Non-Costco Members: Buy Gas At Costco With Any AMEX Card!!!

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Did you know that non-costco members can buy gas at the low costco prices without having a costco membership?!?

When the gas pump prompts you for your costco membership just swipe any AMEX card, and then swipe your AMEX card again when it asks you for your form of payment!

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Costco sells gas??
Where have I been?!


Hey Dan i told you about this a while ago im sure, i have been doing this for years, i just thought its a fluke as costco only accepts amex so thats why it works


That would be great. I got the card when I first read about it here. When I called in to activate the card, they specifically told me it did not work at Costco because they could not tell what was gas and what was just a warehouse purchase by the way Costco reported it to them. I already had the card but would not have done it if I had known that. The Costco Amex now gives 5% off gas as well. We get all of our gas at Costco when we are in town. The rep said it works at any name brand gas station and also at gas stations that have something like a mini-mart in them will track fine. I guess the only way to find out is someone who has tried the Costco with their Amex Simply Cash card. Anyone do that yet?


Does this work in NJ where you have to give your card to an attendant.


I believe that New Jersey is actually one of the states that requires costco to sell to non-members.


Where does Costco sell Gas?


I have buying costco gas forever with out using the card. You dont even have to swipe the card twicew just swipe and push the button that says costco Amex and it will ask you to choose the fuel you want.

Joel L.

If you use the simply cash card from Amex do you get the %5 discount from Costco + %5 cash back on the Amex statement?