SMOKING HOT!!! Get A $100 Gas Certificate For Signing Up For A Free Trial Of Citi Credit Protector!!!

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Update: You Must Sign Up For This By Today-12/31!
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Citi Credit Protector is a service that is free for 1 month and costs .85 per $100 on a credit card.
The $100 gas certificate is valid even if you cancel during the free trial!

It offers 3 benefits:
“-Cancel your Account Balance—up to $10,000 if you should die or suffer a long term disability
-Defer payment and interest for up to 2 years—if you should lose your job, become disabled or hospitalized after you enroll
-Cancel 2 minimum monthly payments (excluding past due and over limit/over line amounts) for certain events such as a move, marriage, or having a baby.”

As long as you remember to cancel within 30 days though you will get $100 worth of gas for free!

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if you have 2 citi accounts could you get them on both?
also if a rebate ends today on does that go acording to est? or a different time zone?
Pit Fan


1. Yes-you can do it for both.
2. is based in CA so it should be PST.


i was able to enroll for both myself and my spouse individually on the same credit card account


Does it work for citi business cards?


I’m not sure if this is a better deal or not, but you can get a FREE DVD PLAYER for signing up for the credit protector by going here:


$100 Free gas is way better than a crappy DVD player.

SeroFan, Don’t you have your own website to post on ?? Give the man (Dan) some room.


Dan can you please put in your calendar to remind all of us to cancel this enrollment with a link if possible so all of your boys here don’t get screwed.

I guess having 3 citi cards finally paid off.


if i have already a account with credit protector they gave me a 15 dollar rebete coupon can i tell them that i want the $100.00 gas card will they give it to me?


at 1:30 am est it still showed up on as the previos day


if there are 2 cardholders on one account, can i get 2 $100.00 gas rebates


Is it a gift card at a specific gas station or do u first have to purchase the gas on your card?


it says in the footnotes one certificate per cardmember. whats the meaning of that?


it seems not be working for the citi business card….


SerFan, the DVD player deal is dead now. Presently they offer a $20 credit.

BTW, the gas card is not really a card. It is a rebate. You must mail in a rebate form and gas receipts, and they send back a check.


Doea this apply only for Citi card holders?


how does it work do they send you a check in the mail do you send it in? please give more details….


do you have to buy the gas on your citi card or can you use any card or cash and send in the receipt?

thanx in advance.

Eli G.

works with AT&T Universal Card


Some notes:

1) The Number to call and cancel is: (888)592-7344,
Press 1 for English, Press 3 to Cancel Credit Protector Program.

2) Questions only about the $100 Cash Back for Gasoline Purchases, contact – (877)776-7905 – avail M-F 9-8pm, Sat 11-7pm. (as stated earlier, just keep hitting # to get to a live body).

3) You can check the status of your rebate by going to

4) Other Terms and Conditions:

a. you will get a check for the price of gasoline up to $100

b. Certificate must be filled out (sign name) and return with original gas receipt(s) by
March 31, 2007.

c. Receipt(s) for purchase of gasoline and the certificate must be sent within 30
days of gas purchase and no later than March 31, 2007.

d. Allow up to 4-6 weeks for payment


am i seeing double? didnt you post the same deal a couple of days back?

from serofan’s post it appears its a little too complicated to actually get your money for me to hop on this one.


can you cancel the credit protection before buying the gas?


anyone know of any nice starwood hotel in cali?


dot you have to but the gas with your citi credit card?


r there any reliable wireless routers out there at decent prices?


anyone know anything about these cheap car rental companies in LAX?


does the receipts for a 100$ woth of gas have to be charged to the same credit card you applied for the citi protector ???


anon 7:14 pm
go to
i have rented from ace through them great renting experience although they dont have a wide variety of cars


Just received my first rebate slip (I’ve got two citi personal cards, and signed up for both).

Basically, you mail in this cheap, simple looking slip with $100 worth of gas reciepts, and they send you a check after 4 weeks.

There are no stipulations (that I noticed) whether the gas must be purchased with your citi credit card, or not.

I am confident that they’ll send the $100 check. This same rebate company had a promotion of $15 for signing up for this same program, and I received the check after two weeks!

Of course, don’t forget to cancel as soon as you receive the rebate form. See my comment above for the phone numbers. (You will get the money even if you cancel immidiately!)

Good Luck!

By the way, that cow deal is dead…


You canr rent a car from Enterprise with:
Corporate Account Number: 41M0174 Company: CHABAD

If you rent on a weekend you can get the Enterprise rate by renting from one of the two Inglewood CA locations (on Labrea) which is only about a 5 dollar cab ride from LAX airport. The airport enterprise does not honor the weekend rate. You can also get a free upgrade by subscribing to their E-mails (which they keep on sending new upgrade coupons abot twice a month).


Hey guys as many of us did I received the leter from chase about getting the 25000 promotion only once about 3 weeks ago and then now I just received a leter from them saying that the miles will be posting 6/8 weeks from first use it should be pending for Jan 1st so we will know if it is over within a couple of days fingers crossed and good luck to all I have received 7 welcome kits from citi you guys rock


Hey guys-Guess What!
I called to cancel after a got my rebate form and they offered me a $50 gift card to stay longer at a lower price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what type of car to they have for luxery?
i see with the bbb they have bad ratings

btw when i signed up for starwood car i like an idiot didnt use the think for 10000 points. now a year later i called amex and said i was looking throulgh my starwood account and i dont see the bonus….they credited me now 10000 points!


i recieved a letter from citi and a gas rebate form/check
can i cancel before i buy the gas



I just called costumer service and they said that
1. you need to buy the gas on the same credit card that was registerd for the protection and
2. the protection needs to be active to get the cash back

Please be aware.

Pit Fan


not true-they lied to you


I just called again and the agent said that the protection does not need to be active however id does need to be purchased on the same credit card.

if you heard differently please post what they told you.

Thank You

Pit Fan

by the way how was the chasuna?


Dan can you please answer if pitt fan speaks the truth or not? Also did you cancel and get the $100?