: It makes all the difference. and that Marrow in the side with bread is out of this world…


I make better taters


Thanks for the write-up. Have a summer lunch there tomorrow!


J- It’s all in the eye of the beholder. One could say ‘just use cash at every Jewish business, as credit cards cost the business money’. I recall going to a NYC restaurant which only accepted American Express as a credit card. There were no signs or prior warnings about that. Guess what, because I had to walk down the block to an ATM in the winter, I paid $175 cash and gave $0 as a tip. If a business wants to be stingy with methods of payment, then as consumers we have the liberty to avoid such an establishment. The restaurant business is not always easy to stay afloat- Reserve Cut will be happy to get the ‘credit card’ customers .


There are times I disagree with dan, not this time.
My business and indeed most ignore the swipe cost and focus on the percentage we pay. This is the same whether it is one or three swipes.
There might be a more significant swipe charge on Debit cards.
One factor banks consider when renegotiating rates is the average ticket, I doubt a few DDF’ers will significantly change this.


hi is this offer available 4x for every primary and every user cardm or just 4x per primary and user card combinable?y thank you


@Dan: So….Three Amex cards for one lunch. I’m not gonna take my shidduch date there.


@Anonymous: one card 3 swipes


Dan – The only point I want to comment on Is Mike’s Bistro

Although the food is good and definitely cheaper than Reserve,

For over $50 their steak is the smallest portion I have ever had in my life!

I spent over $200 their with my wife & I left very Hungry

I have had small portions there in the past but passable and good.

They got even smaller to absolutely unacceptable.