HURRY! Exclusive 6 Hour Flash Sale! $100 Patis eGift Card For Just $50, While Supplies Last!

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Update: DEAD! Wow, over 2,000 gift cards sold in 30 minutes. This promotion is now over. But I’m told they hope to run another discount in the future, so be sure to sign up for deal alerts here!

Exclusive 6 Hour Flash Sale! $100 Patis eGift Card For Just $50, While Supplies Last!

Save $50 off on a $100 gift card with code: DANSDEALS

Select a $100 gift card and click on “Add Promo Code”:

Sale ends at 5:59pm tonight or while supplies last.

Patis runs one of the best kosher bakeries in the world with over a dozen locations across NY and NJ.

These gift cards are valid at all locations and never expire, so now is an incredible time to stock up. They do not work online.

Patis was so happy with the insane Postmates deals we sent their way, they wanted to run an exclusive discount for our readers to show their appreciation, and we of course got an awesome discount for everyone.

Some of my favorite items include:

Doulce de leche Kouign Amann:


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A post shared by Patis Bakery (@patis_bakery)

Lemon Strawberry Tart:


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A post shared by Patis Bakery (@patis_bakery)

With a constantly changing and seasonal menu items like this new Pumpkin Pie Croissant, you’ll always find new creative items in store:


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A post shared by Patis Bakery (@patis_bakery)

Their sandwiches and many more items are also fantastic!

What are your favorite items?

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Essen est zich

Thanks Dan & Patis


new twist to an ad ”hurry”


Best kosher bakery in the USA. Hands down!




Did you have a chance to check out Moran in Hollywood Fl?


LOVE Moran’s croissants, especially hot out of the oven!

However…their selection is pretty limited. Prices are high. The croissant fillings are very frugal. And the baked goods besides croissants aren’t much to write home about.

They have nothing like the Kouign Amann or lemon meringue tart.

But yes, we always stop there when flying out of FLL.


Amazing. Thanks , Dan!


JJ, can you confirm these can be used for online orders on their website? I see no ability to use gift cards on their store ordering platforms.


they updated the post to exclude online

CH resident

PSA Most locations don’t support online ordering with gift cards
only Lyndhurst and Teaneck locations seem to work.


Where are you able to use a giftcard in Teaneck? It only allows credit or debit card for me

CH resident

In the cart there is a box on the right side to “add coupon or gift card”


Anyone know what the lakewood hechser is?




olny store in lakewood thats ou


Very cool! Thanks!


Scored! Thank you! Cant wait for my brunch date with the hubby <3


Thanks, I got one. Appreciated.


Can it be used in store at Lakewood?


Does this count as a restaurant purchase for cash back?

Also is there a limit?

Voice of Reason

I don’t think so. I got 3.

Love Patis

Is this limited to one per person or can I buy multiple $100s?

Shaya E

How do you use an eGift card in person?


You can show your phone or print it.


Does anyone know if I can use over a phone order?

CH resident

Don’t see why not, just place order for pick up over the phone and either provide gift card number when they ask for payment or when picking order up.


Do you need to use it all in one order?




iv been tiring to get a hold of someone at patis to help me with my Postmates deal the gc they sent me was empty no value still haven’t got some one on thh phone that could help thanks


How did you check? Is there a way to check balance? Should check mine..


All gone?
Was charged $100


With using the code DANSDEALS


dont mean to be the bitcha haktana just thought this would be a good forum to find the right person to speak to.. i undersatand it was a crazy day wen ther wer sending at the gcs must have been a mistake etc



There was no place to enter the promo code. It charged me the full $100. Any advice?


Go alone. Chew slowly


Bummed I missed this one, it’s actually a really good deal!


An unknown error occurred. Please try again later.


Now I am getting, This Promotion code is invalid


not working


Got it. Thanks Dan!


Seems dead


That’s what the post says.


WOW! thats $100,000 of sales in 30 minutes?


*30 Minutes!


Ya, but now they have $200k of liabilies on their books…


Starbucks has more than $1 billion sitting on gift cards..
Its a smart move because no one will actually redeem all of it at once.


Interesting !


This ain’t Starucks. I’m sure that proportionally to their revenues, $200k is a lot more to Patis than $1B is to Strabucks. Also considering that DD is getting a cut of that $50, it’s certainly an interesting move for Patis.


So what, it’s not changing anything. Better yet, its an interest free loan!

They know the money will be well spent, and I’m willing to bet most people will use the full amount of the gift cards in the near future. Additionally, if they go bust, who’s going after them? No one!

I’d say, this was pretty smart on their part. Other restaurants should learn from them.


That’s what I’m thinking too …

Thank You Dan and Patis

Thank You Dan and Patis for giving me the opportunity to visit the bakery . I considered the bakery out of my budget . Now I will be able to go and take my family there as well !


Cash grab on the way out?


my thoughts too


Maybe they needed 100K quickly to sign a great lease !


They have a lot of locations…


This is cool. Didn’t know they have a lakewood location. Is that at the gourmet glatt north shopping center and there’s a full retail store there?


Yea was thinking of going as well but the fact that there’s no KCL or standard local hashgacha seems sketchy to me

Common Sense

So don’t go. Thanks for letting us know.

The reason is probably because they already have a relationship with a national hashgacha as this is not close to their first store.


Lost opportunity to attract new customers. Should have limited to one per customer instead of allowing multiple purchases by those who are already customers and exhausting the promotion. I actually haven’t tried them yet; pretty happy with the rotation of eateries I currently frequent in Lakewood but I probably would have given them a shot.


Anyone looking to resell?


Anyone to contact I did this promotion earlier today and see I was charged $100 for $100 would like to get a credit or refund


So annoyed I missed it. Love this place!


Was charged 100 for a gift card not received. Any idea who to contact


I was charged correctly $50, but never got email confirmation and Patis is not getting back to me. Tried emailing them and left couple of voicemails. I guess I’ll have to dispute transaction?


Thanks for a great value!
I just checked my credit card bill and see that I was charged $100 does anyone know who to contact, they’re not answering the phone