Register For AMEX NYC Restaurant Savings; Save At Reserve Cut

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Register For AMEX NYC Restaurant Savings

From 1/23-2/10 you can save $5 off $35 up to 4 times per AMEX card at participating restaurants in NYC. You can view participating restaurants here.

Each $35+ transaction would have to be paid for separately for credit. A $70 transaction would only get a $5 credit, but if it was charged as $35 twice you would get $10 back.

You can register all primary and secondary AMEX cards.

Reserve Cut, the most upscale kosher restaurant in NYC, is participating. They have a 3 course prix-fixe lunch menu for $29, their current menu can be found here. After $2.57 tax and a tip you’ll get to the $35 required for a $5 statement credit, dropping the cost for lunch down to about $30. DDF reviews say that portions are small. There is a steak option, but it’s only 5 ounces. For lunch that’s fine, just don’t expect to leave stuffed if you go with the prix-fixe.

Of course the $5 off $35 works for lunch, dinner, or gift cards, there’s no need to use the prix-fixe option.

DD strategy: For 2 people going out for lunch I’d recommend sharing 1 prix-fixe menu ($29), 1 steak sandwich with fries ($32), and 1 order of short-rib tacos ($26). The total for that is $87 which should put you just over $105 after tax and tip. You’ll save $15 by charging is as 3x$35 payments, dropping the total bill to less than $95 after tax and tip.

They also now have a 1/2 pound Wagyu Burger served with “bacon” and porcini mushrooms and grilled onions for $34 at lunch that has been getting good reviews though I haven’t tried that yet.

In general I think their dinners are overpriced. I got a $94 Wagyu steak on a DDF DO on the way back from United’s Island Hopper that was wholly unimpressive:















I’d take Mike’s Bistro’s $54 short ribs any day over that:




However Reserve Cut’s lunches are a great value.

Their $32 Steak Sandwich comes loaded with heavenly caramelized onions and with delicious fries. I’ve had different cuts of steak on this sandwich and some have definitely been better than others, but overall I think it’s a great value and personally I’d go this route and save $5 on this sandwich over the prix-fixe menu with a 4 ounce steak…











Reserve Cut’s Mushroom Porcini Soup is excellent:














And their short rib tacos are truly sublime:












Their drinks are very good as well:















And the desserts I’ve had there have been great, though the prix-fixe dessert options have had mixed reviews.
















Snickers Dessert:














So, who will be the first to ask their waiter to swipe their card 4 separate times to pay for their meal 😀

HT: koshergourmetmart, via DDF

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Any restaurants in Crown Heights qualify?


Post a comment if you find any other kosher restaurants.


Any other restaurants in Manhattan qualify?

Steven N

If you are looking for the $5.00 discount this Resturant is not for you…


Crazy expensive. I’d rather go to more meals at other restaurants in the NYC.


Let us know if you find any.

@Steven N:
It’s up to a $20 discount per AMEX card. Nothing wrong with saving some money and they were happy to do split tenders last time.

Obviously fine dining isn’t for everyone.

But having an incredible lunch like I suggested for under $100 including tax+tip is not a terrible deal if you want to try the place out.

The ambiance there is incredible.


Read the t&c it says saturdays excluded, Sundays optional. Beverages, “gratuities and taxes not included”


That’s for when they have to offer a prix-fixe option.
The credit works at any time within the valid dates.




Read the post.
It’s $5 off every $35 swipe.


@dan. You need to try the beef jerky in reserve cut. The best quality and taste I’ve ever had

Sounds Great

What Kashrus supervision are they under?

Jimmy Fallon Fail

@Sounds Great: According to their website:

It states: Reserve Cut is a new Contemporary Kosher Steak House at The Setai in the Financial District of New York City, under OU Glatt certification.


My pride as a human being is way too high then to look like a Typical Jew and save $5.

Man rules dictate NEVER use coupons for dinner.


Mikes bistrowhat would you recommend and is the service and ambiance just as good

a v

Is there an easy way to find Kosher restaurants from the participating restaurants??