Alive Again! Get $750 Visa Virtual eGift Cards For $730.35 From

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Update, 11:30am: Alive again with new code below!

Update: DEAD!

Get $750 Visa Virtual eGift Cards For $730.35 From

Add up to 3 eGift cards of $250 each to get 5% off before fees.

Use code: VV56A27

Add the promo code on the final checkout page by selecting “Add Promo Code”:

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Robert Gold

Can these be used to pay federal taxes? Even with the 1.96%, it would be a good way to meet a minimum spending requirement.

low maintenance guy

just use your card directly.

Robert Gold

Using my card directly would cost $750 + ($750 x 1.96%) = $764.70
Purchasing these at a discount and using them costs $730.35 + ($750 x 1.96%) = $745.05. I prefer the latter.


Wondering same and if debit charge…even better

Robert Gold

Yes, I was able to make two payments of $250 each toward federal estimated tax paying the debit card fee of $2.55 and $2.00 (two different services because the first would not accept a second payment). Two payments per quarter is the maximum allowed by IRS. This saved me a few bucks, but, mostly it was a way to meet a minimum spending requirement.


Thank you! ordered!
Keep the gift card deals coming!
Have a great Shabbos!
Mazal tov on 17 years!


Can I order again today if I ordered the last lime you posted the deal?


My order was cancelled twice for possible billing address/info error. Anyone else get there order cancelled or know how to resolve?


Meh.. 5% but each card has a $5.95 fee 🙁 Not sure it’s worth the hassle.


It’s great if you need to meet spending limit but need more time


I keep getting a message “Some of the information you entered appears to be incorrect. Please review your billing information.”

Anyone else get this? I changed credit cards but same message


AWESOME! Thanks so much!


How long do they usually last?

dr irv

expires 12/28


Can I buy multiple times with different card numbers but same billing address?


I just tried it, it says: this code was used too many times.


This code “has been used too many times” but I’ve got a new one — just purchased $750 (3 cards) for $730.35. Did it twice. 2 separate transactions, same credit card (my new Ink Business Unlimited, thank you Dan!). Same email / address too. New code: VV5T216

dr irv

my order was canceled due to “security reasons”


Good way to finish chase freedom bonus with PayPal key


PPK never works for me on does it work for you?


not for me.
any others with luck?


We’re sorry. This code has been used too many times.


this works
but having issues with PPK


Can I use multiple cards for this?


anyone know any good ways to cash one of these cards out?


Made the foolish mistake of purchasing $500 worth of these cards. Can’t use them on Amazon, or on most retail sites.