OBi Will Stop Working Tomorrow; VestaLink Prices Going Up Tonight

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Update: VestaLink prices are scheduled to go up tonight at 11:59pm PDT (2:59am EDT).


As I reported back in November, Google is turning off support for the OBi tomorrow.

Today I took advantage of a free trial from VestaLink.

Thanks to very clear directions and OBi setup tool within a few minutes I had my OBi switched over to their service and got a new number.  I then had Google Voice forward calls made to Google Voice number to the new VestaLink number.  I verified the Google Voice number by answering the call in Gmail and entering the 2 digit verification code using the Gmail dialer pad.

Then I setup VestaLink to spoof my Google Voice number on outbound calls so that when I call people it will still show the Google Voice number.

You can also port your Google Voice number to VestaLink for free, though I just left mine with Google Voice.

Call quality seems very good and it can support fax and E911 as well.

Caller ID shows up just like on a regular landline!

Calls to the US and Canada are free with any plan, no long distance fees are charged. Here is a spreadsheet for rates to other countries.

There is also a free smartphone app you can use for calls over data or WiFi though I am having some audio issues getting it to work on my GS4, so try that out first if that’s a deal-breaker for you.

Other features include: Voicemail Transcription with SMS and email notifications, Ring up to 6 phone numbers and 10 VoIP devices simultaneously, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Detail Records, Caller ID w/ Name, Ring Scheduling, Fax to Email, and Web Faxing.

Now here’s the rub, their rates are supposed to go up by 20% tomorrow.  The trial gives 60 free minutes, so try it now and see if you like it.  If you do, you’ll want to upgrade to a paid plan now before the rates go up.  Currently a plan with 500 minutes of monthly talk time is $29.99 for 1 year ($2.49/month) or $49.99 for 2 years ($2.08/month). A plan with 2,000 minutes of monthly talk time is $49.99 for 1 year ($4.17/month) or $74.99 for 2 years ($3.12/month). A plan with unlimited monthly talk time is $59.99 for 1 year ($4.99/month) or $89.99 for 2 years ($3.75/month).

All plans have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Are you switching to VestaLink? Find another easy solution? Will you just give up your OBi completely? Hit the comments!

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Anyone know if Pbx in a flash will still work?


Why not buy a majic jack? & then buy a 5 year unlimited for $100 !!!!!!


Why would you pay $49 for 1000 minutes on the chance you use more then 500 minutes, each minute overage is .01 so if you use 2,000 minutes it would only cost $15 more for the extra 1500 minutes, total $45.


With the yearly rate,say I switch away during the year, will they refund for the months not used ? & if you spoof your number for outgoing, what happens when people call you using that number ?


Got an offer from Verizon FIOS last week for former customers.

$39.99 month for internet and phone service for two years.


Will their rates go up on you after the paid year?

Does anyone know about “phonepower”?


GV will prob continue working for another 10 days


i know this is off topic- but where can i buy $500 gift cards with a cc? cvs wont take…


I switched t Phone Power and kept my GV number. The rate is $59 per year which includes unlimited calls and 60 free international minutes.


i tried phonepowers promotion and its gr8. any other suggetions and it also works with obi 202 2 line that means outbound and inbound calls are both the same # its pretty nerve-racking when both lines ring at 1 time so i set up callcentric free incoming and forward my gv # to that # plus they have a refer a friend promotion making it $50 for the year for 2 lines phonepowers promotion expires tonight

Steve Markowski

Switched to Aveo.$39.99/yr for 300 minutes/mo and e911. Recommended by Obi, EZ switch, works fine. GV# spoofed incoming and outgoing.


I have ooma and is great


@Tim it rings on your phone

Chaim Oizer

I just ported my GV number to them and they charged me $10.

Did I forget some promotion?


@DoGo: probably not


Have you read the reviews?

Multiple that by 12 and you’ll have your answer. $49 is annually, not monthly.
The 500 or 1,000 minutes is monthly.

“Upon cancelation semi-annual, annual, and biennial are backdated as monthly accounts. If the number of months of service used multiplied by the monthly rate of the plan exceeds the initial value paid less any setup fees no refund or additional amount is due. If the number of months of service used multiplied by the monthly rate of the plan is less than the initial value paid less any setup fees then a refund for the difference will be issued to the original payment method.”


