[Now Stack With Bonus Kohl’s Cash!] New Deal! HURRY! HOT! Hamilton Beach Small Kitchen Appliances As Low As For $1.99 From Kohl’s After Rebate! Electric Kettle, Waffle Maker, Slow Cooker, And More!

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Update: Until 2:59am ET, you can stack all the codes and rebates below, plus get $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent!

Hamilton Beach Small Kitchen Appliances As Low As For $1.99 From Kohl’s After Rebate!

Sample eligible Products:

Use 20% off code (Exp: 11/19 at 3am ET): SAVEBIG20

And sign in to a Kohl’s Rewards account and use $10 off $50 off code (Exp: 11/19 at 3am ET): HOME

The codes above should expire at 2:59am ET.

Each appliance normally costs $24.99 and is on sale for $19.99 before the code and $15.99 after the 20% off code above. Plus if you add 4 to your cart you can also use the $10 off $50 code, bringing the price of each down to just $13.99. 

Each item is eligible for a $12 off rebate code as well. That brings the price of each appliance down to just $1.99, plus tax where applicable, after the $12 rebate and two stacking coupons!

Shipping is free on $49+ orders which you get with 4 items.

You can receive rebates up to 5 times for each product, for a maximum of 50 total rebates.

You can submit one rebate form and all of the UPCs in one envelope on all items purchased on your receipt. There’s no need for multiple rebate forms or envelopes.

Hamilton Beach $12 rebate link.

  • Purchase between 11/19-11/24.
  • Postmark by 12/24.
  • Limit 5 rebates per product, per household.

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I wonder if this would work on the west coast since it’s not 11/19 here yet and the rebate specifies that the purchase needs to be between 11/19-11/24. I’d assume not.


On the east coast and receipt says Nov 18 11:21 Cst
Canceled order


Ouch I just realized this as I preparing to mail the rebate (also West coast- order email was 9:29 PM PST.


Rebate center managers are honoring if you call them after a denial.




When applying both coupons totals are $14.39 each as the 20% off is reduced by the $10 coupon.


Thank you


Price shows reg 32.99, sale 29.99 for these H B products


The HOME code does not work.


There was a 30%off code


How do I get the $12 mail in rebate?


Its not allowing me to creat an account


I’m very confused after seeing the comments…post said order within 1 hour, ends 1am ET, but as indicated in comments, order time in email says 11/18 at 11:30 Ctrl.
Are my rebates going to be processed? Or is this going to be a nightmare return trip to the store??


It has worked in the past, but YMMV.


I just commented on the new thread. I have done this in the past, but it was never one hour, so do I cancel my orders and start over, due to the time difference?? I’m lost-waste of my time if nothing goes thru! Advice?


It’s not possible to use both the codes and the rebate because the rebate srart at 11/19 and the code end at 11/19


Got 3 orders o 4.. Total 12.. Thank you!


Any way to still get the kohls cash after ordering it earlier without it?


Using app from West Coast the items are pricing out at $32.99 (regular), $29.99 (sale), -$5.50 (20% off offer), -$2.50 (line item offer $10)


Right, that’s what I see, Price shows reg 32.99, sale 29.99 for these H B products. I think it worked before 1:00 am, I purchased, but my purchase was canceled, I don’t know why, but am glad since I forgot to activate the codes, and it amounted to 19.99 each product.


Sale price is $29 hence your ending up paying much more than 1.99 per item


Rebate is only from the 19th… which is when the coupons expired already… so technically sale was only from 12:00-12:59ET.


lol see that now in the post.


price went up on many items to $29.99 before coupon and rebate


Hey dan sale price is $29 dollars not $19…


Dead-ish. Sale price is $29.99 now.

Honest Abe

Dan. I’m confused. Have you ran into this issue before. Where Kohls runs on CST and you bought something on EST a day earlier than the rebate required? What should we do? Cancel the order? If we cut out and send in the UPC codes as the rebate requires and they don’t accept it because the receipt says it’s the 18th and not the 19th, that will invalidate the returns and we are stuck with the items.


@dan can you pls advise on this issue?


In the past, the rebate has worked for people who bought during the 12am-3am window.


Even when the confirmation email or packing slip contained the wrong date?


Yes, we have posted the stacking deals during these hours before and it worked.


I was told to call the rebate department tomorrow. I don’t see how they can intercede, with so many rebate mail-ins flooding their center…so I’ll give it a try, but I think I’m going to have to lug many boxes to the store. 🙁


There is no one to talk to. It was automated.


Can I send the Hamilton Beach and toastmaster rebates together in the same envelope?


I see there are the same bar codes on each side of the Hamilton Beach product. If I understand correctly, only 1 barcode of each product has to be cut out and sent for the rebate. Is this correct?
What is if I purchased 4 from the same product, is it OK to cut and send 4 barcodes of the same item, instead of tearing all 4 boxes?


I just spoke with customer service (Phillipines, of course) and they said they can’t honor it because it printed with Nov 18 on the order. Not sure if I should cut out the UPC’s because that will destroy the boxes for return. They offered me Kohls cash instead… but I said no.


“We recently received your rebate submission for Hamilton Beach $12 DAT Rebate.

Your rebate tracking number is: …

Unfortunately we could not honor your request due to the following reason(s):

You are outside of the purchase date range for this promotion.”


What time did you buy?
Try calling the rebate center?


I have the same issue I called them – I purchased it 11/18 11:55 PM so I’m not eligible…


What time does your email confirmation say?
Try calling the rebate center/ask for a manager?


I called the return center they gave me a full refund (now I see that the e-mail was actually sent later but it still says in the e-mail 11:55).




what is the phone # for the rebate center? I was working tonight on sending the rebates in before the 12/24 deadline… but realizing now this whole 11/18 just before midnight CST vs order really being done after 12:01 am EST.