Black Friday Sale: Sheetz Unleaded 88 Gas For Just $1.99/Gallon

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Update: This sale is alive again through 11/27/23!

Update: DEAD!

Originally posted on 11/23/22:

Sheetz gas stations are offering Unleaded 88 gas for just $1.99/gallon from now through Cyber Monday, on November 28th.

You can locate Sheetz stations that sell Unleaded 88 gas here, including 368 locations throughout Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Unleaded 88 contains up to 15% ethanol, while Unleaded 87 has up to 10% ethanol. Your fuel economy will take a slight hit, estimated at less than a 2% difference compared to Unleaded 87.

Unleaded 88 is approved for use in all vehicles made in 2001 or later. I checked our Odyssey’s manual and it confirms that it is designed to work with gasoline that contains up to 15% ethanol.

My local Sheetz station pricing is showing as $1.99/gallon under Unleaded 88 in the Gas Buddy app:


Will you buy any gas on sale this weekend?

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Darrell Martinsen

Note of interest: West Virginia Sheetz locations will not see the $1.99 price due to state laws regarding gas station monopoly pricing. That’s a bummer for them.


Cries in Californian


I wish we would have this black Friday special in NY & NJ

What else is new?

Of course, nothing in the tri-state area.


The lines wont be worth the savings

A. Neighbor

Can we bring buckets and stock up?


Come to Texas. 2.55 in normal


Dan, use your influence to get some of the gas stations in New York to match that price.


Blenders are on sale these days, I’ll rather blend corn and put them in myself…


What’s this supposed to mean

Sam the sham

I don’t have to buy gas,I have it already

Chulent & kugel

Give till after Shabbos. Then I’ll be well supplied as well.


Filled up two cars on Mayfield Rd, Cleveland
No line either time. Saved over $40


one on 480 east right after exit to get on 80 from Cleveland does not 88


Can they ship it to me ?… cuz I want in


You should all look into shell fuel rewards, I pay $0.019 per gallon


you pay that per or you save that per?


i pay, cost me 32 cents to fill up my car 2 days ago


Can someone explain how this works?


The shell fuel rewards site seems to hype up how if you stack all the savings you can save 35cents a gallon.

How are you knocking off dollars?


Not in Maryland