CVS takes for GCs, talk to a manager or go to another store.

But 2 years with Vestalink is just $89.

@Steve Markowski:
That’s more expensive than Vestalink.

@Chaim Oizer:
Contact them, should be free for ports from GV:


and thats another (besides unlimited option, and international) great thing about power phone – they have chat and costumer care

Moshe Weiss

I’ve been using VOIPo since 2011. They’re one of the top rated and best priced VoIP companies offering some amazing features — including incoming SMS with forwarding to mobile or email!


Wondering if anyone can help me.
My sister moved to Israel last year and someone set up OBi with a Google voice number for her.
Now she wants to port the number to a different line because it’ll start costing to much for her.
She does not know the email address or the password. All she has is access to the number with her phone. Is there any way to get control of the account?


Seems like its more expensive.

@Moshe Weiss:
Seems like its more expensive.

Talk to who set it up.


What’s the difference spoofing or porting ?


Spoofing leaves the number with Google.
Posting moves it away from Google.


& how long would porting take ?


@Robert: where do u live?


look at the count down..
but I chatted with them and the told me its a mistake..

I realized after i posted about my math mistake…



Everything I’ve seen has said 05/15.


Check out the form for the advantages of phonepower.


@avi: but ooma u have to get a new device and it costs about as much as phone power (taxes depending on where u live)


Like it so far. have it for a week. My S5 also has some sound issues. is very delayed, but i keep on thinking its my phone.

I do love that on my phone i get the real caller id, even if the number is not stored in my phone comes up as the caller id on my landline would.


I have had ooma for a few years and it’s awesome. Got it on an amazon deal for $100. only pay about $4 in taxes/month (that will depend on which state you live in), and the call quality is crystal clear. totally worth it.


lets not forget there is gv mate works with gv and is not being affected displays also name caller id but the cons are that u have to have your computer running 24/7 but if u have an old laptop u can continue to us gv for free the gv mate is only 29.95 on amazon


Hey Dan,

I followed your instructions, thanks. The issue I am having is that the call forwarding from google voice to vestlink is very delayed. Any ideas what I can do?


@moe: by phonepower there is no issues


when setting up BYOD, they instruct you to enter user name and pass: admin. i can’t get passed that, it says username/pass incorrect. any suggestions? ty


I didn’t have any issues, you can try emailing them,

Make a new username and password.


@dogo: Not sure why the countdown says 9 days left. It is set to countdown until 5/15/2014:


Heh, good find!

Good luck

@Happy: shop rite. Cvs don’t take cc


if i have a few phones scattered throughout the house – can i have them all work?


You didnt need to verify the call in gmail, you could have verified using the obi since it doesnt transfer till after the verification.
#Just removes a step


We switched to Vestalink last week.
Call clarity is good and we are happy so far.
Here are some advantages we already enjoy over the GV setup.
1 – Caller ID. We now see who is calling just like a reg landline.
2 – We connected a spare smartphone and have that as an extra line for trips to Canada etc. although the clarity has been spotty at times. ( might be because of our wifi signal which is not all that strong)


I signed up. Though it won’t let me login. I tried twice already. If I click on forgot password, it says my email doesn’t exist. Anyone else having issue or know of a way to sign up now?


@Alex: work with what


can i plug the device into a router and then directly to my wall jack so i can use any phone jack in the house (i have like 10 of them and each one has a phone)?




Thanks Dan! Signed up!
will my name come up on caller id when i spoof outgoing calls to show google voice #?




found this on their site:

It can take a few days for it to update with other phone carriers. You can change it at any time in the future. Also note that outbound CNAM will not transmit if you are Spoofing your Caller ID as a different number.


I think their site is overloaded and backed up. It has been creating my account for half hour already and although I received a welcome email from Vestalink, I cannot log in with my username password either…

Site overload perhaps due directly to Dan’s followers migrating en masse to the new paid service as yet another free ride comes to an end. perhaps?


is google still working


Tried their tool to connect to Obi a few times, still doesn’t work while my GV # still rings on my phone through OBi. Anyone else having this issue?


