Link Your Mastercard To Your Exxon/Mobil Speedpass And Save 10 Cents Per Gallon!

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Link Your Mastercard To Your Exxon/Mobil Speedpass And Save 10 Cents Per Gallon

-Valid on up to 100 gallons at Exxon or Mobil through 08/31/12.

-Link it to your Chase Freedom Mastercard and get 5 points per dollar during Q3 (plus 10 points per transaction and 10% bonus points for checking customers) on top of the 10 cents off per gallon!

HT: David R., via DDF

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is there a freedom MC i can try getting switched over?


You can try to get switched over (if your credit line if high enough it may even be a World Mastercard) by calling.
Probably will need to HUCA a few times:

Or you can apply for the MC via the link in the post and have them approve it by closing down the Visa (plus you’ll get the signup bonus again). A reason to tell reconsideration for approval is to use in Sams Club for example or if you can get a World Mastercard to use for rentals in Israel.


I have a Chase Freedom Visa, no luck?

mr g

i always wonder what is concedered high credit?


If you look at the next deal, for chase freedom it is a much better deal for gas by a long-shot. Let’s estimate gas at $3.30 a gallon. at that point you are getting 16+ cents a gallon with a much more generous limit.


It seems that the “Not valid in MD, NJ, and VA, or abroad.”, is referring to the MLB promotion not the 10 cents one.


You could also link your Chase Ink Bold Mastercard which give you another 2 Ultimate Rewards on top of the 10 cents/gallon


i dont know exxon, but we have MOBILE gas stations in chicago, what is this SPEEDPASS thing?
anyway to link my card without the speed pass?


Can I convert freedom visa to MC?



1) Exxon and Mobile are the same company, so this works at mobile gas stations.

2) Information on the speedpass is availible here:

3)The speedpass is the only device you can link the credit card to.


@ABC: Scroll up

good deal

perfumania BOGO $9.99 today only


Or get a Freedom Mastercard and do both deals, as I wrote in the post.


@Dan: which # should I call to have them change it over?


@Dan. You are right, I missed that when reading.

Is there a larger bonus i can SM them for at this point for chase freedom mastercard?