$100 Instacart E-Gift Card For Just $79.99 From Costco, Save On Costco Membership, Plus Earn 5X With Chase Freedom!

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$100 Instacart E-Gift Card For Just $79.99 From Costco

There is a stated limit of 2 per account, though it doesn’t appear to be enforced if you place multiple orders.

Earn 5x points on up to $1,500 in spending with Chase Freedom/Freedom Flex by registering for Q4 bonus categories here.

Don’t have a Costco account? Get 1 Year Of Costco Gold Membership Plus A $40 Digital Costco Shop Card For $60!

Don’t Forget To Register All Of Your Eligible Chase Cards For Instacart+ Membership And Credits, How Many Months Have You Stacked?

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I got an order cancelation. Not sure why.


Ordered 6 cards, were all delivered!


Is Groupon/Costco strict about former members being eligible only after 18 months? My membership expired about 6 months ago…


same offer on Sams Club. limit 2 per Sams member.


Ordered 2. Got cancellation


Thank you! Worked in the Costco app.


Tried it 3 times each with diff payment method. Cancelled every time


You mentioned a $1500 limit for gift cards that can be added to your Instacart at a time, did you see this limit published somewhere or did you just get an error when trying to apply more? I’m at $1100 and got “This promotion is invalid” when trying to apply the next one.


There may also be a limit of how many GCs you can apply per day. Try again tomorrow or after 24 hours.


Confirmed, it worked today.


You can buy this without having a membership, you just pay extra 5% which in this case is still good deal


And i ordered 2 and got the gift cards a few minutes later


Looks dead only 2 worked


can you buy gift cards on instacart?


They cancelled


Worked fine here, only bought two, received in five minutes and added $200 to instacart account


Got 3 orders through, they cancelled the 4th batch


Worked once today even though I got when originally posted… Next order cancelled


I added my instacrt gift cards to my costco account but it doesn’t seem to be using them to make the purchase. How do I apply the gift cards to my order?


Anyway to split tender or use partial instacrt credit and my cc?




I guess I’ll buy some instacart credits and put it to the test.


Just tested myself.


Appreciate you trying. Will stock up on some cards.


Tried on my end. No luck. I’m not sure if we’re on the same page.

I have an order for $40 using a cc and an account that has the $100 GC that I added. I go to checkout there’s no option to use only x amount of my GC.
Yes, should my order be $120 then I would be able to use both my credit card and GC.

But, nowhere is there an option to chose a set amount to capitalize on my chase $10-15 offer on each card and to combine with the GC from instacart.

I may have another way around that. But doesn’t seem to work straightforward like you seem to say.


Can you split even if you still have an Instacrt credit balance, or is is only if you first use ALL instacrt credit and then the remiander goes on CC


First the credit, then the remainder on cc.


Only allowing 2.


Tried as well different payment method and every time without fail they cancel officially due to some billing address issue had this with the Uber gift cards and now with the instacart gift cards


Quantity limits on item exceeded.
They are no longer allowing me order #3


Can I buy these using Costco gift cards?
Whats next best card to use now that the 5% chase category is over? Freedom unlimited?


I’m able to purchase multiple orders. I order another set after the first one is delivered. I also try to do it daily.


Availble again