By their different plans it says “app only”. What’s that mean ?


Signed up with Vestalink. It was very easy and seems to work quite well.
Thanks Dan.


FYI. For those who couldn’t get the VestaLink utility to set up their Obi go into and edit your settings of your device. Set up a new provider and use the credentials given by VestaLink here:


Google voice is still working with my obi


international rates r better on phonepower than vestalink for example Israel land-line .01 vs..03 cell 3.4 vs. 6 plus u get 60 international minutes free


@Alex: yes and everything gets wired automatically


Dan.. Have you heard about GVMate?? it supposedly is not affected by the xmpp drop… Do you have any thoughts?

Reb Moshe

obi with google voice still working

Mike B


You wrote that calls to us and Canada are free, but then said you need to pay a monthly fee for blocks of minutes. Which one is it?


@anonymous: can we get link


Paid Vestalink(& charged) for unlimited annual plan, tells me I have 6 min remaining! No CS!, at the mercy of their email response. Did I make a mistake by panicking & jumping onto the band wagon to catch the pre-price hike? Are they, Vestalink, for real?


Right, today is the last day.

@Mike B:
Free as in no long distance charges with an plan.

They’re legit and their email support is extremely quick, let us know what they say.

Mike B


I think you should clarify the wording in the OP.


I currently use my obi for fax on my gv number. What can do?

Honest Abe

I’m a little confused on the whole spoofing thingy…Say My old Phone # is (718) 123-4567 on Google Voice…and say my new number on VestaLink is (718) 456-7891…and say for argument sake I choose to just use the new # like you did, Dan….So what is the spoofing of the old # all about? Does that mean when some people call my old # (718) 123-4567 and other people call my new # (718) 456-7891, they will both reach me at the same phone line? or is the old number gone once I switch the connection on the OBi device to VestaLink…
And which number will the recipients of my calls see on their phone when I call them? My new VestaLink # or my old Google-Voice #?

P.S. No clue about what NMN is talking about (See Below)…with my old Google Voice and Obi, I was able to see Caller ID “Just like a regular Landline” no problem, for the past two years…

NMN Says:

May 14th, 2014 at 11:03 pm

We switched to Vestalink last week.
Call clarity is good and we are happy so far.
Here are some advantages we already enjoy over the GV setup.
1 – Caller ID. We now see who is calling just like a reg landline.
2 – We connected a spare smartphone and have that as an extra line for trips to Canada etc. although the clarity has been spotty at times. ( might be because of our wifi signal which is not all that strong)


Signed up a second time and was able to create and log in to Vestalink account. I followed Dan’s and Vestalink’s simple IDIOT PROOF instructions and setup tool and it works great.


@anonymous: Thanks for this! I have had obi for a long time now and didn’t know you can just do that.


why dosent it pay to change magic jack


I switched to phonepowers 2 weeks ago via the link on obitalk, the setup was really easy. Really, those OBI guys made it easy. I didn’t port my GV number but rather forward calls from GV to phonepowers. It works well so far.

international rates

Anyone look at the difference of international calling rates?


my obi is still working for outgoing calls
and that’s it i need it for

Honest Abe

Weird……It is 3:26 AM EST on 5/16/14…And my obi still works with my phone and Google Voice…Did they not go through with ending the service? Should I cancel VestaLink?


obi still working for incoming calls

Israeli Obi

If I don’t do anything, and GV stops working with my OBI will I still see who tried to call me on my Gmail account?



I used Magic Jack for about a year and a half and do NOT recommend it!

I had too many dropped calls and failed connections to make it worth it.


Which provider would u recomend instat of VestaLink?

Ryan Tilton

Vestalink really is your best option. They have the best overall value and prices compared to other BYOD providers

Vestalink voip service will meet your needs. ( )

Vestalink works on Android and Apple devices as well as OBi’s and any other device that uses SIP. It rings all your phones at once if you want it to, has E911 service, and lots of nice call treatments and privacy options.
It allows you to spoof your outgoing call number to match any other phone number you own. You will love it. 🙂

aa gold

hi dab crazy ? do you still need this for a GV to work