Ends Tonight! Save 20% Off Ooni Pizza Ovens After Black Friday Savings, My Thoughts After 6 Months Of Amazing Pizzas

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Update: This sale ends tonight!

Save 20% Off Ooni Pizza Ovens After Black Friday Savings!

Ooni pizza ovens and accessories are on sale for 20% off with their Black Friday sale through 12/1, or while supplies last. Current prices are 20% off the regular price, though 2021 prices went up significantly from 2020 pricing.

When you buy direct from Ooni you also get a 3 year warranty. You have 60 days to make returns with free return shipping if you don’t love it.

Dan’s Note: I bought the base Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven during last year’s Black Friday sale after trying some pizzas from my brother in law’s Ooni. It was backordered until March, but since Pesach we’ve made dozens of mouth-watering pies!

At a sizzling 932 degrees, pizzas bake in just a minute or so. And the taste is truly incomparable to pizza made in a gas oven.

Useful accessories are on sale, like an IR thermometer, pizza peel, wood pellets, serving board, and carrying cover.

Should you get a gas, pellet, charcoal, or wood burning oven? That just depends on the flavor and amount of time you want to put into it. Charcoal or wood will likely taste best, followed by pellets and then gas. The effort required will be the reverse, with gas being the easiest, followed by pellets, charcoal, and then wood.

For our Shavuos lunch we used an existing flame to bake delicious fresh pizzas with a toppings bar for friends and family, and then let the oven go out when the pellets burned out.

We’re pretty happy compromising on the pellet version, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s also the least expensive option, but smoking connoisseurs will tell you that it needs to be done with wood or charcoal.

Some of the pizzas we’ve made:

Of course Ooni ovens aren’t just good for pizza, many people use Ooni ovens to bake their own matzah!

Do you have an Ooni? Share your tips in the comments!

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Can anyone explain how easy it is to kasher an Ooni. From Chametz to baking Matza. or for Pizza and then making a steak later. Is the high heat enough. Do you need separate stones. Interested to see if switching is possible and if it is practical.


Ask your local orthodox rabbi, but we don’t change back and forth milk to meat


i believe we do for an oven

not utensils


The general rule of of thumb is we don’t kasher metaltelin (movable objects) but do kasher mechubar lekarka (attached to the ground).
Things like this are borderline, because on the one hand it is large and heavy, but is still somewhat movable.
There are also distinctions between koshering from dairy to meat versus from non kosher to either dairy or meat or even from chametz of either variety to Passover of the other variety.
There are also situations where we would not kosher a utensil in a residential setting but would do so in a commercial setting.
TL;DR: it is complicating and there are many variables. Ask your LOR for your specific circumstances.


P.S. if your LOR has a Doctorate, you may want to ask them about referring to them as LORD


You can buy a new stone for roughly $50. As far as the rest of it, ask your LOR


Got great pizza but now the pellets don’t slide down
And the fire go out, any one have solutions


I have the Karu and it’s insane!! Don’t be intimidated by the wood. It’s pretty easy!

Pizza Maker Vinnie, Brooklyn NYC

Stick to blogging Dan, those pizzas not so hot looking

reb yid

Looks great to me. Certainly better than anything I’ve seen in a pizzeria, and I’m from NY.



Groiseg knocker

I’m giving those pies a 6.2


Does this need tevillah?


Usually Tevilla is required only for the parts which normally come into direct contact with food. I don’t have this oven but in the case of a toaster oven for example, you’d only need to Toivel the rack.

YF Deals

Can they be used indoors

Groiseg knocker

Only if you want to burn your house down.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

One bite, everyone knows the rules


Yep Thats right. No Neapolitan either.


Can anything exploding to me why he always says that and than takes more than a couple of bites?

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

THAT’S the joke!


Wow, am I the first lechem ooni joke?


What’s the joke?


Using a Pizza Steel or baking steel is the best way to cook in the oven


Wow, oh so tempting – far more affordable than I was expecting before clicking the link.


Can this be used indoor?




I have the koda and was using it most of the summer to make mouthwatering pizzas, would definitely suggest to anyone into pizza

mark nissel

Anyone mocking these pizzas has never seen real pizza in their life lol. Go to Italy. Sign of real pizza is when the cheese is floating on the pizza (due to the natural oil) and due to the heat at which it is cooked. The speed doesn’t allow the cheese to dry out as per every pizza ever seen in the usa . These ovens are fantastic


I asked when the deal was around the first time, and I am trying my luck again. Does anyone know how I can use this for Matza? My issue is with getting the Matza into the oven without touching the sides. I would greatly appreciate an answer as I would love to buy it. I do Matza in a big oven but would love to change to a smaller one

Random guy

As an experienced matzah baker there is no way using the standard insertion technique to bake matzah in this. The new cru oven 32 g2 seems to have more potential.

Eli Neumann

Are any hardwood pellets compatible with this ?


Where do you store it? Or is it left outside like a grill?


Now that we have the Ooni, would you share your pizza dough recipe please? That has me stumped.


Start with the classic pizza dough recipe on the Ooni website. I have also found that the flour you choose makes all the difference. We have been extremely satisfied with Caputo 00 pizzeria flour. It holds up very well to the high heat.


Is it a pain to use or on par with grilling?


should i be scared with this oven that goes 4 hundred degrees more then a grill on high? this just makes me nervous with kids running around if someone can reassure thanx


I will not reassure. Having kids running near this is not a smart idea.


dan i know k”h you have a large family can you give your opinion please about the safety issues on this? it looks very tempting to purchase I am just scared I have 3 young kids all under 6


Btw, I have made insane pizzas in a regular oven. Using the back side of a sheet pan at 500° Or you can use a pizza stone, it gets just as crispy and bubbly.


What wood is recommended to use for the Ooni Pro 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven? Links would be appreciated! Also, has anyone bought a metal pizza peel not from Ooni they recommend that fits the 16 Pro?


For this Ooni lovers look out. We will be coming out with a spin on the Ooni that we have patented and will take the experience and convenience to another level. If interested in being one of the first to get one (hopefully May time) hit me up. And of course Dan can get one for free.


I’m curious. Can you post more info?

who cares

can we get more info???


where can we look up ooni kosher recipets to follow the right intructions to get the pizza in that picture posted?


Save yourself the effort unless you want to manage a fire and buy a Koda. You can’t tell any difference between wood/charcoal and gas. It’s cooked too quickly. I have a pellet grill pizza attachment that cools pizzas in 4 minutes (slower than the Ooni) and you can’t taste any more smoke compared to my Ooni Koda.