Groupon: Buy Shutterfly Photo Books From $12.99 Shipped And Stack With Unlimited Free Pages And 10% Back In Groupon Bucks!

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Update: The free pages promotion has been extended through 7/8!

Groupon has Shutterfly photo books on sale from $5 here.

The prices for the hardcover photo books if you buy a Groupon voucher for Shutterfly are as follows:

  • 8×8: $5 (plus $7.99 shipping=$12.99)
  • 8×11: $13.99 (plus $8.99 shipping=$22.98)
  • 10×10: $19.99 (plus $8.99 shipping=$28.98)
  • 12×12: $26.99 (plus $11.99 shipping=$38.98)
  • 11×14: $33.99 (plus $11.99 shipping=$45.98)

While officially these are for 20 page photo books, you can stack your Groupon voucher with this promotion to get unlimited extra pages!

If you buy the photo books directly from Shutterfly with 40% off you would pay:

  • 8×8: $11.99 (plus $7.99 shipping=$19.98)
  • 8×11: $23.99 (plus $8.99 shipping=$32.98)
  • 10×10: $29.99 (plus $8.99 shipping=$38.98)
  • 12×12: $41.99 (plus free shipping on $39 orders=$41.99)
  • 11×14: $44.99 (plus free shipping on $39 orders=$44.99)

There are some other advantages to Groupon:

But there are advantages to Shutterfly direct as well:

  • You’re not locked into making the book as you don’t pay until checkout.
  • The Groupon voucher’s bonus value expires on 10/1.
  • You can make multiple books or add other items to get to the $39 free shipping threshold.

But if you just want to make one 8×11 hardcover photo book, you’ll save $10+tax and get 10% back by going the Groupon route. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

The 8×11 is my go-to book, we make one for every trip we go on and it’s always stunningly awesome!  I’d highly recommend getting the 8×11 size over the 8×8 size. 

You’ll want to read this post for more information on the unlimited free pages.

Will you make your photo book with Shutterfly direct or with a Groupon voucher for Shutterfly?

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I bought a Groupon voucher last year and did not manage to make my Shutterfly book before the bonus value expired. I did apply it to my Shutterfly account though. I ended up ordering a book a few months later and it had not lost its bonus value!


Thanks Dan for my first HT!!! (however it doesn’t show yet on my profile)

shutterfly fan

got 3 books- original price $603 for $50.27. Stacked a free 8×8 book coupon from verizon that they gave out a few months ago. Thanks!


It’s not working for me- says once you purchase it and redeem the groupon, it’s supposed to automatically apply to your shutterfly account, but it’s not for me. What am I doing wrong? thanks!! 🙂


I figured it out– for anyone else having the same issue, you need to first make sure that you are logged out of your account!


Same for me. It says the code is automatically applied, but doesn’t show the code or apply it


Happened to me too , I opened it in another browser and it worked


I contacted groupon and they gave me a code to apply manually! Was 13.99 on groupon plus 9.79 for shipping and tax on shutterfly! 23.78 total!


Thamks Dan.
How about the 10 X 10?


hey dan,
thanks for all your great deals!!
just wondering if you ever upgraded to lay flat, and how much that came out to if you were to use lets say 100 pages?


If I get many groupons for over $40, will I get free shipping?


1. You can only apply one Groupon per Shutterfly account.
2. Even if you bought other things from Shutterfly, the Groupon book cannot be used together with the free shipping code


Shutterfly code pages was extended until Wednesday. Also, after submitting your order for a book it gives you an option of sharing a free book with a friend… I did not try this, but if you’d like to make more than one book, I think you should be able to and just pay shipping…


Just be aware that the Groupon can only be applied once per Shutterfly account. I used the Groupon a few months ago, and I just bought another one but it does not let me apply it.


Can I get free shipping with the Groupon for an 8×11 book by adding book options to meet the free shipping threshold (e.g., lay-flat binding, matter cover).


No, the Groupon cannot be used together with a free shipping code


Why is my HT not updated in my profile on DDF?


I’m constantly getting free photobooks but never have the time to sit and make them. I’d rather purchase from shutterfly or wait for a good deal once my books are ready to order.


they are letting me use the free shipping code with the groupon book – but are not letting me use the unlimited pages with it