1 Year Subscription To The Economist Digital And Print For Just $74.99 From DiscountMags After $150 Discount!

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1 Year Subscription To The Economist Digital And Print For Just $74.99 From DiscountMags After $150 Discount!


-The Economist is rarely discounted so this is a great price for a subscription.

-No auto-renewal, free shipping, and no tax.

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What happened with the old $50 per year discount? This inflation is almost as bad as the price of eggs and lettuce….


How is inflation connected to before and after Biden being president? Inflation is because of the reckless consumer spending.

Disclaimer: The money consumers spent was not from PPP2, ERC, unlimited EIDL, unemployment, or any other state or local moneys that people didn’t need.



Inflation in much of Europe and Asia is also bad. A part of that is consumers continue to spend — whether it be by cutting their savings rate or dipping into savings. The other part is suppliers/businesses are just squeezing consumers for all they can squeeze. To try to attribute global inflation — or even US inflation — to Biden didn’t seem to sell well during the midterm elections. Even Newt Gingrich has come around to acknowledging that Biden is a success in the line of Presidents Ronald Reagan and Eisenhower.


It’s amazing how the American hubris exists only when there are supposed successes, I.e. how America saves the world, is a light to the world etc., but that same hubris seems not to realize the great importance that the U.S. has to the world economy when things go bad. America is the most entitled country that exists today, and part of that entitlement is that everyone gets free things that they didn’t earn. Free stuff is great (that’s what this site is all about), but on a national scale is bad for the national and international economy, especially when all that spending has the weight of the largest country in the world behind it. No other country in the world gave as many freebies as we did during covid. These freebies continued long after they were no longer needed (while Biden was president). You give the American government too little credit of the power it has to do both good, as well as evil. This time round, it was definitely evil.

Regarding quoting Newt Gingrich, I have no clue what you are talking about. However, feel free to take a break from your liberal arts degree and the huffing on post, and read any number of liberal newspapers (including CNN) or magazines which will say the same thing as I just did. Heck, you should probably subscribe to the economist as its right on this page!


Is this dead? Code is only giving me $45 off


The Economist print edition was available on and off for about $43 a year until less than a year ago. This price shock is too high to justify purchasing, even though my subscription expired. It is a good magazine, to be sure.