$100 Visa Gift Card For $95.95 Shipped From OfficeDepot Via Gift Card Mall

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Update: Alive again!

Update: DEAD!

$100 Visa Gift Card For $95.95 Shipped From OfficeDepot Via Gift Card Mall

Limit 3 per customer.

This does not qualify as an office supply store purchase.

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when do these cards usually expire? several years?


Every day you have a gift card sitting is a risk it’ll be emptied by a scammer


true thanks, just pretty sure they expire too- is the expiration a month and a year? 11/30 for ex


Usually several years. Certain gift card used to charge a monthly fee if not used for 12 months. Not sure about these.

Mordy Nissel

From their small print…. Funds do not expire. Subject to applicable law, a Monthly Maintenance Fee of $4.95 will be deducted on the first day of the 13th month, following 12 months of inactivity.

Mendy m

These charge a monthly fee of 5$ after 12 months of inactivity


Fyi, there’s the escheat law and companies could not keep $$ for free, if toy don’t use it, they have to send it to your state.

Mendy m

Says after 7 years on Google


Chase has 10% offer through office depot. Will this work?


It wasn’t such a long post, shouldn’t have been hard for you to spot where it says no.




to clarify – it says won’t post as office supply for 5x, doesn’t say if will qualify 10% Chase discount for “Office Depot” … I’m curious too!


It is not being charged by Office Depot so it will not qualify. Please let me know if any experiences otherwise.


I tried it didn’t work. Shop through Chase also doesn’t work.


I’m assuming if it doesn’t earn 5 points, it’s not coding as office Depot, so probably won’t earn the 10% back either.


no this is from gift card mall


what does “2 per customer” mean? meaning – how do they determine what a “customer” is – is it per email address? or per CC or per shipping address? just trying to figure out if various people in my family can each get 2.


I made 2 orders to the same address different name and card, it worked


Can I use these at Costco and ask the cashier to just charge $100 on the card?

L. E.

Usually you can buy (convert to) a Costco shop card and then you don’t have to worry if your charge is over your balance

David R

You don’t have to ask. Just swipe and it will charge the card up to the remaining balance.


Does anyone know if these can be used on eBay? Like multiple $100 cards.


You can split your purchase on eBay to two cards or maybe more


Does this count toward $6k spend on ink cards?




Thanks Dan!
In case this is helpful, you can use gift cards on PayPal to send money as “family and friends,” with the same fee as a credit card would charge. So you would still be in the Plus, as long as you bought the gift cards at a discount.


LImit is now 2 not 3


Was just able to buy 3.


Is this safe to send? What if stolen via mail?

Satmar Fleish

Can I buy these with a visa gift card?


Didn’t work for me


Anyone else receiving a message that their order couldn’t be completed because of a declined card? (My credit card works for everything else)

Did de fry

It’s not working


Different email, Different card worked for me, for doubles!


Appears to be dead now. Site says the offer was from 3/27 to 3/30.