Get An OBi100 For Just $43.99 Shipped Or An OBi110 For Just $49.99 Shipped From Amazon!

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Update 2: You can now get the OBi100 model for just $39.99 shipped by using the following code on the final checkout page: OBIDEAL4

Update: DansDeals Forum users are reporting that this device works as a free US phone line with free phone calls even while in other countries, like while in Israel!

Originally posted on 04/28:

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OBi100: $43.99 Shipped

OBi110: $49.99 Shipped

In case you don’t have a landline, you may want to pick up a cordless phones like the Vtech Dect 6.0 cordless phone with caller ID and speakerphone for $24.26. You can also buy the base and an additional cordless phone for $34.24 if you want more than just the 1 Vtech phone or just an additional Vtech cordless phone for $14.95.

The OBi100 and OBi110 will work perfectly as a free phone line with Google Voice.  The only difference between the OBi100 and the OBi110 is that the 100 model does not have a line option that allows you to plug in a landline phone, or another VOIP service like Ooma or Magic Jack, into the device that lets you access multiple different lines of service from your landline phone.

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why is this better than just buying an ooma?

help ;(

does anyone know how to set up such a thing? i bough the OBi110 from amazon but dnt know where to start?thnk you


This is much cheaper, and is much more powerful if you know what you’re doing…

@help ;(:

Try this tutorial:
In step 7, the username and password is admin.
Let us know when you set it up!


Can this be used abroad?


Which should i get, i dont have a phoneline and only have cable internet access? also is the 110 better, i prob will order it?

help ;(

thnks so much! will try it


anyway to set this up if all i have is wifi in my house?


Obi110 can NOT be setup with magic jack (in my experience)


Hello Dan,
I currently have Optimum Internet and Phone and pay 59.90 per month. If I get this OBi100, how will I save money? Internet only is aroung 50 per month.


If i buy the Obi100 can I plug in a landline to it or do i need the 110 if I only need one line


Why would you need magic jack if you could use google voice?


The iphone app can be used anywhere you get wifi to call the USA free- I called from Meah Shearim on my iphone to the USA.

Abe Da Babe

Seriously, this is simply awesome. I have had it for a few weeks and i love it, more and more each day.If you are a nutty Google voice fan such as myself then this will be the great telephonic device you buy ever. To be sure, it will make your home phone system able to use the google voice number to receive and place calls.
In case you dont know, google voice gives u free texts, free calls usa and canada, and MOST IMPORTANTLY lets you treat each contact UNIQUELY. Meaning lets say you put every telemarketing, collections, or other annoying caller into a contact, i.e. TRASH. Then u can have them go straight to spam, voicemail, or busy. NO MORE HARASSING CALLS. all i did was forward my house number to my google voice number and THAT IT. No more annoying calls from Mr. Chase, Ms. BOA, or the Big Gap. STRAIGHT TO VOICE MAIL. u can also record your call by pressing 4. I LOVE GV and thank you DAn for this offer and explaining it. I was scared that it would not perform but it is SIMPLY AWESOME. Australia $0.02 a minute.
For people that do not understand how this is a FREE PHONE for USA and Canada, and NOT free Internet then i dont know what else to say to you. I have tried to explain how this works to many people and they fail to grasp it.Thank you again This is so far the BEST deal i have got thanks to you.
@Help ;( their is a great video that explains how to install it step by step on the company website.


Will callers hear the message “Hello, please state your name after the tone and google voice will try to connect you…” that comes up when you call a google voice number?


@Abe Da Babe:
Glad you like it, thanks for the review!

You can turn that off easily from the GV settings menu online.